Henry J. Zelley

Short Name: Henry J. Zelley
Full Name: Zelley, Henry J. (Henry Jeffreys), 1859-1942
Birth Year: 1859
Death Year: 1942

Henry Jeffreys Zelley was born at Mt. Holly, NJ, on Mar. 15, 1859. Educated in the Mt. Holly public schools, at Pennington Seminary, and at Taylor University, where he earned his M. A., Ph. D., and D. D. degrees, he became a Methodist minister in 1882 and first served in the New Jersey Conference as a statistical secretary, treasurer, and trustee, becoming a promoter of the campmeeting movement.

Noted for his evangelistic fervor, Zelley produced over 1500 poems, hymns, and gospel songs. One of his songs, "He Brought Me Out" with music by Henry L. Gilmour, appears in several denominational hymnals. Cyberhymnal also lists "When Israel Out of Bondage Came" or "He Rolled the Sea Away" with music by Gilmour too. Another of Zelley’s songs, "The Mountains of Faith" with music by M. L. McPhail, is found in Sacred Selections. After working with nineteen different churches in the New Jersey Conference over his lifetime, Zelley, who also served as a trustee of Pennington Seminary, retired in 1929 and died at Trenton, NJ, on Mar. 16, 1942.


Texts by Henry J. Zelley (107)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
أمشي في النور كل الحياةHenry J. Zelley (Author)Arabic1
بإثمي أتيت لربي يسوعHenry J. Zelley (Author)Arabic1
عند انطلاق شعب اللهHenry J. Zelley (Author)Arabic1
لقد كنت قبلا رهين القصاصHenry J. Zelley (Author)Arabic1
在我旅途中,榮光在前引 (Zài wǒ lǚtú zhōng, róngguāng zài qián yǐn)Henry J. Zelley (Author)Chinese2
A darling child was lying stillH. J. Zelley, D.D. (Author)2
A fountain of love in the SaviorHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
A precious life was ebbing outRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)English2
A sinner saved by grace divineHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
A wretched wanderer far from GodHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Again we come with songs of praiseHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
Again within the house of prayerHenry J. Zelley (Author)4
Almost you've settled the questionHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
An offering now of praise I'll bringHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
As crested sea billows arise and sweep onHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
As onward I sail over life's treacherous waveHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
As you feel the Savior's powerHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Because I feared the wrath of GodHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Beyond the dangerous sea of lifeHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Count my blessings, Father bid meDr. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
Dost thou love me, love me trulyHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Draw nearer, Jesus, how good thou artRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
Five of them were wise and five were foolishHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Go and tell Jesus when burdened by sinH. J. Zelley, D.D. (Author)2
Go, preach my gospel, Jesus saidHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Go tarry at JerusalemRev. H. Zelley (Author)1
Gracious Lord, I need thy presenceHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Have you, my dear brother been rescued from sinHenry J. Zelley (Author)10
He gives me life, and home, and friendsHenry J. Zelley (Author)5
Heavenly sunshine, heavenly sunshineHenry J. Zelley (Author)English2
I am happy in the Lord, for I trustRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
I am trusting Christ my SaviorHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
I am trusting in my Savior, At His feet I humbly bowH. J. Zelley (Author)2
I am walking today in the sweet Beulah landHenry J. Zelley (Author)11
I asked thee, Lord, for gifts aloneHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
I came to Jesus, lost, undone, But to His promise clingingRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)3
I do not ask to choose my pathHenry J. Zelley (Author)52
I entered the throne room where Jesus, my LordRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)5
I have left the land of bondage far behindHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
I sought the gracous mercy seatRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
I want only thee, not the pleasures of lifeRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)3
I want to know Jesus, my Savior so dearHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
I was burdened with sin, and with doubtings and fearsHenry J. Zelley (Author)English2
I'll sing of my Savior, so loving and trueHenry J. Zelley (Author)7
I'm happy in Jesus, I'm singing all dayHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
I'm sailing over life's restless seaRev. Henry J. Zelley (Author)2
I'm seeking the country where Jesus has goneHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
In the house of many mansions Will be one prepared for meRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
Jesus, our Savior, on errands of mercyRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)3
Make this valley full of trenchesRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
Marching on, marching on, marching onRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)3
My body, mind and spirit, LordRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)3
My happy heart is free from sinHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
My heart is filled with joy and praiseHenry J. Zelley (Author)4
My heart was distressed 'neath Jehovah's dread frownRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)English75
My many sins are all forgivenRev. H. J. Zeley (Author)7
My soul is full of raptureHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
My soul today is mounting upHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
My soul today is safe and freeRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
My soul today is thirsting for living streams divineRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)English32
Now I have found at Jesus' sideHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
O come to Christ with all your sinHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
O think of the homes destroyed by drinkDr. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
On the band of trusting watchersRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)3
Out in the harvest field we goHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Peregrinando vou pelos montesHenry J. Zelley (Author)Portuguese2
Pray, pray, pray at mornDr. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
Refining fire, go through my heart, Illuminate my soulHenry J. Zelley (Author)English1
Send me to the sad and wearyHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Shine in, shine in, thou light divineRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
Shine upon me, Holy SpiritRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
Stand out of my sunlight, I love its bright glowHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Temptations and trials and doubtings and fearsRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
The battle’s on and it must be wonHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
The blessed Son of God loves divinelyHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
The children's day has come again, The brightest of the yearHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
The clouds that gather dark and drearHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
The foes of life we will not fearHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
The mantle of love the Savior has spreadHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
The Master is calling for workers todayRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
The promise assures us that all who believeHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
The ransom price is fully paidRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
The Savior comes to thee todayHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
The Savior says to all mankindHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
The whole world needs a SaviorHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
The young man's heart was filled with fearHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
There are blessings in that duty hard that meets you in the wayHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
There's a land of wondrous beauty (Zelley)Henry J. Zelley (Author)2
There's no comfort in the pleasures of earthHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
Though the way be dark, yet the Lord hath saidH. J. Zelley (Author)5
Through many years I tried to serve the LordRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)2
Through the blood I sought for pardon freeH. J. Zelley, D.D. (Author)2
Walking in sunlight all of my journeyHenry J. Zelley (Author)English177
We bring our offerings todayH. J. Zelley (Author)5
We can shout before the battleHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
We come to thee, O Christ our KingHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
Weary and sinsick and ready to dieHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
What is this that, like the sunshineHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
When I a ransomed sinner seeHenry J. Zelley (Author)5
When Israel out of bondage cameHenry J. Zelley (Author)57
When Jesus passed through Jericho (Zelley)Henry J. Zelley (Author)2
When near at home or far awayH. J. Zelley, D.D. (Author)2
When out in the conflict for Jesus my LordRev. H. J. Zelley (Author)4
When saints of God in danger stoodH. J. Zelley, 1859-1942 (Author)6
When wearied and burdened with trial and careHenry J. Zelley (Author)2
Why should I fear, when my Savior and LordHenry J. Zelley (Author)3
You're sighing today neath a burden of careHenry J. Zelley (Author)4
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