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Protestant Madagascar Hymnal, 2001

Publisher: Malagasy Lutheran Church Printing Office , 2001
Language: Malagasy
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678Hajao ny olo-masinaGREAT WHITE HOST
679Moa te-hiara-dia? (Do you want to be with us?)[Do you want to be with us?]
680Aingao ny masontsika (Lift up our eyes)[Lift up our eyes]
681Iza moa ireo mitsangana (Who are these people)[Who are these people]
682aHianao, Jehovah Tompo (Thou, Lord Jehovah)[Thou, Lord Jehovah]
682bHianao, Jehovah Tompo (Thou, Lord Jehovah)[Thou, Lord Jehovah]
683Ao am-pitan'ilay lohasaha izay (Across the valley)[Across the valley]
684Ao ny lanitra tsara tokoa[Ao ny lanitra tsara tokoa]
685Matokia mpivahiny!DAILY DAILY
686Maniry izahay (We wish to come to You)[We wish to come to You]
687Ny tranon'ny Raiko Trano madio (My Father's home)[My Father's home]
688Misy tany mahafalyMY FATHER KNOWS
689Fandalovana aty, lanitra honenakoTICHFIELD
690He! Misy re fonenana (How sweet is the dwelling!)[How sweet is the dwelling!]
691aNy lapan'AndriamanitraMAINZER
691bNy lapan'Andriamanitra (The God's palace)[The God's palace]
691cNy lapan'Andriamanitra (The God's Palace)[The God's Palace]
692He! Misy tany soaHAPPY LAND
693Ao ambony ny lapan'ny Ray (The God's palace is in heaven)[The God's palace is in heaven]
694Enga ka hanana elatra soa
695aAry an-koatra ary ilay Paradisa soa (Beyond the heavens is the wonderful Paradise)[Beyond the heavens is the wonderful Paradise]
695bAry an-koatra ary ilay Paradisa soaCRUGER
696Raha ho faty aho
697Any ambony fonenana tsaraGLORY SONG
698aIza re ireto avyALL SAINTS
698bIza re ireto avy (Who are these coming people?)[Who are these coming people?]
699Midera Anao ny olo-masinaSARUM
700Ao ny andro lehibe (A great day will come)[A great day will come]
701Ny hiran'ny lanitra tsara tokoa (The song of the heaven)[The song of the heaven]
702An-danitra, an-danitra (In the heaven, in the heaven)[In the heaven, in the heaven]
703aRy Jehovah Ray Tsitoha (Jehovah, mighty Father! We are meeting)CONSOLATION (ALT)
703bRy Jehovah Ray Tsitoha (Jehovah, mighty Father! We are meeting)[Jehovah, mighty Father! We are meeting]
704Ry olon-kanao fanekena masina (O, people who will go to say a holy promise)[O, people who will go to say a holy promise]
705aRy Tompo Zanaharinay
705bRy Tompo ZanaharinayWARD
705cRy Tompo Zanaharinay (Lord Creator! Be at our meeting)[Lord Creator! Be at our meeting]
706Izao manatrika Anao (Jesus, we are facing You)[Jesus, we are facing You]
707Ry Jesosy be fitiaFAITHFUL GUIDE
708aRy Jehovah, Ray Kiady (Father Jehovah our Protector)[Father Jehovah our Protector]
708bRy Jehovah, Ray Kiady
709Jehovah o, mba mihainoa!
710Nakambanao, ry Tompo o!WIE SCHON LEUCHTET
711Tompo o, endrey ny fitahiana (O Lord, You gave us Your Grace)[O Lord, You gave us Your Grace]
712Raha tsy Jehovah no manao ny trano (If Jehovah does not build the house)[If Jehovah does not build the house]
713Miposaka indray ny masoandro (The sun rises again)[The sun rises again]
714Jehovah Zanahary
715Tonga ny maraina
716Ry Tompo o, tahioMORNING LIGHT (WEBB)
717Andeha raha marainaMUNICH
718He torimaso mamy (Give me a sweet sleep)[Give me a sweet sleep]
719Efa lasan-davitra (I am far away, the evening is now coming)[I am far away, the evening is now coming]
720Lany indray ny andro
721Ny andro efa lanyO WELT, ICH MUSS DICH LASSEN
722He, alina ny androPASSION CHORALE
723He, alina indray izaoZIMBABWE
724Mpamonjy Masoandronay!HURSLEY
725Alina ny andro (It is night)[It is night]
726aEfa hariva Jeso tia!ST. OSWALD
726bEfa hariva Jeso tia!MARCHING
727Andriananahary nikarakara anayMORNING LIGHT (WEBB)
728aAtreho ny sakafonayWINCHESTER NEW
728bAtreho ny sakafonayHURSLEY
729Ry Jehovah Ray Tsitoha (Jehovah, Father and Mighty)[Jehovah, Father and Mighty]
730O! tahio ny havanay re (O! Bless our family)[O! Bless our family]
731Enga anie ka homba anao Jeso![Enga anie ka homba anao Jeso!]
732Veloma indrindra, ry havana o! (Good bye, O my friend!)[Good bye, O my friend!]
733Ny fihaonana an-tanyLOVE DIVINE
734Zanahary o tahio ny tanindrazanay (O Creator, bless our country)[O Creator, bless our country]
735Arovy, Ry Tsitoha (Bless our nation, O Mighty)[Bless our nation, O Mighty]
736Mba tahionao, ry Jehovah!IN MEMORIAM
737Ry Ray, tahionao i Madagasikara (O Father, bless Madagascar)[O Father, bless Madagascar]
738Havaozy, Tompo o
739Ry Jehovah Tompon'aina, (O, Jehovah who leads to life)[O, Jehovah who leads to life]
740aHe! Ny tany manontolo (O! The whole country)[O! The whole country]
740bHe! Ny tany manontoloBLAENWERN
741aJehovah Tompo o!
741cJehovah Tompo o! (O! Lord Jehovah, bless and improve our nation)[O! Lord Jehovah, bless and improve our nation]
742Zanahary no mahela (The Creator makes our lifetime longer)CANTIQUE éVANGéLIQUE
743Ny andronay mandala (Our life is passing away)[Our life is passing away]
744He! Ny andro mora lasa
745Henoy ry Jeso TompoPASSION CHORALE
746Mifalia, ry sakaiza! (Be happy, my friend!)[Be happy, my friend!]
747aHaleloia! Sambasamba! (Hallelujah! Thank You!)[Hallelujah! Thank You!]
747bHaleloia! Sambasamba!
748Havaozy Tompo o!
749aNy taom-baovao dia tonga indray (The new year is coming again)[The new year is coming again]
749bNy taom-baovao dia tonga indrayTRURO
750Dera, laza, ry MpanjakaSTUTTGART
751He, vaovao ny taona (O, this is a new year)[O, this is a new year]
752O, ry Jesosy, ny AnaranaoEVENTIDE
753Tiako ny hiaraka Aminao (I'd like to be with You, Jesu)[I'd like to be with You, Jesu]
754Mitsangana, mandehanaGALILEE (JUDE)
755O! ry tanora, mba tsarovy
756aAvia, ry sakaiza o! (Come, O friend)[Come, O friend]
756bAvia, ry sakaiza o! (Come, O friend)[Come, O friend]
757Tsarovy, ry sakaizaEVANGEL
758Tsarovy e! rankizySALVATORI
759Ry Sakaizan'ny tanora!
760Aza mba manadino ny ray sy reninao (Don't forget your father and your mother)[Don't forget your father and your mother]

[This hymnal is not yet complete - may be missing texts or tunes]
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