Robert Grant

Robert Grant
Short Name: Robert Grant
Full Name: Grant, Robert, 1779-1838
Birth Year: 1779
Death Year: 1838

Grant, Sir Robert, second son of Mr. Charles Grant, sometime Member of Parliament for Inverness, and a Director of the East India Company, was born in 1785, and educated at Cambridge, where he graduated in 1806. Called to the English Bar in 1807, he became Member of Parliament for Inverness in 1826; a Privy Councillor in 1831; and Governor of Bombay, 1834. He died at Dapoorie, in Western India, July 9, 1838. As a hymnwriter of great merit he is well and favourably known. His hymns, "O worship the King"; "Saviour, when in dust to Thee"; and "When gathering clouds around I view," are widely used in all English-speaking countries. Some of those which are less known are marked by the same graceful versification and deep and tender feeling. The best of his hymns were contributed to the Christian Observer, 1806-1815, under the signature of "E—y, D. R."; and to Elliott's Psalms & Hymns, Brighton, 1835. In the Psalms & Hymns those which were taken from the Christian Observer were rewritten by the author. The year following his death his brother, Lord Glenelg, gathered 12 of his hymns and poems together, and published them as:—

Sacred Poems. By the late Eight Hon. Sir Robert Grant. London, Saunders & Otley, Conduit Street, 1839. It was reprinted in 1844 and in 1868.

This volume is accompanied by a short "Notice," dated "London, Juno 18, 1839."


Grant, Sir R., p. 450, i. Other hymns are:—
1. From Olivet's sequester'd scats. Palm Sunday.
2. How deep the joy, Almighty Lord. Ps. lxxxiv.
3. Wherefore do the nations wage. Ps. ii.
These are all from his posthumous sacred Poems, 1839.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by Robert Grant (33)sort iconAsInstances
Adorem o Rei, glorioso SenhorRobert Grant (Author)2
Adoru ni nun la Reĝon de glor'Robert Grant, 1779-1838 (Author)4
Al Rey adorad, grandioso SeñorRobert Grant (Author)2
Almighty Creator on earth and aboveRobert H. Grant (Author)1
Almighty Lord, the sun shall failRobert Grant (Author)8
Ate Wakaŋ kiŋRobert Grant (Author)1
By thine hour of dark despairRobert Grant (Author)2
By thy birth, and by thy tearsRobert Grant (Author)50
By thy birth and early yearsRobert Grant (Author)5
Christ Wanikiya, tohaŋdRobert Grant (Author)1
Contemplando tu amorRobert Grant (Author)2
From Olivet's sequestered seatsRobert Grant (Author)1
I do not know how hardRobert Grant (Author)2
I thought that the course of the pilgrim to HeavenRobert Grant (Author)2
Jesus only, when the morningRobert Grant (Author)1
Kulou i ke 'Lii, ke 'Lii maluna'eRobert Grant, 1779-1838 (Author)3
Liebster Heiland, wann vor dirRobert Grant (Author)2
Lord of earth, thy forming handRobert Grant (Author)63
Louez le Seigneur au plus haut des cieuxRobert Grant (Author)2
O now, in age and grief, thy nameRobert Grant (Author)2
O Savior, whose mercy, severe in its kindnessRobert Grant (Author)6
O Worship the King all glorious aboveRobert Grant (Author)878
Savior, when in dust to TheeRobert Grant (Author)317
The hopes thy holy Word suppliesGrant (Author)6
The starry firmament on highRobert Grant (Author)61
Thy mercy heard my infant prayerRobert Grant (Author)17
Var konung i hoejdRobert Grant (Author)2
When gathering clouds around I viewSir R. Grant (Author)185
When, streaming from the eastern skiesGrant (Author)10
When vexing thoughts within me riseRobert Grant (Author)3
Wherefore do the nations wageRobert Grant (Author)4
Why was unbelieving IGrant (Author)5
With years oppressed, with sorrows wornSir Robert Grant (Author)8

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