Ida L. Reed

Ida L. Reed
Short Name: Ida L. Reed
Full Name: Reed, Ida L. (Ida Lillard), 1865-1951
Birth Year: 1865
Death Year: 1951

Ida Lilliard Reed, 1865-1951

Born: November 30, 1865, near Ar­den, Bar­bour Coun­ty, West Vir­gin­ia.
Died: Ju­ly 8, 1951, Ar­den, West Vir­gin­ia.
Buried: Eb­e­nez­er Meth­odi­st Church, Ar­den, West Vir­gin­ia.

Reed is said to have writ­ten 2,000 hymns in her life­time. In 1939, the Amer­i­can So­ci­e­ty of Com­pos­ers, Au­thors and Pub­lish­ers re­cog­nized her "sub­stan­tial con­tri­bu­tion to Amer­i­can mu­sic" by award­ing her a small "week­ly bo­nus."

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Ida Lilliard Reed (November 30, 1865 – July 8, 1951) was an American religious writer and music composer from West Virginia.

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誰若倚靠耶和華,真有福 (Shuí ruò yǐkào yēhéhuá, zhēn yǒufú)Ida L. Reed (Author)2
A little boy in our townIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
A loyal army gathers all over this broad landMrs. Ida Reed Smith (Author)4
After the storm is over, restful the calm will beIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
All in thy hands I leave, dear LordIda L. Reed Smith (Author)5
All the pennies gatheredIda L. Reed (Author)2
All the way I’ll walk with JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
Are thy days full often drearIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Are you clinging close to JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
Are you sowing, daily sowingIda L. Reed (Author)7
Are you tired of life's long battleIda L. Reed (Author)1
As we journey down life's pathwayIda L. Reed (Author)2
At the day dawn, O my SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
At thy door the Savior tarriesIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Be not an idle dreamerIda L. Reed (Author)2
Be of good courage, soldiers of JesusIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Be sure to make somebody happyIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Be thou my Guide, dear LordIda L. Reed (Author)2
Be thou my guiding light, dear LordIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Bearing our torches highIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Beautiful lights of homeIda L. Reed (Author)2
Beyond the border landIda L. Reed (Author)2
Beyond the swelling flood againIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Blessed are they, the undefiledIda L. Reed (Author)2
Blessed are they who trust in the LordIda L. Reed (Author)2
Blessed is he that endurethIda L. Reed (Author)4
Blessed is he that is trusting the LordIda L. Reed (Author)4
Blessed Rock of our salvationIda L. Reed (Author)4
Bortom jordens tranga gr'nsIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Bound neath the world's heavy burdensIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Bring your trials all to JesusIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Brother, turn thy footsteps homewardIda L. Reed (Author)2
By and by, beyond life's toilingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Caroling clear in the morning sunlightIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Carry a message for JesusIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Cast thy bread upon the waters Though the world may laugh and frownIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Children of the king are weIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Choose my path, O blessed SaviorIda L. Reed, b. 1865 (Author)7
Choose today, O brother, standingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Clinging to His promise, Trusting in His wordIda L. Reed (Author)4
Come and join the army, it is millions strongMrs. Ida Reed Smith (Author)2
Come, blessed Savior, with Pentecostal powerIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Come, bring thy sins to the fountainIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Come, drink of life's crystalIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Come in thy love to meIda L. Reed (Author)2
Come to Jesus all ye childrenIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Come to the cross todayIda L. Reed (Author)5
Come to the Father, O wanderer, comeIda L. Reed (Author)27
Come to the fountain, so freely 'tis flowingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Come to the Savior, do not delayIda L. Reed (Author)3
Come to the Savior, come in your youthIda L. Reed (Author)3
Come unto me, O precious invitationIda L. Reed Smith (Author)5
Come unto me, the Savior's voice is callingIda L. Reed (Author)2
Come, young, and old, and join our bandIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Coming to thee in life's morning hoursIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Contrite, I kneel to theeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Count thy blessings, O my brotherIda L. Reed (Author)3
Crown him, crown him, Jesus our wonderful SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Dear Father in heaven, thy children draw nearMrs. Ida Reed Smith (Author)2
Dear Savior at thy feet In humble prayerIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Dear Savior at thy feet we fallIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Dear Savior, wouldst thou honorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Dear Savior, bend thine earIda L. Reed (Author)2
Do life's storms above thee rollIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Do not grieve the Holy SpiritIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Do thou take us, dearest SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
Do what you can for JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
Do you know that Jesus loves you, That he waits to welcome youIda L. Reed (Author)2
Don't let it be said, too late, too lateIda L. Reed (Author)4
Draw me near to thee, to thy blessed sideIda L. Reed (Author)3
Fear not, dear friend, though tempests breakIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Fear not, thou care worn oneIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Fear not though tempest'sIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Fear not, to tread life's roadIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Fear thou not, for I am with theeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Fill my days, dear Lord, with lightIda L. Reed (Author)2
