Association Hymn Book: for use in meetings for men

Publisher: International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associatons, New York, 1904
Language: English
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1aPraise God, from whom all blessings flowOLD HUNDREDTHPage Scan
1bGlory be to the Father, and to the Son[Glory be to the Father, and to the Son]Page Scan
2O worship the King, all glorious aboveLYONSPage Scan
3Fairest Lord Jesus, Ruler of all natureCRUSADERS' HYMNPage Scan
4O could I speak the matchless worthARIELPage Scan
5Come, we that love the LordMARCHING TO ZIONPage Scan
6Crown Him with many crownsDIADEMATAPage Scan
7aAll hail the pow'r of Jesus' nameCORONATIONPage Scan
7bAll hail the pow'r of Jesus' nameMILES LANEPage Scan
8Before Jehovah's awful thronePARK STREETPage Scan
9Holy, holy, holy, Lord God AlmightyNICAEAPage Scan
10At even ere the sun was setANGELUSPage Scan
11Saviour, breathe an evening blessingEVENING PRAYERPage Scan
12The day is past and overST. ANATOLIUSPage Scan
13Now the day is overMERRIALPage Scan
14Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dearHURSLEYPage Scan
15Softly now the light of daySEYMOURPage Scan
16Saviour again to Thy dear name we raiseBENEDICTIONPage Scan
17May the grace of Christ our SaviourSARDISPage Scan
18Lord, dismiss us with thy blessingSICILIAN MARINERSPage Scan
19O day of rest and gladnessMENDEBRASPage Scan
20Blessed day, when pure devotionsBROCKLESBURYPage Scan
21Safely through another weekSABBATHPage Scan
22The Church's one foundationAURELIAPage Scan
23Glorious things of thee are spokenAUSTRIAN HYMNPage Scan
24O where are the kings and empires nowST. ANNEPage Scan
25Father of mercies, in thy wordMANOAHPage Scan
26O Word of God incarnateMUNICHPage Scan
27The heavens declare thy glory, Lord,GERMANYPage Scan
28God, in the gospel of His SonUXBRIDGEPage Scan
29Sing them over again to meWONDERFUL WORDS OF LIFEPage Scan
30Spirit of God descend upon my heartMORECAMBEPage Scan
31Holy Ghost, with light divineLAST HOPEPage Scan
32Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathedST. CUTHBERTPage Scan
33Come Holy Ghost, in love, shed on usOLIVETPage Scan
34Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly DoveMARLOWPage Scan
35I need thee every hour, most gracious Lord[I need thee every hour, most gracious Lord]Page Scan
36Come, thou almighty KingITALIAN HYMNPage Scan
37From every stormy wind that blowsRETREATPage Scan
38For the beauty of the earthDIXPage Scan
39What a friend we have in Jesus[What a friend we have in Jesus]Page Scan
40Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer[Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer]Page Scan
41How sweet the name of Jesus soundsHEBERPage Scan
42Come, my soul, thy suit prepareTHEODORAPage Scan
43Prayer is the soul's sincere desireNAOMIPage Scan
44There is an eye that never sleepsWINCHESTER, OLDPage Scan
45My God, is any hour so sweetALMSGIVINGPage Scan
46O for a thousand tongues to singNATIVITYPage Scan
47Love divine, all love excellingBEECHERPage Scan
48There were ninety and nine that safely layTHE NINETY AND NINEPage Scan
49Saviour, Thy dying love Thou gavest meSOMETHING FOR JESUSPage Scan
50God loved the world of sinners lostWONDROUS LOVEPage Scan
51God is love, his word proclaims it[God is love, his word proclaims it]Page Scan
52Tell me the Old, Old Story[Tell me the Old, Old Story]Page Scan
53New every morning is the lovePERDYPage Scan
54I was a wandering sheepLEBANONPage Scan
55It came upon the midnight clearCAROLPage Scan
56Hark, the herald angels singMENDELSSOHNPage Scan
57Angels from the realms of gloryREGENT SQUAREPage Scan
58Joy to the world, the Lord is comeANTIOCHPage Scan
59Hark, what mean those holy voicesST. OSWALDPage Scan
60As with gladness men of oldDIXPage Scan
61We may not climb the heavenly steepsSERENITYPage Scan
62Jesus, thou joy of loving heartsQUEBECPage Scan
63O Jesus, ever presentSPOHRPage Scan
64My dear Redeemer, and my LordHEBRONPage Scan
65Thou didst leave Thy throneMARGARETPage Scan
66I heard the voice of Jesus sayEVANPage Scan
67How sweetly flowed the gospel's soundWOODWORTHPage Scan
68I hear thy welcome voice[I hear thy welcome voice]Page Scan
69When I survey the wondrous crossHAMBURGPage Scan
70Jesus, keep me near the crossNEAR THE CROSSPage Scan
71There is a fountain filled with bloodFOUNTAINPage Scan
72O sacred Head, now woundedPASSION CHORALEPage Scan
73There is a green hill far away[There is a green hill far away]Page Scan
74Hail, thou once despised JesusFOLKSTONEPage Scan
75Majestic sweetness sits enthronedORTONVILLEPage Scan
76Hark, ten thousand voices soundingARUNDELPage Scan
77Christ, the Lord, is ris'n todayWORGANPage Scan
78Lift your glad voices in triumph on highFILBYPage Scan
79On wings of living lightLISCHERPage Scan
80Rise, glorious Leader, riseDORTPage Scan
81On the resurrection morningRESURRECTION MORNPage Scan
82Lo he comes with clouds descendingHOLYWOODPage Scan
83Almost persuaded now to believeALMOST PERSUADEDPage Scan
84I have a Saviour, he's pleading in gloryI AM PRAYING FOR YOUPage Scan
85Though your sins be as scarlet[Though your sins be as scarlet]Page Scan
86Jesus is tenderly calling thee homeJESUS IS CALLINGPage Scan
87I gave My life for thee[I gave My life for thee]Page Scan
88Today the Saviour callsTO-DAYPage Scan
89Behold a Stranger at the doorBERAPage Scan
90God calling yet, shall I not hearZEPHYRPage Scan
91While Jesus whispers to youCOME, SINNER, COMEPage Scan
92Art thou weary, art thou languidSTEPHANOSPage Scan
93In the land of strangersWELCOME, WANDERER, WELCOMEPage Scan
94While we pray and while we pleadWHY NOT NOWPage Scan
95O Jesus, Thou art standingST. HILDAPage Scan
96I need thee, precious JesusAURELIAPage Scan
97Out of my bondage, sorrow and nightJESUS, I COMEPage Scan
98Pass me not, O gentle SaviourPASS ME NOTPage Scan

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