William C. Martin

William C. Martin
Short Name: William C. Martin
Full Name: Martin, W. C. (William Clark), 1864-1914
Birth Year: 1864
Death Year: 1914

William C. Martin (1864-1914)
Born: De­cem­ber 25, 1864, Hights­town, New Jer­sey.
Died: Au­gust 30, 1914, Ri­al­to, Flor­i­da.
Buried: Fort My­ers, Flor­i­da.

Martin was pas­tor of the Grace Bap­tist Church (for­mer­ly Cra­mer’s Hill), Cam­den, New Jer­sey (1891-4); No­ank Bap­tist Church, Noank, Con­nec­ti­cut (1894-1900); Grace Bap­tist Church, Som­er­ville, Mass­a­chu­setts (near Bos­ton; at the time of his ar­rival there it was noted he was from “Bluff­ton, In­di­a­na”); and the First Bap­tist Church in Ft. My­ers, Flor­i­da, from 1912 un­til his death.



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اسم يسوع لي يطيبWilliam C. Martin (Author)Arabic1
مستسلم قلبي إلى اللهWilliam C. Martin (Author)Arabic1
صوت حبيبي أسمعWilliam C. Martin (Author)Arabic1
我心感覺與主耶穌每日更加親近 (Wǒ xīn gǎnjué yǔ zhǔ yēsū měi rì gèngjiā qīnjìn)W. C. Martin (Author)Chinese2
A blind man heard the noisy throngW. C. Martin (Author)2
A blind man sat beside the wayW. C. Martin (Author)3
A friend of Jesus I would beRev. W. C. Martin (Author)3
A home without Jesus is no home for meW. C. Martin (Author)12
A lighthouse in life's dangerous seaW. C. Martin (Author)4
A peace deep and lasting has entered my soulW. C. Martin (Author)2
A worthy soldier I would beW. C. Martin (Author)5
Aia paa na nalu kaiW. C. Martin (Author)Hawaiian2
All earthly springs will soon be dryWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
All of my sins have been laid on the LordWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
All the days are harvest daysWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Although Satan is busy, I get along quite easyW. C. Martin (Author)2
Among the mansions bright and fairW. C. Martin (Author)5
Anywhere my Lord may lead meW. C. Martin (Author)2
Are you drifting with the currentRev. W. C. Martin (Author)6
Army of the Lord, ariseWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
As falls the rain our blessings fallWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
As high as the mountainWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
As lights upon a rock bound shoreW. C. Martin (Author)11
Awake, awake, put on thy might, O ZionWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
波浪怒濤勢洶湧 (Bōlàng nùtāo shì xiōngyǒng)William C. Martin (Author)Chinese2
Be a sunny, sunny ChristianRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Be not ashamed of JesusW. C. Martin (Author)2
Be strong in the Lord and the power of his mightW. C. Martin (Author)1
Bear the message everywhereW. C. Martin (Author)2
Beautiful homeland, fadeless and fairRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Because I love my Savior soWilliam C. Martin (Author)6
Before I found my Savior I had a load of careWilliam C. Martin (Author)English10
Before the judgment throne my pleaWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Before thee stands an open gateWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Before us is the Promised LandWilliam C. Martin (Author)5
Beyond the blue that spreads aboveWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Beyond the many trialsWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Children of God your voices raiseW. C. Martin (Author)2
Christ the Lord shall come againW. C. Martin (Author)2
Cling to the Lord when the storm is abroadWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Close to thee, dear SaviorW. C. Martin (Author)3
Come gracious Lord, abide with meWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Come home dear soul whom Jesus died to saveWilliam C. Martin (Author)6
Come home, O wayward child, come homeW. C. Martin (Author)2
Come, O come to Jesus nowW. C. Martin (Author)2
Comes a call from the God of truth and rightW. C. Martin (Author)2
Confío en Dios, muy cerca siempre estáW. C. Martin (Author)Spanish2
Crown Jesus with the fairest crownW. C. Martin (Author)2
Darkest clouds may hang above youW. C. Martin (Author)5
Day by day I trust my guidingRev. W. C. Martin (Author)3
Dear Father, I know that thy wayW. C. Martin (Author)2
Dear Savior, come and abide with meW. C. Martin (Author)2
Dear Savior, we sing of theeWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Dear Savior, I could not but love theeRev. W. C. Martin (Author)English2
Dearer to me than the loveWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Do I need God, across my path deep shadows lieWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Do not be ashamed of JesusWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Do not cease your earnest prayingRev. W. C. Martin (Author)English2
Do not draw the curtains over the windows of the soulRev. W. C. Martin (Author)4