Follow, follow where the Master leadethIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
For me the heavy cross he boreIda L. Reed (Author)4
For the harbor home of the glory landIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Forsake me not, dear SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
Forth to the battle of ChristIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Forward, forward, lo the battle's ragingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Forward, the Master calls youIda L. Reed (Author)2
Fret not, though days are drearyIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
From day to day, along your wayIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Gently the voice of the Savior is pleadingIda L. Reed (Author)2
Give me thy love, dear SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Give thy life to Jesus, Tell himIda L. Reed (Author)4
Give us, Lord, thy Holy SpiritIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Give us the battle, Lord JehovahIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Gladly the bells are ringingIda L. Reed (Author)2
Go forth for Christ, and laborIda L. Reed (Author)2
Go in the strength of the Master, Into the hovels of sinIda L. Reed (Author)2
Go reap, for the harvest is waitingIda L. Reed (Author)2
Go tell to the nations in darknessIda L. Reed (Author)3
Go with Christ's own loving spiritIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Go with the wonderful storyIda L. Reed (Author)3
Go ye forth to every nationIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
God is our refuge, in him we abideIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Good morning, Brother sunshineIda Reed Smith (Arranger)1
Grant us thy blessing, dear LordIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Guide thou my steps, I cry to theeIda L. Reed (Author)4
Hail morning voices, ring outIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Hail to our risen SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Hark! all the world is singingIda L. Reed (Author)2
Hark, the bells are ringing, Sweet and lowIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Hark, the bells, I hear them chimingIda L. Reed (Author)2
Hark, the call, the bugle's soundingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)5
Has thy life a hidden sorrowIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Have joy in thy laborIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Have you found that Friend and SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Have you found the peace that passeth understandingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Have you found the Savior precious, More than all on earth besideIda L. Reed Smith (Author)8
Have you found the Savior, brotherIda L. Reed (Author)2
He healeth the broken heartedIda L. Reed (Author)4
He is come, he is comeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
He knoweth thy grief, He knoweth thy careIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
He leadeth me, my Lord and KingIda L. Reed (Author)2
He maketh the storm a calmIda L. Reed (Author)2
He shall be as the light of the morningIda L. Reed Smith (Author)1
He shall feed his flock like a shepherd (Smith)Ida L. Reed (Author)2
Hear the merry robins singingMrs. Ida Reed Smith (Author)2
Hear the tramp of armies marchingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Hearing the blessed storyIda Reed Smith (Author)2
Here am I, my savior, for Thee willingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Here before Thy throne, O FatherIda L. Reed (Author)2
High in the treetopIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Hold up His standard, loyal and trueIda L. Reed (Author)2
How good it is, how sweet it isIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
How happy must the children dearIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
How sweet are the words of the psalmistIda L. Reed (Author)2
Humbly dear Lord I waitIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Humbly, O Lord, I wait besideIda L. Reed (Author)4
I am coming home, dear SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)5
I am happy, O so happy, since a Savior's love I knowIda L. Reed (Author)2
I am walking in the sunshineIda L. Reed (Author)4
I belong to the King, I'm a child of his loveIda L. Reed (Author)70
I cannot drift beyond his loveIda L. Reed (Author)21
I cannot tell how wonderfulIda L. Reed (Author)3
I cling to thee, dear SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
I have a friend in heavenIda L. Reed (Author)2
I have a home, a home on highIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
I have a little lightMrs. Ida Reed Smith (Author)2
I have found a blessed havenIda L. Reed (Author)3
I have found a Friend in Jesus, and I love himIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
I have heard Thy voice, dear SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
I have treasures, wondrous treasuresIda L. Reed (Author)2
I have trusted in Thy mercy, O my SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
I know not now what perils lie along my wayIda L. Reed (Author)2
I know not what lieth before meI. L. S. (Author)7
I trust thee, dear SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
I will cling to thy handIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
I will do all I can in my narrow sphereIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
I will follow thee, my Savior, Though the days be dark or brightIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
I will lay my cares on JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
I will love thee, O my SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
I will praise thee, O LordIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
I will praise thee, O, my SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
I will sing of thy powerIda L. Reed (Author)2
I will trust the Lord foreverIda L. Reed (Author)2
I will wait upon the Lord, For from Him all blessings comeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
If Jesus should call you todayIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
