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P. C. Paulsen

Short Name: P. C. Paulsen
Full Name: Paulsen, P. C., (Paul Christian), 1881-1948
Birth Year: 1881
Death Year: 1948

Paul Christian Paulsen was born on March 26, 1881, in Alstrup, Jutland, Denmark.
He emigrated to America in 1904, was ordained in 1911, and served as a Lutheran pastor in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, California, and Alberta, Canada.
He died on July 26, 1948.

NN, Hymnary

Texts by P. C. Paulsen (95)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A goodly pearl lies hidden wellP. C. Paulsen (Author)English3
A life together in love and trothPaul C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
A little child so fair and brightP. C. Paulsen (Translator (English))English2
All that which soars in upward flightP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
All ye who like the birds can soarP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
Arise, my soul, this New Year's morningP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
As wide as the skies is Thy mercy, O God!P. C. Paulsen (Translator)English4
Awaken from your idle dreamingP. C. Paulsen (Translator (English))English1
Blest is he who cries to heavenP. C. Paulsen (Author)English4
Break forth, O Sun of grace most tenderP. C. Paulsen (Translator (English))English1
By faith we please the Lord on highP. C. Paulsen (Author)English3
Children of God, born again of His SpiritP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
Come, children, and sing to our Father on highP. C. Paulsen (Author)English3
Come rain from the heavensP. C. Paulsen (Translator (English))English2
Draw me, O Lord, to thee on highP. C. Paulsen (Author)2
For Thy care and mercy tenderP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
From the graves remove dark crossesP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
Great art Thou, God! The hosts of heaven wonderP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
Hasten on, hasten onP. C. Paulsen (Author)2
He who has helped me hithertoP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
Holy Spirit, comfort blestP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
How gladly I my place have takenP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English5
I go to heaven, there is my homeP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
I know, O God, I need Thy watchful careP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
I live, and I know the span of my yearsP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
I love the Lord, my Savior trueP. C. Paulsen (Author)English3
I saw Him in childhood with eyes brightly beamingP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
If thou but know the life that thou are leadingP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Jesus, bless thy congregationP. C. Paulsen (Author)2
Jesus dear, Thy lambs Thou feedestP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus onlyP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Jesus, my Savior, my Shepherd blestP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
Jesus, Savior, precious nameP. C. Paulsen (Author)2
Just one thing have I desiredP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Keep thy faith and youthful vigorP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Let us go to GalileeP. C. Paulsen (Author)English4
Lo how the pilgrimsP. C. Paulsen (Author)2
Lo, the Lord extends His handP. C. Paulsen (Translator (English))English1
Lord Jesus, in Thy name we nowP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Lord Jesus, our king, enthroned on highP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Lord, make Thou me ever meek and humbleP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Love, the law of God fulfillingP. C. Paulsen (Author)1
Mindful of a constant FriendP. C. Paulsen (Translator (English))English1
Mother, I am tired, let me slumberP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
My faith bids me to tarryP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
My heart, prepare to give accountP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
My Sunday School, the happy placeP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Now bells are ringing far and wideP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Now sin, with reign unbrokenP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Now sounding over hills and leaP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
O Christmas, welcome hereP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
O come and stand beneath the cross, And hear what Jesus speaks to usP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
O God, before I slumberP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
O God, in mercy mildP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
O Holy Spirit come we prayP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
O Jesus dear, O Savior mildP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
O let this day remind youP. C. Paulsen (Author)1
O Lord, ordain Thy servantP. C. Paulsen (Author)English3
O seek the Lord todayP. C. Paulsen (Author)English6
O that I had a thousand voices, They should be raised to Christ my Lord!P. C. Paulsen (Translator (English))English1
Send to the fields of thy harvest, O GodP. C. Paulsen (Author)2
Sing to Jesus, O my spiritP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Sing, ye children to the LordP. C. Paulsen (Author)English3
Stand fast, my soul, stand fastP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English3
Take away the signs of mourningP. C. Paulsen (Author)1
Take my heart, O Jesus, work its stony soilP. C. Paulsen (Author)English4
Teach me, O God, to beP. C. Paulsen (Author)2
Thanks to God who us hath givenP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Thanks to Thee, O gracious FatherP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
The country lies in deep reposeP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
The faith that God believethP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
The flowers now awaken, refreshed by morning dewP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
The flowers slowly awakenP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
The Lord be praised, I'm homeward boundP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
The Lord to thee appealethP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
The ship of the King is sailingP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
The sun arises nowPaul Christian Paulsen, 1881-1948 (Translator)English6
The year now hastens to its endPaul C. Paulsen, 1881-1948 (Translator)English2
There came a message from the skyPaul C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
There is a way, By worldly man forsakenP. C. Paulsen (Author)1
This night, while I am sleepingP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Thy blessing fills our earthly needP. C. Paulsen (Author)English2
Thy word, O God, like dew, restorethP. C. Paulsen (Translator (English))English1
To Thee, O Jesus, thanks are dueP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Upon the sure foundation of Jesus Christ our LordP. C. Paulsen (Author)2
Watchman, when will night be overP. C. Paulsen (Author)2
We are in our Father's handP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
We are little children (Paulsen)P. C. Paulsen (Author)2
We love the temple of the LordP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
We raise our thanks, O God, to TheeP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Who will join the throng to heavenP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English2
With gladness we hail this blessed dayP. C. Paulsen (Author)English2
Ye birds, awake, for the dawn is nearP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Young people's Savior, hark, when we are prayingP. C. Paulsen (Translator)English1
Your home must be founded upon the Rock that standsP. C. Paulsen (Author)English1
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