Haldor Lillenas

Haldor Lillenas
Short Name: Haldor Lillenas
Full Name: Lillenas, Haldor, 1885-1959
Birth Year: 1885
Death Year: 1959

Born: No­vem­ber 19, 1885, Stord Is­land (near Ber­gen), Nor­way.
Died: Au­gust 18, 1959, As­pen, Co­lo­ra­do.
Buried: Flor­al Hills Cem­e­te­ry, Kan­sas Ci­ty, Mis­so­uri.

Vir­gin­ia Rose Gold­en
Laverne Gray
Richard Hainsworth
Rev. H. N. Lines
Robert Whitmore
Ferne Winters

Lillenas em­i­grat­ed to Amer­i­ca as a child; his fam­i­ly set­tled first in South Da­ko­ta, then moved to Or­e­gon in 1889. He at­tend­ed Deets Pa­ci­fic Bi­ble Coll­ege in Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia (later re­named to Pa­sa­de­na Coll­ege); stu­died mu­sic at the Sie­gel-My­ers School of Mu­sic in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois; and re­ceived an hon­or­ary Doc­tor of Mu­sic de­gree from Ol­i­vet Na­za­rene Coll­ege. His first pas­tor­ate was in Lom­poc, Cal­i­for­nia, in 1910; he lat­er pas­tored in Redlands, Cal­i­for­nia, and In­dianapolis, In­diana. In 1924, he found­ed the Lil­le­nas Mu­sic Com­pa­ny (bought by the Na­za­rene Pub­lish­ing Com­pa­ny in 1930), and worked as an ed­it­or there un­til his re­tire­ment in 1950.
Haldor mar­ried Ber­tha Mae Wil­son, a song­writ­er like him­self. He and Ber­tha were el­ders in the Church of the Na­za­rene. Hal­dor tra­veled as an evan­gel­ist, then pas­tored sev­er­al church­es, 1914-1924. In his life­time, he wrote some 4,000 hymns, and sup­plied songs for ma­ny evan­gel­ists. His works in­clude:
Special Sac­red Songs, 1919
New Sac­red Songs
Strains of Love
Special Sac­red Songs No. 2

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我曾被罪惡鎖鍊之捆綁,(Wǒ céng bèi zuì'è suǒliàn zhī kǔnbǎng)Haldor Lillenas (Author)Chinese2
耶穌奇妙的救恩,超過我眾過犯 (Yēsū qímiào de jiù ēn, chāoguò wǒ zhòngguò fàn)Haldor Lillenas (Author)Chinese2
A crown of thorns my Savior woreH. L. (Author)English3
A friend have I who standeth near When shadows fall o'er pathways drearHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
A glad invitation is ringing todayHaldor Lillenas (Author)8
Glorious Redeemer is the Savior of mankindH. L. (Author)3
A la lucha compañeros sin cesar marchadH. L. (Author)Spanish2
A light on my pathway to banish the nightH. L. (Author)English3
A message in song I am bringingH. L. (Author)English2
A pilgrim am I and a strangerHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
A river of life, unbounded and broadH. L. (Author)4
A Savior have I more precious to meHaldor Lillenas (Author)8
A Savior of infinite love I have foundH. L. (Author)English2
A Savior wonderful is He, beyond my fondest dreamingH. L. (Author)English2
A vast, unmeasured distance layHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
A wonderful healer once walked among menHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
After the day is endedHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
After the shadows cometh the sunshineHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Alguien va conmigo de la vida en el correrH. L. (Author)Spanish2
All of my trials will flee awayH. L. (Author)English2
All on the altar, nothing reservingH. L. (Author)2
All to thee, my blessed SaviorHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Along the pathway of the yearsHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Amid the turmoil and the strife we turn to TheeHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
An open door, an empty tombHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Antes vivía esclavizadoHaldor Lillenas (Author)Spanish2
Are you building today for eternityHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Are you distressed on life's weary roadHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
Are you lost on the highways and byways of sinHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Are you tempest tossed on a sea of strifeH. L. (Author)English2
Are you walking the path that is leadingHaldor Lillenas (Author)10
As a golden sun that's settingH. L. (Author)English2
As the mighty rolling tide of the oceanHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Behold the loving Savior standsHaldor Lillenas (Author)16
Beholding God's word as a mirror I seeHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Born again, redeemed from sinHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Break forth and sing of Christ the KingHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Can it be that my soul is dyingHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Can we find an hour so preciousHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Can you turn from a friend who loves youHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Christmas bells are chiming over all the earthHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Church of God, awaken, heed the Lord's commandH. L. (Author)8
Close to the heart of Jesus, Close to his wounded sideH. L. (Author)3
Close to thy heart, blessed SaviorH. L. (Author)2
Come over on the other sideHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Come, while the door is openHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Coming to Jesus I found wonderful peaceHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Coming to Jesus my Savior I foundHaldor Lillenas (Author)45
Creeds there are unnumbered everywhere we goHaldor Lillenas (Author)5
Dainty flowers, leafy bowersHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Darkness will flee and the morning shall dawnHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
¿Debo yo vivir en grande incertidumbreH. L. (Author)Spanish2
Deep within the heart of GodH. L. (Author)1
Dewdrops of mercy are fallingH. L. (Author)2
