J. C. Aaberg

J. C. Aaberg
Short Name: J. C. Aaberg
Full Name: Aaberg, J. C. (Jens Christian), 1877-1970
Birth Year: 1877
Death Year: 1970

Jens Christian Aaberg (b. Moberg, Denmark, 1877; d. Minneapolis, MN, 1970) immigrated to the United States in 1901. Educated at Grand View College and Seminary in Des Moines, Iowa, he entered the ministry of the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and served congregations in Marinette, Wisconsin; Dwight, Illinois; and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Aaberg wrote Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark (1945), translated at least eighty hymns from Danish into English, and served on four hymnal committees. In 1947 King Frederick of Denmark awarded him the Knight Cross of Denmark.

--Psalter Hymnal Handbook, 1987

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A babe is born in Bethlehem, Bethlehem (Aaberg)J. C. Aaberg (Translator)3
Abide with me, my Savior blestJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Arise, all things that God hath made, And praise His name and glory (Aaberg)J. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Arise, my soul, this Easter morningJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
Be welcome again, God's angels brightJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Behold the mighty, white robed bandJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
Blessed were the eyes that trulyJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Bright and glorious is the skyJens C. Aaberg (Translator)4
Brothers and sisters, we now must departJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
Built on a rock the church of GodJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
By faith we are divinely sureJ. C. Aaberg, 1877-1970 (Translator)4
Childhood days of joy and gladnessJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Children, come with joy and praiseJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
Christians, rise, put on your armorJ. C. Aaberg (Translator (from Danish))2
Christians, who with sorrowJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Christmas with gladness soundsJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
Come, Zion, and sing to the Father aboveJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
Day is breaking, night is endedJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Deep and preciousJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)3
Dost thou know the living fountainJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Ever trouble walks beside meJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Fair beyond telling J. C. Aaberg (Translator)3
Fair is creation, fairer God's heavenJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Founded our Lord has upon earth a realm of the SpiritJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
God's little child, what troubles theeJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Hail thee, Savior and AtonerJ. C. Aaberg (Author)4
Hallowed church bell, not for earthly centersJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Hast to the plow thou put thy handJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)3
Here come Thy little ones, O LordJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Holy Ghost, our IntercederJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Holy Spirit, come with lightJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)3
Holy Spirit, still our sorrowJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
I am a tiller of the soilJ. C. Aaberg (Author)2
I come invited by thy wordJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
I walk in danger everywhereJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
In Herod's prison John repinedJ. C. Aaberg (Author)2
It does not cost too hard a strifeJ. C. Aaberg (Translator (English))1
It's said that life is with danger fraughtJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
Jesus, life and way to heavenJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
Jesus, name of wondrous graceJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)3
Jesus, the name without compareJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Jesus, to destroy our foeJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
Lift up thy head, O ChristendomJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Like dew upon the meadowJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
Like the golden sun ascending, In the darkly clouded skyJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Lo the sun is rising out of the seaJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
Lord, I wish to be thy servantJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
Lord Jesus Christ, My Savior blestJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)4
Lord Jesus Christ, receive me nowJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)3
Love from God, our LordJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)3
Most wonderful of all things isJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Most wondrous is of all on earth The kingdom Jesus foundedJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
My heart, O Holy SpiritJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
My heart remains in wonderJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
Now found is the fairest of Roses, 'Mongst briars it sweetly reposesJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
O could I rest in Mary's placeJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
O dearest Lord, receive from meJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)3
O Holy Ghost, my spiritJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
O Jesus, in my heart instillJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
O let Thy spirit with us tarry, Our Lord and Savior Jesus ChristJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
O Lord, my heart is turningJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
O thou blest ImmanuelJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
O wondrous Kingdom here on earthJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
On the new JerusalemJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
Our Father has light in his windowJ. C. Aaberg (Author)2
Over Kedron Jesus passesJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Praise the Lord that he has builtJ. C. Aaberg (Author)4
Preserve, O Lord, this nightJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
Print thine image pure and holyJens Christian Aaberg, b. 1877 (Translator)5
Proclaim my soul that Jesus diesJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
Rise, O church of JesusJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
Savior, whither should we goAaberg (Author)3
Softly now the day is endingJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)3
Splendid are the heavens highJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)5
Suffer and languish, Tremble in anguishJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
That cause can neither be lost nor stayedJ. A. Aaberg (Author)24
The day of Pentecost draws nighJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
The faith that Christ embracesJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
The gloomy night to morning yieldsJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
The narrow way is wide enough to heavenJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
The peace of God protects our heartsJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)3
The power of sin no longerJ. C. Aaberg, 1877-1970 (Translator)3
The sun is rising in the eastJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Thee will I love, my strength, my Treasure, My heart in theeJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Thee will I love, my Strength, my Treasure, My heart in Thee finds peace and joy (Glahn)J. C. Aaberg (Translator (English))1
There is a blessed powerJ. C. Aaberg (Author)4
This blessed Christmastide we willJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
This is the day which the Lord hath us givenJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Undismayed by any fortuneJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
Vain world, fare thee wellJ. C. Aaberg, 1877-1970 (Translator)4
Vanish now all sinful dreamingJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
We publish the greatest of tidings abroadJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)1
Were all my members praisingJ. C. Aaberg (Author)2
What vessel is that passingJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3
Whoso believes and is baptizedJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
With gladness we hail the blessed dayJ. C. Aaberg (Translator)2
With her cruse of alabasterJ. C. Aaberg (Author)3

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