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Civilla D. Martin

Civilla D. Martin
Short Name: Civilla D. Martin
Full Name: Martin, Civilla D. (Civilla Durfee), 1866-1948
Birth Year: 1866
Death Year: 1948

Martin, Civilla Durfee (Jordan Falls, Nova Scotia, August 21, 1866--March 9, 1948, Atlanta, Georgia). Daughter of James N. and Irene (Harding) Holden. She married Rev. John F. Geddes, Congregational minister of Coventryvilee, N.Y. at Jordan Falls Methodist Church, Shelbourne Co., Nova Scotia, on May 19, 1891. There is thus far no information about their marriage and its end. After several years of teaching school, she married Walter Stillman Martin, a Baptist minister, and traveled with him in evangelistic work. However, because of frail health, she was compelled to remain home much of the time. In 1916, they became members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). They had one son, A.G. Martin. In her writing, she used only her initials, "C.D." rather than her full name of that of her composer-husband. She is reputed to have written several hundred hymns and religious songs. Her first one, "God Will Take Care of You," written in 1904 became world-famous. Her husband wrote the music for this and many of her other hymns. "His Eye is on the Sparrow" written in 1906 and set to music by Charles H. Gabriel, has also received wide acclaim. In addition to the above, "Like As A Father," "A Welcome for Me," and "The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power" are among her better-known hymns.

Her husband and collaborator, W.S. Martin (1862-1935) preceded her in death. For the last 29 years of her life, she made her home in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was a member of the First Christian Church. Her funeral was held on March 10, 1948 at Spring Hill and the interment was in the West View Cemetery in Atlanta.

--Carlton C. Buck, DNAH Archives and email from Rev. Lester M. Settle (Glenholme, Nova Scotia) to Mary Louise VanDyke 18 September 2008, DNAH Archives.

Wikipedia Biography

Civilla Durfee Martin (August 21, 1866 – March 9, 1948) was a Canadian-American writer of many religious hymns and gospel songs in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Her husband, Walter Stillman Martin (1862–1935), studied ministry at Harvard University, where he became a Baptist minister but later switched to the Disciples of Christ. Together they created hymns and songs which have become widely known. Some of her most popular pieces include "God Will Take Care of You", "One of God's Days", "Going Home", "The Old Fashioned Way", and "His Eye Is on the Sparrow".

Texts by Civilla D. Martin (515)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
لا تبتئس لا ترتعبMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)Arabic1
لا تفشل أيها الصديق ربي يحرسكCivilla D. Martin (Author)Arabic1
لا تخش من رزء عراكMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)Arabic1
لم أخاف حزناCivilla D. Martin (Author)Arabic1
為何灰心常怨歎 ? (Wèihé huīxīn cháng yuàn tàn)Civilla D. Martin (Author)Chinese2
應當住在神恩翅下 (Yīngdāng zhù zài shén ēn chì xià)Civilla D. Martin (Author)Chinese2
A long time I wondered if Christ would come inCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
A wonderful time is just aheadCivilla D. Martin (Author)20
Able to do far more than we can ask HimCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Aflito e triste coraçãoCivilla D. Martin (Author)Portuguese2
All I want is the love of my SaviorMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
All power is his in the heavens and earthCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
All that I am and have, O LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
All the world needs ChristmasCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Always on duty my watchword shall beCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
Always remember you belong to the SaviorMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Are you a friend to JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)5
Are you discouraged, are you distressedCivilla D. Martin (Author)5
Are you fearful of what may befallCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Are you on the upgrade, climbing every dayCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
At Calvary our peace with God was madeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
At the cross I found a friendCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
At the cross my sins were all forgivenCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
At the Pentecost and in the upper chamberCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Awake, thou that sleepest and Christ shall give thee lightMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)5
Bathed in the sunlight of glory divineMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Be a front rank Christian, never fail to take your placeMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Be glad, is the message of God's own wordMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Be not dismayed whate'er betideCivilla D. Martin (Author)English349
Be strong in the Lord, in the power of his mightCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Be ye also readyCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Beautiful Rose of SharonCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Behold the Savior standing at the doorCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Blessed day when we shall see our great RedeemerMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Bring Jesus thy burden, and Him thy careMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Bring the children all to JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Building for eternity while here we liveCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Busy little workers for Jesus we will beCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
By faith God's hosts march out to battleCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
By night or day, wherever I roamCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
By the cross on which he diedCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
¿Cómo podré estar triste?Civilla D. Martin (Author)Spanish6
Called by the King to bear the royal standardMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Called to the kingdom and glory of GodCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Change and decay on all belowCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Cheer up, O believer, for the time is nearCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Cheerful songs are ringingCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Child of God, the call is heardCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Christian, be true to Christ, who died to save youCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Christmas time, how cheerfulCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Church of Christ, awake, ariseCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Come in days of tender youthCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Come in life's beautiful morningMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Come speak a word for JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Comes a joyful chime from the Easter bellsCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Comes the call of ChristCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Dica cumapuy uray aniaC. D. Martin (Author)Tagalog2
Do something for somebody every dayCivilla D. Martin (Author)11
Do you wonder why I love Him And would make His glories known?Mrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Down at the cross my burden fellCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Each little sunbeam that shineCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Easter bells are ringing Everywhere today Happy hearts are singingCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Easter bells today are ringingMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Easter lilies, sweet and rareCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Elijah made a sacrificeRev. W. G. (Author)1
