The Presbyterian Book of Praise: approved and commended by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, with Tunes

Editor: General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church
Publisher: University Press/ Henry Frowde, Oxford / London, 1897
Denomination: Presbyterian Church in Canada
Language: English
Notes: Psalms are preceded by "P" before the number
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
456bRescue the perishing, care for the dyingRESCUEPage Scan
457Whosoever heareth, shout, shout the soundWHOSOEVER HEARETHPage Scan
458Far, far away in heathen darkness dwellingFAR AWAYPage Scan
459Lord, speak to me, that I may speakWAYLANDPage Scan
460Pour out Thy Spirit from on highHEBRONPage Scan
461aShine Thou upon us, LordST. CECILIAPage Scan
461bShine Thou upon us, LordBROUGHTONPage Scan
462I love Thy kingdom, LordHOLYROODPage Scan
463Glorious things of thee are spokenAUSTRIAPage Scan
464The Church's one foundationAURELIAPage Scan
465Fear not, O litte flock, the foeHULLPage Scan
466aFather of all, from land and seaFULDAPage Scan
466bFather of all, from land and seaMETRICAL CHANTPage Scan
467Jesus, with Thy Church abideAGNESPage Scan
468Thou, whose unmeasured temple standsST. ANNPage Scan
469Christ is our corner stoneSTOWEPage Scan
470Christ is made the sure foundationORIELPage Scan
471The voice that breathed o'er EdenMORLAIXPage Scan
472O Father all creatingST. ALPHEGEPage Scan
473O happy home! where Thou art loved the dearestHAPPY HOMEPage Scan
474O God, our help in ages pastST. ANNPage Scan
475Thou gracious God, whose mercy lendsST. ALKMUNDPage Scan
476Standing at the portalST. ALBAN'SPage Scan
477For Thy mercy and Thy gracePLEYELPage Scan
478While with ceaseless course the sunBENEVENTOPage Scan
479O God, the Rock of AgesJERUSALEMPage Scan
480Still on the homeward journeyTHE HOMEWARD JOURNEYPage Scan
481At Thy feet, our God and FatherBETHANYPage Scan
482Fountain of mercy, God of loveALBANOPage Scan
483Summer suns are glowingRUTHPage Scan
484Winter reigneth o'er the landWOODMANPage Scan
485Now thank we all our GodGRATITUDEPage Scan
486Come, ye thankful people, comeST. GEORGE'S, WINDSORPage Scan
487Now sing we a song for the harvestHARVEST-TIDEPage Scan
488We plough the fields and scatterDRESDENPage Scan
489Thou, Lord, art our life and the length of our daysHOUGHTONPage Scan
490O Lord, be with us when we sailST. PAULPage Scan
491O God, who metest in Thy handANGELSPage Scan
492Fierce was the wild billowEUROCLYDONPage Scan
493Jesus, Saviour, pilot mePILOTPage Scan
494Star of peace to wanderers weary!LIGHT OF LIFEPage Scan
495Holy Father, in Thy mercyBE AT RESTPage Scan
496The Lord keep watch between usMIZPAHPage Scan
497Fierce raged the tempest o'er the deepST. AELREDPage Scan
498aO Thou that on the billowGALILEEPage Scan
498bO Thou that on the billowTIBERIASPage Scan
499Eternal Father, strong to saveMELITAPage Scan
500Great Ruler of the land and seaST. CHRYSOSTOMPage Scan
501God be with you till we meet again!GOD BE WITH YOU!Page Scan
502Great King of nations, hear our prayerPETERSHAMPage Scan
503aLord, while for all mankind we prayST. FLAVIANPage Scan
503bLord, while for all mankind we prayLYRAPage Scan
504aO God of love, O King of peace!HESPERUSPage Scan
504bO God of love, O King of peace!MELCOMBEPage Scan
505To Thee our God we flyST. JOHNPage Scan
506From ocean unto oceanMORNING LIGHTPage Scan
507God, the All-terrible! King, who ordainestRUSSIAN HYMNPage Scan
508God save our gracious QueenGOD SAVE THE QUEENPage Scan
509God, who made the earthBEECHWOODPage Scan
510See the shining dewdropsINFANT PRAISESPage Scan
511God is always near meBEMERTONPage Scan
512Each little flower that opensALL THINGS BRIGHTPage Scan
513Poor and needy though I beBATTISHILLPage Scan
514God sees the little sparrow fallPROVIDENCEPage Scan
515Birds are singing, woods are ringingBIRDS ARE SINGINGPage Scan
516Great God! and wilt Thou condescendSTERLINGPage Scan
517Above the clear blue skyCHILDREN'S VOICESPage Scan
518Can a little child like meTHANKSGIVINGPage Scan
519Once in royal David's cityIRBYPage Scan
520There came a little Child to earth!METRICAL CHANTPage Scan
521By cool Siloam's shady rillHOLY CROSSPage Scan
522Jesus is our ShepherdPASTOR BONUSPage Scan
523Gentle Jesus, meek and mildGENTLE JESUSPage Scan
524More like Jesus would I beDIJONPage Scan
525I want to be like JesusASPIRATIONPage Scan
526Fair waved the golden cornHOLYROODPage Scan
527We are but little children weakFEDERAL STREET
528Jesus, high in gloryFULSTOWPage Scan
529Do no sinful actionWARFAREPage Scan
530Yield not to temptaion, for yielding is sinYIELD NOT TO TEMPTATIONPage Scan
531Little drops of waterINFANT'S PRAYERPage Scan
532O what can little hands doLITTLE HANDSPage Scan
533Standing by a purpose trueDANIELPage Scan
534'Follow Me,' the Master saidFOLLOW MEPage Scan
535The wise may bring their learningELLONPage Scan
536Come, children, join to singMADRIDPage Scan
537Golden harps are soundingHERMASPage Scan
538Who is He in yonder stallADORATIONPage Scan
539Hosanna! loud hosannaELLACOMBEPage Scan
540When, His salvation bringingCHENIESPage Scan
541All glory, laud and honorHORA NOVISSIMAPage Scan
542One is kind above all othersTENDERNESSPage Scan
543Lord, a little band and lowlyROUSSEAUPage Scan
544The great Physician now is nearSYMPATHYPage Scan
545There is no name so sweet on earthSWEETEST NAMEPage Scan
546O come, let us sing O COME, LET US SINGPage Scan
547Who hath believed? Who hath believed?WHO HATH BELIEVED?Page Scan
548I am so glad that our Father in heavenGLADNESSPage Scan
549We praise Thee, O God! for the Son of Thy loveWE PRAISE THEE, O GODPage Scan
550Rejoice and be glad! the Redeemer has comeWE PRAISE THEE, O GODPage Scan

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