A. H. Ackley

A. H. Ackley
Short Name: A. H. Ackley
Full Name: Ackley, A. H. (Alfred Henry), 1887-1960
Birth Year: 1887
Death Year: 1960

Alfred Henry Ackley was born 21 January 1887 in Spring Hill, Pennsylvania. He was the youngest son of Stanley Frank Ackley and the younger brother of B. D. Ackley. His father taught him music and he also studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary in Maryland and was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1914. He served churches in Pennsylvania and California. He also worked with the Billy Sunday and Homer Rodeheaver evangelist team and for Homer Rodeheaver's publishing company. He wrote around 1500 hymns. He died 3 July 1960 in Los Angeles.

Dianne Shapiro (from ackleygenealogy.com by Ed Ackley and Allen C. Ackley)

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A blessed fellowship my soul has foundA. H. A. (Author)English6
A perfect day is coming by and byA. H. A. (Author)English3
A precious Redeemer in Jesus I findA. H. Ackley (Author)2
A wanderer with broken heartA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Abide in me, the path I tread is drearyRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Above the barren plains of strifeRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Adoro o Cristo vivo, presente junto a mimAlfred Henry Ackley (Author)Portuguese2
أخدم قاهر الموتA. H. Ackley (Author)Arabic1
Al Cristo vivo sirvoAlfred H. Ackley (Author)Spanish16
All day long the sweetest musicA. H. Ackley (Author)English4
All is well when I am wearyA. H. Ackley (Author)2
All sinful and foolish, my lifeA. H. Ackley (Author)2
All the darkness of the night has passed awayA. H. A. (Author)English23
All the Savior's glory mind can never measureA. H. A. (Author)English4
All you need God will doA. H. Ackley (Author)2
All your heart, all your heartA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Among the friends I call my ownA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Another dawn, another dayA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Are the days of long ago far sweeter than today?A. H. A. (Author)English10
Are you tired of everythingA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Around the cross the ransomed standA. H. Ackley (Author)2
As a tree beside the waterA. H. A. (Author)English29
At Calvary's cross I met a FriendRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English18
At the cross I met the MasterA. H. Ackley (Author)6
At the place of prayer I sought himA. H. Ackley (Author)6
Back to the faith of our fathersA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Be honest with GodA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Be not discouraged, God still is leadingA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Beautiful Sabbath, day of our LordA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Behold Him who walks in the highwayA. H. A. (Author)English2
Believe, to all who will believeA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Beyond the darkness, past the shadows deepA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Beyond the storm cloud is the rainbowA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
Beyond the sunset and the shadeA. H. A. (Author)English3
Blessed Jesus, O I need theeA. H. A. (Author)4
Bowing low beneath the burden of the conflictA. H. Ackley (Author)English9
Breathe upon us, Holy Spirit, Fill us with Thy love divineA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Buried deep in the fountain of mercyA. H. Ackley (Author)1
Can the Lord use youA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Can you say you love the LordA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Carry me back to the love of my motherA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Christ came to his own but they spurned himA. H. A. (Author)2
Christ Jesus is mine, mine foreverA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Christ loved me, this is the reasonA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Christian, rejoice, for the Lord will returnA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Could a little bit of sunshine find a place within your heartA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Cuando en la lucha me falte poderAlfred H. Ackley (1887-1960) (Author)Spanish3
Days are filled with gladness, nights are filled with songRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English11
De mañana, veo su fazA. H. Ackley (Author)Spanish2
Do a deed of kindness every morningA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
Do not turn away from one who loves youA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Do you know Jesus as your Friend and Brother?A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Does the memory of your sin bring sorrowA. H. A. (Author)English3
Each moment is a jewel rareRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Earthly joys may fail and perishRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English3
Everybody ought to love my SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
Every day I need Thee more and moreA. H. A. (Author)English13
Every little trouble, every little careA. H. A. (Author)English2
Face to face his spirit brings usA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Failing in strength when oppressed by my foesAlfred H. Ackley (Author)English58
Fair Son of God, Thy shining lightA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Faith will remove the mountainA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Father in heaven, inspire our poor sightA. H. Ackley (Author)2
For service I am set apartRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)4
Forgotten, the vow you made to JesusA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Forth from the King's eternal throneA. H. Ackley (Author)English5
Friend, you need the SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)5
Give me Thyself that I may haveA. H. A. (Author)English2