Do not pass me by, dear Savior, Though I mayRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Does God need me when all things are his own?W. C. Martin (Author)1
Donde me guíe, seguiréW. C. Martin (Author)Spanish2
Down the rugged pathway of the yearsW. C. Martin (Author)3
Draw near to God in the morningW. C. Martin (Author)3
Driving away the gloom of nightRev. W. C. Martin (Author)3
Each morning, gentle JesusW. C. Martin (Author)3
Eh' ich den Heiland kannteW. C. Martin (Author)German1
Es dulce el nombre de JesúsW. C. Martin (Author)Spanish2
Even though a cross I bearWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Every day I trust my guiding to the LordWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Every life is full of beautyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Every sparrow is protectedWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Fairer than all the worldW. C. Martin (Author)12
Far from the dear old homesteadW. C. Martin (Author)12
Fix your eyes on JesusW. C. Martin (Author)2
Fold me, precious Jesus, to thy loving breastW. C. Martin (Author)5
For a life of service I am set apartWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
For love he left his throne on highW. C. Martin (Author)2
Forever the word of the Lord shall endureW. C. Martin (Author)4
From Zion, perfection of beautyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Gently lead me, O my ShepherdW. C. Martin (Author)2
Gently, weary one, and sweetlyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Go work in the vineyard of Jesus todayWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
God gives peace when the roar of the tempest is highW. C. Martin (Author)2
God has cast rich gifts around meW. C. Martin (Author)8
God has done all he can to save youWilliam C. Martin (Author)English2
God has given you the sunshine and the showers for the fieldWilliam C. Martin (Author)English2
God help you every passing hourW. C. Martin (Author)17
God is calling, come to meWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
God so loved a world of sinners wretchedRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
God will take care of me, why should I fear (Martin)W. C. Martin (Author)6
Going with Jesus to sow the good seedWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Hark, I hear a voice sounding sweetly in my soulWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Has Jesus saved your guilty soulWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Have life's weary troubles found youWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Have you heard of that heavenly homeW. C. Martin (Author)5
Have you made this old world any betterW. C. Martin (Author)3
Have you wandered far away From the straightW. C. Martin (Author)3
Have you wrought for God todayW. C. Martin (Author)2
He died my dying soul to winW. C. Martin (Author)2
He fell, the Prince of glory fellW. C. Martin (Author)3
He reigns upon a throne aboveW. C. Martin (Author)3
He wept in sad GethsemaneWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Hear the Savior all His true disciples callingRev. W. C. Martin (Author)3
Heralds of grace are speedingWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Here is my broken heart, no other gift I bringWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
His birth was on a lowly bedWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
Holy angels were keepingWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Homeward, I travel and sing as I goW. C. Martin (Author)3
How deep is that great loveRev. W. C. Martin (Author)4
How I long for that glad morningWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
How sweet is the word of Jesus, the LordRev. W. C. Martin (Author)1
How sweet to come at the closeW. C. Martin (Author)3
How sweet, when burdened with my careW. C. Martin (Author)2
How we love the dear old storyWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
How will it be at the close of my dayWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Hur ljuft det namnet Jesus 'rWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Hur ljuvligt namnet Jesus är!William C. Martin (Author)2
I am fully satisfied with my Savior every dayRev. W. C. Martin (Author)3
I am fully trusting Jesus, I am leaning on his graceW. C. Martin (Author)2
I am going home to glory landW. C. Martin (Author)2
I am going with Jesus to a fairer landW. C. Martin (Author)4
I am happy close beside my SaviorW. C. Martin (Author)8
I am on my way to glory and my soul is filled with songW. C. Martin (Author)3
I am satisfied today with Jesus' gospel as it cameWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I am saved but not with silverWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
I ask not for treasures of silver and goldWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
I bring my heart to TheeWilliam C. Martin (Author)English3
