Hymns for the Living Age

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101Now sing we a song for the harvestCALVERTPage Scan
102All beautiful the march of daysSHACKLEFORDPage Scan
103Across the sky the shades of nightTHE GOLDEN CHAINPage Scan
104While with ceaseless course the sunBENEVENTOPage Scan
105Father, let me dedicateDEDICATIONPage Scan
106Another year is dawningEDENGROVEPage Scan
107Ring out, wild bells, to the wild skyWILD BELLSPage Scan
108I heard the bells on Christmas dayWALTHAMPage Scan
109Christians, lo, the star appearethSARDISPage Scan
110Lift up your heads, rejoiceBLESSED HOMPage Scan
111O come, O come, EmmanuelVENI EMMANUELPage Scan
112Joy to the world!the Lord is comeANTIOCHPage Scan
113Watchman, tell us of the nightWATCHMANPage Scan
114Hark, the herald angels singMENDELSSOHNPage Scan
115It came upon the midnight clearCAROLPage Scan
116While shepherds watched their flocks by nightTEIGNMOUTHPage Scan
117Angels from the realms of gloryREGENT SQUAREPage Scan
118O come, all ye faithful, Joyful and triumphantADESTE FIDELES (PORTUGUESE HYMN)Page Scan
119O little town of BethlehemST. LOUISPage Scan
120Joy fills our inmost hearts todayJOYPage Scan
121The first Noel, the angel did sayTHE FIRST NOELPage Scan
122All my heart this night rejoicesBONNPage Scan
123Holy night, peaceful nightSTILLE NACHTPage Scan
124Brightest and best of the sons of the morningMORNING STARPage Scan
125From the eastern mountainsROSMOREPage Scan
126As with gladness men of oldDIXPage Scan
127Thou didst leave thy throneMARGARETPage Scan
128O Master workman of the raceAMESBURYPage Scan
129O child of lowly manger birthEATONPage Scan
130Behold, the Master passeth byST. CRISPINPage Scan
131My dear Redeemer, and my LordROCKINGHAMPage Scan
132We would see Jesus, lo, his star is shiningCUSHMANPage Scan
133When the Lord of love was hereARMSTRONGPage Scan
134Immortal Love, forever fullSERENITYPage Scan
135Thou didst teach the thronging peopleCOLLEGEPage Scan
136Break thou the bread of lifeBREAD OF LIFEPage Scan
137Thine arm, O Lord, in days of oldDELIVERANCEPage Scan
138I think, when I read that sweet story of oldSWEET STORYPage Scan
139Fierce raged the tempest o'er the deepST. AELREDPage Scan
140What grace, O Lord, and beauty shoneSPOHRPage Scan
141Lovely to the outward eyeAGNESPage Scan
142Ride on, ride on in majestyST. DROSTANEPage Scan
143All glory, laud, and honorST. THEODULPHPage Scan
144Hosanna to the Son of DavidMARZO
145Go to dark GethsemaneGETHSEMANEPage Scan
146Into the woods my Master wentLANIERPage Scan
147'Tis midnight, and on Olive's browOLIVE'S BROWPage Scan
148A voice upon the midnight airCRUX CRUDELISPage Scan
149My Lord, my Master, at thy feet adoringSTRENGTH AND STAYPage Scan
150Beneath the cross of JesusST. CHRISTOPHERPage Scan
151O Sacred Head now woundedPASSION CHORALEPage Scan
152Lord Jesus, when we stand afarILKLEYPage Scan
153O come and mourn with me awhileST. CROSSPage Scan
154When I survey the wondrous crossHAMBURGPage Scan
155In the cross of Christ I gloryRATHBUNPage Scan
156There is a green hill far awaySTEBBINSPage Scan
157There's not a grief, however lightMEDITATIONPage Scan
158Lord, as to thy dear cross we fleeMOUNT CALVARYPage Scan
159Welcome, happy morning, age to age shall sayFORTUNATUSPage Scan
160The Day of ResurectionLANCASHIREPage Scan
161Christ the Lord is risen todayEASTER HYMNPage Scan
162Come, ye faithful, raise the strainST. KEVINPage Scan
163Easter flowers are blooming brightEASTER FLOWERSPage Scan
164On wings of living lightREJOICEPage Scan
165The strife is o'er the battle doneVICTORYPage Scan
166Lift up, lift up your voices nowWALTHAMPage Scan
167Our Lord is risen from the deadTRUROPage Scan
168Crown him with many crownsDIADEMATAPage Scan
169Look, ye saints the sight is gloriousVICTOR'S CROWNPage Scan
170Hail the day that sees him riseASCENSIONPage Scan
171Fairest Lord Jesus, Ruler of all natureCRUSADER'S HYMNPage Scan
172Majestic sweetness sits enthronedORTONVILLEPage Scan
173All hail the power of Jesus' nameCORONATIONPage Scan
174The head that once was crowned with thornsMILES' LANEPage Scan
175No longer of him be it saidSHELTERING WINGPage Scan
176Love divine, all love excellingBEECHERPage Scan
177Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathedST. CUTHBERTPage Scan
178Spirit divine, attend our prayerBRECONPage Scan
179Gracious Spirit, dwell with meBREAD OF HEAVENPage Scan
180Come Holy Ghost, in loveBETHELPage Scan
181Holy Ghost, with light divineGOTTSCHALK (MERCY)Page Scan
182Breathe on me breath of GodTRENTHAMPage Scan
183Holy Spirit, Truth divineHAVENPage Scan
184Spirit of God descend upon my heartMORECAMBEPage Scan
185Thou Power and Peace, in whom we findST. VINCENTPage Scan
186Enduring Soul of all our lifeBRACONDALEPage Scan
187Creator Spirit, by whose aidMELITAPage Scan
188O Word of God incarnateMUNICHPage Scan
189The heavens declare thy glory, LordUXBRIDGEPage Scan
190Lamp of our feet, whereby we traceLAMBETHPage Scan
191The Spirit breathes upon the wordORTONVILLEPage Scan
192Christ in his word draws nearKIRBY BEDONPage Scan
193Lord, thy Word abidethLUCERNAPage Scan
194God, in the gospel of his SonROCKINGHAM. NEWPage Scan
195I heard the voice of Jesus sayVOX DILECTIPage Scan
196Come unto me, ye wearyCOME UNTO MEPage Scan
197Behold a Stranger at the door!BERAPage Scan
198Jesus calls us; o'er the tumultGALILEEPage Scan
199Love for all and can it beHORTONPage Scan
200O Jesus, thou art standingST. HILDAPage Scan

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