Go forth to serve, as Jesus wentA. H. Ackley (Author)English19
God bless you every oneA. H. A. (Author)English3
God calls unto the harvest fieldA. H. Ackley (Author)2
God care for me, should I be caring (Ackley)A. H. Ackley (Author)English3
God has a garden where heA. H. Ackley (Author)2
God has a Son with the dearest nameA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
God has a way of letting us knowA. H. A. (Author)English2
God has not forgotten, forgotten to be kindA. H. Ackley (Author)2
God is good, He sends the rainA. H. A. (Author)4
God knows all about youA. H. Ackley (Author)2
God never disappoints, he is my GuideA. H. Ackley (Author)3
God of the living church empowerA. H. Ackley (Author)English4
LiturgyAlfred H. Ackley (Author)English1
God's tomorrow is a day of gladnessA. H. A. (Author)English28
Grace, free grace, is the promise of GodA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Hauoli mau kakou ke hana no IesuA. H. Ackley (Author)Hawaiian2
Have you any burdens, have you any griefA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Have you ever thought there is one who knowsA. H. A. (Author)English6
Have you set your face towards ZionA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
He keeps me singing all the wayA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
He loves me, I know it is trueA. H. A. (Author)English2
He loves me, to Jesus I belongA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
He reaches out a wounded handA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Heartaches, take them all to JesusA. H. A. (Author)English3
Heed the challenge of the KingA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Help me, dear Lord, to walk todayA. H. Ackley (Author)2
He's a Friend above allA. H. Ackley (Author)2
His love is greater than my sinA. H. Ackley (Author)3
Hold fast to Jesus, Cling to Him alwayA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
How could Christ love such a worldA. H. Ackley (Author)3
How do I know that my Lord is divineA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
How glad I shall be to see JesusA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
I am amazed that God could ever love meA. H. Ackley (Author)English6
I am happy in the love of Jesus, My sky is filled with sunshine all the dayRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English5
I am happy in the service of the KingA. H. Ackley (Author)English64
I am living each day as I journey belowA. H. Ackley (Author)4
I am waiting for the hourRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English4
I believe that Jesus saves meA. H. Ackley (Author)2
I could never get along without HimA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
I do not ask for diadem or scepterA. H. A. (Author)English9
I entered by the door of faithA. H. Ackley (Author)2
I feel the waves of gloryA. H. Ackley (Author)2
I have a dream within my heartA. H. Ackley (Author)2
I have a Friend who abides in my heartA. H. Ackley (Author)English7
I have a Friend who cared enough for meA. H. Ackley (Author)6
I have a friend who cares for me (Ackley)A. H. Ackley (Author)2
I have a friend who is able to saveA. H. Ackley (Author)2
I have found a great salvation, in a wondrous wayA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
I have found a wondrous Savior, Jesus Christ, the soul's delightA. H. Ackley (Author)English14
I have found rest in my wonderful LordA. H. Ackley (Author)English5
I have found the blessing of his wondrousA. H. Ackley (Author)2
I hear a voice so soft and lowA. H. A. (Author)English2
I know an all sufficient SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)3
I love Him each day far betterRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English9
I love Thy house, O Lord most highA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
I love to hear my Savior's voice, The voice that stilled the seaA. H. Ackley (Author)English5
I love to think that heA. H. Ackley (Author)2
I never walk alone, I have the SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)8
I often stop and wonder whyRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English8
I own not the riches of silver or goldA. H. Ackley (Author)English6
I serve a risen Savior, He's in the world todayA. H. A. (Author)English154
I shall be ready to welcome the SaviorRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English13
I sing you the song of a wonderful friendA. H. A. (Author)English2
I stand at the dawn of a beautiful dayA. H. A. (Author)English4
I think of thee, O blessed SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)2
I walked one day along a country roadAlfred H. Ackley (Author)English30
I want Jesus in my heartRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English3
I want to live like Jesus livedRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English3
If we only knew the joys that we have missedRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
If you are weary of sin, there is restRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)2
If you have a friend in sorrowA. H. Ackley (Author)2
If you have a load of trouble, smile it throughA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
If you love Him, you will always speak for JesusRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English4
If you only knew his love for youA. H. Ackley (Author)2
If you walk in the vale of sorrowA. H. A. (Author)3
If you want to be happy, take JesusA. H. Ackley (Author)4
If you want to know the Savior, Not an hour need you delayA. H. Ackley (Author)English11
If you want to know the secret of the beautyA. H. Ackley (Author)2
I'll tell to all that God is loveRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English26
I'm one of his own, by purchaseA. H. Ackley (Author)2
In far away Galilee, long, long agoA. H. A. (Author)English2
In his ocean of love with my LordA. H. Ackley (Author)2
In the dear name of Jesus ChristA. H. Ackley (Author)2
In the highway of His loveA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
