William John Downes

Short Name: William John Downes
Full Name: Downes, William John, 1892-1987
Birth Year: 1892
Death Year: 1987

An English Congregationalist minister, Downes was a professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Western College in the University of Bristol (UK), a member of the board of KELI, and a member of the Esperanto Academy, as well as a member of the editorial committee that produced Adoru Kantante. 44 of his works appeared in AK, and 36 in Adoru. Particularly noteworthy for the quantity and quality of his original hymn texts in Esperanto.

Texts by William John Downes (19)sort descendingAsInstances
Adoru kantanteW. J. Downes (Author)3
Adoru ni nun la Reĝon de glor'W. J. Downes (Translator)4
Amo Dia, tutsupera, ĝoj' ĉiela inter niWilliam John Downes (Translator)6
Aŭdu! kantas anĝelĥor': "Nun naskiĝis la Sinjor'William John Downes (Translator)2
Come, ye believers, sing to our Father!William John Downes (Author)2
El alt' ĉiela venas miWilliam John Downes (Translator)3
Eternulo, granda DioWilliam John Downes (Author)1
Glorkantas anĝeloj en alta ĉiel'William John Downes (Author)3
Ĝojan certecon donas Jesu'William John Downes (Author)1
Ho Dio, tra jarmiloj Vi fidele helpis ninWilliam John Downes (Translator)2
Ho Eternulo, Dio de misteroWilliam John Downes (Author)2
Ho granda Dio, kiam mi rigardasW. J. Downes (Translator)2
Homoj de l' galilea land'William J. Downes (Author)2
Honor' kaj laŭd' al nia Di', ĉar patre kun potencoWilliam John Downes (Translator)8
Ja paŝtas min la Eternul'William John Downes (Author)2
Jubile kantas mia kor'W. J. Downes (Author)2
La tago venis de l' Sinjor'W. J. Downes (Translator)2
Venu, kredantoj, kantu al Dio!W. J. Downes (Author)2
Vi, kreitaĵoj de l' Sinjor'W. J. Downes (Translator)2
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