I cannot explain it, for grace is so strangeW. C. Martin (Author)2
I cannot longer silent beW. C. Martin (Author)10
I cannot tell it allWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I cast myself, dear SaviorWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I dare not travel life's highwayW. C. Martin (Author)2
I do not fully comprehendW. C. Martin (Author)English21
I have a dear Savior whose arm though unseenW. C. Martin (Author)2
I have a friend, a faithful friendW. C. Martin (Author)4
I have a friend who loves so wellW. C. Martin (Author)4
I have found a Friend who is a friend indeedWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
I have heard the sweet old storyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I hear a voice more sweet and clearWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I hear a voice so sweet and kindWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
I hear a voice that speaks to meW. C. Martin (Author)4
I hear thy sweet voice calling meW. C. Martin (Author)2
I hear thy voice, so lowW. C. Martin (Author)2
I know not how the NazareneW. C. Martin (Author)3
I know not the sea in whose waters I sailW. C. Martin (Author)6
I know not what I ought to doWilliam C. Martin (Author)6
I know not what is best for me (Martin)William C. Martin (Author)3
I know the seaWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
I know what they sing in the gloryWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I look, dear Savior, to thy crossW. C. Martin (Author)16
I look in simple faith to theeW. C. Martin (Author)2
I love the friends so true to meW. C. Martin (Author)14
I love the old BibleW. C. Martin (Author)3
I love thee, my Jesus, I cannot say moreRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
I love to reflect on God's wonderful mightRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
I love to think upon the riches of my Savior's graceW. C. Martin (Author)2
I love to walk with thee, O LordWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I make a full surrender nowWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I may falter, but I never shall despairWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
I need my Savior every hourW. C. Martin (Author)6
I never fear the shadowsWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I once was bound, by sin was boundWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
I sail upon a stormy seaW. C. Martin (Author)3
I see the thorns upon his headW. C. Martin (Author)4
I shall see with clearer eyeW. C. Martin (Author)4
I sing about a Friend of mineW. C. Martin (Author)6
I sing along the pathway brightWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I sweetly trust in JesusWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I thank the Lord he uses meWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
I think of thee, dear Savior, at the dawning of the dayW. C. Martin (Author)5
I trust in God wherever I may beW. C. Martin (Author)English40
I trust in thee, my SaviorWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I volunteer to serve the LordW. C. Martin (Author)6
I want to cast a kindly gleamW. C. Martin (Author)4
I want to stand for JesusW. C. Martin (Author)2
I was a leper and hopeless of cureW. C. Martin (Author)3
I was tired of sin and wearyW. C. Martin (Author)2
I will not say to Jesus, NayWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I will not serve my Savior in a poor or selfish wayW. C. Martin (Author)4
I would be a sunbeam, shining every dayW. C. Martin (Author)4
I would give thee, Lord, the fairestWilliam C. Martin (Author)5
If every knee would humbly bowW. C. Martin (Author)22
If no answer comes to prayerW. C. Martin (Author)2
If the Lord should come tonightWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
If the place where Jesus leads meWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
If you but knew the love so trueW. C. Martin (Author)3
If you love Jesus, declare it to menWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
If you would win every battlle you fightW. C. Martin (Author)3
If your eyes could see Jesus standing hereW. C. Martin (Author)3
I'm happy in Jesus tonightWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I'm in my father's keepingWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
I'm sailing on an ocean wideWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
In a little while I shall be over yonderW. C. Martin (Author)11
In Christ alone my soul has foundW. C. Martin (Author)2
In my Father's house in glory, with its mansions bright and fairWilliam C. Martin (Author)English2
In my pilgrimage my FatherW. C. Martin (Author)2
In our joy and in our sorrowW. C. Martin (Author)2
In the cross is my refugeW. C. Martin (Author)3
In the family circleWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
