Jane Borthwick

Short Name: Jane Borthwick
Full Name: Borthwick, Jane, 1813-1897
Birth Year: 1813
Death Year: 1897

Miss Jane Borthwick, the translator of this hymn and many others, is of Scottish family. Her sister (Mrs. Eric Findlater) and herself edited "Hymns from the Land of Luther" (1854). She also wrote "Thoughts for Thoughtful Hours (1859), and has contributed numerous poetical pieces to the "Family Treasury," under the signature "H.L.L."
--Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A. 1872.

Borthwick, Jane, daughter of James Borthwick, manager of the North British Insurance Office, Edinburgh, was born April 9, 1813, at Edinburgh, where she still resides. Along with her sister Sarah (b. Nov. 26, 1823; wife of the Rev. Eric John Findlater, of Lochearnhead, Perthshire, who died May 2, 1886) she translated from the German Hymns from the Land of Luther, 1st Series, 1854; 2nd, 1855; 3rd, 1858; 4th, 1862. A complete edition was published in 1862, by W. P. Kennedy, Edinburgh, of which a reprint was issued by Nelson & Sons, 1884.

These translations, which represent relatively a larger proportion of hymns for the Christian Life, and a smaller for the Christian Year than one finds in Miss Winkworth, have attained a success as translations, and an acceptance in hymnals only second to Miss Winkworth's. Since Kennedy's Hymnologia Christiana, 1863, in England, and the Andover Sabbath Hymn Book, 1858, in America, made several selections therefrom, hardly a hymnal in England or America has appeared without containing some of these translations. Miss Borthwick has kindly enabled us throughout this Dictionary to distinguish between the 61 translations by herself and the 53 by her sister. Among the most popular of Miss Borthwick's may be named "Jesus still lead on," and "How blessed from the bonds of sin;" and of Mrs. Findlater's "God calling yet!" and "Rejoice, all ye believers."

Under the signature of H. L. L. Miss Borthwick has also written various prose works, and has contributed many translations and original poems to the Family Treasury, a number of which were collected and published in 1857, as Thoughts for Thoughtful Hours (3rd edition, enlarged, 1867). She also contributed several translations to Dr. Pagenstecher's Collection, 1864, five of which are included in the new edition of the Hymns from the Land of Luther, 1884, pp. 256-264. Of her original hymns the best known are “Come, labour on” and "Rest, weary soul.” In 1875 she published a selection of poems translated from Meta Heusser-Schweizer, under the title of Alpine Lyrics, which were incorporated in the 1884 edition of the Hymns from the Land of Luther. She died in 1897. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Borthwick, Jane, p. 163, ii. Other hymns from Miss Borthwick's Thoughtful Hours, 1859, are in common use:—
1. And is the time approaching. Missions.
2. I do not doubt Thy wise and holy will. Faith.
3. Lord, Thou knowest all the weakness. Confidence.
4. Rejoice, my fellow pilgrim. The New Year.
5. Times are changing, days are flying. New Year.
Nos. 2-5 as given in Kennedy, 1863, are mostly altered from the originals.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Hymns from the Land of Luther

Wikipedia Biography

Jane Laurie Borthwick (9 April 1813, Edinburgh, Scotland; 7 September 1897, Edinburgh, Scotland) was hymn writer, translator of German hymns and a noble supporter of home and foreign missions. She published under the pseudonym: H. L. L. (Hymns from the Land of Luther). Jane Laurie Borthwick is best known for the Hymns from the Land of Luther; her most famous translation today is Be still, my soul and her most known original text is Come, labor on. Like Catherine Winkworth and , she greatly contributed to English-language hymnody by mediating German hymnody.

