Johann Caspar Schade

Short Name: Johann Caspar Schade
Full Name: Schade, Johann Caspar, 1666-1698
Birth Year: 1666
Death Year: 1698

Schade, Johann Caspar, son of Jakob Schad or Schade, pastor and decan at Kühndorf, near Suhl, in Thuriugia, was born at Kühndorf, Jan. 18, 1666. He entered the University of Leipzig in 1685 (where he became a great friend of A. H. Francke), and then went to Wittenberg, where he graduated M.A. in 1687. On his return to Leipzig he began to hold Bible readings for the students. This soon raised ill-will against him among the Leipzig professors, and when, in 1690, he was invited to become diaconus at Würzen, near Leipzig, they interfered and prevented his settlement. In 1691 he was invited to become diaconus of St. Nicholas's church, at Berlin (where P. J. Spener had just become probst, or chief pastor), and entered on his work there on the 2nd Sunday in Advent. In his later years he raised a storm of feeling against himself by refusing to hear private confessions. The Elector of Brandenburg, in order to end the strife, appointed him, in June 1698, pastor at Derenburg, near Halberstadt. Meantime he was seized with a fever, which ended fatally at Berlin, July 25, 1698 (Koch, iv. 222, 468; Wetzel, iii. p. 23, &c).

Schade was a most earnest and faithful pastor and preacher, and specially interested himself in the children of his flock. As a hymnwriter he was not particularly prolific, but of his 45 hymns a good many passed into the German hymnbooks of the period. His hymns are clear and simple in style, are composed in a considerable variety of metres, and are full of fervent love to the Lord Jesus, and of zeal for a living and practical Christianity; but they are frequently spun out, or are too subjective. A number appeared in A. Luppius's Andächtig singender Christenmund Wosel, 1692-94, and in the Geistreiches Gesang-Buch, Halle, 1697. They were collected and posthumously published as Fasciculus Cantionum, Das ist zusammen getragene geistliche Lieder, &c, Cüstrin, N.D. [1699].

Those of Schade's hymns which have passed into English are:—
i. Auf! Hinauf! zu deiner Freude. Faith. First published in the Geistreiches Gesang-Buch, Halle, 1697, p. 402, in 6 stanzas of 8 lines; repeated in 1699, as above, p. 83. Recently, as No. 403, in the Unverfälschter Liedersegen 1851. The translations in common use are:—
1. Up! yes upward to thy gladness Rise, my heart. This is a good and full translation by Miss Winkworth, in her Lyra Germanica, 2nd Ser., 1858, p. 171, repeated in full in Reid's Praise Book, 1872, and, omitting st. v., in Kennedy, 1863. In her Chorale Book for England, 1863, No. 157, it is slightly altered, and st. iii. is omitted.
2. Rise, my soul! with joy and gladness. A translation of st. i., ii., vi., by F. C. C, as No. 233 in Dr. Pagenstecher's Collection, 1864.

Other translations are:—
(1) "Look up, my soul, to Christ thy joy," by J. B. Holmes, as No. 1099 in the Supplement of 1808 to the Moravian Hymn Book, 1801 (1886, No. 600), repeated in Bishop Kyle's Collection, 1860. (2) "Upwards, upwards to thy gladness," by Miss Dunn, 1857, p. 13. (3) "Up! yes upward to thy gladness, Rise, my soul," by W. Reid in his Praise Book, 1872.
ii. Heine Seel ermuntre dich. Passiontide. In the Geistreiches Gesang-Buch, Halle, 1697, p. 215, in 15 stanzas of 6 lines, repeated in 1699, as above, p. 9, entitled "Contemplation of the suffering of Christ and surrender of His will." In the Unverfälschter Liedersegen, 1851, No. 106. Tr. as, "Rouse thyself, my Soul, and dwell." In the Supplement to German Psalmody , ed. 1765, p. 20, and in Select Hymns from German Psalmody, Tranquebar, 1754, p. 31.
iii. Meine Seele willt du ruhn. This hymn, frequently ascribed to Schade, is noted under Scheffler. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Johann Caspar Schade (36)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Ach, alles, was Himmel und Erde umschliessetJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German9
Ach Gott, in was fuer Freudigkeit schwingtJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German9
Ach, lieber Mensch, erkenne rechtJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German2
Auf, hinauf zu deiner FreudeJ. K. Schade (Author)German26
Auf, meine Freundin, swy bereit, es nähertJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German2
Das End, wie auch die Ewigkeit, recht zu bedenkenJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German5
Das ist ja gut, was mein Gott willJohann Caspar Schade (Author)2
Der glaub ist eine zuversichtJ. Kasp. Schade (Author)German1
Herr, bes'nftige mein HerzeJohann Caspar Schade (Author)3
Heut' fänget an das neue Jahr mit neuem GnadenscheinJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German19
Ich freue mich von HerzensgrundJohann Caspar Schade (Author)5
Ich hab' ihn dennoch liebJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German17
Ich liebe dich herzlich, o JesuJohann Caspar Schade (Author)11
Ich ruehme mich einzig der blutigen WundenJohann Caspar Schade (Author)3
I'll glory in nothing but only in JesusJohann Caspar Schade (Author)4
In meines Herzens Grunde dein NamJohann Caspar Schade (Author)3
Lebt Christus, was bin ich betruebtJohann Caspar Schade (Author)5
Look up my soul to Christ thy joyJohann Caspar Schade (Author)8
Mein Gott, das Herz ich bringe dirJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German110
Mein Vater, sieh', ich bringe DirJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German7
Meine Seel! ermuntre dichJ. K. Schade (Author)German42
Meine Seele ist stille zu GottJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German33
Meine Seele dürst't und leuchz't nach der LebenJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German1
Meine Seele, willst du ruh'nJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German3
My God, my heart I give to TheeJohann Caspar Schade (Author)2
Nimm gar, o Gott, zum TempelJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German7
O Jesu, du Hoffnung dess der sich bekehretJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German3
O Jesu, schenk' mir deine HultJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German4
O my soul, awake thee nowJohann Caspar Schade (Author)3
Rouse thyself, my soul, and dwellJohann Caspar Schade (Author)4
Ruhe ist das beste GutJohann Caspar Schade (Author)22
Sei Lob und Ehr' dem höchsten GutJohann Caspar Schade (Author)German1
Up, yes, upward to thy gladnessJohann Caspar Schade (Author)English3
Vær i korset tro og stilleJ. K. Schade (Translator)Norwegian1
Wohl recht wichtig und recht tuechtigJohann Caspar Schade (Author)3
Zu Gott, Seel', erhebeJohann Caspar Schade (Author)2
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