In the morning I see His faceA. H. Ackley (Author)English8
In the morning, Lord I come for thy daily blessingA. H. Ackley (Author)3
In the winter's snow, so soft and whiteA. H. Ackley (Author)English10
Is it far to the cross where the Savior diedA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Is the Christ that you worship now living or dead?Rev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English4
Is there a friend who knows all of my sorrowA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
It is morning, it is morning in my heartA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
I've found a refuge where none can molestA. H. Ackley (Author)English7
I've found the truth in JesusRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Jehovah is thy GodA. H. Ackley (Author)3
Jesus has promised to save you from sinA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Jesus has promised your needs to supplyA. H. A. (Author)English5
Jesus hides me in the storm of evilA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Jesus, I am coming home todayA. H. Ackley (Author)English84
Jesus, my Righteousness, No merit have I to claimA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Jesus, my Savior, the Son of GodRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English3
Jesús resucitado está en el mundo hoyAlfred H. Ackley (1887-1960) (Author)Spanish2
Jesus, the meek and mildA. H. Ackley (Author)English4
Just be thankful for the little things of lifeA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Keep in step with Jesus (Ackley)A. H. Ackley (Author)2
Knowing but Jesus, his cross and his gloryA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Lest I lose my way and wanderRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English6
Let God use you to tell the old, old storyRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)3
Let me shelter thee, thou canst not live apartA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Let the church march on through a sin-cursed worldA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Life was meant to be a time of joy and beautyA. H. A. (Author)English3
Lift up my soul, O Lord I come confessingA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Lift up Thy countenance on usA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Listening at the heart's doorA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Lleva todo tu pesar a CristoA. H. Ackley (Author)Spanish2
Lo, the land of Promise lies before usA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
Lonely the grave where Jesus liesA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Long have I tried to still the raging tideRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English3
Longing for pardon I seek thee my saviorA. H. Ackley (Author)1
Lord, I come believing now, to CalvaryRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Lord, take me back to the faith of my childhoodA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Love, love, immeasurable loveA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Love opened wide the door for meA. H. Ackley (Author)English5
Make Christ King of men and nationsA. H. A. (Author)2
Mam żyjącego ZbawcęA. H. Ackley (Author)Polish2
March on, ye soldiers of the cross, march on to victoryA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Mine, a Savior who is all sufficientA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Mine, all mine, this blessed Lord and SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Morning with Jesus when labor is endedA. H. A. (Author)English6
My confidence in Jesus grows stronger every dayA. H. Ackley (Author)6
My faith temptation shall not move, For Jesus knows it allRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English19
My heart belongs to Jesus, I'll serve no other KingA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
My heart overflows with praise unto GodA. H. Ackley (Author)2
My life is full of glory, each duty from aboveRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)4
My soul was in miseryA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Never give up, Never give upA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Night her silver veil is wearingA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
No more burdens, no more heartaches, no more sorrowRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English3
No more weeping o'er my sinA. H. Ackley (Author)2
No serviço do meu Rei eu sou felizA. H. Ackley (Author)Portuguese2
No shades of night to lure from rightA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
No shadow of turning in JesusA. H. Ackley (Author)3
No welcome gave a dying worldRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Not in my own strength, can I please GodA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
O blest memorial of love that never failsA. H. Ackley (Author)2
O Christ, the Glory of the churchA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
O come and bow before Him, with lowly heart adore HimA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
O gentle Savior, near, so nearA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
O list to the story that never grows oldA. H. Ackley (Author)English6
O make me free, my blessed SaviorRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)2
O Son of God, whence are those tearsA. H. Ackley (Author)2
O Son of God who died for usA. H. Ackley (Author)2
O the height I cannot measureA. H. Ackley (Author)2
O the moments of joy when my soul shall take wingsA. H. A. (Author)English2
O to be alone with JesusRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English3
O what pain your heart has sufferedA. H. Ackley (Author)2
O why do wander in sorrowA. H. Ackley (Author)5
Once the sun was never shiningRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English3
Only a smile that is cheery and brightRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English6
