Irvin H. Mack

Short Name: Irvin H. Mack
Full Name: Mack, Irvin H.

Mack & Lincoln Hall founded the Hall-Mack Company music publishing house (later bought by the Rodeheaver Company). Mack’s works include:

Boundless Love (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Hall-Mack Company, 1896)
The Service of Praise, with Lincoln Hall et al. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Hall-Mack Company, 1900)

Texts by Irvin H. Mack (116)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Afar from the turmoil of life'sIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
All that I have of peace divineIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Amidst a world of sin and griefIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
As flowers in the morning sunIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Beside the grave the Savior standsIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Bethlehem star, beautiful starIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Bis zum Wiederseh'n hier am heil'gen OrtIrvin H. Mack (Author)German2
Blessed Jesus I cryIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Boundless as the mighty deepIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Breezes blow, Softly blowIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Bright is the beauteous light shiningIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Church of Jesus, onward movingIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Complete in Him, O precious word (Mack)Irvin H. Mack (Author)4
Conquering ever, ever to conquerIrvin H. Mack (Author)1
Danket dem Herrn heut zur festlichen Stund'Irvin H. Mack (Author)German2
Des Todes Pforten öffnen sichIrvin H. Mack (Author)German2
Do not despise the Christian pathIrvin H. Mack (Arranger)2
Drifting, drifting with the currentIrvin H. Mack (Author)5
Flowers in fragrance growingIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Follow the Master where'er he may lead youIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Forward! Forward! Banners on highIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Forward march with steady treadIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Glory to God in the highest, Sing, ye ransomed, singIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
God be in the farewell chorusIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Hail again the time of joy and gladnessIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Happily, cheerily, comes a songIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Have you ever thought of what the Lord hath doneIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Hear the merry laughter as we lift the happy songIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Holy babe in lowly mangerIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Hosanna on this day shall be our songIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
How grandly the returning springIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
How oft across life's narrow pathIrvin H. Mack (Author)13
How the smiling flowersIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
I am weary today and my heart is cast downIrvin H. Mack (Author)4
I feel in my heart a blessing divineIrvin H. Mack (Author)6
I have a song within my heart, a song of joy divineIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
I may not have of earthly storeIrvin H. Mack (Author)English2
I was wandering on in darknessIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
In happy days of sunny JuneIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
In happy springtime forth we goIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
In Jesu Hut geborgenIrvin H. Mack (Author)German2
In the day of the LordIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
In thy gracious name we gather, Lord divineIrvin H. Mack (Author)4
Jesus can cleanse from my heart every stainIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Jesus is victor, Jesus is KingIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Kirche Christi, hoch erhabenIrvin H. Mack (Author)German2
Led by the Savior's guidingIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Let the voice of praisingIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Let us carry the message that Jesus has givenIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Let us sing the sweet songIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Lift on high your happy voicesIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
List the voice of Jesus callingIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
List, the voice of Jesus callsIrvin H. Mack (Author)English2
Look up! Look up! The Master callsIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Loving Savior, kind and gentleHarry Mack (Author)2
March on! March on! March on, ye soldiers true!Irvin H. Mack (Author)2
Merrily, cheerily, Let us singIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
My sins were very pressingIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
N'r all lifvets oro 'ndatsIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
O for a nobler, brighter lifeIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
O haste to thy labour, there's muchIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
O Jesus my Savior, who died on the crossIrvin H. Mack (Author)English2
O what happiness, O what peace I knowIrvin H. Mack (Author)6
O ye who lingerIrvin H. Mack (Author)English2
On eastern plain recliningIrvin H. Mack (Author)English3
On the heights of mountains steepIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Praise the Lord, O starry skiesIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Raise the standard of the Lord on highIrvin H. Mack (Author)15
Raise the stars and stripes of our nationIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Rejoice! Rejoice! Behold the newborn KingIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Rescued am I from the darkness of sinIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Secure from storms and sinful blastsIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
See the army of the SaviorIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Should the Savior come to call meIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Sing aloud, ye Christian landsIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Somewhere the sun is brightly beamingIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Steadily advancing, see the bannerIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Strive to be doing some good every dayIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Sweet moments when we feelIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Tell me about the MasterIrvin H. Mack (Author)10
The bells of heaven are ringing, Are telling of the KingIrvin H. Mack (Author)English3
The bells, the bells, They ring this Easter morningIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
The cup of wine, with beck'ning handIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
The dim, soft light of early mornIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
The gates of glory lifted areIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
The Lord has aris’n on highIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
The mandates of the Lord are justIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
The pealing bells are soundingIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
The sacrifice is now completedIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
The Savior, as a little childIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
The Savior leads his faithful onIrvin H. Mack (Author)6
The sun’s asleep ’neath western hillsIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
There are those in glory blestIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
There are times when life seems dreary, And my pathway rough and steepIrvin H. Mack (Author)4
There came a man to JesusIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
There is a healing fountainIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
There's a royal promise given unto allIrvin H. Mack (Author)English2
There's a song of wondrous beauty like a pealIrvin H. Mack (Author)8
Though I'm walking on life's pathIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Through the gates to the city, Into endless dayIrvin H. Mack (Author)4
Through a world base and cravenIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
Through all the world the gospel soundIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Till we meet again, in thy house, dear LordIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
To sunny fields and shaded nooksIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
To the cross of Christ I cling (Mack)Irvin H. Mack (Author)3
We are traveling home to gloryIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
We come before Thy throne todayIrvin H. Mack (Author)English4
Welcome with gladness the children’s dayIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
What shall be given to him who bestowsIrvin H. Mack (Author)2
What tho' temptation's powerIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
When the cares of life have endedIrvin H. Mack (Author)6
When the Lord shall come to call youIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
When the troubles gather And the billows rollIrvin H. Mack (Author)8
With joy the morn is wakingIrvin H. Mack (Author)3
Would you labor for the Master, would you in his service beIrvin H. Mack (Author)4
Yes we gladly come and follow where the star is leadingIrvin H. Mack (Author)English3
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