Do you have any rivers to crossH. L. (Author)English2
Do you know Jesus, the Friend of the friendlessHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
Do you know the language of Canaan?H. Lillenas (Author)English2
Don't turn him awayHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
Down in the depths He found meHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
Dusky hands are reaching for the bread of lifeH. L. (Author)13
Encontré un lugar do decansarH. L. (Author)Spanish2
Es segura base la verdad de DiosH. L. (Author)Spanish2
Every day I am writing a recordH. L. (Author)English2
Every passing moment, every fleeting hourH. L. (Author)3
Fainting pilgrim so wayworn and wearyHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Faithful little workers we must beHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
Far away from my friends, yet there's One who is nearH. L. (Author)3
Far beyond all human comprehensionHaldor Lillenas (Author)6
Far I have wandered, sadly I've squanderedHaldor Lillenas (Author)6
Fathomless the love and matchless graceH. L. (Author)4
For me to live is Christ, O what wondrous thoughtH. L. (Author)English2
For the cause of right we've enlisted to fightHaldor Lillenas (Author)English3
Friends have walked beside me here belowH. L. (Author)English2
Gathered in an upper chamberH. L. (Author)2
Give me the dear old Bible as my guide each dayHaldor Lillenas (Author)14
God is able to save the lostH. L. (Author)8
God with us, is the name of our KingH. L. (Author)11
God's blessed hand would thy destiny moldHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
God's grace divine shall ever safely guide meHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
God's love is an ocean so boundlessHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
God's truth is like a hammerH. L. (Author)3
Gone is my burden of sin and shameH. L. (Author)3
Grace there is sufficient for each trying hourHaldor Lillenas (Author)1
Gracious is the promise of our living LordHaldor Lillenas (Author)6
Great is the boundless love of the SaviorHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Great is the Lord of the earth and skyHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Great is the marvelous mystery of grace divineHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
Hail to the glorious PotentateHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Hallé un Salvador AdmirableHaldor Lillenas (Author)Spanish2
Happy birthday, happy birthdayHalodr Lillenas (Author)English1
Happy birthday to youHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Happy Christian children are weH. L. (Author)4
Have you felt the touch of the nail pierced handH. L. (Author)English2
Have you found redemption through the Son of GodHaldor Lillenas (Author)1
Have you heard the sobbing of a thousand million soulsHaldor Lillenas (Author)English5
Have you received the blessingH. L. (Author)English2
Have you seen the surging massesH. L. (Author)2
Have you struggled with a burdenHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Have you wandered far away on the mountains cold and grayH. L. (Author)English2
Heaven is in my soul todayH. L. (Author)English2
Heavenly Father I am waitingHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Holy Spirit, breathe upon us, Fill our hearts with perfect loveH. L. (Author)3
Holy Spirit, God most holyH. L. (Author)2
How can I in sadness pine when I have JesusHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
How could Jesus love me soH. L. (Author)3
How great the expanse of the love of GodHaldor Lillenas (Author)1
How oft I've walked life's weary roadHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
How rich is the mercy and grace of our LordHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
I am determined to follow JesusHaldor Lillenas (Author)English3
I am not only saved from sinH. L. (Author)3
I am on the gospel highway of the ransomed and the blestHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I am rejoicing in Jesus, He who from sin set me freeHaldor Lillenas (Author)9
I am rejoicing in Jesus todayHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I am resting, sweetly resting On the rock once cleft for meHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I am singing and rejoicing every passing dayH. L. (Author)4
I am singing day by day; Singing on my homeward wayHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I am singing on my homeward wayHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
I am so happy in Jesus, since he redeemed meHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I am trusting in Jesus' precious bloodHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I am walking day by day (Lillenas)Haldor Lillenas (Author)2
I am watching for the coming Of my Savior and my kingH. L. (Author)6
I believe the Bible, blessed book divineH. L. (Author)2
I came unto Jesus confessing my sinHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I can never be the same since that unforgotten hourHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
I cannot choose the path that I would treadHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I come to Thee, my living LordHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
I come to thee, thou living LordH. L. (Author)3
I found such a wonderful SaviorHaldor Lillenas (Author)17
I have a Savior whose love will abideH. L. (Author)English3
I have a Savior, wondrous, strongHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
I have a shepherd who sought meHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I have been saved by the power of JesusHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