Only in Jesus, the crucified SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Open my heart to Thy love blessed SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Out of the depths, poor, wretched, blindA. H. Ackley (Author)6
Plain is the path where Jesus is leadingA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Por una senda estrecha andaba yoAlfred Ackley (Author)Spanish3
Praise ye the God of heavenA. H. Ackley (Author)3
Put Thine arms around meA. H. A. (Author)English2
Read your Bible when your heart is loneA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Repent, 'tis the voice of JesusA. H. Ackley (Author)5
Salvation is free, it can never be boughtA. H. A. (Author)English2
Savior, lead me in Thy footstepsA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Scenes of beauty greet me everywhereA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Sin has left me soreA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Since God loves me, The world is resplendent with gladness (Chorus)A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Sing me a song of Jesus, He is the One I loveA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
So dear to me is JesusA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Soft and low, soft and low, is the voice that I hearA. H. A. (Author)English4
Soldiers of the cross, arise! The clarion call to arms is heardA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Solo no estoy, pues Cristo me acompañaA. H. Ackley (Author)Spanish2
Some blessed day my cherished dreams shall beA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Some mother's heart is burdenedA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Somehow I know that Christ is mineRev. A. H. A. (Author)English6
Somehow the Savior seems a little nearerA. H. Ackley (Author)English10
Someone is here with a burdenA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Something happened when He saved meA. H. A. (Author)English4
Soy feliz en el servicio del Señor, Muy alegreA. H. Ackley (Author)Spanish3
Spend a little time with JesusA. H. A. (Author)English2
Stand fast in the faith of the CrucifiedA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Stand for the right, the right will surely winRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)2
Start your life anew with JesusA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Sweeter than all is the love of the SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)English14
Sweetly abiding, kept by his powerA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Take me just as I am, my SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Teach me to pray, Lord, humbly to pleadA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Teach us to pray as Thou hast taughtA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
Tell the world there is a SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)English5
Tell the world what you know about JesusA. H. A. (Author)English2
That wonderful city called heavenA. H. Ackley (Author)2
The agonies of Calvary Could not his love dismayRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English10
The clouds of grief over shadow The sky of time and senceRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English6
The darkest day is filled with lightA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
The day of Christ is dawning nearAlfred Henry Ackley (Author)English3
The King of my heart is Jesus, A kingdom eternal has HeA. H. Ackley (Author)English6
The love lighted cross never loses its glowA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
The love of the Christ is so preciousA. H. A. (Author)English13
The Master knows how weary grows the pathA. H. Ackley (Author)2
The peace I received when he saved meA. H. A. (Author)2
The rock ribbed hills of doubt I treadA. H. Ackley (Author)2
The Savior left his Father's house of lightA. H. Ackley (Author)2
The shadows of evening around us are fallingA. H. A. (Author)English2
The vain regrets of yesterdayA. H. Ackley (Author)English4
The way of sin is filled with painRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)3
The wilderness of sin I roamedA. H. Ackley (Author)3
The world needs a friend like JesusRev. A.H. Ackley (Author)English2
There are many hearts nearly brokenA. H. Ackley (Author)2
There are many troubles that will burst like bubblesA. H. Ackley (Author)English15
There are shadows of sorrow that darken life's wayA. H. A. (Author)English12
There are stormy days of trouble that are hard to understandA. H. Ackley (Author)English5
There came to the earth a pilgrimA. H. Ackley (Author)2
There is a face divinely fairA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
There is a Guide that never faltersA. H. Ackley (Author)English10
There is good news for all the distressedA. H. Ackley (Author)2
There is music in the airA. H. A. (Author)English9
There is one who knows all about youA. H. Ackley (Author)2
There is only one name that can satisfy menA. H. Ackley (Author)2
There is only one way to the SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)2
There is power in the cross of JesusA. H. Ackley (Author)4
There was no one to take my placeA. H. Ackley (Author)3
There'll be light in the sky, from the palace on highA. H. A. (Author)English13
There's a burden you never can carry aloneA. H. Ackley (Author)3
There's a garden of memory kissed by the sunA. H. Ackley (Author)English4
There's a land where the birds are ever singingA. H. Ackley (Author)English8
There's a new day dawning (Chorus)A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
There's a rainbow shiningA. H. Ackley (Author)5
There's a Savior who walks by my side all the wayA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
There's a song in my heart, 'tis JesusRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English4
There's music, there's music, There's music in my heartA. H. A. (Author)English2
Thine is the Kingdom of goodness and mercyA. H. A. (Author)English2
Though I walk the shore that rims the oceanAlfred Henry Ackley (Author)5