En tus afanes y en tu dolorCivilla D. Martin (Author)Spanish4
Ever to the right, yes, ever to the rightCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Every ray of sunshine is a voice to singCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Everybody needs a little sunshineCivilla D. Martin (Author)5
Everything is changed since my sinsCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
Faith saw the Savior on Calvary's treeCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Faithful and just to forgiveCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Far from the view of a mortal eyeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Filled with the Spirit, O, what a blessingCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Fling out the banner of love todayCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
For all the flowers so pureCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
For love of Christ and in his nameCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
For me the Son of Man came down to die upon the treeMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)4
For the love that came to save usCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
For the love, the perfect loveCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
For the sun that shines up in the skyMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
From glory to glory, O wonderful changeMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
From glory's height he came down to saveMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Frukta dig ej, allenast troCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Give thanks and sing the worthy praiseMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Give your best to JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Give your best to the gracious LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Glad Easter anthems childrenCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Glad songs of redemption today we singCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Glory and honor be to JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Glory and praise to the LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Glory in the highest, Chirst the Lord is bornCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Glory while living with JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Go preach the gospel to every distant nationCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Go view the cross at CalvaryMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Go with me to yonder homeMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)4
God' Church is oneCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
God giveth more grace as the trials increaseCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
God is with us, God is with us, though his face we cannot seeMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
God laid our sins on JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
God loved the world with all its sinCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
God will take care of you Through every day, o'er all the wayMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English1
God's children are never aloneMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
God's covenants unbroken areCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
God's hand may be seen in the dew dropCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
God's happy pilgrims shout and singMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Going forth with Christ our Leader fighting wrongMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Going home to the place being now prepared for meCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Going through with JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Going with Jesus the narrow wayMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Grace is promised for your daily taskCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
Great is the Lord, who liveth evermoreCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
Guilty, polluted, a wanderer, lostCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Happy every moment in the love of Christ our LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)5
Have you any room for Jesus? He's a friend of sinners trueMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Have you heard of that wonderful man?Civilla D. Martin (Author)6
He always wins who sides with GodCivilla D. Martin (Author)1
He has made peace through the blood of his crossCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
He has saved me by his graceCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
He is crowning my life with his marvelous loveCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
He is mine, O sweet the wordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
He is near, never fear, the Redeemer and LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
He lives, the triumphant RedeemerCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
He may come in the early morningCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
He never forgets nor leaves anything outCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
He never will forsake meCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
He shall appear to your joyCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
He told me his grace was sufficientCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Hear the bells, the EasterCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Hear the call for reapers as it comes from every landMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Hear the summer musicCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Help has been laid upon One that is mightyCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Helpless and hopeless far over the waveCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
Heralds of the Lord of gloryCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
His eye never slumbers! my Lord never sleepsCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
His hands of love were laid on meCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
His love is an ocean so boundless and deepMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)5
How can I but love Him for what He has doneCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
How he loved me, how Jesus loved meCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
How heavy was my load of sinMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
How kind is His heart, how strong in His armMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
How oft I prayed for powerCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
How often do I wonder, as the billowsCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
How often you will hear men sayCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
How precious an hour with my SaviorMrs. E. D. Martin (Author)4
How precious the thought that the God of all powerCivilla D. Martin (Author)English3
How sweet the old, old gospelCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I am ever thine, Lord, purchased by the bloodCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
I am happy today, with a joy from aboveMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
I am saved by grace divine and now I knowCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
I am saved by the blood of the crucified OneCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I am so glad I came to the SaviorCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