I have come out of Egypt and its bondage drearHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
I have fixed my eyes on the things on highHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I have found a deep peace that I never had knownHaldor Lillenas (Author)16
I have found a friend who cannot falterH. L. (Author)3
I have found a precious resting placeHaldor Lillenas (Author)English14
I have found a secure foundationHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I have left the land of nightHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I have left the wilderness beyond the rolling tideH. L. (Author)English2
I have many reasons for loving the LordHaldor Lillenas (Author)1
I have moved out of sorrow into gladnessH. L. (Author)English2
I have taken up my cross for JesusHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
I have tarried for the power, It has come a mighty showerHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
I heard a song, a song of hope and cheerHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
I hunger to know more of JesusH. L. (Author)1
I know a name that can drive away all sorrowH. L. (Author)11
I know, I know, I know, I lost my sin and woeHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
I know not how my Savior could save a soul like mineH. L. (Author)3
I lost the world with its sin and shameHaldor Lillenas (Author)English9
I never can forget the momentHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
I never knew, until the Savior found meH. L. (Author)English2
I once could not see the dear SaviorHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I remember when the Lord spoke to my soulHaldor Lillenas (Author)16
I sail today a seaHaldor Lillenas (Author)English3
I serve the Lord from day to dayH. L. (Author)3
I shall stand one day at the great white throneH. L. (Author)4
I sing of grace so full and freeHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
I walk with my Lord in fellowship sweetHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
I wander over the weary worldH. L. (Author)2
I wandered through the wildernessHaldor Lillenas (Author (refrain))3
I was full of sin, now I'm pure withinHaldor Lillenas (Author)11
I was lost in sin but Jesus took me inHaldor Lillenas (Author)English3
I will lift up mine eyes to the mountainsHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
I will not sing earth's transient songHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I will say yes to JesusHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I will sing a song of the home beyond the blueHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
If the way seems long and wearyHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
If the world and all of its wealth you gainHaldor Lillenas (Author)English3
If there's trouble anywhere, and your soul is near despairHaldor Lillenas (Author)9
If you would a blessing beHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
If you would work for the Master todayHaldor Lillenas (Author)10
Iglesia de Cristo dice el SalvadorH. L. (Author)Spanish2
I'll never let go of JesusH. L. (Author)2
I'm nearer to the land of joy and peaceHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
I'm rejoicing today, As I go on my wayH. L. (Author)English2
I'm trustingly walking along my wayHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
In a world where life is a fleeting thingHaldor Lillenas (Author)5
In Christ my Lord my needs ' all abundantly suppliedHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
In Jesus I found such a wonderful friendHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
In tender compassion He sought meH. L. (Author)English2
In the battles for the LordHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
In the battles of your life you never shall defeated beHaldor Lillenas (Author)5
In the dark heathen night they are dwellingHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
In the days of old, of which we are toldH. L. (Author)2
In the fields of laborHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
In the shelter of the rock of agesHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
In the upper room in Jerusalem, On the day of PentecostB. H. Lillenas (Author (chorus))English3
In the vineyard of the Lord are many workers it is trueHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
In the wilderness shall streams be foundH. L. (Author)4
In the wondrous realms of graceH. L. (Author)2
In your search for wealth and the gleam of goldHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Into a closer fellowship with thee, LordH. L. (Author)3
Is anything too good for JesusHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
I've enlisted to fight for the cause of rightHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
I've left the land of Egypt with its bondage drearHaldor Lillenas (Author)8
I've someone to help me when I am in needHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Jesus came down to this world of woeHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
Jesus is the children's Friend (Lillenas)H. L. (Author)2
Jesus, my Redeemer, is my dearest friendHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Jesus my Savior is all that I need, He's more than a friend to meHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Jesus needs your service every passing dayH. L. (Author)English2
Jesus once came to earthHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Jesus only is the world's great needH. L. (Author)3
Jesus the Savior is more than a manH. L. (Author)3
Jesus will walk with me down through the valleyH. L. (Author)23
