Robert Bridges

Robert Bridges
Short Name: Robert Bridges
Full Name: Bridges, Robert, 1844-1930
Birth Year: 1844
Death Year: 1930

Bridges, Robert Seymour, M.A., son of J. J. Bridges, of Walmer, Kent, was b. Oct. 23, 1844, and educated at Eton and at Corpus Christi College, Oxford (B.A. 1867, M.A. 1874). He took his M.A. in 1874, but retired from practice in 1882, and now (1906) resides at Yattendon, Berks. He is the author of many poems and plays. He edition and contributed to the Yattendon Hymnal, 1899 (originally printed at the Oxford Univ. Press in parts—Nos. 1-25, 1895; 26-50, 1897; 51-75, 1898; 76-100, 1899). [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Robert Seymour Bridges, OM (23 October 1844 – 21 April 1930) was Britain's poet laureate from 1913 to 1930. A doctor by training, he achieved literary fame only late in life. His poems reflect a deep Christian faith, and he is the author of many well-known hymns. It was through Bridges’ efforts that Gerard Manley Hopkins achieved posthumous fame.

Texts by Robert Bridges (54)sort descendingAsInstances
Ah, holy Jesus, how hast thou offendedRobert Seymour Bridges (Translator)84
All my hope on God is foundedRobert Bridges, 1844-1930 (Paraphraser)44
All praise be to God, whom all things obeyRobert S. Bridges (Author)3
We are a garden walled aroundR. B. (Adapter)1
Christ's loving children, for his hope abiding Robert Seymour Bridges (Translator)3
Come, O Creator Spirit, come, And make within our hearts thy homeRobert Bridges (Translator)15
Darkening night the land doth coverRobert Bridges (Author)6
Del alba al resplandorRobert Bridges, 1844-1930 (Author)2
Enter thy courts, thou word of lifeR. B. (Author)2
Ere yet in darkness ends the day (Et lucis ante terminum)R. B. (Translator)2
Eternal Father, who didst all createRobert Bridges (Author)3
Fear not, thou faithful Christian flockRobert Bridges (Author)6
Gird on thy sword, O manRobert Bridges (Author)6
Happy are they, they that love GodRobert Bridges (Author)11
How beauteous are their feetR. B. (Author (sts. 4, 5))1
I love all beauteous thingsRobert Bridges (Author)2
Jesu, joy of man's desiringRobert Seymour Bridges (Translator)5
Jesus, best and dearestR. B. (Translator)2
Jesus, how sweet the thought of thee (Jesu dulcis memoria)R. B. (Translator)2
Joy and triumph everlastingRobert Bridges (Author)6
Lament, O man, thy pride of lifeR. B. (Author)2
Lifespring divine and bond of all (Rerum Deius tenax bigor)R. B. (Translator)2
Love can tell, and love aloneRobert Bridges (Author)2
Love of love, and Light of lightRobert Bridges (Author)6
Love of the Father, love of God the SonRobert Bridges, 1844-1930 (Paraphraser)16
Love, unto thine own who camestRobert Bridges (Author)3
My God, my God, why dost thou me forsakeRobert Bridges (Author)5
My heart is filled with longingR. B. (Author)2
My Lord, my Life, my LoveRobert Bridges (Adapter)5
My soul, praise the Lord, O God, Thou art great (Bridges)Robert Bridges (Author)6
Now all give thanks to GodR. B. (Translator)2
Now all the woods are sleeping, And night and stillness creepingRobert Bridges (Author (most of st. 3))2
Now cheer our hearts this eventideRobert Bridges (Author)4
Now shadows wane, now heavy night departethR. B. (Translator)2
O gladsome light, O grace Of God the Father's faceRobert Seymour Bridges (Paraphraser)42
O gladsome Light, O grace of the Father immortalRobert Bridges, 1844-1930 (Translator)1
O Holy Spirit, Lord of lifeR. B. (Translator)2
O Maker of the stars of night (Conditor alme siderum)R. B. (Translator)2
O Prince of Peace, who man wast bornR. B. (Adapter)1
O sacred head, now wounded, With grief and shame weighed downRobert Bridges (Author)1
O sacred head sore woundedRobert S. Bridges, 1844-1930 (Translator (st. 1-3, 5)))10
O Splendor of God's glory bright, O Thou that bringest light from lightRobert S. Bridges (Translator)27
Rejoice, O land, in God thy mightRobert Bridges (Author)18
The duteous day now closethRobert Bridges (Translator)27
The Lamb’s high banquet doth inviteR. B. (Translator)2
Thee will I love, my God and KingRobert Bridges (Author)3
This day the first of days was made, When God in light the world arrayed (Bridges)R. B. (Translator)2
Thy church, O God, her heart to thee upraisethRobert Bridges (Author)7
Unto thee my heart is sighingR. B. (Author)2
Was ever grief like thineR. B. (Adapter)1
When Jesus to our rescue drewRobert Seymour Bridges (Versifier)1
When low in heaven the sun was now descendedR. B. (Translator)2
When morning gilds the skiesRobert S. Bridges (Translator (stanza 3))31
Ye that do your Master’s willR. B. (Adapter)2

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