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The New Christian Hymnal

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creationLOBE DEN HERRENTextPage Scan
2Awake, my soul, in joyful laysLOVING KINDNESSTextPage Scan
3Praise, my soul, the King of heavenREGENT SQUARETextPage Scan
4Come, Thou fount of ev'ry blessingNETTLETONTextPage Scan
5Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise TheeFABENTextPage Scan
6Lord, Thy glory fills the heavenREX GLORIATextPage Scan
7We praise Thee, O God, our Redeemer, CreatorKREMSERTextPage Scan
8My Savior's praises I will singEVERY DAYTextPage Scan
9"For God so loved!" O wondrous theme!["For God so loved!" O wondrous theme]TextPage Scan
10I will sing of my RedeemerMY REDEEMERTextPage Scan
11O worship the King, all glorious aboveLYONSTextPage Scan
12O give the Lord whole-hearted praiseVAN DER WERPTextPage Scan
13O for a thousand tongues to singAZMONTextPage Scan
14Come, sound His praise abroadSILVER STREETTextPage Scan
15O day of rest and gladnessMENDEBRASTextPage Scan
16Safely through another weekSABBATHTextPage Scan
17Lord, we come before Thee nowHENDONTextPage Scan
18Thou delightest, O Lord, when Thy children draw near[Thou delightest, O Lord, when Thy children draw near]TextPage Scan
19Thee,we adore eternal Lord!PARK STREETTextPage Scan
20My Lord, my Love, was crucifiedHOLLANDTextPage Scan
21Angel voices, ever singingANGEL VOICESTextPage Scan
22Savior, again to Thy dear Name we raiseELLERSTextPage Scan
23Father, again in Jesus' Name we meetLANGRANTextPage Scan
24Come, Thou Almighty KingITALIAN HYMNTextPage Scan
25Send out Thy light and Thy truth, let them lead meLUX FIATTextPage Scan
26Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessingSICILYTextPage Scan
27Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!NICAEATextPage Scan
28All glory be to Thee, most highALLEIN GOTT IN DER HÖH SEI EHRTextPage Scan
29Round the throne of glory[Round the throne of glory]TextPage Scan
30Round the Lord in glory seatedHARWELLTextPage Scan
31Holy, holy, holy is the Lord!HOLY IS THE LORDTextPage Scan
32This is my Father's worldTERRA BEATATextPage Scan
33Lord of all being, throned afarLOUVANTextPage Scan
34O Lord, my inmost heart and tho'tBINGHAMTextPage Scan
35Far out on the desolate billowSALUTASTextPage Scan
36O love of God, how strong and true!LOUVANTextPage Scan
37There's a wideness in God's mercyWELLESLEYTextPage Scan
38Thou, Lord, art Love, and everywhereBELMONTTextPage Scan
39The heav,ns declare Thy gloryFAITHFULTextPage Scan
40The heav'ns in their splendor declare[The heav'ns in their splendor declare]TextPage Scan
41The spacious firmament on highCREATIONTextPage Scan
42The glory of the spring how sweetSERAPHTextPage Scan
43I sing th' almighty pow'r of GodORTONVILLETextPage Scan
44The sun is on the land and seaWENTWORTHTextPage Scan
45Awake, my soul, and with the sunCANONBURYTextPage Scan
46Ev'ry morning mercies newDIXTextPage Scan
47When, streaming from the eastern skiesST. PETERSBURGTextPage Scan
48Savior, breathe an evening blessingEVENING PRAYERTextPage Scan
49Abide with me: fast falls the eventideEVENTIDETextPage Scan
50Sun of my soul! Thou Savior dearHURSLEYTextPage Scan
51God, that madest earth and heaven AR HYD Y NOSTextPage Scan
52The twilight falls, the night is nearSTEBBINSTextPage Scan
53Day is dying in the westEVENING PRAISETextPage Scan
54The day is past and overST. ANATOLIUSTextPage Scan
55All praise to Thee, my God, this nightTALLIS' EVENING HYMNTextPage Scan
56Softly now the light of daySEYMOURTextPage Scan
57O come, O come, ImmanuelST. PETERSBURGTextPage Scan
58Angels, from the realms of gloryREGENT SQUARETextPage Scan
59Hark! the herald angels singMENDELSSOHNTextPage Scan
60Joy to the world! the Lord is comeANTIOCHTextPage Scan
61Calm on the list'ning ear of nightSERAPHTextPage Scan
62While shepherds watched their flocks by nightNOELTextPage Scan
63Brightest and best of the sons of the morningMORNING STARTextPage Scan
64Never shone a light so fair[Never shone a light so fair]TextPage Scan
65aThere's a song in the air! there's a star in the sky!THERE'S A SONG (NEW)TextPage Scan
65bThere's a song in the air! There's a star in the sky!THERE'S A SONGTextPage Scan
66O little town of BethlehemST. LOUISTextPage Scan
67O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphantADESTE FIDELESTextPage Scan
68All my heart this night rejoicesWARUM SOLLT ICH MICH DENN GRAMENTextPage Scan
69Hark! what mean those holy voicesDEBENHAMTextPage Scan
70Thine arm, O Lord, in days of oldINVITATIONTextPage Scan
71Ride on! ride on in majesty!CREATIONTextPage Scan
72My God, my God, O why hast ThouPASSIONTextPage Scan
73Hark, the voice of love and mercySEGURTextPage Scan
74aAlas, and did my Savior bleed?AT THE CROSSTextPage Scan
74bAlas! and did my Savior bleed?AVONTextPage Scan
75Beneath the cross of Jesus ST. CHRISTOPHERTextPage Scan
76In the cross of Christ I gloryRATHBUNTextPage Scan
77aWhen I survey the wondrous crossHAMBURGTextPage Scan
77bWhen I survey the wondrous crossROCKINGHAMTextPage Scan
78On Calvary's brow my Savior diedCALVARYTextPage Scan
79Jesus, keep me near the crossNEAR THE CROSSTextPage Scan
80Sweet the moments, rich in blessingRICHARDSTextPage Scan
81Low in the grave He layCHRIST AROSETextPage Scan
82Christ the Lord is risen to-day, Alleluia!MORGAN TextPage Scan
83The day of resurrection!SALVATORITextPage Scan
84The strife is o'er the battle doneVICTORY TextPage Scan
85Christ is risen! Hallelujah!LUCASTextPage Scan
86Angels, roll the rock awayHENDONTextPage Scan
87Alleluia! Alleluia!TON-Y-BOTELTextPage Scan
88"Welcome, happy morning!" age to age shall say[Welcome, happy morning! age to age shall say]TextPage Scan
89See the Conqu'ror mounts in triumphREX GLORIAETextPage Scan
90Rejoice, the Lord is King!LISCHERTextPage Scan
91Hark! ten thousand harps and voicesHARWELLTextPage Scan
92Make me a captive, LordLEOMINSTERTextPage Scan
93We are watching, we are waiting BEAUTEOUS DAYTextPage Scan
94When Jesus comes to reward his servantsWATCHINGTextPage Scan
95Soon will our Savior from heaven appearOH, WHAT A CHANGETextPage Scan
96When Thou, my righteous Judge, shalt comeMERIBAHTextPage Scan
97Lift up your heads, pilgrims awearyHE IS COMING AGAINTextPage Scan

[This hymnal is not yet complete - may be missing texts or tunes]
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