C. W. Naylor

C. W. Naylor
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Short Name: C. W. Naylor
Full Name: Naylor, C. W. (Charles Wesley), 1874-1950
Birth Year: 1874
Death Year: 1950

Naylor, Charles Wesley. (1874--1950). C. W. Naylor was born in southern Ohio and reared in Ohio and West Virginia by grandparents. At the age of nineteen he left the Methodist church for the Church of God. He worked for a while at the Gospel Trumpet Company in Grand Junction, Michigan and on some evangelistic tours. He was ordained in 1899 in Springfield, Ohio. He was first injured in 1908 in Florida while moving timbers from under a meeting tent. He suffered a dislocated kidney and other internal injuries. A year later he was in a bus accident that left him an invalid for the rest of his life.

Naylor wrote eight books, many articles and pamphlets, many hymns and gospel songs, besides being a columnist in the Gospel Trumpet.

--John W.V. Smith, DNAH Archives

See also: Neidert, David L. (1985). Reformation's Song: A History of Church of God Music. Anderson, Ind.: the author.

Texts by C. W. Naylor (171)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A voice majestic from on highC. W. Naylor (Author)2
All hail the day for which we yearnC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
All my darkness Christ has scattered, bro't a glorious dawnC. W. Naylor (Author)2
Alone with Jesus, O how sweet, The seasons spent low at HisfeetCharles W. Naylor (Author)English4
Along the way of life are many foesCharles W. Naylor (Author)English6
Are thy sins like clouds that gather 'roundC. W. Naylor (Author (st. 4))1
Are we bowed today in sorrow as we see a vacant chair?C. W. Naylor (Author (st. 4))English1
Are you adorning the doctrineC. W. Naylor (Author)English7
Are you sinning day by dayC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
As children favored of the LordCharles W. Naylor (Author)1
As I come, O Savior, pleadingCharles W. Naylor (Author)English4
Baade i Liv og Doed, Baade ved Nat og DagCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Be an overcomer, only cowards yieldC. W. Naylor (Author)English12
Behold the Man of sorrows, Who walking in Israel's landC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
Broder, nu er Veien aabenCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Brother, on the holy wayCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Bruder, heb im heil'gen ChorCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Can the Lord count you faithful?Charles W. Naylor (Author)English3
Child of God's boundless mercyCharles W. Naylor (Author)English3
Children join your God to blessNaylor (Author)2
Christ is mine, my heart's dear treasureCharles W. Naylor (Author)English5
Come, all ye ransomed, let us be oneC. W. Naylor (Author)2
Come, justified soul, to the crossCharles W. Naylor (Author)English3
Dark and gloomy is thy wayCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Das Abenlicht scheint belle numCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Death is not a valley dark that we should fearC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
Death will come to every oneC. W. Naylor (Author)English4
Dir, o Herr, hab ich mich ganz ergebenCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Dost thy soul ransomed from EgyptC. W. Naylor (Author)English5
Down from the portals of gloryCharles W. Naylor (Author)4
Ein'n Grund hat die GemeineCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Eternal God, our refuge beC. W. Naylor (Author)2
Forward, forward is the battlecryCharles W. Naylor (Author)English6
Fremad, fremad, er vort Krigsraab herCharles W. Naylor (Author)1
God has sent the Holy SpiritC. W. Naylor (Author)English7
God of light that illumes all spaceCharles Ward Naylor (Author)English4
God will give grace and gloryC. W. Naylor (Author)2
God's way is best; if human wisdomC. W. Naylor (Author)English6
Grace, dear Lord, grace, dear LordCharles W. Naylor (Author)English5
Guide of my youth be thou, O LordNaylor (Author)2
Heaven is a holy place, filled with glory and with graceC. W. Naylor (Author)English35
Heilig, heilig ist der Herr allmächtigCharles W. Naylor (Author)German2
Heilig ist der HimmelsortCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Himlen er et helligt StedCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Himlen 'r en helig platsCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Holy, holy, is the Lord AlmightyC. W. Naylor (Author)3