In the spring, sunny spring, all the earth rejoicesWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
In the war that we must wageWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
In the warfare that is ragingW. C. Martin (Author)English20
In the wine cup there is sorrowWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
In this world is much of sadnessW. C. Martin (Author)6
In your daily walk with menW. C. Martin (Author)2
Into the harvest field Jesus is callingW. C. Martin (Author)2
Is there good that you can doW. C. Martin (Author)2
It is heaven within since the tumult of sinWilliam C. Martin (Author)English2
It is only a day to the beautiful landRev. W. C. Martin (Author)3
I've a message from the Lord, Praise his nameW. C. Martin (Author)2
I've found the pearl of greatest price (Martin)W. C. Martin (Author)5
Jesus bore his cross to CalvaryW. C. Martin (Author)4
Jesus gave his life for me On the cross of CalvaryWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Jesus gave his life for youW. C. Martin (Author)6
Jesus hushed the windsW. C. Martin (Author)11
Jesus, I love to hear thy precious nameWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Jesus is still my Savior so trueWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Jesus, lead me as a Shepherd leads his sheepWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Jesus leads us like a shepherdWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Jesus lingers by my sideWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Jesus, my Savior, I come now to thee, there isW. C. Martin (Author)2
Jesus niemals mich verläßtW. C. Martin (Author)German1
Jesus shall conquerWilliam C. Martin (Author)English2
Jesus shed his blood for meW. C. Martin (Author)2
Jesus stands beside BarabbasW. C. Martin (Author)2
Jesus, tender shepherd, guard Thy children day by dayRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Jesus, teu nome satisfazW. C. Martin (Author)Portuguese2
Jesus, thou art life to meWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Jesus walked upon the waters as the Master of the seaWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Jesus whispers, and I hearWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Keep close to Jesus, and the day will beWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Lead kindly, dear Savior, through life's weary wayRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Let the watchmen guarding ZionW. C. Martin (Author)2
Let us pause to count the blessingsW. C. Martin (Author)7
Let your light shine brightly everywhere you goW. C. Martin (Author)10
Like a lamb in the desert astrayW. C. Martin (Author)6
Like a tender shepherd Jesus leadeth meRev. W. C. Martin (Author)3
Live close O my heart to the love so divineW. C. Martin (Author)5
Lo here I am to do thy willRev. W. C. Martin (Author)3
Look away beyond the shadowsWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Lord, make me wise that I may speakW. C. Martin (Author)8
Love divine, all love exceedingRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Love I much? Ah yes no measuresWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Love is neededWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Love makes me strong for the struggle of lifeW. C. Martin (Author)2
Loving hearts and loyalWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Many dark and dreary shadows lie upon my wayWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
March on against the common foeWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
March on to battle, with Christ before youWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Master, I have left those pleasuresW. C. Martin (Author)4
Mighty is the Lord, our GodW. C. Martin (Author)3
More of Jesus, O my Father, hear my cry for more of HimWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Morning dawns for triumph as it gilds the eastern skiesWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
My blinded soul was far astrayWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
My faith is fixed on JesusWilliam C. Martin (Author)5
My Father safely shelters meWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
My lamp is trimmed and burning brightW. C. Martin (Author)4
My life I spent in sin and prideWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
My life is like a stormy seaW. C. Martin (Author)13
My life may have its burdensWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
My love for thee, dear Lord, should beWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
My mother taught my infant lipsWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
My pain and sorrows will be overW. C. Martin (Author)4
My Savior and I always go side by sideWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
