Thoro Harris

Thoro Harris
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Short Name: Thoro Harris
Full Name: Harris, Thoro, 1874-1955
Birth Year: 1874
Death Year: 1955

Born: March 31, 1874, Washington, DC.
Died: March 27, 1955, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
Buried: International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

After attending college in Battle Creek, Michigan, Harris produced his first hymnal in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1902. He then moved to Chicago, Illinois at the invitation of Peter Bilhorn, and in 1932, to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He composed and compiled a number of works, and was well known locally as he walked around with a canvas bag full of handbooks for sale. His works include:

Light and Life Songs, with William Olmstead & William Kirkpatrick (Chicago, Illinois: S. K. J. Chesbro, 1904)
Little Branches, with George J. Meyer & Howard E. Smith (Chicago, Illinois: Meyer & Brother, 1906)
Best Temperance Songs (Chicago, Illinois: The Glad Tidings Publishing Company, 1913) (music editor)
Hymns of Hope (Chicago, Illinois: Thoro Harris, undated, circa 1922)

Texts by Thoro Harris (864)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
من يعزيني كربيThoro Harris (Author)Arabic1
誰如耶穌樂我心靈 (Shuí rú yēsū lè wǒ xīnlíng)Thoro Harris (Author)Chinese2
A beautiful mansion resplendent with goldThoro Harris (Author)English2
A city all fit doth Jesus prepareThoro Harris (Author)2
A full and free salvation the King provides for allThoro Harris (Author)13
A certain man of whom we readThoro Harris (Author)English2
A mighty King is coming soonThoro Harris (Author)English2
A pilgrim on the upward wayT. H. (Author)3
A question oft rises, wherever I strayT. H. (Author)English2
A shadow 'mid the scorching heatT. H. (Author)English3
A stranger I to fearThoro Harris (Author)2
A stranger's hand is knocking, without at the doorThoro Harris (Author)English8
Abide in the will of the Father in heavenThoro Harris (Author)2
Abide with me, dear SpiritThoro Harris (Author)English2
All glory to the Lamb of GodThoro Harris (Author)English5
All my journey alongThoro Harris (Author)2
All my journey along I amThoro Harris (Author)2
All night the slumbering virgins waitThoro Harris (Author)2
All our days, though sad and wearyThoro Harris (Author)2
All praise to God that man's Redeemer camThoro Harris (Author)6
All that our Savior hath spokenThoro Harris (Author)6
All that thrills my soul is JesusThoro Harris (Author)English11
All the way from earth to gloryThoro Harris (Author)3
Amid the storm of raging fearsThoro Harris (Author)English3
Among the olive treesThoro Harris (Author)3
Answer yes to JesusThoro Harris (Author)6
Apart I lingered, sad and loneThoro Harris (Author)English2
Are you discouraged, weighted down with sinThoro Harris (Author)3
Are you in trouble, in sorrow or pain?Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Are you on the gloomy lineT. H. (Author)English5
Are you pressing onward in the work you loveThoro Harris (Author)3
Are you shining for Jesus, your SaviorThoro Harris (Author)3
Are you so heavily ladenThoro Harris (Author)English2
Are you trusting Jesus, all along the way?T. H. (Author)English29
Arise, ye Gospel WorkersThoro Harris (Author)English2
Around me and withinT. H. (Author)English2
Around our Father's throne aboveThoro Harris (Author)English2
Art thou heavy laden?T. H. (Author)English2
Art thou laden with a weight oppressingThoro Harris (Author)English2
Art thou weary, broken heartedThoro Harris (Author)2
As I move my way longThoro Harris (Author)English2
As the bow of promise gleamsThoro Harris (Author)2
As to its close the daylight fliesThoro Harris (Author)English2
As we journey along to the homeland of songThoro Harris (Author)3
Ask for the old paths saints of yore have trodT. H. (Author)English3
At the golden gate our loved are waitingThoro Harris (Author)English2
At times from highest heavenThoro Harris (Author)English2
At times the voice of gladness is tilled within my soulT. H. (Author)English3
Attending the rites of the passover feastThoro Harris (Author)2
Back in the long agoThoro Harris (Author)2
Back to the Bible; Charter of salvationThoro Harris (Author)3
Be diligent and true in everything you doThoro Harris (Author)2
Be thou to me, O Christ, a sanctuaryThoro Harris (Author)2
Bearer of the sacred lightThoro Harris (Author)English2
Bearing a load of unforgiven sinThoro Harris (Author)2
Beautiful band of angelsThoro Harris (Author)English2
Beautiful Eden, home of the blestThoro Harris (Author)English2
Because from all eternity The King of Glory tho't of meThoro Harris (Author)3
Before the hoary hills appearedT. H. (Author)English2
Before the sun illumes the dayThoro Harris (Author)3
Begin the day with Jesus, the King deserves the bestThoro Harris (Author)English2
Believe in the word of JehovahThoro Harris (Author)3
Beyond the pale of earthly blightThoro Harris (Author)English3
Beyond the silent stars of nightT. H. (Author)English5
Blessed, blessed hope, Jesus will returnThoro Harris (Author)2
Blessed invitation from the King of heavenT. H. (Author)English3
Blessed Jesus, tender Shepherd, We thy little lambs would beThoro Harris (Author)English3
Blessed Redeemer, Pastor divineThoro Harris (Author)English2
Blessed Savior, now behold meT. H. (Arranger)English1
Blest and so happy am IThoro Harris (Author)2
Blest Savior, faith's celestial starThoro Harris (Author)3
Bound for a mansion in BeulahThoro Harris (Author)2
Brightest and best of the sons of the morningT. H. (Author)English1
Broken down the haughty works of manThoro Harris (Author)English2
Burdened by sorrow, whoe'er thou artThoro Harris (Author)4
By his kind and gracious favorThoro Harris (Author)2
By the burden of sin opprestThoro Harris (Author)English2
Can we raise the fallen from the pit of sinThoro Harris (Author)2
Can you point a soul to JesusThoro Harris (Author)2
Cantan los ángeles con dulce vozThoro Harris (Author)Spanish3
Carry me back to Calvary's mountainThoro Harris (Author)English2
Cheer up, O fainting Christian, God's blessingThoro Harris (Author)3
Child of My Love, why dost thou falter?Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Christ gave His life on Calvary's treeThoro Harris (Author)English2
Christ is calling wanderers in the far awayThoro Harris (Author)3
Christ Jesus is my Shepherd, My needs He doth supplyT. H. (Author)English2
Christian, don't idle the moments awayThoro Harris (Author)English2
Christian, forget not from day to dayThoro Harris (Author)English4
Christian, have you proved a slacker todayThoro Harris (Author)3
Christian, in the midst of battleThoro Harris (Author)English2
Citizen of heaven, dwelling here on earthThoro Harris (Author)2
Clad in all the armor of the King of kingsThoro Harris (Author)English2