I am wondrously saved, hallelujah to GodMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
I cried to God for mercyCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I find him so precious in time of distressMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)4
I have a friend to whom power is givenCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I have a friend who is able to save meCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I have a Savior and his boundless graceCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
I have an every day SaviorMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
I have found the blessed secretCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I have found the Savior precious, he is all in all to meMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)4
I have heard about a placeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I have made the great change, I have turned from my sinsMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)4
I may live my life aloneMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
I shall stand with the saved by his graceCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I sing the song of full salvationCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I stand before the cross of Christ and wonderCivilla D. Martin (Author)6
I stood on the valley with JesusMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
I trust in God wherever I may beRev. W. C. Martin (Author)English1
I will make the great surrenderMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
I wondered why the Father should ever care for meCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
I wondered why the Lord of light should ever come to earthCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
I would not go back to the old sinful lifeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
If you have a song, let it pass alongCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
I'll sing today what grace has doneCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I'm a servant of God, redeemed by graceCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I'm saved to serve 'tis trueMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
In a manger, rough and bareCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
In Egypt's dreary bondageCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
In love he redeemed me the Savior divineCivilla D. Martin (Author)7
In the Beloved accepted am IMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)9
In the fight 'gainst sin, We are sure to winCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
In the fight of faith engagingCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
In the fighting line, in the front of the battleCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
In the fullness of time, everything came to passCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
In the kingdom above, through his mercy and loveCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
In the light of the mornCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
In the road to the glory Is the old rugged crossCivilla D. Martin (Author)6
In the same old way With the same old powerCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
In the stead of the Lord We beseech you todayMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)7
In the time of trouble God himself will hide theeCivilla D. Martin (Author)English5
In the vineyard of the Lord is work for allMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
In times of great doubt when earth's trials press hardCivilla D. Martin (Author)6
Into the garden of God I have comeCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
Into the haven of rest we glideCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Is there anyone can save usCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Is your name now written in the book of lifeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Isr'l, God's glory, in darkness and aloneCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
I've a very precious FriendCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Jesus alone came down from aboveCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Jesus has saved you from darkness and sinMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)5
Jesus is risen, ring outCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Jesus loves the children (Martin)Civilla D. Martin (Author)2
Jesus saves, O this is God's wordMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Jesus took me in, saved my soul from sinCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
Joy unspeakable and full of gloryCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Joyful songs of praiseCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Just a little gift for JesusMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Just a little rosebudCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Just go on and do not worryMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Just keep busy every dayCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Just to make the world a little better every dayCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Just to walk with the Savior whom I loveMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Keep moving right alongCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Keep pressing on, forget the thingsCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Keep up the fight, O ChristianCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Kept by the power of God are weCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
King Immanuel has comeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Leave it with God, the lilies doCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Let me work for Jesus onlyC. D. Martin (Author)3
Let us try to make somebody happyCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Life, endless lifeCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Life has both its shady and its sunny sideCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Life is mine when Jesus is my SaviorCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Life more abundant in JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Lift your light a little higher, there's a life to saveCivilla D. Martin (Author)English3
Light of the morning is gilding the skyC. D. Martin (Author)3
Like an army we are marching, to the conflict and the strifeCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
Like as a father, this is our songCivilla D. Martin (Author)5
Little lights to shine for JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Living in the sunshine of eternal loveMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Long years I had wandered away from GodCivilla D. Martin (Author)5
Long years we have yearned for the showersCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Look up behold the fields are white (Martin)Civilla D. Martin (Author)3
Looking unto Jesus when the way is clearCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Love keeps me singing, along the rough roadMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)6
Love makes our life and its duties a charmCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Mai hopo oe i na onouCivilla D. Martin, 1869-1948 (Author)Hawaiian3
Make me free from all dross and all base alloyCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Make my heart thy throne, O LordMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Make room, O soul, today for JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Marching forward in the name of GodCivilla D. Martin (Author)10
Marching today to the joyful musicCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Merry bells of Christmas tideCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
