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Lowell Mason
Short Name: Lowell Mason
Full Name: Mason, Lowell, 1792-1872
Birth Year: 1792
Death Year: 1872

Dr. Lowell Mason (the degree was conferred by the University of New York) is justly called the father of American church music; and by his labors were founded the germinating principles of national musical intelligence and knowledge, which afforded a soil upon which all higher musical culture has been founded. To him we owe some of our best ideas in religious church music, elementary musical education, music in the schools, the popularization of classical chorus singing, and the art of teaching music upon the Inductive or Pestalozzian plan. More than that, we owe him no small share of the respect which the profession of music enjoys at the present time as contrasted with the contempt in which it was held a century or more ago. In fact, the entire art of music, as now understood and practiced in America, has derived advantage from the work of this great man.

Lowell Mason was born in Medfield, Mass., January 8, 1792. From childhood he had manifested an intense love for music, and had devoted all his spare time and effort to improving himself according to such opportunities as were available to him. At the age of twenty he found himself filling a clerkship in a banking house in Savannah, Ga. Here he lost no opportunity of gratifying his passion for musical advancement, and was fortunate to meet for the first time a thoroughly qualified instructor, in the person of F. L. Abel. Applying his spare hours assiduously to the cultivation of the pursuit to which his passion inclined him, he soon acquired a proficiency that enabled him to enter the field of original composition, and his first work of this kind was embodied in the compilation of a collection of church music, which contained many of his own compositions. The manuscript was offered unavailingly to publishers in Philadelphia and in Boston. Fortunately for our musical advancement it finally secured the attention of the Boston Handel and Haydn Society, and by its committee was submitted to Dr. G. K. Jackson, the severest critic in Boston. Dr. Jackson approved most heartily of the work, and added a few of his own compositions to it. Thus enlarged, it was finally published in 1822 as The Handel and Haydn Society Collection of Church Music. Mason's name was omitted from the publication at his own request, which he thus explains, "I was then a bank officer in Savannah, and did not wish to be known as a musical man, as I had not the least thought of ever making music a profession." President Winchester, of the Handel and Haydn Society, sold the copyright for the young man. Mr. Mason went back to Savannah with probably $500 in his pocket as the preliminary result of his Boston visit.

The book soon sprang into universal popularity, being at once adopted by the singing schools of New England, and through this means entering into the church choirs, to whom it opened up a higher field of harmonic beauty. Its career of success ran through some seventeen editions. On realizing this success, Mason determined to accept an invitation to come to Boston and enter upon a musical career. This was in 1826. He was made an honorary member of the Handel and Haydn Society, but declined to accept this, and entered the ranks as an active member. He had been invited to come to Boston by President Winchester and other musical friends and was guaranteed an income of $2,000 a year. He was also appointed, by the influence of these friends, director of music at the Hanover, Green, and Park Street churches, to alternate six months with each congregation. Finally he made a permanent arrangement with the Bowdoin Street Church, and gave up the guarantee, but again friendly influence stepped in and procured for him the position of teller at the American Bank.

In 1827 Lowell Mason became president and conductor of the Handel and Haydn Society. It was the beginning of a career that was to win for him as has been already stated the title of "The Father of American Church Music." Although this may seem rather a bold claim it is not too much under the circumstances. Mr. Mason might have been in the average ranks of musicianship had he lived in Europe; in America he was well in advance of his surroundings. It was not too high praise (in spite of Mason's very simple style) when Dr. Jackson wrote of his song collection: "It is much the best book I have seen published in this country, and I do not hesitate to give it my most decided approbation," or that the great contrapuntist, Hauptmann, should say the harmonies of the tunes were dignified and churchlike and that the counterpoint was good, plain, singable and melodious.

Charles C. Perkins gives a few of the reasons why Lowell Mason was the very man to lead American music as it then existed. He says, "First and foremost, he was not so very much superior to the members as to be unreasonably impatient at their shortcomings. Second, he was a born teacher, who, by hard work, had fitted himself to give instruction in singing. Third, he was one of themselves, a plain, self-made man, who could understand them and be understood of them."