Cling to the life line, danger is near youT. H. (Author)3
Close, close to thee! O Father, draw me nearerThoro Harris (Author)English2
Close to my side stands JesusT. H. (Author)English2
Come and give your heart to Jesus (Harris)Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Come in all thy sorrowT. H. (Author)English2
Come, let us join glad hands and cheerful voicesThoro Harris (Author)2
Come now from your slumber awakingThoro Harris (Author)English15
Come, O come to the fount of graceThoro Harris (Author)English2
Come, O come to the mercy seat, Now on the Savior callThoro Harris (Author)English3
Come, O come with a contrite heartThoro Harris (Author)2
Come on, believer in the LordThoro Harris (Author)English4
Come sing with me his gloryThoro Harris (Author)2
Come sinner, come to Jesus, turnThoro Harris (Author)2
Come to the ark of refugeT. H. (Author)English7
Come to the fountain that flowsThoro Harris (Author)English3
Come to the Savior, O sinner, todayThoro Harris (Author)2
Come, trembling soul, be not afraidThoro Harris (Author)English1
Come unto Jesus thy Friend and BrotherThoro Harris (Author)2
Come unto me, O hear the gracious wordThoro Harris (Author)English5
Come, wanderer, to the Lamb of GodThoro Harris (Author)English2
Come we now with hearts rejoicingThoro Harris (Author)English2
Come with hearts and voices now and singThoro Harris (Author)1
Could any spot on earthly sodThoro Harris (Author)2
Could any spot on earthly sod, more blest or sacred beThoro Harris (Author)2
Craving hope and restThoro Harris (Author)2
Dark the storm is ragingThoro Harris (Author)4
De win' blow soft from de heav'nly sho'Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Dead unto sin but alive to GodThoro Harris (Author)2
Deal with me as thou wiltThoro Harris (Author)2
Dear brother, why longer wait?T. H. (Author)English2
Dear Jesus, shall I never knowT. H. (Author)English2
Dear Savior, I am Thine, To Thee I love to prayT. H. (Author)English2
Did you ever journey afar from homeThoro Harris (Author)English2
Did you vote for Prohibition?Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Do you walk and talk with Jesus?Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Don't forget the father loves youThoro Harris (Author)English2
Don't forget the One who loves youThoro Harris (Author)English2
Down in a green and shady bedT. H. (Author)English1
Downhearted and discouragedThoro Harris (Author)English2
Dry the tear and weep no moreThoro Harris (Author)2
Duty is calling her soldiers todayThoro Harris (Author)English2
Earnestly, faithfully, toiling for JesusThoro Harris (Author)English2
Earnestly, tenderly calling the erringThoro Harris (Author)2
Earth has many scenes that charm meT. H. (Author)2
Earthly skies seem brightThoro Harris (Author)English2
Earth's harvest of souls is comeThoro Harris (Author)English5
Eternal peace will soon beginT. H. (Author)English6
Eternity, Eternity, How near art thouThoro Harris (Author)7
Every promise is a check upon the bankThoro Harris (Author)2
Exert thy power, O glorious SaviorThoro Harris (Author)English3
Facing a future of shame and woeThoro Harris (Author)2
Fairer light than sun and moonThoro Harris (Author)English7
Far from Jesus long I wanderedT. H. (Author)2
Far from thy Father's homeT. H. (Author)English2
Father all divine, O how great our needThoro Harris (Author)English2
Father, hear me while I prayT. H. (Author)1
Father of mercy, Author of salvationT. H. (Author)2
Father, remembers his children dearThoro Harris (Author)2
Father, we adore thee, Who alone art greatThoro Harris (Author)2
"Fear not, I am with you forever"Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Finding rest amid laborThoro Harris (Author)3
For all God's creationThoro Harris (Author)English2
For all God's love to manThoro Harris (Author)English4
For me Jesus languish'd and suffer'dThoro Harris (Author)English2
Forth from the heart of the Father there cameThoro Harris (Author)3
Forward I look to that blissful hourThoro Harris (Author)2
Forward to battle! The trumpets are cryingThoro Harris (Author)English2
Forward we go, facing the foeThoro Harris (Author)English7
Fountains of mercy and streams of loveT. H. (Author)English2
Free from all bondage now and foreverThoro Harris (Author)English3
From Father's house I've wander'd farThoro Harris (Author)English2
From Jesus I have wanderedThoro Harris (Author)2
From Sinai's smoking mountainThoro Harris (Author)2
From the throne there flows a riverThoro Harris (Author)English2
Gently, gently kneel and prayT. H. (Author)English5
Glory, glory be to God, the King will comeThoro Harris (Author)2
Glory, glory, hallelujah, Glory to the Lamb of GodThoro Harris (Author)3
Glory, glory to our gracious FatherT. H. (Author)English3
Glory in the highest, glory, To the Lamb for sinners slainThoro Harris (Author)English2
Glory to God in the highest, Worship we and adoreT. H. (Author)English2
Glory to God, our portionThoro Harris (Author)2
Go thou, my chosen oneThoro Harris (Author)3
God bless our home, and fill itThoro Harris (Author)3
God hath appointed a rulerThoro Harris (Author)2
God is calling us to move in serried ranks todayThoro Harris (Author)English4
God is gracious and kindThoro Harris (Author)English2
God is keeping his soldiers fightingT. H. (Arranger)English1
God is my sure protectionThoro Harris (Author)2
God loved a world of sinners, He sent His SonThoro Harris (Author)English2
God pities his children, He cares for his ownT. H. (Author)5
God sent his well beloved OneThoro Harris (Author)2
God's covenant stands forevermoreThoro Harris (Author)English2
God's faithful children here belowThoro Harris (Author)2
God's holy book is given to lead us on our wayThoro Harris (Author)2
God's Lamb who on Calv'ry was offeredThoro Harris (Author)English2
Gracious God, how much I need TheeThoro Harris (Author)English2
Gracious Master, meek and lowlyThoro Harris (Author)4
Groping your way through the darksome nightT. H. (Author)English4
Guide me to my rest, angelThoro Harris (Author)English2
Happy are the moments, every oneThoro Harris (Author)2
Happy days, happy daysT. H. (Author)English2
Happy in Jesus, trusting in his graceThoro Harris (Author)3
Happy land, morning landThoro Harris (Author)English2
Hark! a Sufferer's voice from dark GethsemaneThoro Harris (Author)English2
Hark, I hear ten thousand voices singT. H. (Author)5
Hark, the gospel invitation sweetly sounds over land and seaThoro Harris (Author)English3
Hark! the Master calls to thee, "Come home, come home"Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Hark! the Master still is callingT. H. (Author)English2
Hark, the promise of the SaviorThoro Harris (Author)3
Harken, brothers, harken!Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Hast thou some friend who far awayThoro Harris (Author)2
Have you heard the voice of angelsThoro Harris (Author)English2
