Benjamin Beddome

Benjamin Beddome
Short Name: Benjamin Beddome
Full Name: Beddome, Benjamin, 1717-1795
Birth Year: 1717
Death Year: 1795

Benjamin Beddome was born at Henley-in Arden, Warwickshire, January 23, 1717. His father was a Baptist minister. He studied at various places, and began preaching in 1740. He was pastor of a Baptist society at Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, until his death in 1795. In 1770, he received the degree of M.A. from the Baptist College in Providence, Rhode Island. He published several discourses and hymns. "His hymns, to the number of 830, were published in 1818, with a recommendation from Robert Hall." Montgomery speaks of him as a "writer worthy of honour both for the quantity and the quality of his hymns."
--Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A. 1872.


Beddome, Benjamin , M.A. This prolific hymnwriter was born at Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, Jan. 23, 1717, where his father, the Rev. John Beddome, was atthat time Baptist Minister. He was apprenticed to a surgeon in Bristol, but removing to London, he joined, in 1739, the Baptist church in Prescott St. At the call of this church he devoted himself to the work of the Christian ministry, and in 1740 began to preach at Bourton-on-the-Water, in Gloucestershire. Declining invitations to remove to London or elsewhere, he continued pastor at Bourton until his death, on Sep. 3, 1795, at the age of 78. Mr. Beddome was for many years one of the most respected Baptist ministers in the West of England. He was a man of some literary culture. In 1770 he received the degree of M.A. from Providence College, Rhode Island. He was the author of an Exposition of the Baptist Catechism, 1752, in great repute at the time, and reprinted by Dr. C. Evans in 1772. It was his practice to prepare a hymn every week to be sung after his Sunday morning sermon. Though not originally intended for publication, he allowed thirteen of these to appear in the Bristol Baptist Collection of Ash & Evans (1769), and thirty-six in Dr. Rippon's Baptist Selection (1787), whence a number of them found their way into the General Baptist Hymn Book of 1793 and other collections. In 1817, a posthumous collection of his hymns was published, containing 830 pieces, with an introduction by the Rev. Robert Hall, and entitled "Hymns adapted to Public Worship or Family Devotion, now first published from the Manuscripts of the late Rev. B. Beddome, M.A."
Preface dated "Leicester, Nov. 10, 1817." Some of the early copies bear the same date on the title page. Copies bearing both the 1817 and 1818 dates are in the British Museum. The date usually given is 1818. Some hymns are also appended to his Sermons, seven volumes of which were published l805—1819; and over twenty are given in the Baptist Register of various dates.
Beddome's hymns were commended by Montgomery as embodying one central idea, "always important, often striking, and sometimes ingeniously brought out." Robert Hall's opinion is just, when in his "Recommendatory Preface" to the Hymns, &c, he says, p. vii.:—

"The man of taste will be gratified with the beauty and original turns of thought which many of them ex¬hibit, while the experimental Christian will often perceive the most secret movements of his soul strikingly delineated, and sentiments pourtrayed which will find their echo in every heart."