The personality of Dr. Mason was of great use to the art and appreciation of music in this country. He was of strong mind, dignified manners, sensitive, yet sweet and engaging.

Prof. Horace Mann, one of the great educators of that day, said he would walk fifty miles to see and hear Mr. Mason teach if he could not otherwise have that advantage.

Dr. Mason visited a number of the music schools in Europe, studied their methods, and incorporated the best things in his own work. He founded the Boston Academy of Music. The aim of this institution was to reach the masses and introduce music into the public schools. Dr. Mason resided in Boston from 1826 to 1851, when he removed to New York. Not only Boston benefited directly by this enthusiastic teacher's instruction, but he was constantly traveling to other societies in distant cities and helping their work. He had a notable class at North Reading, Mass., and he went in his later years as far as Rochester, where he trained a chorus of five hundred voices, many of them teachers, and some of them coming long distances to study under him. Before 1810 he had developed his idea of "Teachers' Conventions," and, as in these he had representatives from different states, he made musical missionaries for almost the entire country. He left behind him no less than fifty volumes of musical collections, instruction books, and manuals.

As a composer of solid, enduring church music. Dr. Mason was one of the most successful this country has introduced. He was a deeply pious man, and was a communicant of the Presbyterian Church. Dr. Mason in 1817 married Miss Abigail Gregory, of Leesborough, Mass. The family consisted of four sons, Daniel Gregory, Lowell, William and Henry. The two former founded the publishing house of Mason Bros., dissolved by the death of the former in 1869. Lowell and Henry were the founders of the great organ manufacturer of Mason & Hamlin. Dr. William Mason was one of the most eminent musicians that America has yet produced.

Dr. Lowell Mason died at "Silverspring," a beautiful residence on the side of Orange Mountain, New Jersey, August 11, 1872, bequeathing his great musical library, much of which had been collected abroad, to Yale College.

--Hall, J. H. (c1914). Biography of Gospel Song and Hymn Writers. New York: Fleming H. Revell Company.

Wikipedia Biography

Lowell Mason (January 8, 1792 – August 11, 1872) was an American music director and banker who was a leading figure in 19th-century American church music. Lowell composed over 1600 hymn tunes, many of which are often sung today. His best-known work includes an arrangement of Joy to the World and the tune , which sets the hymn text Nearer, My God, to Thee. Mason also set music to Mary Had A Little Lamb. He is largely credited with introducing music into American public schools, and is considered the first important U.S. music educator. He has also been criticized for helping to largely eliminate the robust tradition of participatory sacred music that flourished in America before his time.