Have you known the wondrous storyThoro Harris (Author)4
Have you left the foldThoro Harris (Author)3
Have you met sin's mighty host in stern array?Thoro Harris (Author)English12
Have you never told the storyT. H. (Author (4th Stanza))English2
He comes who once was slainThoro Harris (Author)English2
He gives me joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heartT. H. (Arranger)English3
He is able to deliver from the cruel yoke of sinThoro Harris (Author)2
He is coming, all victoriousT. H. (Author)English2
He is coming, He is coming, hallelujah!Thoro Harris (Translator)English2
He leadeth me, he leadeth me, With Him I'd always beThoro Harris (Author)English1
He that believeth shall nevermore dieThoro Harris (Author)2
He will send showers of blessing, Such is the mind of our LordThoro Harris (Author)English3
Hear the gospel's joyful sound, Christ can saveThoro Harris (Author)English3
Hear the Savior pleading with your weary, sinful soulThoro Harris (Author)2
Hear the tender story of Jesus' loveT. H. (Author)English6
Hear the voice of Jesus, He is calling thee from sinT. H. (Author)English2
Hear thy Father calling, come, O wandererThoro Harris (Author)2
Heavenly Father, make us knowT. H. (Author)English2
Heralds of day dawn go, tell every nationThoro Harris (Author)3
He's coming soon, He's coming soonThoro Harris (Author)3
Higher than arches of heaven aboveThoro Harris (Author)English2
His chosen people to restoreThoro Harris (Author)English2
Ho, all ye sick and dyingT. H. (Author)4
Holy is the Father, Holy is the sunThoro Harris (Author)2
Holy Jesus! have you known Him?Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Holy Lord in pure devotionT. L. Harris (Author)English1
Honor, praise and majesty, Be forever Lord to TheeThoro Harris (Author)English4
Hosanna to the living Word, Our great and glorious KingT. H. (Author)2
How blest to be with God aloneThoro Harris (Author)English2
How can the heart so prone to strayThoro Harris (Author)3
How earnest, how sweet, is the Savior's voice!T. H. (Author)English3
How glorious was that day which sawT. H. (Author)English2
How I long for rest for my weary soulThoro Harris (Author)5
How it charmed me and filled me with gladnessThoro Harris (Author)English15
How long, O Lord, shall hades reignT. H. (Author)English2
How sinless the lifeT. H. (Author)2
How soon has rolled another yearThoro Harris (Author)English2
How strangely sweet is the storyThoro Harris (Author)2
How sweet to rest in Jesus, Afar from earthly strifeThoro Harris (Author)English2
How wondrous is God's saving graceT. H. (Author)English2
How wondrous is his grace and condescensionThoro Harris (Author)English8
How wondrous is the crimson tideThoro Harris (Author)3
I am a child of the King of kingsThoro Harris (Author)2
I am bound for a land far beyond the seaThoro Harris (Author)English2
I am coming homeThoro Harris (Author)2
I am dreaming todayThoro Harris (Author)2
I am kneeling at thy feetThoro Harris (Author)2
I am looking beyond life's shadowsThoro Harris (Author)English2
I am looking, for God's tomorrowThoro Harris (Author)English2
I am nearing the cityThoro Harris (Author)2
I am rejoicing now in a fullThoro Harris (Author)2
I am safely walking in life's upward wayThoro Harris (Author)English2
I am saved by the blood freelyThoro Harris (Author)2
I am saved by the blood of my SaviorT. H. (Author)English2
I am Thine, gracious LordThoro Harris (Author)English2
I am thinking today of a friend far awayThoro Harris (Author)2
I am traveling on to CanaanThoro Harris (Author)2
I am traveling on to Canaan with theThoro Harris (Author)2
I am with you, spake the MasterThoro Harris (Author)2
I came to Christ, the Savior, when I was sick of sinThoro Harris (Author)English3
I cannot know all the fulnessThoro Harris (Author)2
I cannot sing as angels sing, Yet Thou dost deign to hearThoro Harris (Author)English2
I cannot tell the wonderThoro Harris (Author)3
I come to thee, Savior, obeying thy voiceThoro Harris (Author)2
I dreamed one night I was standing nearThoro Harris (Author)English3
I give myself, my all to theeThoro Harris (Author)2
I have a kind brotherThoro Harris (Author)2
I have a Savior, a dear, loving friendThoro Harris (Author)2
I have a Savior who's mighty to keepThoro Harris (Author)3
I have been all alone with my SaviorThoro Harris (Author)2
I have caught a revelation of the King of gloryThoro Harris (Author)2
I have entered, I have entered in the blessed holy placeThoro Harris (Author)English7
I have found a balm in sorrowT. H. (Author)English2
I have heard the gentle pleadingThoro Harris (Author)English2
I have yielded all unto my blessed Lord todayThoro Harris (Author)2
I hear most wonderful melodyT. H. (Author)English5
I know a chosen people baptized into the Holy GhostThoro Harris (Author)English4
I know a king who left his throneThoro Harris (Author)2
I know not what waits me tomorrowThoro Harris (Author)3
I know one kind Shepherd, a true, faithful GuideT. H. (Author)English4
I love him better day by dayThoro Harris (Author)2
I love my gracious SaviorThoro Harris (Author)English4
I love the name of Jesus who diedThoro Harris (Author)2
I must not bear my burdensT. H. (Author)English2
I praise the Lord that a Savior cameThoro Harris (Author)English6
I remember the word which so oftenThoro Harris (Author)2
I rest in the love of the CrucifiedThoro Harris (Author)2
I saw the light, God's holy lightThoro Harris (Author)English4
I sing of Jesus, the King immortalThoro Harris (Author)English7
I sing of one who made me wholeThoro Harris (Author)2
I trust in my blessed RedeemerThoro Harris (Author)2
I wandered in darkness, no refuge was nighThoro Harris (Author)2
I was a hopeless sinnerThoro Harris (Author)4
I was a lost and wayward childThoro Harris (Author)2
I was drifting far from landThoro Harris (Author)2
I was gloomy and sadT. H. (Author)English2
I was once a poor and wretched sinnerThoro Harris (Author)English2
I was out on life's seaThoro Harris (Author)2
I will look to the hills from whence comethThoro Harris (Author)2
I will love Thee, O my Savior, I will love Thee, Christ my KingThoro Harris (Author)English3
I would not choose my pathwayThoro Harris (Author)3
I would not have it all rosesThoro Harris (Author)English2
If at Jesus' call you have left your allThoro Harris (Author)2
If Jesus should summon the nations, Before Him just now to appearT. H. (Author)English4
If on some bright and pleasant dayThoro Harris (Author)English2
If one should ask me why I love my Lord so wellThoro Harris (Author)English4
If some who Christ professThoro Harris (Author)2
If sorrows fast are throngingThoro Harris (Author)2
If we're faithful to our callingThoro Harris (Author)English2
If you have started in this raceThoro Harris (Author)2
If you only could know Jesus bore all your woeThoro Harris (Author)English5