Just a little sunshine, just a little cheerHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Just for today I'll walk along life's journeyHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Kind is the hand of the Father of loveH. L. (Author)5
Let my life speak for thee, dear LordHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Life's sunshine may be checkered with its shadowsH. L. (Author)6
Lift up your voice in jubilant songHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Like the fragrance of flowersH. L. (Author)English12
Like the stars that brightly shine above usHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Like the sunshine after rainHaldor Lillenas (Author)10
Line up, line up for Jesus, go forward to the fightHaldor Lillenas (Author)5
Little hands can lift a burdenHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Living forever O marvelous thoughtHaldor Lillenas (Author)12
Lo a voice is calling out across the watersH. L. (Author)4
Lo the fields are white for harvest ready is theHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Long my stubborn will kept saying to the MasterH. L. (Author)English2
Look on the brightest side of lifeH. L. (Author)2
Lord, I am pleading, hear thou my prayerHaldor Lillenas (Author)8
Lord, I am waiting at thy feetH. L. (Author)4
Lord, let me die to selfish desiresH. L. (Author)3
Lord, make me a winner of soulsHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Love divine shall ever be my songHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Many are groping in darkness todayH. L. (Author)English2
Many are the deeds that I can never doHaldor Lillenas (Author)6
Many things may seem obscureHaldor Lillenas (Author)8
Many weary years I vainly sought a springHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Maravilhosa graça! Graça de Deus sem par!Haldor Lillenas (Author)Portuguese2
Maravillosa gracia, De Cristo rico donHaldor Lillenas (Author)Spanish2
Maravillosa gracia vino Jesús a darHaldor Lillenas (Author)Spanish3
Merrily sing your songHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Mid the changing scenes of a changing lifeH. L. (Author)English2
More than I fancied that he could beHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Must I live in doubt and fear, not ever knowing That I am aHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
My happy heart today with joy is singingH. L. (Author)4
My heart is full of joy that nothing can destroyHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
My heart is singing a glad new songHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
My heart is singing, the bells are ringingHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
My heart is with jubilance singingHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
My heart is yearning for my homeH. L. (Author)2
My heart with joy is singingHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
My home is where my heart isHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
My hope of salvation is steadfast and sureHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
My soul is clinging to JesusHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
My soul is filled with joy and gladnessHaldor Lillenas (Author)13
My wonderful Lord, my wonderful LordHaldor Lillenas, 1885-1959 (Author)English2
Never be afraid to speak for Jesus, Think how much a word can doHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
Never give away to sorrowHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
No compromise with evil shall be our battle cryHaldor Lillenas (Author)5
No more my heart is lonelyHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
No one but Jesus can hear my prayerH. L. (Author)4
No other name found on earth or in heavenH. L. (Author)2
No regrets, no regrets for the work I may have doneH. L. (Author)English2
No thought brings sweeter joy to meHaldor Lillenas (Author)1
Not made for the trifling things of timeH. L. (Author)2
Not one of all His childrenHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Nothing can be greater than a heart made rightHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
Nothing satisfies but Jesus (Lillenas)Haldor Lillenas (Author)2
Now is the day of salvation, Now you are hearing God's voiceHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
O are you denying the masterHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
O believer in Jesus, O child of GodH. L. (Author)2
O captive soul by sin oppressedH. L. (Author)3
O Christ my Lord, my heart shall singHaldor Lillenas (Author)English3
O church of God, awakeHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
O cleansing fire of love divineHaldor Lillenas (Author)English4
O grace of God, beyond my comprehensionHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
O how many are drifting with life's restless tideHaldor Lillenas (Author)5
O how sweet the recollections of the daysH. L. (Author)2
O how sweet to dwell in this earth belowH. L. (Author)5
O love of Calvary, O mercy full and freeH. L. (Author)3
O Master, this my prayer shall beHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
O my heart shall not forget the golden hourHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
O my heart sings today, sings for joy and gladnessHaldor Lillenas (Author)21
O ring the golden bells of freedomHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
O soul, have you thought of the price you payHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
O soul vainly striving for peace and for restHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
O spread the gospel tidingsHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
O tell me not of the joys of earthHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