My Savior gave me sweet releaseWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
My Savior knows my every careWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
My Savior leads me, O what joyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
My Savior's precious love for meW. C. Martin (Author)6
Never a sorrow becloudeth my skyW. C. Martin (Alterer)2
No room for thee, Lord can there beW. C. Martin (Author)6
No time have I for pleasures hereWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Not always in green pasturesWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Nothing had I to commend meWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
O day of rest, thy golden dawnW. C. Martin (Author)2
O day of rest, thy golden dawn Shall bring the joy for which I waitW. C. Martin (Author)2
O Galilee, O sacred seaRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
O grace divineW. C. Martin (Author)2
O how deep is the loveW. C. Martin (Author)3
O how I love thee, my SaviorW. C. Martin (Author)2
O how precious the promise of GodW. C. Martin (Author)2
O I do not know a singleWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
O I hear my Savior callingWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
O I love to tell my Father all the trials of the wayW. C. Martin (Author)20
O it may be dark around meWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
O joy of salvation, how sweet to my soulW. C. Martin (Author)2
O land of God, O land of loveRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
O land of the morrow, the day of delightW. C. Martin (Author)7
O light of life, shine inWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
O my heart is filled with gladness, and my lips are filled with songRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
O my soul would fill with rapture If this moment I might hearWilliam C. Martin (Author)5
O sing the storyW. C. Martin (Author)2
O spare that boy, O spareW. C. Martin (Author)2
O stand up like a heroW. C. Martin (Author)2
O tell again the story of the Man of CalvaryWilliam C. Martin (Author)English2
O tell me again the sweet storyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
O tell me o'er and o'er again the tale I love so wellW. C. Martin (Author)English6
O the thought of my SaviorWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
O the waves of the sea may sweep o'er meW. C. Martin (Author)6
O the years of earth are flying fastW. C. Martin (Author)3
O this world is not my placeW. C. Martin (Author)3
O to be filled with the spiritW. C. Martin (Author)3
O to be nearer, my Savior, to theeRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
O weary, heavy ladenedW. C. Martin (Author)2
O when I think about the cross and Jesus dyingWilliam C. Martin (Author)6
O ye wanderers in sinWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Ob die Brandung sch'umend rolltWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Ob die milbe Flut auch drohtW. C. Martin (Author)German1
Of course I love himWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Often comes a gentle knockingWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
O you need not offer brewer's liquid bitterness to meW. C. Martin (Author)5
On my ear sweet notes are fallingWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Once the world was more to meW. C. Martin (Author)4
Ondegaro preter lim'W. C. Martin (Author)2
One day as the Savior was passing alongW. C. Martin (Author)13
Onward go and trust in God, though all before be dark or brightW. C. Martin (Author)2
Onward moves a conquering armyW. C. Martin (Author)2
Onward we march to war with melodyWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Other hopes I know would fail meWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Our father gives us air and lightWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Our loving Savior, Jesus, is the Shepherd of the sheepWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Outside the closed door of your unyielding heartRev. W. C. Martin (Author)3
Over lands that lie in darknessW. C. Martin (Author)4
Patgec unay a balicsenW. C. Martin (Author)Tagalog2
Patiently hear all the burdens of lifeW. C. Martin (Author)2
Perhaps my dear Shepherd may leadW. C. Martin (Author)2
Precious are the hours I spendRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Precious name so dear, so tenderW. Martin (Author)2
Precious wheat is standing whiteW. Martin (Author)1
Raise your hosannas to JesusRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Rest, my soul, no ill can harm theeW. C. Martin (Author)English2
Return to your Father, now accept his loveW. C. Martin (Author)4
Ring the bells for the royal birthWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Safe in the love my SaviorW. C. Martin (Author)2
Sailor, on life's troubled oceanW. C. Martin (Author)English2