More and more the weight of glory (Martin)Civilla D. Martin (Author)2
More precious to this heart of mineCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
More than conquerors through Him that loved usCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
My blessed Redeemer and LordMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
My bondage is ended foreverMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)4
My cup runneth over with blessingCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
My faith is in Jesus, God's well beloved SonCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
My Father knows just what I needC. D. Martin (Author)5
My feet were once in the miry clayMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
My heart knows no Master but JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
My life has been givenCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
My Redeemer is the "Man of Sorrows"Mrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
My Savior is a burden bearing SaviorMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
My sky is clear, the light of GodMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Near you lurks the evil oneCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Never a moment to fret and whineCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Never a shadow if Jesus is nearCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Never be afraid to speak for Jesus, Think what a word in His name will doCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
Never be discouraged though the clouds hang lowMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Never surrender, our watchword todayMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
No Christ means no salvationMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
No one shall seem a strangerCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
No other name but Jesus, No other way to GodCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
No room but in the mangerCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
No surrender, no surrenderCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Nobody cares for me, how sad the wordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Not saved, and so near to the kingdom of GodMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Nunca desmayes cuando hay afánCivilla D. Martin (Author)Spanish3
Nunca desmayes en tu afllición Civilla D. Martin (Author)Spanish4
Nunca desmayes, que en el afánCivilla Durfee Martin, 1866-1948 (Author)Spanish4
O be glad and fill the airCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O, come to the precious fountainCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
O day of days, so long foretoldCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O gift of God, eternal loveCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O give the Lord the gloryCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
O heart of mine, with patience waitCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O how dark the way before meCivilla D. Martin (Author)6
O how lonely without JesusMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
O how many are living in the borderlandCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
O let your life count for JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O magnify his name with meCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O may the heavenly fireCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O soul, art thou weary, give Jesus thy heartCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O soul, thy way seems hedged about with careMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
O tell us, who is the children's Friend?Civilla D. Martin (Author)2
O the bliss untoldCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O the peace of simply knowingCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O the sunlight of his presenceCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O to be like our great RedeemerMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)4
O to be one of His jewelsCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O what a change from the darkness of nightCivilla D. Martin (Author)28
O what a Savior is Jesus, my JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O what a wonderful Savior is JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
O what glory when he saved me by his graceCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
O who to the master is faithful and trueMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
O wonderful blood that can save meMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)4
O wondrous cross, O cross of shameCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Oft the way seems dark and drearCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
On the cross, that He might redeem usMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
On the Rock of agesCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
On the tide of His love I am borne every hourCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
On the wings of the morningCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
Once crucified, now glorifiedCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Once for all the Savior died, once for all was crucifiedCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
One day, when all my toil is finishedCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
One God, and his name is JehovahCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
One is my gracious MasterCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
One little moment, and earthly afflictionMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
One look at the cross and the crucified OneMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)4
One moment, the darkness of midnightCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
One of God's days every dark cloudCivilla D. Martin (Author)10
One of the dear old chaptersCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
One of the heirs to the heavenly gloryCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
One word when my heart is overwhelmed with its sinMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Onward, forward, form your ranks anewCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Onward, like the sunbeamsCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Our God is the God of salvationCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Our guide book is the Word of GodCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Our Savior will never slumberMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Our task is before us, a God given taskCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Out among the reapers, bearing sheaves awayMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Out and out for Jesus, ever will I beCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Out in the darkness one sheep is lostCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Out in the field, dear MasterMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Out in the front line the Captain is callingMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Out where the harvest is whiteningMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Over your pathway bloom God's roses fairMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Partners with Jesus, O glorious callingCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Perhaps on the mountain my Savior may need meCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