How safe is the soul that abides in the LordC. W. N. (Author)English4
Hushed is the woodbird's note, silent her song of gleeC. W. Naylor (Author)English4
I am only an earthen vesselC. W. Naylor (Author)English4
I come, O Lord, to theeCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
I have a hope, serene and sureC. W. Naylor (Author)English5
I have a treasure in my heartC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
I have read within the BibleCharles W. Naylor (Author)English5
I have wandered in sin, and my soul is defiledCharles W. Naylor (Author)English4
I have yielded myself to Thy serviceC. W. Naylor (Author)English12
I know on whom my faith is fixedC. W. Naylor (Author)English6
I love to think of Jesus, when he was here on earthCharles W. Naylor (Author)English3
I mean to go right on until the crown is wonCharles W. Naylor (Author)English7
I once was in bondage in Egypt's dark nightC. W. Naylor (Author)English5
I used to hear the promiseC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
I walk today in the Christian wayCharles W. Naylor (Author)English4
I was charmed by the world's allurementsCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
I was so lonely, so very lonelyC. W. Naylor (Author (st. 4))English1
If we shall scatter tares in the fallowCharles W. Naylor (Author)English7
In darkness long I wanderedC. W. Naylor (Author (stanza 4))1
In fervent prayer, with holy praiseNaylor (Author)2
In the Bible's standard of life we may findCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
In this wicked world am ICharles W. Naylor (Author)English4
Is there any firm foundationCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
It may be little that I can doCharles W. Naylor (Author)English3
I've anchored my soul in God's promiseC. W. Naylor (Author)2
I've turned from the world and its follies, Forever forsaken all sin;Charles Ward Naylor (Author)English7
Jesus, my blessed RedeemerC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
Jesus vil frelse, for dig har han givetCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Jesus will save, for your soul He hath givenCharles Ward Naylor (Author)English6
Joyful we walk on the King's highwayCharles W. Naylor (Author)English3
Just beyond where the shadows are fallingCharles W. Naylor (Author)English5
La senda de Jesús excedeCharles Naylor (Author)Spanish2
Lasst Voelker vor ihn tretenCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Let nations bow before HimC. W. Naylor (Author)3
Life's journey lies before my soulCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Long scattered thy children, O Zion, have beenCharles W. Naylor (Author)English9
Master and Lord ye call me todayC. W. Naylor (Author)2
More like Christ, my heart is praying,C. W. Naylor (Author)English6
Nobody loves me so dearlyC. W. Naylor (Author (chorus))1
Not as teacher in JudeaC. W. Naylor (Author)2
Now is the day of salvation, The future no promise containsC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
O beautiful Zion, fair bride of the LambC. W. Naylor (Author)English4
O day of all the days the bestC. W. Naylor (Author)English5
O herr versiegle michCharles W. Naylor (Author)3
O herrliches zion du braut unsres herrnCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
O lobt den Herrn, alle HeidenCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
O my Savior, Lord of heavenC. W. Naylor (Author)1
O praise the Lord, all ye nations! Praise Him, all ye people!Charles W. Naylor (Arranger)English6
O sinner, do no longerC. W. Naylor (Author)English3
O soul bowed down with grief and careCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
O soul on the broad wayCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
O Zion, blessed cityC. W. Naylor (Author)1
Obey the Lord, 'tis better farC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
Oft hoert ich die VerheissungCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Oft in silent meditationC. W. Naylor (Author)2
Oft in the noonday, the eveningCharles W. Naylor (Author)English4
Oft mals am Mittag and AbendCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Oh, Savior, seal my heartC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
O write Thy wondrous love divineC. W. Naylor (Author)English4
On his throne of glory sits our Lord todayC. W. Naylor (Author)1
On the Lord's side stand all the pure in heartC. W. Naylor (Author)2
On the throne of David Christ is reigning nowC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