Salvation is mine O how sweet is the thoughtW. C. Martin (Author)4
Savior, pilot me over life's stromy seaRev. W. C. Martin (Author)4
Seeking the meadows so fair and soW. C. Martin (Author)2
Send me, Lord, where love is neededW. C. Martin (Author)2
Send out the light to all mankind, let all the nations knowW. C. Martin (Author)2
Serving the Master with cheerful songsW. C. Martin (Author)3
Shadows will go when the Savior appearsW. C. Martin (Author)2
Shall it ever be said unto you too lateW. C. Martin (Author)2
Shield me from the world's temptationsW. C. Martin (Author)2
Shout hosannas to the king who comes from David's royal lineWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Since I have been savedWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Since my blessed Savior found me, threw hisWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Sing praises when the clouds ariseW. C. Martin (Author)6
Sitting at the feet of Christ, her LordW. C. Martin (Author)2
Sleep, little darlingW. C. Martin (Author)4
So happy am I, the shadows are pastW. C. Martin (Author)2
So heedless of callsW. C. Martin (Author)2
So many are sighing, so many are cryingWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
So prone am I to go astrayW. C. Martin (Author)10
Some day, in yonder cityWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Some day my Lord will callWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Some have their learning to offerW. C. Martin (Author)English2
Some sweet day I shall enter a placeW. C. Martin (Author)English33
Somebody sails by the lightW. C. Martin (Author)2
Someone is closing the door of his heartW. C. Martin (Author)4
Sometimes I see a danger nearW. C. Martin (Author)2
Sometimes my sea is driven by the tempestRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Somewhere there is a land of lightWilliam C. Martin (Author)9
Soon I'll see the beauty of that distant shoreWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Soul, ahoy, have you a pilotW. C. Martin (Author)3
Sow love, and affection will blossomW. C. Martin (Author)2
Speed away, speed away, 'tis the mandate of GodRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Stay nigh me, O dear SaviorW. C. Martin (Author)3
Still lead me on, my Lord, from day to dayW. C. Martin (Author)2
Still with my Savior when the sun sinksRev. W. C. Martin (Author)7
Stormy seas may lie before meW. C. Martin (Author)6
Sunshine falls about me, flowers strew my wayRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Surely if you knew my SaviorW. C. Martin (Author)9
Sweet after toil is my restWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Swinging and ringingWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Take time to pray, though your duties be pressingWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Tell me again of dark CalvaryRev. W. C. Martin (Author)3
Tell me once again the storyW. C. Martin (Author)4
That Jesus may to me impartW. C. Martin (Author)2
The cares of my life are manyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
The clouds hang darkly o'er meW. C. Martin (Author)2
The cross of Christ is my retreatW. C. Martin (Author)2
The fight is on and GodW. C. Martin (Author)2
The gift of God's amazing loveWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
The hand whose touch brouught lifeW. C. Martin (Author)2
The ills of earthW. C. Martin (Author)2
The King calls now for everyoneW. C. Martin (Author)2
The kingdom of our mighty LordWilliam C. Martin (Author)English2
The Lion of Judah goes forth in his mightW. C. Martin (Author)8
The Lord in glory shall descendWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
The Lord of glory is my FriendW. C. Martin (Author)2
The man who stilled the stormy seaW. C. Martin (Author)7
The Master is asking, Wilt thou be made whole?Rev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
The Master looks over his fieldsW. C. Martin (Author)5
The Master sat beside his fireWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
The Master walks with meWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
The Master's field is ready for the sowingWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
The mercies of my Lord to meWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
The name of Jesus is so sweet,W. C. Martin (Author)English148
The night is dark and starlessW. C. Martin (Author)8
The path that leads me to the throneW. C. Martin (Author)17
The pathway through the world is long and lonelyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
The sands of life are falling fastW. C. Martin (Author)6
The Savior is standing outside your heart's doorWilliam Clark Martin (Author)6
The skies will sometime frownWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
The still waters flow where He leadeth meWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
