The Oxford Hymn Book

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
81aLord, in this thy mercy's dayWESTONPage Scan
81bLord, in this thy mercy's dayST. PHILIPPage Scan
82aO Lord, turn not thy face from meST. MARYPage Scan
82bO Lord, turn not thy face from meTHE LAMENTATIONPage Scan
83Saviour, when in dust to theeJESU LEIDEN, PEIN UND TODPage Scan
84The solemn season calls us nowHEREFORDPage Scan
85aAbroad the regal banners fly[Abroad the regal banners fly]Page Scan
85bAbroad the regal banners flyST. LUKEPage Scan
86Ah, holy Jesu, how hast thou offendedHERZLIEBSTER JESUPage Scan
87All glory, laud, and honorST. THEODULPHPage Scan
88aAll ye who seek a certain cureST. BERNARDPage Scan
88bAll ye who seek a certain cureBISHOPTHORPE (OR ST. PAUL'S)Page Scan
89aAt the Cross her station keeping[At the Cross her station keeping]Page Scan
89bAt the Cross her station keepingSTABAT MATER DOLOROSAPage Scan
90By Jesus' grave on either handWHEATLEYPage Scan
91Go to dark GethsemaneGETHSEMANPage Scan
92Lord Jesu, when we stand afarPLAYFORDPage Scan
93My God, my God, why dost thou me forsake?GENEVAN PSALM 22Page Scan
94O Prince of Peace, who man wast bornSONG 5Page Scan
95O sacred head, surroundedO HAUPT VOLL BLUT UND WUNDENPage Scan
96Oh come and mourn with me awhileST. CROSSPage Scan
97aRide on! ride on in majesty!ST. DROSTANEPage Scan
97bRide on! ride on in majesty!WINCHESTER NEWPage Scan
98aSee the destined day arise!SONG 13Page Scan
98bSee the destined day arise!REDHEAD NO. 47Page Scan
99There is a green hill far awayHORSLEYPage Scan
100We sing the praise of him who diedDOMINE, PROBASTIPage Scan
101When I survey the wondrous CrossROCKINGHAMPage Scan
102At the Lamb's high feast we singSALZBURGPage Scan
103Christ the Lord is risen todayAXMINSTERPage Scan
104Christ the Lord is risen againWURTEMBURGPage Scan
105Come, ye faithful, raise the strainMARTYRSPage Scan
106Jesus Christ is risen todayEASTER HYMNPage Scan
107Jesus lives! no longer nowST. ALBINUSPage Scan
108The strife is o'er, the battle doneVICTORYPage Scan
109Ye humble souls, that seek the LordMANCHESTERPage Scan
110Ye sons and daughters of the KingO FILII ET FILILAEPage Scan
111aCome, ye faithful, raise the anthemALLELUIA DULCE CARMENPage Scan
111bCome, ye faithful, raise the anthemUNSER HERRSCHERPage Scan
112God is ascended up on high, alleluiaCANNONSPage Scan
113Hail the day that sees him riseHARTSPage Scan
114The Lord ascendeth up on highASCENDIT DEUSPage Scan
115Thou art gone up on highOLD 25THPage Scan
116Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire[Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire]Page Scan
117Come, thou holy ParacleteVENI SANCTE SPIRITUSPage Scan
118Creator Spirit, by whose aidNEW JERSEYPage Scan
119Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathedST. CUTHBERTPage Scan
120When God of old came down from heavenWINCHESTER OLDPage Scan
121Bright the vision that delightedREDHEAD NO. 46Page Scan
122Holy, holy, holy! Lord God almighty!NICAEAPage Scan
123Captains of the saintly bandUNIVERSITY COLLEGEPage Scan
124Disposer supremeHANOVERPage Scan
125aThe eternal gifts of Christ the KingAETERNA CHRISTI MUNERAPage Scan
125bThe eternal gifts of Christ the KingBERKSHIREPage Scan
126Exalted high at God's right handCHURCH TRIUMPHANTPage Scan
127aFor all the saints who from their labors restATONEMENTPage Scan
127bFor all the saints who from their labors restPRO OMNIBU SANCTISPage Scan
128Give me the wings of faith, to riseST. DAVID'SPage Scan
129aHow bright these glorious spirits shine!LIVERPOOLPage Scan
129bHow bright these glorious spirits shine!BEATITUDOPage Scan
130Love, unto thine own who camestGENEVAN PSALM 61Page Scan
131O what if we are Christ'sOLD 134THPage Scan
132aThe Son of God goes forth to warST. ANNEPage Scan
132bThe Son of God goes forth to warOLD 81STPage Scan
133Who are these like stars appearingALL SAINTSPage Scan
134All praise be to God, whom all things obeySCOTCH PSALM 67Page Scan
135Stars of the morning, so gloriously brightTRISAGIONPage Scan
136Alleluia, sing to JesusALLELUIAPage Scan
137aAnd now, O Father, mindful of the loveSONG 13Page Scan
137bAnd now, O Father, mindful of the loveUNDE ET MEMORESPage Scan
138aAs pants the hart for cooling streamsMARTYRDOMPage Scan
138bAs pants the hart for cooling streamsCHICHESTER NEWPage Scan
139Author of life divineGWEEDOREPage Scan
140Behold the Lamb!WIGANPage Scan
141aBread of the world in mercy brokenGENEVAN PLSAM 118Page Scan
141bBread of the world in mercy brokenGLASTONBURYPage Scan
142Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwellBRISTOLPage Scan
143Come, my Way, my Truth, my LifeOUNDLEPage Scan
144aDraw nigh, and take the Body of the LordRELIANCEPage Scan
144bDraw nigh, and take the Body of the LordREFUGEPage Scan
145I am not worthy, holy LordCROWLEPage Scan
146Jesu, gentlest SaviourPROVIDENCEPage Scan
147Lo, God is here! let us adoreVATER UNSER IM HIMMELREICHPage Scan
148aLove divine, all loves excellingHALTON HOLGATEPage Scan
148bLove divine, all loves excellingCHICHESTERPage Scan
149My God, and is thy table spread?BROMLEYPage Scan
150aMy spirit longeth for theeLISBONPage Scan
150bCheer up, desponding soulST. QUINTINPage Scan
151aNow, my tongue, the mystery telling[Now, my tongue, the mystery telling]Page Scan
151bNow, my tongue, the mystery tellingTANTUM ERGO SACRAMENTUMPage Scan
152aO God, unseen, yet ever nearOLD 132NDPage Scan
152bO God, unseen, yet ever nearIRISHPage Scan
152cO God, unseen, yet ever nearST. FLAVIANPage Scan
153O thou, who camest from aboveDAS NEUGEBORNE KINDELEINPage Scan
154Once, only once, and once for allALBANOPage Scan
155Saviour, and can it beWILLINGHAMPage Scan
156aThe King of love my Shepherd isDYFRDWYPage Scan
156bThe King of love my Shepherd isDOMINUS REGIN MEPage Scan
157To Christ, the Prince of peaceST. GEORGEPage Scan
158View me, Lord, a work of thineVIEW ME, LORDPage Scan

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