If you would be from sin set freeThoro Harris (Author)2
If you would know abiding peace withinThoro Harris (Author)2
I'll be a sunbeam, so brightly gleamingThoro Harris (Author)3
I'm a child of God foreverThoro Harris (Author)3
I'm a little pilgrim On the upward wayT. H. (Author)English2
I'm an heir of the KingThoro Harris (Author)3
I'm coming, Lord, to TheeThoro Harris (Author)English3
I'm glad I found my SaviorThoro Harris (Author)English2
I'm happy every Sunday, on Monday I rejoiceThoro Harris (Author)3
I'm kneeling at the cross of JesusThoro Harris (Author)English2
I'm praying for you, O soul far astrayThoro Harris (Author)English6
In all you do keep this in viewThoro Harris (Author)2
In Christ let all the earth rejoiceThoro Harris (Author)3
In country, town or city some people can be foundThoro Harris (Author)English9
In desert wilds I went astrayT. H. (Author)English3
In earth's wondrous gallery of picturesThoro Harris (Author)3
In glory transcending, with angels attendingThoro Harris (Author)English8
In him complete O praise the LordThoro Harris (Author)English3
In Joseph's tomb mid blackest gloomThoro Harris (Author)2
In my distress to him I criedThoro Harris (Author)3
In that awful hour when all the tribes of menThoro Harris (Author)English2
In the blessed Savior every good I seeT. H. (Author)English2
In the book of the LordT. H. (Author)English2
In the darkness hour human hearts can knowThoro Harris (Author)3
In the day when all the kindreds of the earthThoro Harris (Author)English2
In the fierce, tempestuous hourThoro Harris (Author)English2
In the lands beyond the seaThoro Harris (Author)English17
In the light of His word I am looking for my LordThoro Harris (Author)English2
In the name of Christ We gather one and allThoro Harris (Author)2
In the path of sin no longer strayingThoro Harris (Author)3
In the silent watches, List thy bosom's doorThoro Harris (Author)English2
In the upper room at Jerusalem, the disciples tarried longThoro Harris (Author)English3
In the yawning pit of sinThoro Harris (Author)3
In these, the closing days of timeThoro Harris (Author)English39
In vision the prophet IsaiahT. H. (Author)English2
Into the depth of God's promiseThoro Harris (Author)2
Is any sick among the saints?Thoro Harris (Author)English6
Is it nothing to you that the highest cameThoro Harris (Author)2
Is your life aweary, are you tempted to despairThoro Harris (Author)8
Is your life fully yielded to Jesus (Harris)Thoro Harris (Author)English2
It stands by stream in the wildwoodThoro Harris (Author)4
I've a Friend above all othersThoro Harris (Author)2
I've enlisted for the King to fightThoro Harris (Author)2
I've found the way to perfect restT. H. (Author)2
I've lived far down on grumble laneThoro Harris (Author)English3
I've wandered far o'er sin's dark wildT. H. (Author)English3
J is Joy in Jesus' name believingThoro Harris (Author)English2
Jehovah's arm is now revealedThoro Harris (Author)10
Jehovah's promise shall stand foreverThoro Harris (Author)3
Jesu, name of names the sweetestThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus, blessed Jesus, Unto Thee we callT. H. (Author)English3
Jesus, blessed one, God's beloved SonThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus calls the little lambsT. H. (Author)English2
Jesus came the grace to proveThoro Harris (Author)English2
Jesus Christ, a blessed heavenly strangerThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus gently pleads todayThoro Harris (Author)English3
Jesus, glorious Prince and SaviorThoro Harris (Author)English2
Jesus, high in glory, lend a listening earT. H. (Author)English1
Jesus, how blest thy cross apearsThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus invites you, weary of sinThoro Harris (Author)3
Jesus is calling, come unto me, Come and my faithful discipleThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus is calling for soldiers today, Calling for hearts that are faithful and strongThoro Harris (Author)3
Jesus is calling the brave and the faithfulThoro Harris (Author)English2
Jesus is calling the wanderer homeThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus is calling the wanderer todayThoro Harris (Author)3
Jesus is calling you back to your homeThoro Harris (Author)3
Jesus is coming, our long watch is endingThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus is coming, the message proclaimThoro Harris (Author)5
Jesus is earnestly calling the lostThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus is first of all to meThoro Harris (Author)English3
Jesus is my heart's eternal treasureThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus is trueThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus, Jesus, higher than highest archangelsThoro Harris (Author)3
Jesus, perfect Savior, Seated on Thy throneThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus, Redeemer, precious though unseenThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus saves, Jesus saves, Send the tidings forthThoro Harris (Author)3
Jesus, sweetest theme in earth or heavenThoro Harris (Author)English5
Jesus! the Christ, God's glorious SonThoro Harris (Author)3
Jesus, the ever-living Son of GodThoro Harris (Author)English2
Jesus the king is comingT. H. (Author)English4
Jesus, thou living Bread broken for meT. H. (Author)2
Jesus, thou Savior, who heard my cryThoro Harris (Author)2
Jesus walked beside the seaThoro Harris (Author)English2
Jesus, who suffered on the cruel treeT. H. (Author)English2
Jesus will come to earth again (Harris)Thoro Harris (Author)2
John saw the multitude and criedThoro Harris (Author)2
Jonah the prophet by God was sentThoro Harris (Author)2
Just a little talk with Jesus when the path is calmThoro Harris (Author)2
Just one look at the cross of JesusThoro Harris (Author)2
Just see that sun, see how he runThoro Harris (Author)3
Keep busy, keep busy, there's so much to doThoro Harris (Author)3
Keep in touch with Jesus, keep in touchThoro Harris (Author)2
Keep the colors flyingT. H. (Author)English2
Keep the danger signal flyingThoro Harris (Author)English2
Keep under the blood of JesusThoro Harris (Author)2
Kind Shepherd, from Thy throne aboveThoro Harris (Author)English2
Knocking, ever knocking, See a stranger standsT. H. (Author)4
Let all the ransomed unite to singThoro Harris (Author)English12
Let the glad anthem ringThoro Harris (Author)English2
Let us all in a joyful chorusThoro Harris (Author)English2
Let us all with joyful heart proclaim the truth once moreThoro Harris (Author)4
Let us praise the name of Him who wrought our full salvationThoro Harris (Author)English2
Let us shout and sing hallelujahT. H. (Author)English2
Life is now slipping fast awayThoro Harris (Author)English2
Lift me higher, Lord, all graciousThoro Harris (Author)2
Lift the King's own standard in the field todayT. H. (Author)English4