The storm is awaking, The rocks are about theeW. C. Martin (Author)16
The table of the King is spreadW. C. Martin (Author)3
The voice of our Captain is soundingW. C. Martin (Author)2
The way to get rid of the load of your sinW. C. Martin (Author)4
The way was dark and dreadful when I traveled it aloneWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
The wonderful grace of my Savior is freeWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
The world has never known a loveW. C. Martin (Author)2
The world was all I cared for in the pastW. C. Martin (Author)2
The world was so dark with the darkness of sinW. C. Martin (Author)2
There are hearts that are drooping in sorrowW. C. Martin (Author)11
There are lonely hearts near us to cherichWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
There are souls who are sinking in sinWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
There came in the throng one poor womanWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
There is a hill where Jesus' feetW. C. Martin (Author)2
There is a home awaiting meW. C. Martin (Author)2
There is a land of beauty rareW. C. Martin (Author)2
There is a name I love to hear, so sweet, so sweetWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
There is a name of melodyW. C. Martin (Author)9
There is a sacred place, where peaceW. C. Martin (Author)4
There is joy among the angels (Martin)William C. Martin (Author)2
There is mercy for a sinner like meW. C. Martin (Author)2
There is no peace my soul can findW. C. Martin (Author)5
There is only one way to be savedW. C. Martin (Author)2
There is pardon full and sweetW. C. Martin (Author)English2
There is rest for meW. C. Martin (Author)2
There is strength for every dutyW. C. Martin (Author)3
There is wonderful loveWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
There is work that must be done (Martin)W. C. Martin (Author)5
There was a Friend who took my placeWilliam C. Martin (Author)English2
There was grace enough for MagdaleneWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
There was never a cry of a sinsick soulW. C. Martin (Author)17
There will be a glad reunion by and byRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
There's a crown awaiting meW. C. Martin (Author)2
There's a deep, dark valleyW. C. Martin (Author)2
There's a Friend who loves you dearlyW. C. Martin (Author)2
There's a land beyond the valleyW. C. Martin (Author)8
There's a land of day, never far awayWilliam C. Martin (Author)5
There's a story sweet of a mighty loveWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
There's a sweet and winning storyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
There's a vision of glory that fills me with joyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
This world is but a fleeting showW. C. Martin (Author)1
Though softly life's zephyrs, so gentle, so strongW. C. Martin (Author)3
Though the angry surges rollW. C. Martin (Author)English118
Though hard goes the battle of lifeWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Though our path be rough and thornyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Though the clouds may gather aboveW. C. Martin (Author)3
Though the stormy billows rollWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Though under stormy skies I walk aloneWilliam C. Martin (Author)7
Through the throng that pressed the SaviorW. C. Martin (Author)2
Through all this world of sin and woeWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
Through the pathway of the yearsWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Through the shadows of the nightW. C. Martin (Author)20
Through the starry portalsW. C. Martin (Author)2
Through this world of sin and woeW. C. Martin (Author)1
Thy will be mine, Lord, I resignW. C. Martin (Author)2
Time comes oft when faith would failW. C. Martin (Author)2
To Jesus every day I find my heart is closer drawnW. C. Martin (Author)80
To Jesus would I ever clingW. C. Martin (Author)5
Today belongs to JesusW. C. Martin (Author)6
Toiling and singing, my days are all brightWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Tossed by the waves of an unresting seaW. C. Martin (Author)3
Tremble not, when storms are sweepingWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Truly I need Jesus every stepWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Trust in Jesus, never doubt himWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
Trusting, I am sweetly trustingWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
'Twas love alone that moved my LordW. C. Martin (Author)2
Upon a lonely hill I see, one on the cruelW. C. Martin (Author)4
Voices of children are callingRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Walk with me, dear LordWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Wave the banner of the crossWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
