Lida Shivers Leech

Short Name: Lida Shivers Leech
Full Name: Leech, Lida Shivers, 1873-1962
Birth Year: 1873
Death Year: 1962

Born: Ju­ly 12, 1873, May­ville, New Jer­sey.
Died: March 4, 1962, Long Beach, Cal­i­for­nia.

Leech spent her child­hood in Cape May Court House, New Jer­sey, and at­tend­ed Co­lum­bia Un­i­ver­si­ty and Tem­ple Un­i­ver­si­ty. She played the or­gan at Be­tha­ny Meth­od­ist Church in Cam­den, New Jer­sey, served as ac­com­pa­nist at evan­gel­i­cal serv­ic­es, and wrote some 500 hymn tunes in her life­time.

Emurian, pp. 112-3
Reynolds, p. 336

God’s Way Is Best
I Have Re­deemed Thee
I’ll Go Any­where
No Fault in Him
Some Day He’ll Make It Plain
Thine for Ser­vice
Trust Me, Try Me, Prove Me © 1928
When the Veil is Lift­ed

Texts by Lida Shivers Leech (176)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
神的路是正路 (Shén de lù shì zhènglù)Lida S. Leech (Author)Chinese2
信靠親愛救主,真奇妙甜蜜 (Xìn kào qīn'ài jiù zhǔ, zhēn qímiào tiánmì)Lida S. Leech (Author)Chinese2
A friend who's knocking at thy heart's doorL. S. L. (Author)4
Afar from the Savior I wanderedLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
All victorious swells the chorusL. S. L. (Author)2
Alone with thee, 'tis wondrous sweetLida Shivers Leech (Author)4
Are you tempted and tried each passing day?Lida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Are you undone with the toil of the dayL. S. L. (Author)2
As we're gathered in thy presenceLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Awake! Ye sleepers one and allL. S. L. (Author)English2
Beautiful, beautiful starLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouseLida S. Leech, 1873-1962 (Author)English30
Calling, a voice from heavenLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Christ stood before Pilate with fettered handsL. S. L. (Author)English2
Come with rejoicing, glad praises voicingLida S. Leech (Author)2
Do I love my blessed SaviorL. S. L. (Author)2
Down at the cross where the Savior died, Shedding his bloodLida Shivers Leech (Author)8
Each little heart is a gardenLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Far and near the fields are goldenLida Shivers Leech (Author)English2
Father, lead me, for I need TheeL. S. L. (Author)1
Fierce the storms may beat around meLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Flowers fade and wither, clouds bedim the skyLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
For years I had drifted, God’s plan could not seeL. S. L. (Author)English2
Gladly we gather todayL. S. L. (Author)2
Go tell his love in joyful songLida S. Leech (Author)2
God is everywhereLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
God wants the faithful ones and trueL. S. L. (Author)2
God's way is the best way, though I may not seeLida Shivers Leech (Author)English37
Growing better and sweeter, is my Savior to meLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Hail the King who reignsLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Hand in hand with Christ we're marching onwardLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
Hark, the call of Christ the KingLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Hark, the Easter bells are ringingLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Have you been cleansed from your guilt and your sinLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Have you seen the Savior's faceLida Shivers Leech (Author)English2
He always helps me throughLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
He dwells with me, my Savior dearLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
Heaven's not far away, so I've oft been toldLida Shivers Leech (Author)English2
How often the voice of my mother so dearL. S. L. (Author)2
I am trusting in the promises As recorded in God's wordL. S. L. (Author)English2
I believe that in the ages pastLida Shivers Leech (Author)4
I came to the Savior, sad and aloneLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
I came to the Savior, sad and undoneLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I cannot doubt my dear Savior's loveL. S. L. (Author)2
I do not know why oft 'round meLida Shivers Leech (Author)English62
I have been to the fountain of cleansingLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I have left my doubts and my fears behindLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I have made my choice to follow Christ each dayLydia Shivers Leech (Author)11
I have read in His word how the SaviorLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I have read of a city of gold, which the Savior hasL. S. L. (Author)5
I know not what he may be to youL. S. L. (Author)2
I know there is power in Jesus' bloodL. S. L. (Author)4
I may write my name and leave it on the sands of timeLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
I need thee, Lord, for life is sometimes drearyLida Shivers Leech (Author)English2
I now can sing since I've been redeemedLida Shivers Leech (Author)4
I once was bound with chains of sinLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
I was a sinner but now I'm freeL. S. L. (Author)English19
I was drifting on with the tide of sinLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I was far from Jesus, ruined by the fallL. S. L. (Author)2
I was wandering when the Savior found meLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I will be true to my SaviorLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I will stand the test for JesusL. S. L. (Author)2
I would be gentle like JesusL. S. L. (Author)English2
If the dear Savior should call youLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
If we are following Christ each dayLida Shivers Leech (Author)English3
If we would be fully free from all sinLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I'll go all the way with Jesus, Whatever the test may beLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I'll sing you a story of grace, full and freeLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I'm never alone, for Jesus is nearLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I'm rich, for my heavenly Father, owns the worldLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
In glad service for the KingLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
In my heart the Savior now is dwellingLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
In the name of Christ our kingLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
In these days of change and turmoilLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
It would not do for me to knowL. S. L. (Author)English2
I've a Friend who's ever with meLydia Shivers Leech (Author)2
I've a promise secure, which will ever endureLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I've a story sweet to tellL. S. L. (Author)English2
I've a wonderful message so blessed and trueLida Shivers Leech (Author)English2
I've made my choice my Lord to followLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
I've the Blesser and the blessingL. S. L. (Author)English2
Jesus loves the children, So to him I prayLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Jesus loves the little children (Leech)Lida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, came from on highL. S. L. (Author)3