Pledged to the service of the Christ who died for meCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Praise God I enjoy my religionMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Praise his nameCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Praise the Lord for full and free salvationCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Pressed by the tempter and weary at heartCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
Push the battle for the home, O tempe'rance workerCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
Quiet Lord my heart todayCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Rally, Christian, to the call of heavenly loveCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Rally now for temperance, let your colors flyCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Rally round the standard, rally for your KingMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Rally round the standard with the hosts of GodCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
Rejoicing today in the grace of GodMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)4
Return, O wanderer, to the foldCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Ring out your praise till all the world shall hear youCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Room at the cross whenMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Saved and kept by the power divineC. D. Martin (Author)6
See, the conquering Hero comesCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
See the cross, where the Savior was crucifiedCivilla D. Martin (Author)7
Send the word to every landCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Shepherd of Israel, tender and trueMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Shining bright, shining brightMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Shut in with the fulness of infinite graceCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Shut up to one thing alone todayCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Since I have known the wayCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Since I trusted in Jesus, the LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Sing, for our bondage to sin is now brokenCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Sing, heart of mine, yes, sing, sing onCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Sing of the love of JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
Sing to me Christian the songs I loveMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Sing your song, O happy pilgrimCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Singing and trusting and happyCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
Singing with grace in our hearts to the LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Sitting at the feet of Jesus, drinking in his everyCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
So changed is my conditionCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
So near to the kingdom of heavenCivilla D. Martin (Author)5
Some build their house on the ever sinking sandCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Some day I will sing the great glory songCivilla D. Martin (Author)6
Some little place in God's great planCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
Somebody voted to ruin my boyCivilla D. Martin (Author)15
Someone is called by the LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Someone must tell the glad newsMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Sometimes there are moments of darknessCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Sometimes we may not understandCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Speak often with Jesus, thy Savior is heCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Standard bearers in the temperance armyCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Standing in the forefront ready for each foeMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Standing like Caleb and JoshuaC. D. Martin (Author)3
Strong to do the will of JesusMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Summer days are days of pleasureMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Take time to think of Jesus, meditate on his loveCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
That my heart, O Lord, from sin may be set freeCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
The blood that Jesus once shed for me Civilla D. Martin (Author)25
The call of the cross now is soundingMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
The call to arms is sounding todayCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
The cross is sure to conquerCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
The day of grace is rolling onMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
The "Good Shepherd" sought for one lost sheepMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English6
The harvest field is ripe todayCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
The light of God's loveCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
The Lord is my Keeper by nightCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
The men whom we need in our country todayCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
The pleasures of sin for a seasonCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
The Savior died upon the treeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
The Savior will never leave his ownCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
The Shepherd sought his wandering sheepCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
The summertime is hereCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
The walls of the city are fallingCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
The weakest He bears on His shoulderCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
The wonderful grace of Jehovah we seeMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
The word God has spoken shall ever prevailMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
There are some who seem to endureCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
There is a land of corn and wine, A rich, sweet landMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)4
There is just one way to be savedCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
There is nothing we may need but our Shepherd will supplyCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
There is One speaking “as never man spake”Mrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English6
There is resurrection power for the ChristianCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
There was a time, a dreary timeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
There's a beautiful house, with such beautiful roomsCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
There's a demon abroad in our landCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
There's a light in the window just now for theeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
There's a place to me most sweetCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
There's a saying, and though it is oldMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
There's a sound of abundance of rainMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
There's a sweet bye and byeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
They call me old fashioned because I believeCivilla D. Martin (Author)17
This is our business daily seeking for the lostMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Though around us all seems drearMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
Though you have not, like others the prophetic giftMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Though your sins are red as the crimsonMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Though your sins be red as crimsonMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Thou art my hiding place, O LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)English1
