In Melody and Songs: hymns from the Psalm versions of Isaac Watts

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1That one is ever blestHEAVENLY FRUITText
2O God, how many are my fears!THIRSTING DEERText
3Lord, in the morning you shall hearMATINSText
4O Lord, our Lord, how wondrous greatGIFT OF GRACEText
5Who shall ascend unto your placePURE HEARTSText
6Just are your ways, and true your wordSUSANText
7Now may the God of power and graceHUNTERSVILLEText
8The Lord my shepherd isAUSTIN'S GARDEN HYMNText
9My shepherd is the living LordHEALING CHRISTText
10My eyes and my desireEVENING SHADE NEWText
11The Lord proclaims his power aloudHAUSEText
12The Lord proclaims his power aloudMARCUSText
13I will extol you, Lord on highLOVELACE 101Text
14O blessed souls are theyTYNDALEText
15Lord, I will bless you all my daysWILLOUGHBY NEWText
16Above the heavens' created roundsLAND OF RESTText
17The meek possess the earth's increasePRIMROSEText
18From sea to sea, on every shoreSYDNEYText
19Cleanse me, O Lord, and cheer my soulSECOND DEGREEText
20Great God, create my heart anewMEADOWOODS LANEText
21God, you preserve my heart from fearEZEKIELText
22My thoughts address your throneTHRICEText
23When I ask God to hear my cryCAMPERDOWNText
24O Lord, permit my tongueMENEBUSText
25Great God, indulge my heartfelt claimHOLDERNESSText
26You speak, and mighty mountains standMOUNTAINSText
27From shore to shore let God's great nameALVAText
28Shine, mighty God, on this our landGUINEVEREText
29We bless you, Lord, the just, the goodLESLIEText
30God, you're my everlasting hopeEMERYText
31Great God, whose universal swayPUTNAM NEWText
32Grace dwells with justice on your throneSOVEREIGN POWERText
33God, help us make your glories knownFARLEIGH WICKText
34How pleasant, how divinely fairHOBBIEText
35Great God, attend, while Zion singsMORROWText
36Blest are the ones that sit on highPINEVIEWText
37Blest are the ones that sit on highINDYText
38Salvation is forever nighSALUSText
39Let all the earth, all time and spaceMY SONGText
40Lord, it's a pleasant thing to standGRACE ABUNDANTText
41Your glory, Lord, is greatDIDN'T SEE THAT COMINGText
42Who will arise and plead my rightGOSHENText
43Sing to the Lord Jehovah's nameAUDLYNText
44God formed the deeps unknownDEEPS UNKNOWNText
45Sing to the Lord, ye distant landsVANLANINGHAMText
46Sing to the Lord, ye distant landsCOVINGTONText
47All earth shall know your glory, LordBARNESText
48All earth shall know your glory, LordKIRKWOOD LONGText
49He reigns! The Lord our Savior reignsDEO GRACIASTextPage Scan
50Let islands of the distant seasBRADYText
51To you, almighty Maker, GodCULLOTONText
52To you, almighty GodHOPEText
53We praise you, Lord, our GodCRESCENTText
54Nations of all the earth, rejoicePLEASANT VALLEYText
55Sing to the Lord with joyful voiceJERUSALEMTextPage Scan
56Wide as the world is your commandBRODIEText
57O bless the Lord, my soulKINGSGATE BRIDGEText
58God, I'll sing out your praiseCARLISLETextPage Scan
59God, I'll sing out your praiseGARDEN CITYTextPage Scan
60Bless, O my soul, the living GodWHARTON PARKText
61God, bind the oceans in a chainBADESText
62Give thanks to God, invoke his namePLEASANTBURGText
63To God, the great, the ever blestSHANDONText
64We thank you, God, who reigns aboveCUMBERLANDText
65The songs of all our praise belongDURROWTextPage Scan
66Let all delight to serve you, LordCHARLOTTE HALLText
67I love you, Lord, you heard my criesJOYELCRISTText
68Let every nation praise you, LordMORNING SONGText
69This is the day the Lord hath madeGREENLAND NEWText
70See what a living stoneLIFE EVERLASTINGText
71See what a living stoneLIVING STONEText
72Blest are the undefiled in heartOHIO VALLEYText
73To you, before the dawning lightPOLLYText
74You are my portion, O my GodWILLIAM STREETText
75How shall the young secure their heartsBENOITText
76O how I love your holy lawDUBOISText
77Lord, I esteem your judgments rightGILLIGANText
78If faithless writers spend long hoursARLINGTON HEIGHTSText
79Lord, I have made your word my choiceFRESH DELIGHTText
80Your mercies fill the earth, O LordCLAYPORT GATEText
81Behold your waiting servant, LordMOUNT PEROText
82O that the Lord would guide my waysLAURINBURGText
83My God, consider my distressJAYELLEText
84With my whole heart I've sought your facePILGRIMText
85God, I have found it's good for meNERVIGText
86O that your statutes, every hourOLDEN TIMEText
87I need the influence of your graceBUSANText
88When pain and anguish seize me, LordDISTRESSTextPage Scan
89O God, I bless your gentle handMARK LANEText
90God, if you bless not, all the costORREN TWOText
91I long for your salvation, LordDOWNINGTextPage Scan
92From deep distress and troubled thoughtsCONISCLIFFEText
93God, bless the ones of peaceGOLDMANText
94Come praise the Lord! Come praise our King!RAVALLIText
95We give you, God, immortal praiseMERTHYR TYDFILTextPage Scan
96We give you, God, immortal praiseEDENTONText
97We thank you, God, our sovereign LordGAJDOSText
98With all my powers of hear and tongueMEADOW LANEText
99My thought are open to you, LordBIRSTALText
100My righteous Judge, my gracious GodGLENCOLUMBText

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