Lift up the voice, with gladness singT. H. (Author)2
Lift up thy voice like a trumpetThoro Harris (Author)2
Lift your eyes, behold the fields of precious golden grainThoro Harris (Author)English6
Like a mighty army, 'gaints the hosts of wrongThoro Harris (Author)English2
Like as a father Cares or his childThoro Harris (Author)English2
Linger, blessed Abba FatherT. H. (Author)English2
Little children, praise the LordThoro Harris (Author)English1
Live for Jesus, live for Jesus, Serve Him every dayT. H. (Author)English2
Living in the Spirit every passing dayT. H. (Author)English4
Lo, a city on high where there falleth no nightThoro Harris (Author)English2
Lo a penitent voiceThoro Harris (Author)2
Lo, a pilgrim stranger knockingThoro Harris (Author)English3
Lo, a Stranger stands at the portal doorT. H. (Author)English2
Lo it is finished resoundeth a voiceThoro Harris (Author)2
"Lo, the bridegroom comes!" Let the cry go forthThoro Harris (Author)English2
Lo the youthful Jacob on his weary wayThoro Harris (Author)3
Lo, white, pearly archesT. H. (Author)English2
Long have you sought the blessing to winThoro Harris (Author)English1
Long this world with all its snares depraved meThoro Harris (Author)English3
Long we've heard the joyful storyThoro Harris (Author)2
Look for the beautiful, look for the true, Look for the beautiful life's journey throughT. H. (Author)English7
Look on Thy little onesThoro Harris (Author)2
Lord, I have started to walk in the lightThoro Harris (Author)English16
Lord, let me be a glassThoro Harris (Author)3
Lord, make this place a life-saving stationT. H. (Author)English3
Lord of all, abundant graceThoro Harris (Author)English2
Lord, receive me, I am coming homeThoro Harris (Author)2
Lost was I in sin and degredationThoro Harris (Author)3
Loud let the anthem exultingly ringThoro Harris (Author)English7
Make the earth look fairerThoro Harris (Author)2
Man cannot live by bread aloneThoro Harris (Author)English2
Many are turning to Jesus todayT. H. (Author)English9
Many Christians have abundance of the gifts the Lord hath givenT. H. (Author)2
Many trials I meet on my homeward wayThoro Harris (Author)English3
Mercy boundless and freeThoro Harris (Author)2
Met at Jesus wordThoro Harris (Author)English2
Met in their Master's nameThoro Harris (Author)2
[More Abundantly]Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Mortal friends may desert us when danger is nighThoro Harris (Author)English2
Multitudes followed our Savior, we readThoro Harris (Author)5
My Father God, to Thee I cryThoro Harris (Author)English2
My heart has been touched by the love of JesusT. H. (Author)English2
My heart was sad and weary (Harris)Thoro Harris (Author)2
My life is filled with sunshineThoro Harris (Author)3
My only hope is JesusThoro Harris (Author)English4
My Savior came down from the world of lightThoro Harris (Author)2
Nearer, nearer, every momentThoro Harris (Author)English3
No heart is like the heart of JesusThoro Harris (Author)3
No matter how strong the chains that bind theeThoro Harris (Author)2
No separation, now made oneThoro Harris (Author)3
Nobler by far than the sages of earthThoro Harris (Author)English3
Not by works that we have doneT. H. (Author)English2
Not here below I'll ever knowT. H. (Author)English2
Now behold the cross, yes, the blood-stained crossThoro Harris (Author)English2
Now let us weep our dying LordT. H. (Author)English2
O blessed Christ, who long agoT. H. (Author)English2
O Christian, in these latter days have you the tidings heardThoro Harris (Author)5
O come unto Jesus and trust in His nameThoro Harris (Author)2
O come with cheerful voices, Your grateful tribute raiseThoro Harris (Author)English2
O dear one for whom our petitions ascendThoro Harris (Author)3
O Father, hear our humble prayerThoro Harris (Author)3
O gracious Father, Friend unseenThoro Harris (Author)English2
O gracious message by the Master givenThoro Harris (Author)3
O gracious Savior, Shepherd, FriendThoro Harris (Author)English2
O happy land of paradiseThoro Harris (Author)English3
O hearken to the gospel warningT. H. (Author)English7
O hear the glad message from heaven aboveThoro Harris (Author)2
O hear the wondrous story, God gave His only SonThoro Harris (Author)3
O home of fadeless gloryThoro Harris (Author)3
O how dear the old camp meetingThoro Harris (Author)2
O how sweet to know, as the Summer roseThoro Harris (Author)English2
O how true and blest is the story oldThoro Harris (Author)English2
O, I am so happy in Jesus, His blood has redeemed from sin (Harris)Thoro Harris (Author)English2
O I know a clime genial all the timeThoro Harris (Author)2
O, I would the world might knowThoro Harris (Author)English2
O Jesus, I know Thou art mineThoro Harris (Author)English2
O Jesus, Jesus, precious FriendThoro Harris (Author)English2
O Jesus, Lord, remember meThoro Harris (Author)2
O list to the message from heaven aboveThoro Harris (Author)3
O love from whence my mercies flowThoro Harris (Author)3
O my soul keeps singing Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, praise the LordThoro Harris (Author)4
O my wandering brotherThoro Harris (Author)2
O praise Jehovah, great I AM, Hail the universal LordThoro Harris (Author)2
O Satan, I hear thy voiceThoro Harris (Author)English2
O Savior, Thou hast left our sphereThoro Harris (Author)English2
O sent of God, whose offeringT. H. (Author)English2
O shout aloud the tidings, repeat the joyful strainT. H. (Author)English21
O singers of the mystic climeT. H. (Author)English2
O soul in the vale of decisionThoro Harris (Author)2
O speed with the tidings from city to cityThoro Harris (Author)4
O the cleansing blood of JesusThoro Harris (Author)3
O the land beyond the seaThoro Harris (Author)2
O the Lord who hath spread the heavens over headThoro Harris (Author)English2
O the One I love best of all is JesusT. H. (Author)3
O the sweetest word known to mortal tongueThoro Harris (Author)2
O the wondrous consolationThoro Harris (Author)2
O the wondrous consolation of this uttermostThoro Harris (Author)2
O the wondrous power of the Savior's loveThoro Harris (Author)English30
O Thou in whom I now believeThoro Harris (Author)English2
O Thou supremely goodT. H. (Author)English2
O weary heart, there is a homeThoro Harris (Author)2
O who is this who now is pleadingT. H. (Author)English2
O wounded hearts, this message hearThoro Harris (Author)English5
Obey, 'tis better than sacrificeThoro Harris (Author)2
On Him who watches over allThoro Harris (Author)6
On the cross, all blood, all gloryT. H. (Author)English2
On the cross my Savior died, All I need, all I needT. H. (Author)English3
On the resurrection morning, when the dead in Christ shall riseThoro Harris (Author)English3
On the resurrection morning, when we rise to meet our LordThoro Harris (Author)English1
On your homeward journeyThoro Harris (Author)2