With the exception of a few composed for Baptisms and other special occasions, their present use in Great Britain is limited, but in America somewhat extensive. One of the best is the Ordination Hymn, "Father of Mercies, bow Thine ear." Another favourite is “ My times of sorrow and of joy," composed, by a singular coincidence, to be sung on Sunday, Jan. 14, 1778, the day on which his son died, most unexpectedly, in Edinburgh. "Let party names no more," is very popular both in Great Brit, and America. "Faith, His a precious gift," "Witness, ye men and angels, now," and the hymn for Holy Baptism, "Buried beneath the yielding wave," are also found in many collections. Beddome's popularity is, however, now mainly in America.
[Rev. W. R. Stevenson, M.A.]
Beddome is thus seen to be in common use to the extent of about 100 hymns. In this respect he exceeds every other Baptist hymnwriter; Miss Steele ranking second.
The authorities for Beddome's hymns are: (1) A Collection of Hymns adapted to Public Worship, Bristol, W. Pine, 1769, the Collection of Ash & Evans; (2) Dr. Rippon's Selections 1787, and later editions; (3) Sermons printed from the Manuscripts of the late Rev. Benjamin Beddome, M.A.,... with brief Memoir of the Author, Dunstable & Lond., 1805-1819; (4) Dr. Rippon's Baptist Register, 1795, &c.; (5) The Beddome Manuscripts, in the Baptist College, Bristol; (6) and Hymns adapted to Public Worship, or Family Devotion now first published, from Manuscripts of the late Rev. B. Beddome, A.M. With a Recommendatory Preface by the Rev. R. Hall, A.M. Lond., 1817. In his Preface, Mr. Hall gives this account of the Beddome Manuscript:— "The present Editor was entrusted several years ago with the MSS, both in prose and verse, with permission from the late Messrs. S. & B. Beddome, sons of the Author, to publish such parts of them as he might deem proper. He is also indebted to a descendant of the Rev. W. Christian, formerly pastor of the Baptist Church at Sheepshead, Leicestershire, for some of the Author's valuable hymns, which had been carefully preserved in the family. From both these sources, as well as others of less consequence, the present interesting volume has been derived."

-- Excerpts from John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Beddome, Benjamin, pp. 121-124. Other hymns in common use:—
1. Great God, before Thy mercy-seat. (1817). Lent.
2. Great God, oppressed with grief and fear. (1787.) Reading H. Scripture.
3. How glorious is Thy word, 0 God. Holy Scripture. From "When Israel, &c," p. 124, i.
4. In God I ever will rejoice. Morning. From his Hymns, &c, 1817.
5. Jesus, my Lord, divinely fair. (1817.) Jesus the King of Saints. Begins with stanza ii. of “Listen, ye mortals, while I sing."
6. Rejoice, for Christ the Saviour reigns. Missions. Altered form of "Shout, for the blessed, &c," p. 123, ii.
7. Satan, the world, and sin. (1817.) In Temptation.
8. Thou, Lord of all above. (1817.) Lent.
9. Unto Thine altar, Lord. (1787.) Lent.
10. Ye saints of every rank, with joy. (1800.) Public Worship.
The dates given above are, 1787 and 1800, Rippon's Selection; and 1817 Beddome's Hymns.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II

Wikipedia Biography

Benjamin Beddome (23 January 1717 – 3 September 1795) was an English Particular Baptist minister and hymn writer.