Tunes by Lowell Mason (303)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ADMAHLowell Mason (Composer)711712 34321 71345
AINLowell Mason (Arranger)251117 12233 34322
ALVANLowell Mason (Composer)2253312 12135 53312
AMBOY (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)1215511 16616 51271
AMESDr. Lowell Mason (Composer)1355171 27132 71
[Come, let us anew, Our journey to pursue]L. Mason (Composer)154332 12334 55654
ANTIOCH (Handel)Lowell Mason (Arranged)25917654 32156 67711
ANVERNLowell Mason (1792-1872) (Composer)5555131 27111 35342
APHEKADr. Mason (Composer)1
ARIELLowell Mason (Arranged)34955333 11171 33223
ARLINGTON (Arne)Thom­as Augustine Arne (Composer)113332 11123 54332
ARNOLD (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)155351 51217 12235
ARNVILLELowell Mason (Composer)233315 55365 71433
AS THE HART PANTETHLowell Mason (1792-1872) (Composer)2
ASAPH (Mason)Dr. L. Mason (Composer)655133 15616 65551
ASHWELL (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)2133333 43254 53654
ATLANDLowell Mason (Composer)151512 33755 65551
BAIMLowell Mason (Composer)355516 42571 32171
BALERMA (Barthélemon)Lowell Mason (Arranger)1313216 56113 23532
BARROW (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)253451 76565 43212
BATEMAN (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)115651 67123 14323
BEALOTHLowell Mason (Composer)2653332 11222 32153
BEATI IMMACULATILowell Mason (Arranger)155132 16543 21325
BEER-SHEANLowell Mason (Composer)213651 27116 25676
BEETHOVEN (Beethoven 34565)Lowell Mason (Arranger)334565 43234 56176
BELFORD (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)133434 43325 54551
BETHANY (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)88632116 65132 32116
BIRMINGHAM (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)153455 34551 36554
[Blest the day returning]Dr. L. Mason (Composer)233221 56543 23322
BONAR (Mason)Lowell Mason (1792-1872) (Composer)1213213 43221 23133
BOYLSTONLowell Mason (Composer)87553456 51176 65534
BRENTFORD (11713)Dr. L. Mason (Arranger)411713 21523 43212
BRESTLowell Mason (Composer)1733333 35325 53
BRIGHTON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)151567 13217 65515
SCHUMANN (51567)Lowell Mason (Composer)551567 11432 11771
BURLINGTON (Nageli)Lowell Mason (Arranger)211351 71321 25
BUTLER (12334)Lowell Mason (Composer)112334 32232 14321
RELEASELowell Mason (Composer)256535 54231 12535
CAIROLowell Mason (Composer)156513 21656 51322
[Once was heard the song of children] (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)213556 55353 25465
CANANDAIGUA (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)111353 13211 13531
CANONBURYLowell Mason (Composer)153334 32123 56712
CAPELLO (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)1711112 33333 45555
CARNESLowell Mason (Composer)311751 32222 33445
CARPARTHUSLowell Mason (Composer)255345 56176 55517
CECIL (Mason)Lowell Mason, Mus. Doc. (1792-1872) (Composer)255536 55312 34321
CEPHAS (Mason)L. Mason (Composer)234555 43453 33321
CHARDON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)413211 27111 35353
CHATHAM (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)112334 55655 34534
CHIMES (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)4033551 62712 31657
CHRIST HATH ARISEN (Mason)Dr. L. Mason (Composer)312231 43321 12331
[Christ the Savior is here]Lowell Mason (Arranger (refrain))1
CHRISTMAS (Handel)Lowell Mason (Arranged)1134517 65123 34555
CINCINNATI (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)155511 13222 32176
CLAREMONT (Bradbury)Lowell Mason (1792-1872) (Composer)113127 15614 66557
CLEVELAND (Mason)Dr. L Mason. 1792-1872 (Composer)751112 22345 11432
COLUMBIA (Mason)Lowell Mason (Arranger)1
LABANLowell Mason (Composer)59134555 15321 76534
COPNALLowell Mason (Composer)111223 21223 34323
CORINTH (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)1813555 65555 32222
CORONATION (Holden)Mason (Composer)151133 21232 13212