Once I heard the story of Jesus loveThoro Harris (Author)2
Once I saw in my visions the Savior of menThoro Harris (Author)4
Once I was dreary and not contentThoro Harris (Author)English4
Once I with chains was boundThoro Harris (Author)English4
Once my life was filled with sadnessThoro Harris (Author)English2
Once my path was dreary as I journeyed hereThoro Harris (Author)2
Once the Savior trod on our earthly sodThoro Harris (Author)English4
One friend divine is so dear to meThoro Harris (Author)4
One hath God ordained, His holy Son from heavenThoro Harris (Author)2
One knocks at your bolted doorThoro Harris (Author)4
One little step to JesusT. H. (Author)2
One standeth outside at your heart's bolted doorThoro Harris (Author)2
One there is divinely graciousThoro Harris (Author)English5
One there is who longs to save youThoro Harris (Author)2
Only waiting, yes, waiting for Christ to restore meThoro Harris (Author)English2
Onward move, ye followers of the LordThoro Harris, 1874-1956 (Author)English21
Onward we march to the kingdomThoro Harris (Author)2
Open the door of your heart, dear childT. H. (Author)English2
Our Christ to His kingdom is bringingThoro Harris (Author)English2
Our Father's all abounding loveThoro Harris (Author)English2
Our God has erected some sign postsT. H. (Author)English2
Our gracious Lord came down from heaven to earthT. H. (Author)2
Our Lord is coming back to earth againThoro Harris (Author)English2
Our Savior soon is coming, attended by a throngT. H. (Author)English7
Our stay on earth will not beThoro Harris (Author)2
Over my spirit tonight, bursteth visions so brightThoro Harris (Author)English3
Passing away, as the mists of the morningThoro Harris (Author)English2
Peal the message far and wideThoro Harris (Author)English4
Perfect deliverance, how great the costThoro Harris (Author)2
Praise Him! praise Him! Praise God in the highestThoro Harris (Author)English3
Praise to Jesus voicingThoro Harris (Author)English2
Praise ye Jehovah, whose kingdom is eternalThoro Harris (Author)English2
Pray on believer in the LordThoro Harris (Author)3
Prize, O prize the golden momentsThoro Harris (Author)2
Quem me coração encanta com seu toque divinal?Thoro Harris (Author)Portuguese2
Quién podrá con su presenciaThoro Harris (Author)Spanish7
Raise the standard high, Satan's host defyThoro Harris (Author)English2
Rejoicing in hope, believing His wordThoro Harris (Author)English6
Remember, how, before you left your homeThoro Harris (Author)English4
Remember thou the Sabbath day, the day of holy restThoro Harris (Author)2
Return thee now unto thy KingT. H. (Author)English2
Reveal thyself, great God of powerThoro Harris (Author)2
Ring out the message of gloriousThoro Harris (Author)2
Say, little bride, answer meT. H. (Author)English2
Scatter sunshine, scatter sunshineThoro Harris (Author)2
See o'er yonder mountain misty clouds ariseThoro Harris (Author)2
See, the gospel ship is proudly sailingThoro Harris (Author)English2
See the spotless Lamb of GodThoro Harris (Author)2
Shall we be among the faithfulT. H. (Author)English2
Shine on, O star of beauty, All glorious and brightThoro Harris (Author)English2
Since first I knew redeeming loveThoro Harris (Author)3
Since I have found redeeming graceThoro Harris (Author)English2
Sing, O sing the wondrous love, of the Christ of CalvaryT. H. (Author)2
Sing of the love of Jesus, who for our ransom diedT. H. (Author)English2
Sing of truth, welcome truthThoro Harris (Author)2
Sing the blessed story of the Prince of gloryThoro Harris (Author)2
Sing we songs of joy and gladnessT. H. (Author)2
Sinner, the Savior is calling, calling fromThoro Harris (Author)3
So soon to be translatedT. H. (Author)English2
Soldiers, tried and faithful, heed your captain'sThoro Harris (Author)2
Some day triumphant over the tombThoro Harris (Author)English3
Some day, when all life's surgesThoro Harris (Author)3
Some fair morn I shall standThoro Harris (Author)3
Some go to church on SundayThoro Harris (Author)English2
Some golden dawningThoro Harris (Author)English2
Some may sing of smiling rosesT. H. (Author)English2
Some morn when I awake to hearThoro Harris (Author)English2
Some work is surely givenThoro Harris (Author)2
Somebody knows the conflictsThoro Harris (Author)English2
Somebody sought me when far from the foldT. H. (Author)3
Someone is called by the Master to goThoro Harris (Author)English5
Someone is here with an aching heartThoro Harris (Author)2
Someone still loves me and pleads for my soulThoro Harris (Author)English2
Someone will enter the pearly portalsThoro Harris (Author)English3
Someone will go from this house of GodThoro Harris (Author)2
Someone will greet the returning KingThoro Harris (Author)3
Sometime the King from heaven shall comeThoro Harris (Author)English2
Sometimes I grow faint and wearyThoro Harris (Author)2
Sons of light, join heirs with JesusThoro Harris (Author)English2
Sons of men, with heart and voiceThoro Harris (Author)English4
Soon Jesus will come to gatherThoro Harris (Author)2
Soon our Lord from that far country will return to claim His ownT. H. (Author)English6
Soul, are you here with an aching heart?T. H. (Author)English4
Soul, do you hear a kind, loving voiceThoro Harris (Author)3
Standing alone in the judgment hallThoro Harris (Author)3
Stars gently beamingT. H. (Author)English2
Still saying No to Jesus, Slighting the callThoro Harris (Author)5
Still there are many who stumble in sinT. H. (Author)English2
Still watching and waitingThoro Harris (Author)English2
Sweet 'tis to know in the midst of the stormsThoro Harris (Author)3
Sweetest name in highest heavenThoro Harris (Author)2
Sweetest of all names in heaven or earthThoro Harris (Author)English2
Sweetly sing, sweetly sing, Let your joyful voices ringT. H. (Author)English3
Take back your heart to the SaviorThoro Harris (Author)2
Take the blessed Savior with youThoro Harris (Author)2
Take time to be alone with GodThoro Harris (Author)English2
Taken aside by JesusThoro Harris (Author)3
Talk of his power, maker of allThoro Harris (Author)2
Tell all to JesusThoro Harris (Author)2
Tell me the sweetest story that mortal ever heardThoro Harris (Author)2
Tell, O tell the blessed storyThoro Harris (Author)2
The blessed gospel wins its wayThoro Harris (Author)2
The blessed Jesus loved meT. H. (Author)10
The Christ is my GuideT. H. (Author)English2
The cuckoo sings her tuneful layThoro Harris (Author)2
The dear Son of God once left His father's throneThoro Harris (Author)English5
The evening sun is setting in the westThoro Harris (Author)2
The Father and the Son And Spirit we adoreThoro Harris (Author)English1
The gift of the Father was Jesus the SonT. H. (Author)English2
The God of grace is calling theeThoro Harris (Author)3
The God who formed thee and makes thee still His careThoro Harris (Author)English3
The great wide world for JesusThoro Harris (Author)English4