O the day may seem long as I travel alongHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
O the joy that I am finding as I onward pressH. L. (Author)2
O the transforming power of Jesus' bloodH. L. (Author (Chorus))English2
O troubled heart, be stillHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
O troubled heart bowed down with bitter painH. L. (Author)3
O troubled heart, One walks beside theeHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
O what a wonderful grace I have foundHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
O what must it be to be lostHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
O what wondrous peace and gladness fills and thrills the human heartHaldor Lillenas (Author)English6
O wonderful story trueHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
O'er our fair and mighty nationHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Of love full and free I am singingHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Oft in the years that are long since pastH. L. (Author)2
On the bright and glorious morning, when the dead in Christ shall riseHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
On the cross uplifted highHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
On the great eternal morning, when we'll hear the trumpet blastHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
On the other side of Jordan there's a city bright and fairHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
On the record book divineHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Once I was bound by sin's galling fettersHaldor Lillenas (Author)English26
Once I was walking in the by ways of sinHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
One came from the realms of the heavenly landH. L. (Author)4
One day at a time the Master will leadH. L. (Author)2
One day I traveled a toilsome roadHaldor Lillenas (Author)7
One is walking with me over life's uneven wayH. L. (Author)23
Only a rose by the wayHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Only little hands have weH. L. (Author)4
Onward, Christian soldiers, forward to the fightHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Open anew Thy fountain of graceHaldor Lillenas (Author)English3
Open the windows of heaven (Lillenas)Haldor Lillenas (Author)2
Others may sing of treasures of earthHaldor Lillenas (Author)English4
Our life passes on like a swift flowing streamH. L. (Author)English2
Out on life's stormy oceanHaldor Lillenas (Author)English3
Out upon life's ocean many souls adriftHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Over and over again, Over and over againHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
Over sea and over landHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Patiently, tenderly pleading, Jesus is standingH. L. (Author)23
Perhaps the bells of eveningHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Perhaps the songs that once you sangH. L. (Author)English2
Plead the precious promises of JesusHaldor Lillenas (Author)1
Praise the Father of all mercyH. L. (Author)2
Pray without ceasing, wait on the LordHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
Prayer is the key that unlocks the doorH. L. (Author)2
Pues la gracia de mi Señor y ReyH. L. (Author)Spanish2
Punzantes los abrojos del caminoHaldor Lillenas (Author)Spanish2
¡Qué preciosa paz nos daH. L. (Author)Spanish2
Raindrops fall on the thirsty groundHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Redeemed from sin, my heart with joy is singingHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Sabbath bells are chiming, far and nearHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Seasons and times are all changingHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Shut in with God, the weary world forbiddenH. L. (Author)3
Si solo y triste te sientes túH. L. (Author)Spanish2
Si tú cansado estás de pecarH. L. (Author)Spanish1
Sin cannot unpunished beHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Since I'm bound for my home in the skiesHaldor Lillenas (Author)English3
Since light has dawned on meHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Since my sins have been forgiven and I'm on my way to heavenHaldor Lillenas (Author)7
Since the Lord has come to dwellHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Since the wondrous grace of my loving LordHaldor Lillenas (Author)6
Sing a song of triumph every passing dayH. L. (Author)4
Sing me a song of heavenHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
Sing of a perfect salvationHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Sing praise to Him who fills all the earth with His gloryHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Sing, sing, sing, for the world is needing your singHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
Sing to Him in the early morningHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
Sinner, poor sinner, why wander awayHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Sinner spurning mercy's handHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Soldiers in the battle fighting for the rightH. L. (Author)English2
Soldiers of Immanuel, go forward in His nameH. L. (Author)15
Some day the light of earth shall fade awayH. L. (Author)9
Some day when time shall have writtenHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Some days are all golden with sunshineHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Some glad morning I'll awakenH. L. (Author)2
Some golden morn, when this short life is endedH. L. (Author)3