If the days are drearyIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
I'll not be discouragedIda L. Reed (Author)2
I'll not be discouraged though my way is wearyIda L. Reed (Author)3
I'm nearer my home todayIda L. Reed Smith (Author)7
I'm nearing the gates of the city of lightIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
In the fullness of his mercyIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
In the morning, in the morningIda L. Reed (Author)4
In the service of the MasterIda L. Reed (Author)1
In the shadow of thy wings dearest SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)13
In Thine own good time, dear Lord, we trustIda L. Reed (Author)2
In thy presence, O my SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
In Thy righteousness, dear Savior, On and upward lead Thou meIda L. Reed (Author)2
Into thy kingdom of peace and loveIda L. Reed (Author)2
Is thy heart oppressed with sorrowIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
It was so little, the kindness you offeredIda L. Reed (Author)4
It's just before ChristmasMiss Ida Reed Smith (Author)2
I've given my heart to JesusIda L. Reed (Author)4
Jesus Christ with death hath strivenIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Jesus I my sins confessingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Jesus is here, is not your heart burningIda L. Reed (Author)2
Jesus is my Helper, mighty and strongIda L. Reed (Author)3
Jesus is risen, peal out the storyIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Jesus is willing to save and to bless youIda L. Reed (Author)2
Jesus, Savior, we are coming, all thy childrenIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Jesus, Savior, hear and help meIda L. Reed (Author)2
Joy, joy, joy, hark, how the bellsMrs. Ida Reed Smith (Author)2
Joyfully, joyfully singing, Join inIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Joyfully marching onwardIda L. Reed (Author)2
Just a drop of water from a summer showerIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Just a word of pityIda L. Reed (Author)2
Just one word from TheeIda L. Reed (Author)2
Keep a song of gladness ringingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
King Jesus calls for volunteerIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Knights of the new crusadeIda Reed Smith (Author)2
Kom till din fader, o vandare, komIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Kom till Jesus, kom till JesusIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Lay aside thy fears, O pilgrimIda L. Reed (Author)2
Lead me, ever lead meIda L. Reed (Author)2
Leaning on thy breast, my SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
Leave me not, O precious Savior, I've no other help but theeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Let me trust thee, Jesus, SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Let me walk with thee, dear SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)4
Let us brighten all life's pathwayIda L. Reed (Author)3
Let us do what we can for JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
Let us keep the lovelightIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Let your heart be gladIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Life has its shady sideMrs. Ida Reed Smith (Author)2
Lift aloft the banner of our Lord and KingIda L. Reed (Author)3
Lift up the banner of JehovahIda L. Reed (Author)2
Lift up the banner of JesusIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Lift your heart to Jesus When the shadows gatherIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Little by little we're building a templeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Little evangels for thee, dear SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)18
Lo, the banner of our King, 'Neath its folds we're marchingIda L. Reed (Author)2
Lo we come a childish bandIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Long ago at the eventideIda L. Reed (Author)3
Lord Jesus, I come in my darknessIda L. Reed (Author)2
Lord Jesus, I come in my darkness to theeIda L. Reed (Author)2
Lord Jesus, I love thee, thy laws I'll obeyIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Lord Jesus, we are marchingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Lord, thy children to thee come with offerings of praiseIda L. Reed (Author)2
Loyal to Jesus this beIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
More fully Thine, dear SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
"My grace is sufficient for thee," O blessed the word of our LordIda L. Reed (Author)2
My sins are forgiven, my soul is at restIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Nearer to thee, precious Savior Draw me nearerIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Nearer to thee, precious SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
Nearer to thy side, dear SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
No night within that glorious homeIda L. Reed (Author)2
Not what I long to doIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Now raise a joyous anthemIda Reed Smith (Author)2
O come, let us worship our SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
O happy land, so far awayIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
O hearts, rejoiceIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
O how sweet to think that sometimeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
O I love to think of the home aboveIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
O lowly servant of thy KingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
O sinner, the harvest is passingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
O star of matchless splendorIda Reed Smith (Author)3
O the lark sings in the morningIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
On the travel-worn road in the olden timeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Once again we've metIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Once more the children's Sabbath dayIda L. Reed (Author)2
Only a contrite sinner Kneeling at Jesus' feetIda L. Reed (Author)3
Only a few brief yearsIda L. Reed (Author)2
Only a little deed of kindnessIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Only a little while here below to watch and serveIda L. Reed (Author)2