Texts by Benjamin Beddome (218)sort descendingAsInstances
أيها الناس اشهدواBenjamin Beddome (Author)1
هل لا يحق أن تسيل بالمياهBenjamin Beddome (Author)1
ألا تسيل حقاBenjamin Beddome (Author)1
A host of spirits round the throneBeddome (Author)13
Again, indulgent Lord, returnBenjamin Beddome (Author)14
All glory be to him who cameBenjamin Beddome (Author)1
All glory to the Lord, our GodBenjamin Beddome (Author)4
Almighty God, thy wondrous worksBeddome (Author)15
Almighty God, we cry to theeBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Am I an Israelite indeedBeddome (Author)26
Amidst the cheerful bloom of youthBenjamin Beddome (Author)8
Among the saints on earthBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
And must I part with all I haveBenjamin Beddome (Author)86
And must I part with all of selfBenjamin Beddome (Author)3
And shall I sit aloneBeddome (Author)34
And shall we sit aloneBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
As Christ hath done, so would we doBeddome (Author)2
Ascend thy throne, almighty God Beddome (Author)2
Ascend thy throne, almighty KingBenjamin Beddome (Author)81
Astonished and distressedBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Awake, awake, thou mighty armBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Be thou, O Lord, my treasure hereBeddome (Author)8
Behold, the day is comeBenjamin Beddome (Author)40
Behold the grave, O dying manBenjamin Beddome (Author)1
Behold the grave where Jesus layBeddome (Author)12
Believing souls, of Christ belovedBeddome (Author)17
Blest Savior, we thy will obeyBeddome (Author)15
Buried beneath the yielding waveBenj. Beddome (Author)79
Can sinners hope for heavenBenjamin Beddome (Author)33
Celestial Dove, come from aboveBenjamin Beddome (Author)11
Clouds big with wrath hand o'er my headBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Come, blessed Spirit, source of lightBenjamin Beddome (Author)97
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, With light and comfort from aboveBeddome (Author)3
Come, Holy Spirit, come, With energy divineBeddome (Author)123
Come, Holy Spirit, come, With graceBenjamin Beddome (Author)3
Come, Jesus, heavenly teacher, comeBenjamin Beddome (Author)6
Come, Spirit, Source of light; Thy grace is unconfinedBeddome (Author)18
Come, thou eternal Spirit, comeBeddome (Author)14
Come, ye humble, contrite soulsBenjamin Beddome (Author)3
Come ye redeemed of the LordBenjamin Beddome (Author)16
Dear Lord, though bitter is the cupBenjamin Beddome (Author)18
Dear Lord, thy word of truth affordsBenjamin Beddome (Author)5
Dear Savior, we thy will obeyBenjamin Beddome (Author)4
Did Christ o'er sinners weep?Benj. Beddome (Author)114
Dost thou my profit seekBenjamin Beddome (Author)17
Doth God invite me to his armsBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Encouraged by thy love and careBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Enwrapt in thickest shades of nightBenjamin Beddome (Author)5
Ere Christ ascended to his throneBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Eternal God, we humbly bowBenjamin Beddome (Author)5
Eternal source of every goodBenjamin Beddome (Author)9
Eternal Spirit, heavenly DoveBeddome (Author)8
Faith is a precious graceBeddome (Author)5
Faith, 'tis a precious giftBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Faith, 'tis a precious graceBeddome (Author)17
Farewell, ye transitory thingsBenjamin Beddome (Author)4
Father of mercies, bow Thine earBeddome (Author)139
Father of mercies, God of love, Send down thy Spirit from aboveBenjamin Beddome (Author)7
Father of spirits, grant that weBenjamin Beddome (Author)7
Fountain of blessing, ever blestBenjamin Beddome (Author)10
Frail youth are in a slippery pathBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
From thy dear pierced sideBenjamin Beddome (Author)18
Go forth, ye saints, behold your King [Lord]Benjamin Beddome (Author)3
God, in the gospel of his SonBenjamin Beddome (Author)264
God is the fountain whence Ten thousand blessings flowBenjamin Beddome, 1717-1795 (Author)35
God's holy law transgressedBenjamin Beddome (Author)56
Great God, before thy mercy seatBenjamin Beddome (Author)9
Great God, my maker and my kingBenjamin Beddome (Author)15
Great God of providence! thy waysBeddome (Author)27
Great God, oppressed [opprest] with grief and fearBenjamin Beddome (Author)17
Great God, thy quickening grace impartBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Great God, 'tis from thy sovereignBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Great God, 'tis from thy sovereign graceBenjamin Beddome (Author)9