Thou art worthy, blessed SaviorCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Thou hast saved me, O ChristCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Though chilling winds around may blowCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Though God may kindly veil my eyesCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Though I falter, his arm will hold meCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Though our eyes have never seen HimCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Though the skies may lower above meCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Though the world is full of trouble, hearts are overwhelmed with fearsCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Though we have never seen the faceCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
'Tis heaven on earth since Jesus came inCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
'Tis the good old holiness way of full salvationCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
'Tis the sweetest messageCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
To Isr'l, and all the world as wellCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
To the Lord who loved and saved usCivilla D. Martin (Author)5
To the power of evil I once was a slaveMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Today we glory in the crossC. D. Martin (Author)3
Together we stand in the name of the LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Too long I've lived away from GodCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Touched with a coal from God's holy altarCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
Trusting in Jesus I've nothing to fearCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
'Twill not be long, the burdens now we carryCivilla D. Martin (Author)8
Under the blood O holy placeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Up with the standard of heaven todayCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Vessels of mercy prepared unto gloryCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Victory in the name of JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Victory we all will singCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Waiting on God for his blessing todayCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Waiting the light of the morningCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Wave the banner of Jesus, the KingCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
We are happy children, standingCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
We are little Christians, and we love our LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
We are on our way home to the city of GodCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
We are waiting for the comingCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
We are watching for the dawningMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
We have nothing to do with tomorrowCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
We need more men like DanielC. D. Martin (Author)4
We never grow weary of telling of JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
We often sing of glory landMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
We praise him for the flower, for every happy hourMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
We shall be like him, when he shall come in gloryMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)6
We talk of bright mansions in heavenCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
We want a love like thine, dear LordMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
We will never say good bye when he comesCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
We would be a Daniel bandMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)3
Welcome, sunny springtimeCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
What a friend we have in Jesus, strong and tender and trueMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
What a Master is Jesus Christ the LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
What am I that God should call meMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
What is the cause of the crime in the landCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
What is your prospect, O sinnerMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
What manner of man is thisCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
When a soul returns from a life of sinCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
When are banished all our fearsCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
When days of toil have all gone byCivilla D. Martin (Author)10
When my course on earth is finished, when my days of toil are overCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
When my heart is sore opprest, When I long for peace and restMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
When my heart with sin was burdened, when no light shone on my wayCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
When our life's work is endedCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
When the call comes ringing o'er theCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
When the day is dreary, And the heart is wearyMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
When the heart is filled with sighingMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
When the heart is overwhelmed with the burden of sinCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
When we get home and our work is done When we getMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
When we get home and our work is doneCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
When we meet our great RedeemerCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Whenever we think of JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Where do you stand todayMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Where he may send me, there will I goCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Where'er in His vineyard my gracious LordCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
While the little birds are singing praiseC. D. Martin (Author)2
While tossed about with doubt and fearCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Who can cleanse my heart from all its stainCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
Who made the pretty liliesMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)5
Who will go to the rescue, the lost ones to saveMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Why murmur, when trouble you meet on the wayCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Why, O why, need I ever fearCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Why should I feel discouragedCivilla D. Martin (1860-1948) (Author)English88
Will you be there, with Christ in the airCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Windows of heaven are open todayCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
With glory and majesty he ridesCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Without measure, abundantly, Christ the LordMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)2
Wonderful and counselorCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
Wonderful, wonderful Book divineCivilla D. Martin (Author)English2
Would you know why Christ is my songCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
You can never be lonely if Christ is your friendCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
You could not help loving my SaviorCivilla D. Martin (Author)2
You have heard of the power that canCivilla D. Martin (Author)4
You may freely take the great salvationCivilla D. Martin (Author)3
You must do something with Jesus tonight (Martin)Civilla D. Martin (Author)2
You need the cross of JesusMrs. C. D. Martin (Author)English2
You receive what is coming to JesusCivilla D. Martin (Author)2

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