Only a little word tenderly spokenIda L. Reed (Author)2
Only a touch of thy hand, dear LordIda L. Reed (Author)9
Only to trust thee, Jesus my SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)4
Only to wait at thy feet, dear LordIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Onward, Christian workersIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Onward foreverIda L. Reed (Author)2
Onward, onward, joyfully we go, dear SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
Onward, Rescue VolunteersIda L. Reed (Author)2
Onward we are marching 'neathIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Out of the darkness, into the light, Out of your weakness, into His mightIda L. Reed (Author)2
Out of the darkness of sorrow and painIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Out of the shadows, IntoIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Over the hilltops the morningIda L. Reed (Author)2
Over the silent seaIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Over there are many mansionsIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Praise to the Friend of the childrenIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Praise ye the Lord foreverIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Precious is the promise givenIda L. Reed (Author)2
Put your shoulder 'neath the burdenIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Ready now, steady now, every gallant knightIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Rest from thy sorrow he'll give theeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Rest in the Lord and patiently waitIda L. Reed (Author)5
Ring out the glad carolsIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Ring, ye bells of ChristmasIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Safe in the fold of the masterIda L. Reed (Author)2
Saved to serve him, Christ my SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
Savior, I come to Thee, on Thee I callIda L. Reed (Author)1
Scatter golden sunbeamsIda L. Reed Smith (Author)8
Scatter love's sunbeams as onwardIda L. Smith (Author)3
Scattering deeds of love like flowersIda L. Reed (Author)3
See the golden lightIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Seeking for Jesus, the wondrous PhysicianIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Send out the tidings, let the anthem ringIda L. Reed (Author)3
Send the blessings all around youIda L. Reed (Author)2
Send us forthIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Serve with gladness Christ the KingIda L. Reed (Author)3
Shine, little sunbeams, shineIda L. Reed (Author)2
Shoulder to shoulder, stand in the battleIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Sing a song of birthday bannersIda Reed Smith (Author)2
Sing when the dark clouds lowerIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Sing ye his praises, Christ the RedeemerIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Slain for the sins of the world was heIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
So much to do for JesusIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Soldier, is the battle longR. O. Smith (Author)1
Soldiers of Jesus. Marching alongIda L. Reed (Author)2
Something to do for the Master each dayIda L. Reed (Author)3
Speak, O Lord, thy voice obeyingIda L. Reed (Author)2
Spread the light of joy about youIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Stars of December, shining so brightIda Reed Smith (Author)3
Steady, brother, steady, though the storm-winds riseIda L. Reed (Author)10
Step over the line, my brotherIda L. Reed (Author)2
Swing, little blossoms, the sunshine is fallingIda L. Reed (Author)5
Swing, snowy lilies, to and froIda L. Reed (Author)3
Take hold of the promise of JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
Teach me thy way, dear SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Tell the gospel story, far and nearIda L. Reed (Author)2
Tell to Jesus all your sorrowIda L. Reed (Author)3
The blood, the blood hath cleansedIda L. Reed (Author)2
The blossoms swinging in the lightIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
The Easter bells are ringing, A message sweet and lowIda L. Reed (Author)3
The Lord is my Hope and SalvationIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
The Lord is my refuge, in him will I hideIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
The Lord is my strength (Reed)Ida L. Reed Smith (Author)2
The Lord is our portion foreverIda L. Reed (Author)2
The morning breaks, behold its raysIda L. Reed (Author)2
The order went forthIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
The world, the world for JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
There are lambs astrayIda L. Reed (Author)2
There is a bright, golden shoreIda L. Reed (Author)3
There is a city over thereIda L. Reed (Author)3
There is a fair, sweet, happy landIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
There is a place prepared, A mansion bright and fairIda L. Reed (Author)2
There is a refuge, sweet, secureIda L. Reed (Author)5
There is joy in the love of JesusIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
There is rest in him when life's cares oppressIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
There is rest, there is peace in the promiseIda L. Reed (Author)3
There shall be rest for wearyIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
There'll be no night thereIda L. Reed (Author)2
There's a beautiful home that awaits us thereIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
There's a bright and happy homeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
There's a far off happy shoreIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
There's a fount of love filledIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
There's a glad and shining shoreIda L. Reed (Author)2
There’s a home for weary pilgrimsIda L. Reed (Author)2
There's a home that waits for meIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
There's a mansion over yonderIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
There's a mighty army marching, marshalledIda L. Reed (Author)2
There's a peaceful shiningIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
There's a place in the Master's vineyardIda L. Reed (Author)2