Great God, to thee I'll makeBenjamin Beddome (Author)7
Great God, where'er we pitch our tentBenjamin Beddome (Author)17
Great Lord of all, thy matchless powerBeddome (Author)2
Great Shepherd of the flockBenjamin Beddome (Author)3
Happy, forever happy heBeddome (Author)5
Have I that faith whose influenceBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Hear what the holy prophets teachBenjamin Beddome (Author)4
Heirs of unending lifeBenjamin Beddome (Author)11
Here, Savior, we would [do] comeBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Hosanna to the church's HeadBeddome (Author)1
How free and boundless is the graceBeddome (Author)24
How glorious is thy word, O GodBeddome (Author)2
How great, how solemn is the workBenjamin Beddome (Author)43
How great the wisdom, power, and graceBeddome (Author)42
How pleased was I to hearBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
How precious is the book divineBeddome (Author)1
How precious is thy word, O GodBenjamin Beddome (Author)5
If Christ is mine, then all is mineBenjamin Beddome (Author)33
If duty calls, and suffering, tooBenjamin Beddome (Author)6
If God is mine, then present thingsBeddome (Author)52
If I must die, O let me die, Trusting in Jesus' bloodBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
If I must die, O, let me die, With hopeBeddome (Author)38
If secret fraud should dwellBenjamin Beddome (Author)9
In all my Lord's appointed waysB. (Author)1
In all my ways, O GodBenjamin Beddome (Author)18
In duties and in sufferings tooBeddome (Author)67
In heaven the heart o'erflows with loveBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
In vain Apollo's silver tongueBenjamin Beddome (Author)7
Is there, in heaven or earth, who canBenjamin Beddome (Author)6
Jesus! and shall it ever beRev. Benjamin Francis (1734-1799) (Author)1
Jesus, delightful, charming nameBenjamin Beddome (Author)30
Jesus for Syndre gr'dBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Jesus, how lovely is his faceBenjamin Beddome (Author)4
Jesus, my Lord, my chief delightBenjamin Beddome (Author)6
Jesus, my Lord, my soul's delightBenjamin Beddome (Author)9
Jesus my Love, my chief delightBenjamin Beddome (Author)30
Jesus, my Savior, bind me fastBenjamin Beddome (Author)14
Jesus, my Savior and my God, Thy wondrous love revealBeddome (Author)5
Jesus, my Savior, let me beBenjamin Beddome (1717-1795) (Author)33
Jesus our Lord, our chief delightBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Jesus, thou fairest, dearest oneBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Jesus, thy face I long to seeBenjamin Beddome (Author)1
Jesus, we bless thy nameBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Jesus, when faith with fixed eyesBeddome (Author)19
Jesus, who art my soul's delightBenjamin Beddome (Author)3
Let all my powers unite to blessBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Let Christians all agreeBenjamin Beddome (Author)14
Witness, ye men and angels, nowBenjamin Beddome (Author)159
Let party names no moreB. Beddome (Author)242
Lift up your joyful eyes, and seeBenjamin Beddome (Author)4
Listen, ye mortals, whilst we singBenjamin Beddome (Author)4
Lo! what a rapturous joy possessedBenjamin Beddome (Author)1
Lord, must I [we] die, O let me [us] dieBenjamin Beddome (Author)10
Lord, with a grieved and aching heartBeddome (Author)27
Love is a pure and heavenly flameBenjamin Beddome (Author)5
Love is the fountain, whenceBeddome (Author)14
Millions of spirits round the throneBenjamin Beddome (Author)3
More joy than earth can e'er affordBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
My few revolving yearsBeddome (Author)39
My rising soul, with strong desiresBeddome (Author)28
My times of sorrow and of joy Great God! are in thy handBeddome (Author)91
Unto thine altar LordBenjamin Beddome (Author)38
O God, to thee my sinking soulBeddome (Author)2
O Lord, if in the book of lifeBeddome (Author)15
O Lord, in mercy spareBenjamin Beddome (Author)10
O Lord, thou art my Lord, My portion and delightBeddome (Author)14
O Lord, thy perfect word Directs our steps arightBeddome (Author)24
O spirit, source of lightBenjamine Beddome (Author)3
O thou, all holy, wise, and justBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
O thou who on the crossBenjamin Beddome (Author)4
O what a treasure all divineBenjamin Beddome (Author)7
O what treasure all divineBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
