The Church Hymnal Revised: containing hymns approved and set forth by the general convetions of 1892 and 1916; together with hymns for the use of guilds and brotherhoods, and for special occastions

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301O could I [we] speak the matchless worthPage Scan
302City of God, how broad and far [fair]Page Scan
303Come, O thou traveller unknownPENIELPage Scan
304In heavenly love abidingPage Scan
305Ancient of days, who [that] sittest enthroned [throned] in gloryPage Scan
306Christ [God], whose glory fills the skies [sky]Page Scan
307Lord of all being, throned afarPage Scan
308O where are the kings and empires nowPage Scan
309Call Jehovah thy salvationPage Scan
310Hosanna to the living LordPage Scan
311Thou art coming, O my SaviorPage Scan
312Joy fills our inmost hearts todayPage Scan
313Thou didst leave Thy throne and Thy kingly crownPage Scan
314Christ, of all my hopes the groundPage Scan
315To the name of our salvationPage Scan
316Conquering kings their titles take, From the foes they captive makePage Scan
317Hail to the Lord's anointedPage Scan
318Joy to the world, the Lord is [has] comePage Scan
319Light of those whose dreary dwellingPage Scan
320O very God of very GodPage Scan
321Thou whose almighty word Chaos and darkness heardPage Scan
322O love of God, how strong and truePage Scan
323Watchman, tell us of the nightPage Scan
324God of mercy, God of grace, Show the brightnessPage Scan
325I'm but a stranger [traveler] here, heaven is my homePage Scan
326Jesus, my strength, my hopePage Scan
327Far from my heavenly homePage Scan
328My soul with patience waits For thee, the livingPage Scan
329Jesus, Lover [Savior] of my soul, Let me to thy bosom [refuge] flyPage Scan
330Rock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in TheePage Scan
331O help us Lord each hour of needPage Scan
332Jesus, I live to theePage Scan
333O thou to whose all searching sightPage Scan
334In the hour of trialPage Scan
335Jesus, my Savior, look on mePage Scan
336Art thou weary, art thou languidPage Scan
337O who like thee so calm so brightPage Scan
338Nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to theePage Scan
339My faith looks up to thee, Thou Lamb of CalvaryPage Scan
340Lord, as to Thy dear cross we flee [fly]Page Scan
341Sinful, sighing to be blestPage Scan
342O Thou from whom all goodness flowsPage Scan
343As pants the hart for cooling streamsPage Scan
344Jesus, Lord of life and glory, Bend from heavenPage Scan
345O Lord, how happy should [would] we [I] bePage Scan
346Come, ye [you] [we] that [who] love the Lord [Christ], And let your [our] joysPage Scan
347Jesus, my Lord, my God, my all, Hear me, blest Savior, when I callPage Scan
348Lord, when we bend before thy [the] thronePage Scan
349Children of the heavenly king as we journeyPage Scan
350Heal me, O my Savior, healPage Scan
351O Jesu [Jesus], thou art standingPage Scan
352Jesus, I my cross have taken, all to leavePage Scan
353In the cross of Christ I [we] glory, toweringPage Scan
354O Jesu, Lord most mercifulPage Scan
355O Love that wilt [will] not let me goPage Scan
356Glory be to Jesus, who in bitter painPage Scan
357O Lamb of God, still keep mePage Scan
358Thou sayest, Take up thy crossPage Scan
359Hail, thou once despised JesusPage Scan
360All people that on earth do dwell, Sing to the Lord with cheerful voicePage Scan
361From all that [who] dwell [dwells] below the [in earth and] skiesPage Scan
362Alleluia, sing to JesusPage Scan
363O God of God, O Light of LightPage Scan
364Thou God, all glory, honor, powerPage Scan
365Awake, and sing the song of Moses and the LambPage Scan
366Lift up your heads, ye mighty gatesPage Scan
367O light, whose beams illumine allPage Scan
368Crown him with many crowns [thorns]Page Scan
369Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathedPage Scan
370Come, Holy Ghost, Who ever one Art with the Father and the SonPage Scan
371Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove, with all thy quickening powersPage Scan
372Come, Thou Holy Spirit, come And from Thine eternal homePage Scan
373Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly DovePage Scan
374Lord of mercy and of might, of mankindPage Scan
375Creator Spirit, by whose aid [light]Page Scan
376Spirit divine, attend our prayer [prayers]Page Scan
377Awake my soul, stretch every nervePage Scan
378Fight the good fight with all thy [your] mightPage Scan
379Oft in danger [sorrow], oft [and] in woePage Scan
380The Son of God goes forth to warPage Scan
381Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the crossPage Scan
382Son of God, eternal SaviorPage Scan
383Come, thou almighty King, Help us thy name to singPage Scan
384Lord of our life, and God of our salvationPage Scan
385Rise, crowned with light, imperial [great] Salem [city], risePage Scan
386One sole baptismal signPage Scan
387I love thy kingdom, LordPage Scan
388Thy kingdom come, O God [Lord], thy rule [reign]Page Scan
389O Paradise, O Paradise, who doth [does] [would] not win thy restPage Scan
390Those eternal bowersPage Scan
391Ten thousand times ten thousand, in sparkling raimentPage Scan
392O what their joy and their glory bePage Scan
393Hark! hark, my soul! Angelic songsPage Scan
394Light's abode, celestial SalemPage Scan
395Blessed city, heavenly Salem, Vision dearPage Scan
396O heavenly Jerusalem of everlasting hallsPage Scan
397Jerusalem, my happy homePage Scan
398O mother dear, JerusalemPage Scan
399I heard a sound of voicesPage Scan
400The world is very evilPage Scan

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