Once again we come to the house of GodC. W. N. (Author)English9
Once by sin our souls were boundC. W. Naylor (Author)2
Otra vez estamos unidos hoyCharles Naylor (Author)Spanish2
Out on the desert in darkness and sinCharles W. Naylor (Author)English4
Over the age old path the centuries have trodC. W. Naylor (Author)1
Praise the mighty King of gloryC. W. Naylor (Author)1
Preach the truth, the saving truthC. W. Naylor (Author)2
Safe in the love of JesusCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Savior, now my heart is longingC. W. Naylor (Author)English4
Shall I be ashamed of my Savior and KingC. W. Naylor (Author)English5
Should not the children of one FatherC. W. Naylor (Author)English3
Spirit holy in me dwellingCharles W. Naylor (Author)English12
Stop, sinner, on your sinful wayCharles W. Naylor (Author)English4
Sweet fellowship unites our souls as oneC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
Swiftly the shades of evening gather around thy wayCharles W. Naylor (Author)English4
That heavenly Teacher, in words that are plainC. W. Naylor (Author)7
The Church's one foundation Is Jesus Christ her LordC. W. Naylor (Author)English10
The church of God from heaven cameC. W. Naylor (Author)English3
The church of God one body isC. W. Naylor (Author)English4
The future lies unseen aheadCharles W. Naylor (Author)English3
The light of eventide now shines the darkness to dispelC. W. Naylor (Author)English6
The Lord is King! The Lord is King!C. W. Naylor (Author)English1
The promise true, which God hath spokenCharles W. Naylor (Author)4
The rust will canker and the moth will eatC. W. Naylor (Author)2
The will of God was a galling thing to meC. W. Naylor (Author)2
The world of sinners know not GodC. W. Naylor (Author)3
There is a name, a wonderful nameC. W. Naylor (Author)1
There is no use to tell meCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
There's a mighty reformation sweeping o'er the landC. W. Naylor (Author)English6
Thou art my soul's delightCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Thou, Lord of might and great renownC. W. Naylor (Author)2
Though Christ had borne my load of sinC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
Though I walk in ways unknownCharles W. Naylor (Author)English4
Through time I am passing: eternity's yearsCharles W. Naylor (Author)3
'Tis a privilege great of those saved in the LordC. W. Naylor (Author)English2
To God be the glory For all he hath doneC. W. N. (Author)English4
Turning thy face from all the pastC. W. Naylor (Author)English3
Ueberwinde Bruder, nur der Feigling fliehtCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Un lugar de santidadCharles Naylor (Author)Spanish2
Unbekannt der weg mag seinCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Vorw'rts, vorw'rts, ist das FeldgeschreiCharles W. Naylor (Author)1
Wenn die Stuerme der Verfolgung nah'nCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
What are you sowing, sinnerCharles W. Naylor (Author)English5
What hath the Lord done for thee?C. W. Naylor (Author)English4
When God doth call you, do you sayCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
When my soul is oppressed with the sorrows of lifeC. W. Naylor (Author)English5
When the earth shall cease to beC. W. Naylor (Author)English4
When the heart is free from sinC. W. Naylor (Author)1
When the last earth-tie is sunderedC. W. N. (Author)English4
When the sky is clear and I know no fearCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
When the storm winds rage, and the rain falls fastCharles W. Naylor (Author)English3
When the winds of persecution blowCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
When you have come to the ending of lifeCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
When you see Christ coming in the clouded skyCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
Whether I live or die, Whether I wake or sleepC. W. Naylor (Author)English6
Whether life be long or the time be nearC. W. Naylor (Author)2
Wie sicher der Christ, der da bleibtCharles W. Naylor (Author)German3
Wie suess ist es, mit Gott alleinCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
With a shout of jubilation all my soul doth sayC. W. Naylor (Author)1
With joy we hail this blessed dayNaylor (Author)3
Without holiness no man shall see the LordCharles W. Naylor (Author)3
Would you go at last where the holy dwellC. W. Naylor (Author)2
Zieret dein Wandel die LehreCharles W. Naylor (Author)2
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