We are busy little beesWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
We are pilgrims bound for CanaanRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
We bring our griefs to JesusW. C. Martin (Author)2
We fling our banner to the breezeRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
We go forth by the King's commandW. C. Martin (Author)6
We read of a land where the shadowsW. C. Martin (Author)3
We shall stand in spotless whiteW. C. Martin (Author)2
We sometimes have a cloudy skyW. C. Martin (Author)2
Weary of self and more weary ofW. C. Martin (Author)2
What God may will is always bestWilliam C. Martin (Author)5
What lies before my soul on the morrowW. C. Martin (Author)10
What though my pilgrimage be overWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
What voice is this I hear, O heartWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Whatever the Master commands me to do,William C. Martin (Author)3
When all the storms of life are overW. C. Martin (Author)11
When, blessed Jesus, shall it beWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
When called to the judgment at lastW. C. Martin (Author)14
When clouds of afflictions have darkened the skyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
When dangers cause my heart to fearW. C. Martin (Author)7
When first I came to know the LordWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
When I think about the liliesW. C. Martin (Author)2
When I walk through the shadow and gloomW. C. Martin (Author)5
When Jesus made me a child of His graceRev. W. C. Martin, D. D. (Author)1
When life's burdens grow too great for meWilliam C. Martin (Author)4
When life's dark billows threatening rollRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
When love came to this heartW. C. Martin (Author)3
When love is in the heartW. C. Martin (Author)3
When my feet so often wearyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
When my heart grows faint and fearfulRev. W. C. Martin (Author)1
When storms beat wildly on my soulW. C. Martin (Author)3
When stormy billows try my soulW. C. Martin (Author)2
When sweeps the tempest over the waveW. C. Martin (Author)3
When the beauties of the earth land fade awayWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
When the burdens of your life are too hard to bearW. C. Martin (Author)3
When the clouds are dark above youW. C. Martin (Author)17
When the clouds o'ercast my skyW. C. Martin (Author)2
When the deep shadows linger around youW. C. Martin (Author)18
When the King awakened in His lowly graveW. C. Martin (Author)19
When the Lord shall call His people all together 'round the throneW. C. Martin (Author)19
When the night was dark the Savior cameW. C. Martin (Author)2
When the precious Savior greets youWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
When the ransomed ones shall gather to the summer land on highWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
When the sea of life is wildestWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
When the shadows fall and the shepherds callW. C. Martin (Author)17
When the shadows round meWilliam C. Martin (Author)3
When the shepherd went seeking the wandering sheepW. C. Martin (Author)15
When the storm is high and the night is darkW. C. Martin (Author)5
When the summons shall come to the Judgment at lastRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
When troubles grieve my wearyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
When we come to the partingW. C. Martin (Author)4
Whenever I hear the old storyRev. W. C. Martin (Author)2
Where he may lead me, I will goW. C. Martin (Author)80
Where the golden grain is wavingW. C. Martin (Author)12
While the sun is shining brightly on thy wayWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Who can tell the half of pleasureWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Who is this frail InfantWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Who is this so meekly standingW. C. Martin (Author)3
Who is this that loves the lowlyWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Whose voice is that which stilled the windWilliam C. Martin (Author)English2
Wild is the tempest and dark is the seaW. C. Martin (Author)6
Wildly about me the tempests may sweepWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Will your lamp be trimmedW. C. Martin (Author)1
Wonderful gift from the Father aboveW. C. Martin (Author)13
耶穌!這名,何其甘甜!(Yēsū! Zhè míng, héqí gāntián!)W. C. Martin (Author)Chinese2
Ye roaring waves of oceanWilliam C. Martin (Author)2
Yes, I commit to Jesus all I haveW. C. Martin (Author)2
Yes, I love him, O I love himW. C. Martin (Author)2
Yes, Lord, I hear thee callingW. C. Martin (Author)3
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