COVENTRY (English)Lowell Mason (Arranger)855117 16544 35556
COWPER (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)11534565 31651 23433
CYPRUS (Mason)Lowell Mason, 1792-1872 (Composer)611111 27122 23176
DALLIBALowell Mason (Composer)111111 22333 35322
DALMATIA (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)234565 17655 55555
DANVERSLowell Mason (Composer)415436 54321 32545
LISCHER (Schneider)Lowell Mason (Arranged)7251234 65135 54543
DAUGHTER OF ZION (Mason 34543)Lowell Mason (Composer)334543 21123 22345
DAUGHTER OF ZION (Mason 12331)Lowell Mason (Composer)112331 17122 77123
HORTON (Schnyder von Wartensee)Dr. Mason (Composer)551311 65542 31657
DEALLowell Mason (Composer)116712 34523 43223
AZMONLowell Mason (Arranged)45851122 32123 34325
DENNIS (Nägeli)Lowell Mason (Arranged)25533132 72111 61151
[There is a fountain filled with blood] (51332)Lowell Mason (Composer)151332 17671 12221
ELLESDIELowell Mason (Arranger)211113 22112 22243
[Chant] (Mason 56653)Lowell Mason (Composer)1656653 44323
DORTLowell Mason (Composer)12413156 55752 32176
DOWNS (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)18313565 54356 15451
DUKE STREETLowell Mason (Composer)213456 71765 55565
DURENLowell Mason (Composer)251123 33453 132
DURERLowell Mason (Composer)256655 12332 12
EASTPORT (Mason)L. Mason (Composer)251232 52343 35354
EDDOLowell Mason (Composer)151553 17243 51161
EDEN (Mason)Dr. L. Mason (Composer)1633211 76532 15543
EL PARANLowell Mason (Composer)713343 32113 34332
ELIJAH (Mendelssohn)Lowell Mason, Mus. Doc. (Arranger)331651 23443 33267
ELLER (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)155312 17132 57654
ELLIOTT (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer (arr. from))715132 17132 34234
ELTHAM (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)6751315 53513 12321
ELTON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)1156712 31662 71654
EPHRAIM (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)255132 11757 24715
FOLSOM (Mozart)Lowell Mason (Arranger)155553 54454 31223
[Ere long the veil will rend in twain]Dr. L. Mason (Composer)213511 27133 34444
ERNAN (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)19053451 17671 66655
EVAN (Havergal)Lowell Mason (Adapter)4255132 16555 13124
EVARTSLowell Mason (Arranged)1534536 55354 53423
RATHBUNLowell Mason (Composer)151317 65155 63234
ORTONVILLELowell Mason (Composer)151122 32156 61655
FARNHAM (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)513217 13234 43211
FELIX (Mendelssohn 35175)Lowell Mason (Arranger)634517 53451 231
FENWICK (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)135532 44335 54321
FLAVELLowell Mason (Composer)112333 34555 16532
FLORENCE (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)156517 12323 27576
CLEANSING FOUNTAIN (13565)Lowell Mason (Composer)27213565 11651 35565
GADARALowell Mason (Composer)255551 17111 17332
GENEVA (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)134556 55171 43271
GERARLowell Mason (Composer)7013157 13325 54655
GETHSEMANE (Mason)L. Mason (Composer)134555 56655 33221
[Jesus, Heiland meiner Seele] (35534)L. Mason (Composer)235534 66513 32343
RIGHINILowell Mason (Composer)115327 13154 23531
GRACE OF GODLowell Mason, 1792–1872 (Composer)2
GRAVITYLowell Mason (Composer)2
GREAT IS THE LORD (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)211111 22171 13333
GREGORIAN (Mason)Lowell Mason (Arranged)432334 32332 11232
GREGORY (11333)Dr. L. Mason (Arranger)211333 43233 42551
PERONLowell Mason (Arranger)111151 33223 42172
HADDAMLowell Mason (Arranger)3451567 15654 32515
HAMBURGLowell Mason (Composer)72611232 34323 33343
HAMDENLowell Mason (Composer)855123 12232 12171
HAMULLowell Mason (Composer)251364 25112 34324
HANWELLLowell Mason (Composer)133314 65511 15271
HARTELLowell Mason (1792-1872) (Composer)2013332 34556 55343
HARVEST PASTLowell Mason (Composer)233321 73332 17366
HARWELL (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)30555151 32255 51321