Though you have fallen on life's wayA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Through life's pilgrim wayA. H. Ackley (Author)5
Through all the shadowsA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Through the years I'll walk along with JesusA. H. A. (Author)English2
Time can never heal the deepest sorrowA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
To my memory comes a visionRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English12
To my soul Christ came with healingA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Today I need Thy guiding handRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Tongue can never tell how much I love himA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Trust in the Lord, 'tis the joy of livingA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Tuve un cambio cuando dije a CristoA. H. Ackley (Author)Spanish2
'Twill not be long till all the shadowsA. H. Ackley (Author)3
Underneath us are the arms eternalA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Upon a hill before meA. H. A. (Author)English6
Vile and sinful though my heart may beRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English16
Walking close to the SaviorA. H. A. (Author)English2
We bless Thee for this holy dayA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
We forget Him in the rounds of pleasureA. H. Ackley (Author)2
We owe allegiance to a KingA. H. Ackley (Author)2
We praise Thee for the morning lightA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
We shall travel with the King upon a royal roadA. H. Ackley (Author)English5
We sing of the birth in a lorn little townA. H. A. (Author)English2
We will wait for the coming of JesusA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
We'll be loyal in service to our Lord and KingRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
What great compassion Christ has shownA. H. Ackley (Author)English6
What is your life when by God's standard measuredRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)3
What nobler deed was ever wroughtA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
What though the way to gloryA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
What will you do when the Judge appearsRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English4
What will you give to JesusRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English3
What would we do without the sunshineA. H. A. (Author)English7
Whatever life may bring you is tempered by His loveA. H. Ackley (Author)English7
What's the use of our complainingA. H. Ackley (Author)4
What's the use of sighingA. H. Ackley (Author)3
When dreams of glory fade from my sightA. H. Ackley (Author)2
When God is near, with light my path is glowingA. H. Ackley (Author)English3
When God Sends sunshine, I rejoiceA. H. A. (Author)English2
When I behold the KingA. H. Ackley (Author)English10
When I depart, I want some friendA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
When I have finished my pilgrimage hereA. H. Ackley (Author)English32
When I have gone and gone for ayeA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
When I made a full surrenderA. H. Ackley (Author)2
When I recalled how I had spurned His loveAlfred H. Ackley (Author)English5
When I think of the love of my Savior, He my portion forever shalt beA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
When I was sick with sin and careA. H. Ackley (Author)2
When it's raining and the sun is shiningA. H. A. (Author)English6
When Jesus was a child like me (Ackley)A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
When mine eyes behold the King in His gloryA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
When our race is runA. H. Ackley (Author)6
When the days are dark and longA. H. Ackley (Author)2
When the life is torn with sorrowA. H. Ackley (Author)2
When the night is over and the shadows pastAlfred Henry Ackley (Author)English30
When the sun goeth down at the closeA. H. Ackley (Author)2
When we walk with Jesus everything we needA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
When you know my blessed SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)English6
When your heart is aching, turn to JesusA. H. A. (Author)English20
Whenever you are temptedA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Who can tell how great the love, Christ reveals to meA. H. A. (Author)English3
Who will be a witness for the Man of GalileeA. H. Ackley (Author)2
Why not let the King of MercyRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Will you rise and follow JesusA. H. A. (Author)English2
Winning men for Jesus everywhere we goRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English2
With sorrow and woe I was cruelly crownedA. H. Ackley (Author)4
Within my heart I hold a fadeless memoryA. H. A. (Author)English11
我所事奉復活主,祂仍活於此世 (I serve a risen Savior, he's in the world today)Alfred H. Ackley (Author)Chinese2
我真希奇,神竟是道樣愛我 (Wǒ zhēnxī qí, shén jìng shì dào yàng ài wǒ)Alfred H. Ackley (Author)Chinese2
Wonderful birth, to a manger He cameA. H. Ackley (Author)English25
Wonderful morning, wonderful morningA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
Wonderful name He bears (Chorus)A. H. A. (Author)English2
Won't you come now and give all to the SaviorA. H. Ackley (Author)3
يا لصوت رقيق شجي صداهA. H. Ackley (Author)Arabic1
Ye who the love of a mother have knownA. H. Ackley (Author)English9
Yesu Bwana Mwokozi aishi mileleA. H. Ackley (Author)Swahili1
You can be a blessing if you willA. H. Ackley (Author)2
You can know Jesus and love Him todayA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
You can smile when you can't say a wordA. H. Ackley (Author)English2
You cannot hide from GodRev. A. H. Ackley (Author)English12
You may have your doubts of heavenA. H. Ackley (Author)2
You must do something, there's no other wayA. H. Ackley (Author)2
怎麼?竟然主已屬我 (Zěnme? Jìngrán zhǔ yǐ shǔ wǒ)Alfred H. Ackley (Author)Chinese2

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