The hosts of Israel standT. H. (Author)English3
The joy bells of heaven are ringing their chimeThoro Harris (Author)3
The King will stand beside youThoro Harris (Author)2
The Lord bade his apostles before He went awayThoro Harris (Author)English4
The Lord is in His templeThoro Harris (Author)English2
The Lord is our King, exulting we cryThoro Harris (Author)English4
The Lord to earth from heaven cameThoro Harris (Author)2
The love of Christ is full and freeThoro Harris (Author)English2
The love of my soul has to Jesus been givenT. H. (Author)English3
The love that Jesus bore to meThoro Harris (Author)2
The mighty gospel wins its wayThoro Harris (Author)English3
The morning breaks, 'tis bright and clearThoro Harris (Author)English5
The multitude thronged him on every handThoro Harris (Author)3
The nations of the world have pinedThoro Harris (Author)2
The promised hour is drawing nearT. H. (Author)English7
The prophet of old to his countrymen criedThoro Harris (Author)English5
The purpose of God let me fulfillThoro Harris (Author)English3
The Savior all my foes overcameThoro Harris (Author)English7
The Savior is calling you into the foldThoro Harris (Author)2
The Savior is coming; the hour is at handThoro Harris (Author)English2
The Savior is calling the wanderer homeT. H. (Author)English3
The Savior is coming with joy and salvationT. H. (Author)English2
The Son of God atonement madeThoro Harris (Author)3
The Son of God hath power to recreate the soulThoro Harris (Author)English3
The summer is over, now endeth my raceThoro Harris (Author)English2
The sun of infinite mercy is shiningThoro Harris (Author)2
The sweetest sound mortal ever heardThoro Harris (Author)English6
The time is fast approaching when Jesus shall appearThoro Harris (Author)3
The voice of the Spirit is speaking to youT. H. (Author)4
The waters are troubled, the pool is nighT. H. (Author)English3
There are faces dear that I hold in memoryT. H. (Author)English28
There are lands far away over the sea (Harris)Thoro Harris (Author)English4
There are many snares and dangersThoro Harris (Author)2
There are some of every nationT. H. (Author)English2
There is a book, all other books excellingThoro Harris (Author)2
There is a dear story I love to repeatThoro Harris (Author)2
There is a fountain, a sin cleansing floodThoro Harris (Author)3
There is a place of blessing entered by feet unshodThoro Harris (Author)English3
There is a river deep and wideThoro Harris (Author)2
There is hope for the worldThoro Harris (Author)2
There is joy and peace sublimeThoro Harris (Author)English2
There is need for a mighty revivalThoro Harris (Author)2
There is no friend like Jesus Who died that we might liveThoro Harris (Author)English2
There is one by your side who caresThoro Harris (Author)2
There is one Friend believers prizeThoro Harris (Author)2
There is one Friend ever near meT. H. (Author)English5
There is praise on my lips, there is joy in my heartThoro Harris (Author)English5
There is victory through the blood of JesusThoro Harris (Author)English3
There lies a land of gloryThoro Harris (Author)English2
There was never a heart like JesusThoro Harris (Author)3
There was one came to die in the sinner's steadT. H. (Author)3
There will be a grand conventionThoro Harris (Author)English4
There's a battle to be fought, for the war has just begunT. H. (Author)English2
There's a city eternal beyond the deep seaThoro Harris (Author)2
There's a crown to win in the fight with sinThoro Harris (Author)2
There's a song upon my lipsThoro Harris (Author)2
There's glory in the dawning of each returning dayThoro Harris (Author)4
There's new joy within my soulThoro Harris (Author)2
There's no earthly tie can bindThoro Harris (Author)2
There's nothing so sure in the whole world todayThoro Harris (Author)English5
There's One above whom I dearly loveThoro Harris (Author)English3
There's one divine, unfailing FriendThoro Harris (Author)English2
There's One who is always faithfulThoro Harris (Author)2
These words the Master toldThoro Harris (Author)English2
They come from the east and west, they come from the lands afarThoro Harris (Author)English17
They tell of a country named EdenThoro Harris (Author)English2
They were all together praying in that humble upper roomThoro Harris (Author)English2
Think not your God forgets youT. H. (Author)English4
This sacred truth means more to meThoro Harris (Author)English7
This world for Jesus, yes, our world for Jesus!Thoro Harris (Author)English2
This world is far too drearyThoro Harris (Author)2
Though I am wayward, weak and wildT. H. (Author)English2
Though many things are not revealedT. H. (Author)English2
Though the way be cheerlessThoro Harris (Author)English2
Those were darksome years filled with gloomy fearsThoro Harris (Author)English11
Thou art the Light, whose rays illumeThoro Harris (Author)English2
Though some reject Him, my gracious LordThoro Harris (Author)English2
Though we may not know the momentThoro Harris (Author)English12
Thousands are trusting Jesus todayThoro Harris (Author)2
Thy Savior is pleading, O wanderer, todayThoro Harris (Author)3
Time's clock is striking the hourThoro Harris (Author)English18
'Tis a precious old treasure I read every dayThoro Harris (Author)English2
'Tis God's day of pardoning graceThoro Harris (Author)English3
'Tis joy to work for JesusThoro Harris (Author)2
'Tis manly to stand for the SaviorThoro Harris (Author)English2
To despair my soul was almost drivenT. H. (Author)2
To every tribe and nation repeat the joyful strainThoro Harris (Author)4
To Jesus my all I resignT. H. (Author)2
To me the Holy Ghost is givenT. H. (Author)English17
To memory once again I bringThoro Harris (Author)English2
To the Lord there cameThoro Harris (Author)2
To whom can I go but to JesusThoro Harris (Author)4
To whom shall I go but to JesusThoro Harris (Author)English1
Today I gladly bear the bitter crossThoro Harris (Author)2
Too long I roamed over sin's bewildering plainT. H. (Author)English4
Too long I slighted JesusThoro Harris (Author)English3
True and righteous FatherThoro Harris (Author)English2
Trust the Eternal when tempests darkly gatherThoro Harris (Author)2
'Twas a gladsome hourThoro Harris (Author)2
'Twas long ago the SaviorT. H. (Author)2
Twas the blessed day of PentecostT. H. (Author)English2
Un día Cristo volveráThoro Harris (Author)Spanish2
Unto God our king endless praise we bringThoro Harris (Author)2
Utterly abandoned to the Holy Ghost!Thoro Harris (Author)English2
Waiting on the Lord for the gift from heavenThoro Harris (Author)2
Waken, O my soul, and sing a welcome to the SaviorThoro Harris (Author)English2
Walking with my Savior here belowThoro Harris (Author)English2
Wanderer, lost in sin's dark valleyThoro Harris (Author)4
Wanderer on the plains of sorrowThoro Harris (Author)2
Wanderer, come home to your dear loving SaviorT. H. (Author)English2
