The Book of Common Praise: being the hymn book of The Church of England in Canada (revised 1938)

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146bThroned upon the awful TreeARFON
147aHis are the thousand sparkling rillsSAFFRON WALDEN
147bHis are the thousand sparkling rillsTRUST
148aO perfect life of love!SOUTHWELL
148bO perfect life of love!ST. MICHAEL
149And now, beloved Lord, thy soul resigningSTRENGTH AND STAY
150aIn his own raiment cladSTORY OF THE CROSSScoreAudio
150bIn his own raiment clad[In his own raiment clad]ScoreAudio
150cIn his own raiment cladBRIDGWATERAudio
151Resting from his work todayREDHEAD NO. 76
152It is finished! Blessed JesusBATTY (ELLERKER)
153Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!EASTER HYMN
154'Christ the Lord is risen to-day'SAVANNAH (HERRNHUT)
155Christ the Lord is risen againWÜRTEMBURG
156Hail! Festal Day, to endless ages knownSALVE, FESTA DIES!ScoreAudio
157He is risen, he is risenALL SAINTS
158aThe Lamb's high banquet called to shareJESU, REDEMPTOR SAECULI (AD COENAM AGNI)Audio
158bThe Lamb's high banquet called to shareST. VENANTIUS
158cThe Lamb's high banquet called to shareCHURCH TRIUMPHANT
159aLight's glittering morn bedecks the skyAURORA LUCISAudio
159bLight's glittering morn bedecks the skyEASTER CHANTScoreAudio
159cLight's glittering morn bedecks the skyST. LAWRENCE
160Christ the Lord is risen to-dayST. GEORGE
161At the Lamb's high feast we singSALZBURG
162O sons and daughters, let us sing!O FILII ET FILIAE
163The strife is o'er, the battle doneVICTORY
164aThe day of resurrection!LANCASHIRE
164bThe day of resurrection!LLANFYLLIN
165aCome, ye faithful, raise the strainAVE VIRGO VIRGINUM
165bCome, ye faithful, raise the strainST. KEVIN
166Christ is risen! Christ is risen!RESURREXIT
167aAlleluia! Alleluia!WÜRZBURG
167bAlleluia! Alleluia!LUX EOI
168'Welcome, happy morning!' age to age shall sayHERMAS
169Ye choirs of new JerusalemST. FULBERT
170Good Joseph had a gardenCHERRY TREE CAROL
171aLord, in thy Name thy servants pleadUNIVERSITYScoreAudio
171bLord, in thy Name thy servants pleadBERTHIERScoreAudio
172aTo thee our God, we flyCROFT'S 136TH
172bTo thee our God, we flyRHOSYMEDRE (LOVELY)
173Hail! Festal Day! to endless ages knownSALVE, FESTA DIES! (No. 5)ScoreAudio
174aHail the day that sees him riseASCENSION
174bHail the day that sees him riseLLANFAIR
175Jesu, our Hope, our heart's DesireMETZLER'S REDHEAD
176See the Conqueror mounts in triumphREX GLORIAE
177Holy Ghost, IlluminatorDEERHURST
178O Christ, thou hast ascendedGREENLAND
179aJoy! because the circling yearGLEBE FIELD
179bJoy! because the circling yearNEW CALABAR
180When God of old came down from heavenWINCHESTER OLD
181Spirit of mercy, truth, and loveMELCOMBE
182Hail thee! Spirit co-eternalLITLYNGTON
183aBe present, Holy TrinityO LUX BEATA TRINITAS
183bBe present, Holy TrinityMAINZER
184Holy, Holy, Holy, LordDIX
185aFrom all thy saints in warfare, for all thy saints at restMUNICH (BREMEN)
185bFrom all thy saints in warfare, for all thy saints at restPARADISEScoreAudio
186Jesus calls us! O'er the tumultST. OSWALD
187How oft, O Lord, thy face hath shoneEISENACH (LEIPSIC)
188We sing the glorious conquestMISSIONARY
189O Sion, open wide thy gatesBEDFORD
190The highest and the holiest placeST. JAMES
191Praise we the Lord this dayVENICE
192The God whom earth, and sea, and skyST. AMBROSE
193The saint who first found grace to penBROCKHAM
194King of saints, we offerONWARD
195O Son of God, our Captain of SalvationSTRENGTH AND STAY
196Lo! from the desert homesCROFT'S 136TH
197We bless the God and FatherOSLO
198We praise thy name, O Lord most highWAREHAM
199Upon the holy mount they stoodBLACKBOURNE
200Saints of God! Lo, Jesus' peopleSUSSEX
201'Behold, the Master passeth by!'BRESLAU
202They come, God's messengers of loveCHURCH TRIUMPHANT
203Around the throne of God a bandSOLOTHURN
204Stars of the morning, so gloriously brightTRISAGION
205Father, before thy throne of lightDAVID
206What thanks and praise to thee we oweMELCOMBE
207Thou who sentest thine apostlesORIEL
208Who are these like stars appearingALL SAINTS
209aFor all the saints who from their labours restSINE NOMINE
209bFor all the saints who from their labours restPRO OMNIBUS SANCTIS
210If thou hast the skill to reckonLEWES
211The saints of God! Their conflict pastREST
212aThe eternal gifts of Christ the KingAETERNA CHRISTI MUNERA
212bThe eternal gifts of Christ the KingCHURCH TRIUMPHANT
213Captains of the saintly bandUNIVERSITY COLLEGE
214Behold the messengers of ChristDURHAM
215Give me the wings of faith, to riseWILTSHIRE
216aHow bright these glorious spirits shine!BEATITUDO
216bHow bright these glorious spirits shine!BALLERMA
217aFor all thy saints, O LordFRANCONIA
217bFor all thy saints, O LordCAMBERWELL (CAMBRIDGE)
218Hark! The sound of holy voicesDEERHURST
219aBread of heaven, on thee we feedNICHT SO TRAURIG
219bBread of heaven, on thee we feedBREAD OF HEAVEN
220O Holy Father, who in tender loveSONG 4
221And now, O Father, mindful of the loveUNDE ET MEMORES
222aBread of the world, in mercy brokenRENDEZ À DIEU
222bBread of the world, in mercy brokenAGAPÉ

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