HARWICH (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)655566 55343 21222
HAVERHILLLowell Mason (Composer)434556 65176 54534
HAYES (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)115431 22334 45511
HEATH (Mason)Lowell Mason (1792-1872) (Composer)512343 21171 34565
MISSIONARY HYMN (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)66413556 53171 43321
[The Lord bless thee and keep thee] (Mason)L. Mason, 1792-1872 (Arranger)1613222 11133 33165
HEBRON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)48553565 67117 23176
HENDON (Malan)Lowell Mason (Harmonizer)3211151 35433 33242
HENLEYLowell Mason (Composer)11453332 11223 15333
HERBERT (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)1011567 12345 7132
HERMON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)4353451 61311 17127
HIGHTON (Silcher)Lowell Mason (Arranger)155132 71232 23454
HIGHTON (Schneider)Lowell Mason (Arranger)134512 34543 45123
HILKIAHLowell Mason (Composer)611131 43222 23342
[Holy! Holy! Holy is the Lord] (Mason)Dr. Lowell Mason (Composer)211111 13322 77753
[Holy! Holy! Holy! Lord God of Sabaoth] (11223)Dr. Lowell Mason (Composer)211223 34433 22222
[How lovely are thy dwellings] (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)111334 56555 51332
[How sweet is the day]Dr. L. Mason (Composer)251111 23333 55356
HULL (51175)Lowell Mason (Composer)151175 67156 65343
HULLAH (32124)L. Mason (Composer)132123 43322 345
[I am coming to the cross] (Fischer)Lowell Mason (Composer)151312 31345 65321
[I cannot always trace the way] (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)512333 23455 65432
ILLA (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)1911171 33217 12223
INGHAM (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)611171 67177 71122
INVERNESSLowell Mason (Composer)855324 35132 65
ISCAHLowell Mason (Composer)313566 22555 43664
[Jerusalem, my glorious home] (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)355333 31132 14323
[Jesus, Master, whose I am] (Mason)Dr. L. Mason (Composer)211322 43351 11322
JULIENLowell Mason (Composer)155115 61167 13254
JUSTUS DOMINUSLowell Mason (Arranger)233333 35443 31117
KANE (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)651232 15671 65512
KEDESHDr. L. Mason (Composer)253315 44213 53542
KINLOCKLowell Mason (Composer)111115 65522 23217
LANCASHIRE (Smart)Lowell Mason (Composer)155346 53114 56255
LANESBOROLowell Mason (Arranger)215567 15435 64217
LANGDON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)211111 12222 31571
LAWNLowell Mason (Composer)155132 12123 53254
LENILowell Mason (Arranger)253454 32343 55671
LENOALLowell Mason (Arranger)153217 76554 32123
NOEL (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)1834555 67111 62176
LESLIE (Mason)Dr. L. Mason (Composer)217512 34543 42231
VARINAMason (Composer)155551 33351 1123
[Chant] (Anonymous 56716)Lowell Mason (Composer)256716 543
AULD LANG SYNEL. Mason (Composer)151113 21231 13566
LITCHFIELD (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)812334 53243 56765
[Lord, I believe; Thy pow'r I own]Lowell Mason (Composer)2
LIGHT OF LIFELowell Mason (Composer (attr.))3711112 23233 34567
[Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling-place In all generations]Lowell Mason (Composer)211234 55432 21
LOWELL (English)Lowell Mason (Arranger)133451 21715 61653
LYNN (Mason)L. Mason (Composer)2
HALLOWED PEACELowell Mason (Composer)255551 13223 42343
MALVERN (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)5833333 32345 56653
MANNHEIM (Filitz)Lowell Mason, 1792-1872 (Harmonizer)1013556 54334 51321
MARLOWLowell Mason (Arranger)4213331 55553 14321
MAYSVILLE (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)133343 55243 66651
MELTON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)113554 32356 51452
MENDEBRASLowell Mason (Arranged)28412333 21215 13555
MENDON (17151)Lowell Mason, 1792-1872 (Adapter)6017151 71213 16212
MERDINLowell Mason (Composer)1111112 32355 32111