Wanderer out on a desert drearyT. H. (Author)English3
Washed in the fountain, saved by his graceThoro Harris (Author)2
We adore thee, holy SaviorThoro Harris (Author)2
We are bound for the bright, the shining landT. H. (Author)2
We are often tossed and driven on the restless sea of timeT. H. (Arranger)English3
We are pilgrims on the earth, children of celestial birthThoro Harris (Author)English2
We are watching for the comingThoro Harris (Author)3
We build on the rock of God's own wordThoro Harris (Author)2
We gather, we gather, dear Jesus, to bringT. H. (Author)English1
We have heard the glorious news of our returning LordThoro Harris (Author)English14
We have known the grace of JesusThoro Harris (Author)English2
We know not the day and we know the hourThoro Harris (Author)2
We know not the day when the Master shall comeT. H. (Author)3
We lift our cheerful voicesThoro Harris (Author)2
We may not call them backThoro Harris (Author)English2
We meet to remember the loved one who diedThoro Harris (Author)English2
We shall greet the friends we loveThoro Harris (Author)English2
We shall reach the land of light, By and by, by and byThoro Harris (Author)English3
We sing our Maker's matchless praiseThoro Harris (Author)English2
We will raise a note of gladnessThoro Harris (Author)English2
We would cross over the riverThoro Harris (Author)2
Wearied with the vigils of a fruitless warThoro Harris (Author)2
Weary of myself, my folly and my prideT. H. (Author)English2
Weary one, list to the Savior's kind voiceThoro Harris (Author)2
Weary one, whoe'er thou artThoro Harris (Author)2
Weary soul, why wilt thou strayThoro Harris (Author)English2
Welcome, day of gladnessT. H. (Author)2
Welcome, welcome, a hearty welcomeThoro Harris (Author)3
We'll never be late to Sabbath schoolT. H. (Author)3
We're coming, we're coming, so joyful and freeThoro Harris (Author)English3
We're walking in the lightT. H. (Author)3
We've enlisted in the fight, Loyal soldiers of God and the rightThoro Harris (Author)3
We've heard of a city whose streets are of goldThoro Harris (Author)English3
We've waited on full many a yearThoro Harris (Author)English3
What a blessed gospel of the grace of GodThoro Harris (Author)2
What a great and wise provisionThoro Harris (Author)3
What did Isaiah say was the restThoro Harris (Author)2
What doth the Master require at thine handThoro Harris (Author)3
What is the church's crying needThoro Harris (Author)English3
What shall we be in yon holy placeThoro Harris (Author)English2
What though steep mountains hedge thy way?T. H. (Author)English2
What though the storm around me rageThoro Harris (Author)English5
What treasure of earth can equal in worthThoro Harris (Author)2
When boisterous winds are blowingThoro Harris (Author)English2
When Christ arrayed in splendorThoro Harris (Author)English2
When clouds hang dark above youThoro Harris (Author)English3
When David danced before the LordThoro Harris (Author)English1
When earth with her trials forgottenThoro Harris (Author)2
When God's own hand makes all things newThoro Harris (Author)4
When God's sweet Spirit made me knowThoro Harris (Author)2
When I am weary and long seems the dayThoro Harris (Author)2
When I had weary grown of sinThoro Harris (Author)3
When I have moved to yon heavenlyThoro Harris (Author)2
When Isr'l out of Babel cameThoro Harris (Author)2
When Jesus came the lost to deliverT. H. (Author)2
When Jesus comes to receive the lowlyThoro Harris (Author)English2
When Jesus on dark Calvary atonement freely madeThoro Harris (Author)English4
When my poor heart, torn by anguish and painThoro Harris (Author)English4
When on the reef of death my bark lies strandedThoro Harris (Author)English2
When proud Amalek's host assailedThoro Harris (Author)3
When sad and dismayed I pleadThoro Harris (Author)2
When Samuel wanted moneyThoro Harris (Author)English2
When the Canaanites hardenedThoro Harris (Author)5
When the day declinethT. H. (Author)English2
When the Lord of life and gloryT. H. (Author)2
When the victory to gainThoro Harris (Author)2
When there dawns upon our world the judgment dayThoro Harris (Author)English9
When these eyes shall behold the King of gloryThoro Harris (Author)English2
When to the Lord I cameT. H. (Author)1
When we near the golden city in the land beyond the tideT. H. (Author)English2
When we pass to the palace up yonderThoro Harris (Author)English2
When weak and heavy ladenThoro Harris (Author)English4
When with the angels Christ Jesus shall comeThoro Harris (Author)English8
When you pray, do you wait for an answerT. H. (Author)English2
When your sky is overcast and you fear the wintryThoro Harris (Author)2
When your soul is wrapt in nightThoro Harris (Author)English2
Where are my sins todayThoro Harris (Author)2
Wherever you may be, whatever you may seeThoro Harris (Author)English4
While for you God's children here are prayingThoro Harris (Author)4
While the dread hour of darknessThoro Harris (Author)13
Whisper the name of JesusThoro Harris (Author)2
Who, ah, who is this I see made a curse for you and meT. H. (Author)3
Who can cheer the heart like JesusThoro Harris (Author)English54
Who died to redeem me from sorrow and sinThoro Harris (Author)5
Who will toil for JesusThoro Harris (Author)2
Who your guilt can bear awayThoro Harris (Author)3
Why not, O why not decide it tonightThoro Harris (Author)3
Wide fling the Gospel bannerT. H. (Author)English3
Will there be light As in the nightThoro Harris (Author)English2
Will you come, will you come, No longer to roamThoro Harris (Author)English2
Win another Friend or brotherThoro Harris (Author)English2
With aching heart to God I criedThoro Harris (Author)3
With our eyes on our wonderful SaviorThoro Harris (Author)2
With the Red Sea aheadThoro Harris (Author)3
Wonderful fountain of healing from sinT. H. (Author)English2
Would you find an open fountainThoro Harris (Author)3
Would you help some comradeThoro Harris (Author)English2
Would you lift some comrade dear who has fallen in life's raceThoro Harris (Author)3
Would you lift some weary comradeThoro Harris (Author)2
Would you lose your weight of sadnessThoro Harris (Author)2
Would you the forces of evil restrainThoro Harris (Author)3
Ye cannot be excus'dT. H. (Author)English2
Ye stricken souls, this message hearThoro Harris (Author)2
Ye who are weary, hopeless and drearyThoro Harris (Author)English4
Yielding all to JesusThoro Harris (Author)3
You are losing your soulT. H. (Author)English3
You may keep on working till your life last hourThoro Harris (Author)English4
You may know this day all your guilt forgivenThoro Harris (Author)2
You mean to be holy sometimes, but whenThoro Harris (Author)2
You surely have found that the Savior is realThoro Harris (Author)2
Your earthly race is almost runThoro Harris (Author)3
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