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Christian Worship (1993): a Lutheran hymnal

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
401Your works, not mine, O ChristST. JOHNTextPage Scan
402My faith looks up to theeOLIVETTextPage Scan
403I know my faith is foundedNUN LOB, MEIN SEELTextPage Scan
404Faith is a living pow'r from heav'nHERR JESU CHRIST, MEINSTextPage Scan
405Oh, for a faith that will not shrinkST. PETERTextPage Scan
406This is the threefold truth on which our faith dependsACCLAMATIONSTextPage Scan
407O Lord, you have in your pure graceVATER UNSER IM HIMMELREICH, DER DU
408Christians, while on earth abidingWERDE MUNTERTextPage Scan
409Come, my soul, with ev'ry careVIENNATextPage Scan
410Our Father, who from heav'n aboveVATER UNSER IM HIMMELREICH, DER DUTextPage Scan
411What a friend we have in JesusCONVERSEText
412Lord, teach us how to pray arightST. FLAVIANText
413When in the hour of utmost needWENN WIR IN HÖCHSTEN NÖTEN SEINText
414I leave all things to God's directionWER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTTTextPage Scan
415Be still, my soul; the Lord is on your sideFINLANDIAText
416How firm a foundation, O saints of the LordFIRM FOUNDATIONTextPage Scan
417I'm but a stranger hereHEAVEN IS MY HOMETextPage Scan
418My God will never leave meVON GOTT WILL ICH NICHT LASSENTextPage Scan
419If God himself be for meVALET WILL ICH DIR GEBENText
420God moves in a mysterious wayDUNDEEText
421All depends on our possessingALLES IST AN GOTTES SEGENTextPage Scan
422Jesus, lead us onSEELENBRÄUTIGAMTextPage Scan
423Not in anger, mighty GodSTRAF MICH NICHTTextPage Scan
424O God, forsake me not!O GOTT, DU FROMMER GOTT (I)TextPage Scan
425Oh, sing, my soul, your maker's praiseWÄCHTERLIED
426Yours forever, God of love!VIENNAText
427We are the Lord's his all-sufficient meritEIRENETextPage Scan
428Why should cross and trial grive me?WARUM SOLLT ICH MICH DENN GRÄMENText
429What God ordains is always goodWAS GOTT TUTTextPage Scan
430Evening and morningDIE GÜLDNE SONNETextPage Scan
431I walk in danger all the wayDER LIEBEN SONNE LICHT UND PRACHTTextPage Scan
432I am Jesus' little lambWEIL ICH JESU SCHÄFLEIN BINText
433Jesus, Savior, pilot mePILOTTextPage Scan
434Lord, you I love with all my heart!HERZLICH LIEB HAB ICH DICH, O HERRTextPage Scan
435The will of God is always bestWAS MEIN GOTT WILLText
436Jesus, Shepherd of the sheepCAPETOWNText
437I trust, O Christ, in you aloneALLEIN ZU DIR
438In God, my faithful GodAUF MEINEN LIEBEN GOTTText
439Lord, take my hand and lead meSO NIMM DENN MEINE HÄNDE
440you who dwell in the shelter of the LordON EAGLES’ WINGS
441O God, our help in ages pastST. ANNEText
442Have no fear, little flockLITTLE FLOCK
443Rejoice, my heart, be glad and singICH SINGE DIRText
444If you but trust in God to guide youWER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTTTextPage Scan
445Through Jesus' blood and meritICH DANK DIR, LIEBER HERREText
446I am trusting you, Lord JesusSTEPHANOSText
447Who trust in GodWAS MEIN GOTT WILLTextPage Scan
448In you, O Lord, I put my trustIN DICH HAB ICH GEHOFFETText
449Children of the heav'nly FatherTRYGGARE KAN INGEN VARA
450God my Lord, my strength, my place of hidingPÁN BŮH
451Precious Lord, take my handPRECIOUS LORD
452Let us ever walk with JesusLASSET UNS MIT JESU ZIEHENTextPage Scan
453Come, follow me, the Savior spokeMACHS MIT MIR, GOTTTextPage Scan
454I gave my life for theeOLD 120THTextPage Scan
455Rise! To arms! With prayer employ youWACHET AUFText
456Forth in your name, o Lord, I goLAKEWOODText
457Fight the good fightMENDONTextPage Scan
458May we your precepts, Lord, fulfillMERIBAHTextPage Scan
459O God, my faithful GodO GOTT, DU FROMMER GOTT (II)TextPage Scan
460How can I thank you, LordO GOTT, DU FROMMER GOTT (II)Text
461From eternity, O GodLIEBSTER JESU, WIR SIND HIERText
462Oh, that the Lord would guide my waysEVANText
463Jesus calls us o'er the tumultSTUTTGARTTextPage Scan
464Jesus Christ, my pride and gloryACH, WAS SOLL ICH SÜNDER MACHEN
465Jesus, I my cross have takenHYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
466Though thoughtless thousands choose the roadWAREHAMTextPage Scan
467May the mind of Christ my SaviorST. LEONARD’STextPage Scan
468My God, my Father, make me strongES IST KEIN TAGText
469Take my life and let it bePATMOSTextPage Scan
470Praise to you and adorationFREU DICH SEHRTextPage Scan
471Renew me, O eternal LightHERR JESU CHRIST, MEINSTextPage Scan
472Rise, my soul, to watch and praySTRAF MICH NICHTTextPage Scan
473Savior, I follow onWINTERTONTextPage Scan
474Stand up, stand up for JesusWEBBTextPage Scan
475The man is ever blestST. MICHAELTextPage Scan
476Thee will I love, my strength, my towerICH WILL DICH LIEBENTextPage Scan
477What is the world to meWAS FRAG ICH NACH DER WELTText
478With the Lord begin your taskFANG DEIN WERK
479Jesus, your boundless love to meVATER UNSER IM HIMMELREICH, DER DUText
480Almighty Father, heav'n and earthO HEILIGE DREIFALTIGKEITText
481O God , your hand the heavens madeKINGSFOLDText
482Forgive us Lord, for shallow thankfulnessSURSUM CORDAText
483Lord of all good, our gifts we bfing you nowFARLEY CASTLE
484Brothers, sisters, let us gladlyNETTLETONTextPage Scan
485We give thee but thine ownENERGYTextPage Scan
486Lord of glory, you have bought usHYFRYDOLText
487O Lord of heav'n and earth and seaES IST KEIN TAGTextPage Scan
488Savior, thy dying loveWINTERTONTextPage Scan
489Lord, you love the cheerful giverPLEADING SAVIORText
490Love in Christ is strong and livingDOROTHY
491O Master of the loving heartAZMONText
492Son of God, eternal SaviorLORD, REVIVE USText
493"Forgive our sins as we forgive"DETROIT
494Blest be the tie that bindsBOYLSTONTextPage Scan
495Not for tongues of heaven's angelsBRIDEGROOMTextPage Scan
496Glorious in majestySHIBBOLET BASADEH
497This is my will, my one commandSUANTRAI
498Though I may speak with bravest fireGIFT OF LOVETextPage Scan
499O God of mercy, God of mightISLEWORTHTextPage Scan
500For Christan homes, O Lord, we prayGOTTLOB, ES GEHT NUNMEHR ZU ENDE

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