MERIBAH (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)18713332 34536 66543
MIGDOLLowell Mason (Composer)14155162 17132 32171
MISSIONARY CHANT (Zeuner)Lowell Mason (Composer)133331 22771 11132
MORN (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)134556 71127 21765
MORNINGTON (Mornington)Lowell Mason (1792-1872) (Arranger)1555432 11765 65434
ITALIAN HYMNLowell Mason, 1792-1872 (Harmonizer)353121 71123 45432
MOULTON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)133212 77112 71333
MOUNT VERNON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)7033534 66513 32343
MOUNT ZION (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)255117 15621 71671
MURRAY (Mason)Dr. Mason (Composer)251565 43555 65433
[My rest is in heaven, my rest is not here] (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)434565 53143 32345
NAOMI (Nägeli)Lowell Mason (Arranged)28533354 32343 36654
NASHVILLE (Mason)Lowell Mason (Adapter)3213455 66553 51566
NASHVILLE (13455)Lowell Mason (Arranger)113455 66556 71566
NAYTONLowell Mason (Composer)255171 21712 32176
NEW YEAR (Mason)L. Mason (Composer)234565 53234 33456
NEW YORK TUNELowell Mason (Composer)151651 32135 31323
NEWMAN (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)151171 66221 71511
NICHOLS (Mason)Dr. L. Mason (Composer)234335 56551 71432
RIALTOL. Mason (Composer)313455 55671 11112
NORWELLL. Mason (Composer)2
NORWICH (Mason)Dr. L. Mason (Composer)212321 71345 43235
[O all ye nations, praise the Lord] (Mason 12233)Lowell Mason (Composer)112233 42711 11512
[O all ye nations, praise the Lord] (Mason 51111)Lowell Mason (Composer)151111 11312 21715
HAPPY DAY (Rimbault)Lowell Mason (Composer)151235 12334 32132
PASSION CHORALE (Hassler)Lowell Mason (Arranger)251765 45233 2121
OAKLowell Mason (Composer)9211232 12171 11232
OLDENLowell Mason (1792-1872) (Composer)851511 22334 43213
OLIPHANTLowell Mason (Arranger)2455531 55345 65713
OLIVET (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)98413554 32244 32326
OLMUTZLowell Mason (Composer)18256512 11716 65565
OLNEY (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)4655434 51114 32554
ONIDOLowell Mason (1792-1872) (Arranger)955534 23456 71554
ORRINGTONLowell Mason (Arranger)213322 17113 32233
ORWELL (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)356511 12311 61554
OSTEND (Mason)Lowell Mason, 1792-1872 (Composer)953455 65532 34535
OTTAWA (Mason)L. Mason (1792-1872) (Composer)2312314 33214 32171
OTTO (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)151113 21671 65122
[Our Father who art in heaven] (Langdon)Lowell Mason (Composer)1111111 23221 43222
OVIOLowell Mason (Composer)2555531 11512 32132
PARAHLowell Mason, Mus. Doc., 1792-1872 (Composer)611112 77113 23333
PARK STREETLowell Mason 1792-1872 (Arranger)111112 32171 33334
PARRY (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)233235 54323
PARTHIALowell Mason (Composer)134555 56667 13645
PENFIELD (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)211117 12171 77715
PENTONVILLE (Linley)Lowell Mason (Composer)253127 13217 65275
PEREZ (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)3354545 17665 51354
PETERBOROUGH (Harrison)L. Mason (Composer)613344 32135 54323
DEDICATION ANTHEM (Stanley)Lowell Mason (Composer (melody))211133 23423 56712
[Praise the Lord, O my soul] (Mason)L. Mason (Composer)256715 65545
[Praise ye the Lord! 'tis good to raise] (Mason)Dr. Lowel Mason (Composer)213511 21716 71765
PUNONLowell Mason (Composer)251171 27157 17654
PUTNEY (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)235542 44365 42315
REODr. Lowell Mason (Composer)2
RIDGE (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)131323 43233 33655
RIPLEY (Gregorian)Lowell Mason (Adapter)5313534 65351 43221
ROCKINGHAM (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)28617123 53232 16512
ROCKVALE (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)115151 51323 32333
RODMANLowell Mason (1792-1872) (Composer)1417653 55424 43