On Britain long a favored isleBeddome (Author)2
On this illustrious, joyful mornBenjamin Beddome (Author)5
On us, oppressed beneath thy strokeBeddome (Author)7
On wings of love the Christian fliesB. B. (Author)4
Our few revolving yearsBenjamin Beddome (Author)14
Our revolving years, how swiftBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Our rulers, Lord, with songs of praiseBenjamin Beddome (Author)1
Our times of sorrow and of joyBenjamin Beddome (Author)3
Prayer is the breath of God in manBeddome (Author)75
Prayer is the soul's sincere desireBeddome (Author)1
Prayer is the spirit of our GodBeddome (Author)2
Quickly my days have passed awayBenjamin Beddome (Author)5
Rise from the dust, my drowsy soulBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Rise, glorious Sun, supremely brightBenjamin Beddome (Author)9
Satan the world and sinBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
See the vivid lightnings flashingBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Shout for the great Redeemer reignsBenjamin Beddome (Author)65
Since God is mineBenjamin Beddome (Author)1
So fair a face bedewed with tearsBeddome (Author)21
Sprinkled with reconciling blood Beddome (Author)25
Tempests arise, when God appoints, and mighty oceansBenjamin Beddome (Author)3
Temptations, trials, doubts and fearsBenjamin Beddome (Author)9
That was a time of wondrous loveBeddome (Author)5
That we may walk with GodBenjamin Beddome (Author)5
That we might walk with GodBenjamin Beddome (Author)4
The blessed Spirit, like the windBenjamin Beddome (Author)29
The happy eunuchBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
The holy eunuch, when baptizedBeddome (Author)14
The Lord in judgment now appearsBenjamin Beddome (Author)7
The mighty God will not despiseBeddome (Author)14
The truth of God shall still endure Beddome (Author)11
The wandering star, the fleeting windBenjamin Beddome (Author)45
There is a world of perfect bliss Above the starry skiesBenjamin Beddome (Author)20
This world is all enchanted groundBenjamin Beddome (Author)3
This world would be a wildernessBeddome (Author)9
This world's a dreary wildernessBenjamin Beddome (Author)4
Though faint, yet pursuing, we go on our wayB. Beddome (Author)4
Thou Lord of all aboveBenjamin Beddome (Author)44
Thy greatness Lord, what thought can reachBenjamin Beddome (Author)3
'Tis faith supports my feeble soulBeddome (Author)21
'Tis faith that lays the sinner lowBeddome (Author)17
'Tis God the spirit leadsBenjamin Beddome (Author)73
'Tis salvation that lays the sinner lowBenjamin Beddome (Author)1
To him who on the fatal treeBenjamin Beddome (Author)10
To the eternal ThreeBeddome (Author)5
View the bright ranks in order standBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Wait, O my soul, thy Maker's willBenjamin Beddome (Author)150
War, horrid war, deep stained in bloodBenjamin Beddome (Author)4
We sing the majesty of GodBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
We to this place are come to showBeddome (Author)3
What various lovely charactersBenjamin Beddome (Author)8
Whate'er to thee, our Lord, belongsBeddome (Author (v. 1, 2, 4))1
When Adam sinned, through all his raceBenjamin Beddome (Author)13
When by the tempter's wiles betrayedBeddome (Author)15
When earthly comforts dieBenjamin Beddome (Author)6
When Israel through the desert passedB. Beddone, 1717-95 (Author)54
When on the cross my Savior died, God's holy law was satisfiedBenjamin Beddome (Author)6
When poison spreading through their veinsBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
When sorrows round us rollBeddome (Author)8
Where shall a wretched sinner fleeBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Where'er the blustering north wind blowsBenjamin Beddome (Author)3
While carnal men, with all their might Beddome (Author)16
Who shall condemn to endless flamesBeddome (Author)16
Why, O my soul, why weepest thouBeddome (Author)23
Wicaṡa qa Oknikde koB. Beddome (Author)1
Ye angels, bless the LordBeddome (Author)8
Ye followers of the Prince of peaceBenjamin Beddome (Author)41
Ye humble worshippers of GodBenjamin Beddome (Author)7
Ye mourning saints, beholdBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Ye trembling saints dismissBenjamin Beddome (Author)2
Ye trembling souls, dismiss your fearsBeddome (Author)111
Ye worlds of light, that roll so nearBeddome (Author)35
Zion, from thee is sounded forthBenjamin Beddome (Author)2

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