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Nicolaus Decius

Short Name: Nicolaus Decius
Full Name: Decius, Nicolaus, 1485-1546
Birth Year: 1485
Death Year: 1541

Decius, Nicolaus (Nicolaus a Curia or von Hofe, otherwise Hovesch, seems to have been a native of Hof, in Upper Franconia, Bavaria, and to have been originally called Tech. He became a monk, and was in 1519 Probst of the cloister at Steterburg, near Wolfenbüttel. Becoming favourable to the opinions of Luther, he left Steterburg in July, 1522, and went to Brunswick, where he was appointed a master in the St. Katherine and Egidien School. In 1523 he was invited by the burgesses of Stettin to labour there as an Evangelical preacher along with Paulus von Rhode. He became preacher at the Church of St. Nicholas; was probably instituted by the Town Council in 1526, when von Rhode was instituted to St. Jacob's; and at the visitation in 1535 was recognized as pastor of St. Nicholas'. He died suddenly at Stettin, March 21, 1541, with some suspicion of being poisoned by his enemies of the Roman Catholic faction (Koch, i. 419-421, 471, 472; ii. 483; Allg. Deutsche Biography, iii. 791-793).

He seems to have been a popular preacher and a good musician. Three hymns are ascribed to him. These are versions of the “Sanctus," the "Gloria in excelsis," and the "Agnus Dei." The second and third are noted under these Latin first lines. He is also said to have composed or adapted the melodies set to them.

     [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Nicolaus Decius (37)sort descendingAsInstances
A Dios dad gracias, dad honorNikolaus Decius, 1500-1541 (Author)4
Al Dio sola estu glor'Nikolaus Decius, 1480-1529 (Author)3
Alene Gud i HimmerigNikolaus Decius (Author)4
All glory be to God on high, Who hath our race befriendedN. Von Hofe (Author)81
All glory be to God on high And thanks for all His favorNicolaus Decius, c. 1485-after 1546 (Author)2
All glory be to God on high, And peace on earth from heavenNikolaus Decius (Versifier)8
All glory be to God on high, And thanks to him foreverNicolaus Decius (Author)8
All glory be to thee, Most High, To thee all adorationNicolaus Decius (Translator (German))3
Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr, Und Dank für seine Gnade (Decius)Nikolaus Decius (Author)94
Allein Gott in der Hoeh sei Ehr, und Friede aufNicolaus Decius (Author)1
Allena Gud i himmelrikN. Decius (Translator (into German))2
Alone to God on high be praiseNikolaus Decius (Author)2
Bohu bud' slava na nebiNikolaus Decius (Author)2
Guds rena Lam, oskyldigNikolaus Decius (Author)5
Lamb of God most holyN. Decius (Author)10
Lamb of God, pure and holyN. Decius, 1485- aft. 1546 (Author)11
Lamb of God, pure and sinlessNikolaus Decius, 1485-1550 (Author)4
Lamb of God, without blemishNikolaus Decius (Author)3
Nach tausendsachen PlagenN. Decius (Author)2
O Guds lam uskyldig, Paa Korset ihjelslagetNikolaus Decius (Author)5
O Guds Lam uskyldig Paa Korset for os slagetNicolaus Decius (Author)1
O Lamb of God all blamelessNikolaus Decius (Author)2
O Lamb of God, most blamelessNikolaus Decius (Author)3
O Lamb of God, most holy, Who on the cross didst suffer (Russell)Nikolaus Decius (Author)16
O Lamb of God, most holy, On Calvary an offeringN. Decius (Author)12
O Lamb of God, most holy, Thy death vile men decreeNikolaus Decius (Author)2
O Lamb of God most stainless! Who on the cross didst languishN. von Hofe (Author)9
O Lamb of God, our SaviorNikolaus Decius (Author)4
O Lamb of God, unspotted, Our crucified SaviorNikolaus Decius, 1541 (Author)4
O Lamb of God, who, bleedingNikolaus Decius (Author)6
O Lamm Gottes, unschuldigNikolaus Decius (Author)71
O Thou Lamb of God, meek and lowlyNikolaus Decius (Author)2
To God on high all glory beNikolaus Decius (Author)1
To God on high be thanksNikolaus Decius (Author)5
To God on high be thanks and praise, For mercy ceasing neverNikolaus Decius (Author)14
To God on high be thanks and praise, Who deigns our bonds to severNikolaus Decius (Author)4
To our almighty gracious GodNikolaus Decius (Author)4

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