Texts by Jane Borthwick (92)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
ആ-ശ്വ-സിക്ക നിൻ കൂടെ ഉണ്ട് കർത്തൻ (Ā-śva-sikka nin kūṭe uṇṭ karttan)Jane L. Borthwick (Translator (English))Malayalam2
A gentle angel walketh throughout a world of woeJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
A little while, so spake our gracious LordJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
A pilgrim and a stranger I journey here belowJane Laurie Borthwick (1813-1897) (Translator)English30
Ah this heart is void and chillJane Borthwick (Translator)English6
All things are yours, O sweet message of mercy divineJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
Hallelujah! Jesus lives! He is now the living oneJane L. Borthwick, 1813-97 (Translator)English12
And is the time approachingJane Borthwick (Author)English54
As thou wilt, my God, I ever sayJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
At last all shall be well with thoseJane L. Borthwick (Translator)English2
Awake [Rejoice], all ye believersJane Borthwick (Translator)English1
Be still, my soul: the Lord is on thy sideJane L. Borthwick (Translator)English146
Beloved and honored, fare thee wellJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
Breezes of spring all earth to life awakingJane Borthwick (Author)2
Calma mi alma, contigo está SeñorJane Borthwick, 1813-1897 (Translator (English))Spanish2
Come forth, come on with solemn songJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
Come, labor on, Who dares stand idle on the harvest plainJane Laurie Borthwick, 1813-97 (Author)English45
Come, Thou Almighty King, Help us Thy name to singJane Borthwick (Translator)English1
Cristo, tu voluntad Sea hecha siempre en míJ. L. Borthwick, 1813-1897 (Tr. ingl.)Spanish1
Dark mighty ocean, rolling to our feetJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
Darkness reigns, the hum of life's commotionJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
Depart, my child, the Lord thy spirit callsJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
Give us Thy blessed peace, God of all might!Jane Borthwick (Author)English2
God calling yet! shall I not hear?Jane Borthwick (Author)English97
Hallelujah, fairest morningJane L. Borthwick (Author)English48
Hallelujah, I believe, Now the giddy world standsMiss Jane Borthwick (Translator)3
He knoweth all his peopleJane Borthwick (Translator)English1
He leads us on by paths we did not knowJane Borthwick (Author)English1
Hear me, my friends, the hour has comeJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
Heart, be still, in the darkness of thy woeJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
Here am I, Lord, thou callest meJane Borthwick (Author)1
How blessed, from the bonds of sinJane L. Borthwick (Author)English25
How brightly shines the morning star, In truth and mercy from afarJane L. Borthwick (Author)English2
How long, O Lord, in weariness and sorrowJane Borthwick (Author)1
How weary and how worthless this lifeJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
I journey forth rejoicingJane L. Borthwick (Translator)English5
I rest with thee, LordJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
I will follow thee, all my treasureJane L. Borthwick (Translator)English2
I will love Thee, all [O] my treasureMiss Jane Borthwick (Translator)English8
If only he is mineJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
Jesús, tu voluntadJane Borthwick (Translator)Spanish2
Jesus, day by dayJane Borthwick (Translator)English1
Jesus, dayta nakemJane Borthwick (Translator)Tagalog2
Jesus' hour is not yet comeJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
Jesus, still lead onJane L. Borthwick (Author)English216
Jesus, Sun of righteousnessJane L. Borthwick (Author)English55
Let all that now divides usJane Borthwick (Author)English2
Long hast thou wept and sorrowedJane L. Borthwick (Translator (from German))2
Lord, remove the veil awayJane L. Borthwick (Author)English9
Lord, take Thou the veil awayJane Borthwick (Translator)English1
Lord, the waves are breaking o'er meJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
Meet again, yes, we shall meet againJane Borthwick (Translator)2
Mein Jesu, wie du willst, Dein Wille, Herr, ist meinJane L. Borthwick (Author)German2
Mein Jesus, wie du willst, Meine Wille, Herr, ist deinJane L. Borthwick (Author)German7
My God, I know that I must dieJane Borthwick (Translator)English7
My Jesus, as Thou wilt!Miss J. Borthwick (Translator)English465
Never couldst thou bear to grieve usJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
Now is the time approachingJane Borthwick (Author)English54
O happy home where thou art loved the dearestJane L. Borthwick (Author)English5
O how blessed are ye saints forgivenJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
O Lord, our God, in reverence lowlyJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
O sweet home echo on the pilgrim's wayJane L. Borthwick (Translator)English2
O sweetest words that Jesus could have soughtJane Borthwick (Author)1
Once a merchant traveled far and wideJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
Praise to Jehovah, the almighty King of creationJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
Quietly rest the woods and dalesJane Borthwick (Translator)1
Rejoice, my fellow pilgrimJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
Rejoice, rejoice, believers! And let your lights appearJane Borthwick (Translator)English92
Remember me, my God, remember meJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
Reposa, mi alma, Dios contiga estáJ. L. Borthwick (Tr. ingl.)Spanish2
Rest, weary soul, The penalty is borneJane L. Borthwick (Author)4
Return, return, poor, long lost wanderer homeJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
Round this earth, and round her childrenJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
Smiling, a bright eyed seraph bentJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
Still on the homeward journeyJane Borthwick (Author)English5
Sun of comfort, art thou fled foreverJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
The day departs, our souls and heartsJane L. Borthwick (Translator)English1
The Lord shall come in dead of nightJane Borthwick (Author)1
The watchers on the mountainJane L. Borthwick (Translator)English2
Thou knowest, Lord, the weariness and sorrowJane Borthwick (Author)English37
Thou must go forward, pilgrimJane L. Borthwick (Author)3
Thou shalt rise, my dust, thou shalt ariseJane L. Borthwick (Author)English1
Thus said the Lord, thy days of health are overJane L. Borthwick (Author)2
'Tis not yet the hour appointedJane L. Borthwick (Author)English3
Tremble not, though darkly gatherJane L. Borthwick (Author)3
¡Ven, hay que obrar!Jane Borthwick (Author)Spanish2
Wanikiya mitawa Maḣpiyataŋhaŋ hiJane Borthwick (Author)Dakota1
We praise and bless thee, gracious LordJane Borthwick, 1813-1897 (Translator)English11
What no human eye hath seenJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
Whither, O whither, with blindfolded eyesJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
Why thus so sadly weepingJane L. Borthwick (Author)1
Yes, our Shepherd leads with gentle handJane L. Borthwick (Author)English4

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