ROTHWELL (Tans'ur)L. Mason (Composer)1213515 43212 34556
ROWLEY (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)1312321 53543 23553
SABBATH (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)33012334 32712 43211
SAVANNAH Lowell Mason (Harmonizer)155432 12325 54321
SCOTT (Nägeli)Lowell Mason, 1792-1872 (Adapter)712334 33232 1125
SEIRLowell Mason (Composer)1134312 12122 57656
SELVINLowell Mason (Arranger)4433235 44323 46551
SERUGLowell Mason (Composer)117121 71321 43217
SHALEMLowell Mason (Composer)351512 32123 34654
SHANNON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)115162 17132 75165
SHAWMUT (Mason)Lowell Mason (Arranger)5733355 36666 56333
SNOWFIELDLowell Mason (Composer)235567 11765 45517
SOTOLowell Mason (Composer)551115 12335 32762
SPARTALowell Mason (Composer)255511 11222 23453
ST. AUGUSTINE (Goss)Lowell Mason, 1792-1872 (Composer)313556 55343 21135
ST. THOMAS (Williams)Lowell Mason, 1792-1872 (Harmonizer)1351132 12345 43432
STERLING (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)211111 22333 34322
STOWE (Mason)Lowell Mason, 1792-1872 (Composer)1051112 33214 32232
GREENVILLE (Rousseau)Lowell Mason (Arranger)133211 22321 55433
WHITNEY (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)955115 61165 51322
THANKSGIVING ANTHEMLowell Mason (Composer)211125 53143 32117
THANKSGIVING HYMN (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)211123 45312 34567
[The day is past and over] (Mason)Dr. Lowell Mason (Composer)255565 15566 77123
[The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof] (Mason)L. Mason (Composer)211111 11771 22223
[The skies are aflame with a wonderful Light]Lowell Mason (Composer (Chorus))2
THE WONDERFUL CROSSLowell Mason (Composer)5
[The world, with siren voice]Lowell Mason (Composer (Chorus))355656 55523 43517
THIS ENDRIS NYGHT Lowell Mason (Arranger)113455 67655 17656
[Thy will be done] (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)2512712 33232 645
DEVOTION (Johnson)Lowell Mason (Composer)153212 17132 1717
[Today the Savior calls] (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)15555331 25645 55335
TRELLLowell Mason (Composer)253165 43222 71654
TRURO (Williams)Lowell Mason (Harmonizer)1613455 67151 54321
TULLYLowell Mason (Composer)434565 11643 35323
ULEALowell Mason (Composer)312333 33122 77112
UPTON (Mason)Dr. L. Mason (Composer)913542 17123 21
URMUNDLowell Mason (Composer)311111 11222 22222
UXBRIDGE (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)29811232 17135 56716
VERNON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)213532 32315 3231
VESPER HYMN (Bortnianski)L. Mason (Arranger)935453 52535 42171
[Voices, happy voices]Dr. Lowell Mason (Composer)355345 33322 23215
[Wake! Wake! Isles of the South!]L. Mason (Composer)211144 51313 51762
WALDO (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)113515 31533 34433
WANSTEDLowell Mason (Composer)113254 31211 767
WARD (Scottish)Lowell Mason (Arranged)22455171 56555 55123
WATCHMAN (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)14212323 45535 65321
WENDALLLowell Mason (Composer)133333 43211 11121
WENDONLowell Mason (Composer)153455 66532 34532
WESLEY (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)20517655 56166 53221
UNITY (Mason)Dr. L. Mason (Composer)2613343 33224 43355
WHITELANDDr. L. Mason (Arranger)112111 37155 33175
NUNDALowell Mason (Composer)555117 55722 1
WILMOT (Weber)Lowell Mason (Arranger)2113215 13215 61533
WOODS (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)151567 16536 5545
WORK SONG (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)48253455 65111 12353
WORTH (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)356655 12322 17566
YARMOUTH (Bannister)Dr. L. Mason (Composer)1151153 23321 17151
ZEBULON (Mason)Lowell Mason (Composer)2455432 12334 32134
ZERAHLowell Mason (Composer)15751113 25555 34235
ZION (Hastings)L. Mason (Composer)255531 56511 22171

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