Someone is out in the world of sinHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Sound the note of victoryHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Stand fast in the Lord and the power of his mightHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Still saying No to Jesus, still you reject his voiceHaldor Lillenas (Author)5
Storms of life may beat around meH. L. (Author)6
Sure is my foundation, for I stand todayHaldor Lillenas (Author)7
Tell the story of the gospel as it isH. L. (Author)English3
That will be heaven when we get homeH. L. (Author)6
The bells of peace sweel out their anthemsHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
The Bible stands like a rock undauntedHaldor Lillenas (Author)English16
The blessed voice of Jesus calls todayHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
The bugle call is sounding over the world todayH. L. (Author)English2
The church bells chime from shore to shoreHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
The day may lose its sunshine and songHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
The fellowship of friends on earthHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
The gospel ship is comingH. Lillenas (Author)1
The grace of my Lord is unfailing and freeHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
The Lord God omnipotent reignethHaldor Lillenas (Author)1
The love of Jesus, love divineHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
The path lies hid behind the vailH. L. (Author)4
The path of the just is as a shining lightHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
The powers of sin and darkness are still engagedHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
The road I traveled yesterdayH. L. (Author)English3
The Savior of men is a wonderful SaviorH. L. (Author (v. 1, 3, 4, 5))2
The storehouse of God ever is filledHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
The times and the seasons are changingHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
The trials of earth may be manyHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
The voice of the Father is sayingHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
The way is narrow that leads to lifeH. L. (Author)2
The Word of God is like a light That shines serenely through the nightHaldor Lillenas (Author)5
The world sweeps on, its crush and dinH. L. (Author)English2
There are many little children who are sadHaldor Lillenas (Author)English1
There are many little lambsH. L. (Author)4
There are many who have gone the way before usHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
There are paths that I may walkH. L. (Author)English2
There is a day of glory comingHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
There is a land of beauty, Where fruits and flowers aboundHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
There is a name, a wonderful nameHaldor Lillenas (Author)6
There is a name of wondrous sweetnessHaldor Lillenas (Author)10
There is a sacred name, a blessed hallowed nameH. L. (Author)2
There is a song I've learned to singHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
There is a story, story so tenderHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
There is a thought that fills my heart with songH. L. (Author)3
There is a wonderful fountainHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
There is but one who knows my needHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
There is mercy full and freeH. L. (Author)English3
There is one who rules in heavenH. L. (Author)English3
There is something in the name of JesusH. L. (Author)4
There is sunshine in the valley, there is sunshine on the hillHaldor Lillenas (Author)6
There is victory within my soulHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
There is wondrous power in prevailing prayerHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
There was room in a manger one beautiful nightH. L. (Author)English2
There's a beautiful land that is almost in viewHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
There's a blessed and triumphant songHaldor Lillenas (Author)5
There's a burning question that comes to youHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
There's a day which the Lord hath appointedH. L. (Author)2
There's a land of light where shall come no nightHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
There's a mighty conflict raging o'er the whole wide worldHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
There's a mighty host of valiant soldiersHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
There's a sacred and hallowed retreatH. L. (Author)16
There's a story that we love to tellHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
There's a stream, mystic stream flowing deep, flowing wideHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
There's a word of cheer for eachHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
They that wait upon the Lord shall mount upHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Though you have wandered away from the foldHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Thou infinite King of my soulHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Though far you have wandered away from the LordHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Though my sins were scarlet redHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Through a shadow land, over desert sandH. L. (Author)English3
Through long weary years I with fetters was boundH. L. (Author)3
Thrones may fall and crumbleH. L. (Author)11
To hold communion with the LordHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
To our God above draw nearH. L. (Author)2
To the cross of the Savior I'm comingH. L. (Author)4
To the sunlit highlands I am climbingH. L. (Author)2
Trust in the Lord your SaviorH. L. (Author)2