Joy like a river is flowingLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Joy shall crownLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Just a kind word for JesusLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Just one hour with the SaviorLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Just to have the Savior with meLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Let me see no man save JesusLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Let the joy bells ring while we gather in his nameLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
List, the bells are ringingLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Lord, I believe thy way for me is bestLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Lord, open my eyes to the work to be doneLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
My feet were ensnared in sin's drifting sandLida Shivers Leech (Author)4
My heart is filled with such gladnessL. S. L. (Author)4
My Lord was passing my way one dayL. S. L. (Author)English2
My sins once were deeper than the crimsonL. S. L. (Author)English3
My sins were once so heavy they bore me to the groundLida Shivers Leech (Author)English2
Naught can separate me from the love of ChristLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
Now that harvest time is hereLida Shivers Leech (Author)4
O hallowed cross of Calvary, Redeeming love of Christ I seeLida Shivers Leech (Author)6
O wonderful story which never grows oldL. S. L. (Author)English2
O'er the distant hillsLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
O'er the earth the chorus ringsLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
Oft our voices here we raiseL. S. L. (Author)2
Oft we wonder why darkly across our wayLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
Oh, trazei à casa do tesouroLida Shivers Leech (Author)Portuguese2
On moves a mighty army, banners and flags unfurledLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Once earth's pleasures I with joy receivedLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Once I wandered far from Jesus, in the paths of sin and woeLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Once I was far from JesusLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Once my eyes were blind to the beauty of the LordL. S. L. (Author)3
Only to know thou art mine, LordLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
Open the windows of heaven just nowL. S. L. (Author)2
Out in the storm and the tempestL. S. L. (Author)2
Over and over we sing the storyLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Over the hills and the valleys, List to the joyful refrainLida Shivers Leech (Author)English2
Rejoice, rejoice, let anthems all victoriousLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Saved to serve, O list the wondrous storyLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
Simply trusting Christ my SaviorL. S. L. (Author)5
Since my Savior came to stayL. S. L. (Author)2
Six little maids from Sunday schoolLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Some day I'll know why over my wayLida Shivers Leech (Author)5
Sometimes I've stopped to question whyLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Soul, are you drifting with the tideLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
Speed the news along in joyful songL. S. L. (Author)English2
Tempest tossed, weary and wornLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
The day may be dreary, the way may seem longLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
The fullness of God's wondrous loveLida Shivers Leech (Author)5
The hosts of God are marchingLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
The Sabbath bells are ringing calling you and meLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
The Savior has said he'll be with usLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
The story oft we've heard but still it ne'er grows oldLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
The sunbeams are dancingLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
The trials of life oft shadow the soulL. S. L. (Author)2
There are needy ones around us, yesL. S. L. (Author)2
There are times when I long to be hidden awayLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
There is a Golden chain which bindsL. S. L. (Author)2
There is a name high over allL. S. L. (Author)2
There is a song I never tire of singingLida Shivers Leech (Author)English3
There is power in Jesus' blood to keepL. S. L. (Author)2
There's a story which I love to tellLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
There's no disappointment in Jesus, On Him I can ever relyLida Shivers Leech (Author)English2
Though I may not understand itLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Though oft the cares of life dismayLida Shivers Leech (Author)4
Though shadows fall on the path I treadLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
Though the powers of sin and darkness are everywhereL. S. L. (Author)English2
'Tis a wonderful song which my soul now singsLida Shivers Leech (Author)English3
To service the call comes from Christ todayLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
To worship in thy temple, LordLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Traveling earth's broad highwayLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Trusting in the Savior, O 'tis wondrous sweetLida Shivers Leech (Author)6
Two little hands for the MasterLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Ven y da tus diezmos al MaestroLida S. Leech (Author)Spanish2
Victory, victory o'er the graveLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Waves of care and troubleLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
We are building on the Rock which no tempest ever can shock]Lida Shivers Leech (Author)2
We are little sunbeams happyLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
We meet them all along life's wayL. S. L. (Author)2
We often grow weary, and lonely, and sadLida Shivers Leech (Author)4
We reach for the flowersLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
We should never be discouragedLida Shivers Leech (Author)English1
We will bring to JesusLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
What a wondrous price for my soul was paidL. S. L. (Author)3
What love is this, past human thought to knowLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
What we need is sunshine every dayLydia Shivers Leech (Author)5
When Christ sweetly came my soul to reclaimLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
When I am tempted or when I am triedLida Shivers Leech (Author)3
When I met Jesus, I was lost in sinLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
When Jesus sweetly saved meL. S. L. (Author)4
When shades darken my earthly wayL. S. L. (Author)2
When the gates swing open wideLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
When the hosts of Israel for the needed rainLida Shivers Leech (Author)English2
Whether shadows veil the skyLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
Why should I be discouragedLida Shivers Leech (Author)2
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