There's a song, when morn is breakingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
There's a thought that cheers me everIda L. Reed (Author)3
There's light in the heavensIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
There's no other SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
They shall walk with me in whiteIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Thou art my hope when the days are drearyIda L. Reed (Author)2
Thou art my refuge, dear SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)4
Thou that goeth forth and weepethIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Though dark the pathway, Jesus is our LightIda L. Reed (Author)2
Though I walk through death's dark valleyIda L. Reed (Author)3
Thronging about him, the people pressedIda L. Reed (Author)3
Thy field is wide, my FatherIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Thy will, dear Lord, be doneIda L. Reed Smith (Author)7
Thy word, dear Savior, is a lightIda L. Reed (Author)3
Till my Father bids me comeIda L. Reed (Author)2
To him that o'ercometh, the Lord will giveIda L. Reed (Author)2
To the love of the Father thy heart unsealIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
To thee, dear Lord I liftIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
To thee we come, dear SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Toil onward and upward, be true to your GodIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Toiling together with GodIda L. Reed (Author)2
Trust thy Father, ever trust himIda L. Reed (Author)2
Trusting in thy promiseIda L. Reed (Author)2
Tu pueblo jubiloso se acerca a ti, SeñorIda Reed Smith (Author)4
Turn to Jesus, he will save theeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Twine your blossoms, wreathe your garlandsIda L. Reed (Author)2
Under the banner of JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
Unto thee, in life's fair morningIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Unto thee, O my strength will I singIda L. Reed (Author)2
Up in the old maple there rocks and swingsIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Victory shall be ours through JesusIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Wait on the Lord, With patience braveIda L. Reed (Author)2
Wait on the Lord; thy Savior and KingIda L. Reed (Author)2
Waiting at the gates of heavenIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Walking by faith in the Master's loveIda L. Reed (Author)2
Walking in the light, Walking day by dayIda L. Reed (Author)2
Wash me in thy bloodIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
We are bought with a price, we are not our ownIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
We are going home to the land of lightIda L. Reed (Author)2
We are little pilgrims, Marching hand in handIda L. Reed (Author)2
We are little soldiers toilingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
We are little sowers, Scattering day by dayIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
We are little toilers, For our Lord and KingIda L. Reed (Author)2
We are soldiers true in the armyIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
We are toiling in life's harvestIda L. Reed (Author)2
We praise thee, dear SaviorIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
We shall reap what we sow in the harvest timeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
We shall sing the glad, new songIda L. Reed (Author)2
We will shine for Christ our SaviorIda L. Reed (Author)2
Welcome evening shadows, Welcome twilight grayIda L. Reed (Author)5
Welcome, sweet Sabbath of beautyIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
We're a band of little childrenIda L. Reed (Author)1
We're shining for JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
What a comfort to know that he loves meIda L. Reed (Author)3
What are you giving to JesusIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
What does it matter if God walks with theeIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
What have I, dear Lord, to bring TheeIda L. Reed (Author)2
What if here my path is shadowedIda L. Reed (Author)3
What is that light o'erMrs. Ida Reed Smith (Author)2
What makes the Christian happyIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
What matter, what matter, if dark is the wayIda L. Reed (Author)2
What of the night, O watchmanIda L. Reed (Author)4
What though the days be drearyIda L. Reed (Author)2
What though cares and trials meet usIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
What though clouds may gatherIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
What though the way be wearyIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Whate'er thou sowest, thou must reapIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Whatsoever be thy grief, God will help thee to endureIda L. Reed (Author)2
When the shadows deep are fallingIda L. Reed (Author)2
When the waves of my sorrow o'erwhelm meIda L. Reed (Author)2
When the way seems long and dreary, Full of care and toil and painIda L. Reed (Author)2
When we all shall gather homeIda L. Reed (Author)2
When we enter the portals of glory WhereIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
When you have found the Savior, And peace through Him have knownIda L. Reed (Author)3
Where art thou sowing today for JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
Where does she wanderIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Where does she wander this dreary nightIda L. Reed Smith (Author)4
Where the saved their joys are tellingIda L. Reed Smith (Author)3
Where'er my footsteps wanderIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Wheresoever thou leadeth over vale and hillIda L. Reed (Author)3
'Who can tell the boundless richesIda L. Reed (Author)2
Why art thou wandering alone in the darkness?Ida L. Reed Smith (Author)2
Wonderful star, Lo, I follow thy guidingIda L. Reed (Author)2
Work for the MasterIda L. Reed (Author)2
Work work for JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
Working for JesusIda L. Reed (Author)2
Worn with thy wanderings tired of thy sinIda L. Reed (Author)2
Worthy to be praisedIda L. Reed (Author)2
Would you learn a secret sweetIda Reed Smith (Author)2
Zag' nicht in trueben TagenIda L. Reed Smith (Author)2

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