Twilight shadows come with the dying dayHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Up the Calvary Road, 'neath a staggering loadH. L. (Author)2
Upon the mount the disciples stoodHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Use your hands for JesusHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Waiting to guard and guide meH. L. (Author)3
Watch your words whatever you doHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Waves are rolling high 'neath a stormy skyH. L. (Author)5
We are gathered, blessed Jesus, in Thy nameHaldor Lillenas (Author)4
We are gathered, Lord, in thy holy nameHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
We are little volunteers for JesusH. L. (Author)2
We are sailing over life's stormy oceanH. L. (Author)7
We are under marching orders from the King divine (Lillenas)Haldor Lillenas (Author)3
We have come to dedicate to TheeHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
We have known each other hereH. L. (Author)3
We have walked side by side on our journey belowHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Weary wanderer in sin and sadnessH. L. (Author)2
We're enlisted in the army of our Savior and our KingH. L. (Author)English3
We're girded for the fight 'gainst the powers of sin and wrongH. L. (Author)5
What a blessed peace we know as we travel here belowH. L. (Author)10
What a wonderful day when I lost the loadHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
What a wonderful salvation is provided for usHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
What are you doing, O sinful soulHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
What have you written todayHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
What is your life, friend, vapor or cloudHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
What matters wealth or earthly gainHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
What wondrous love the Lord hath shownHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
When a perfect consecration I had madeHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
When a soul repents of its sin and guiltH. L. (Author)2
When burdened with sin I came to the LordH. L. (Author)2
When day is done and twilight shadowsH. L. (Author)2
When I have ended my pilgrimage hereH. L. (Author)English2
When I said the last yes to JesusHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
When I was lost in the darkness of sinH. L. (Author)4
When I was treading the pathway of wrongH. L. (Author)English4
When life has written its storyHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
When life is ended and I cross the narrow seaHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
When life's evening shadows fallHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
When my day is ended and my work is doneH. L. (Author)4
When my day seems long and drearyH. L. (Author)5
When my earthly day is waningH. L. (Author)24
When on a sea of doubt and fearH. L. (Author)English2
When shades of night are fallingHaldor Lillenas (Author)1
When skies are blue and days are fairHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
When the dawn of eternity shall appearH. L. (Author)7
When the Lord shall call for his waiting brideHaldor Lillenas (Author)1
When the short race of my life has been runHaldor Lillenas (Author)5
When the sun is brightly shiningH. L. (Author)2
When the trump of God shall sound From the lonely grave and moundHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
When trials and temptations like mighty billows rollHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Where Jesus goes I'll gladly followHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Where the shadows of sin are fallingHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Where two or three together meet, in Jesus' holy nameH. L. (Author)English3
Who can describe all the splendor and gloryHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Who can find salvation freeH. L. (Author)2
Who can lift the fallen oneHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Who can touch our lifeHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Why are you straying away from the LordH. L. (Author)English2
Why carry your load any longerHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Why wander in the wilderness, O fainting soulHaldor Lillenas (Author)16
Win some soul for Jesus who has never knownHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
With courage unfailing and prayer all prevailingH. L. (Author)2
With my Savior I abideHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
Wonderful grace of JesusHaldor Lillenas (Author)English96
Wonderful, infinite, matchless loveHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Wonderful the power of Christ our KingHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Wonderful, wonderful, Jesus is to meHaldor Lillenas (Author)English3
Work of God, thy light is guidingH. L. (Author)English2
Would you see the darkness round you disappearHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
Ye who are troubled and burdened by sinHaldor Lillenas (Author)English17
Yielded to thee, Holy Spirit divine,Haldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Yielded to thee, Holy Spirit divineHaldor Lillenas (Author)1
Yonder a man in the prison dwellsHaldor Lillenas (Author)3
You have heard the blessed story of the children's truest FriendHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
You have prayed many long, weary, trying yearsHaldor Lillenas (Author)2
You have time for seeking earth's treasuresHaldor Lillenas (Author)English2
Your memory goes back tonight to when you were a boyH. L. (Author)2
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