Psalter Hymnal (Blue)

After the 1935/1956 "Red" Psalter Hymnal came the 1959/1976 "Blue" Psalter Hymnal--originally named the "centennial" hymnal. Read more about CRC Psalmody/Hymnody in Bert Polman's article "A History of Music in the Christian Reformed Church."
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"A History of Worship in the Christian Reformed Church" by Bert Polman (from The Psalter Hymnal Handbook, 1998, ed. by Emily Brink and Bert Polman)
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101On God alone my soul reliesASCRIPTION
102O God, give Thou ear to my pleaASSIUT
103O God, be mercifulINVITATION
104What time I am afraidHOLY GUIDE
105O God, be merciful to meSWEET HOUR OF PRAYER
106Do ye, O men, speak righteousnessSWANWICK
107Protect and save me, O my GodKATHERINE
108O God, Thou hast rejected usDUNFERMLINE
109O God, regard my humble pleaMERIBAH
110Mysoul in silence waits for GodSERAPH
111O Lord, my God, most earnestlyTHE GREEN HILL
112Thou art my God, O God of graceAMERICUS
113Hear, Lord, the voice of my complaintMONORA
114Praise waits for Thee in ZionMENDEBRAS
115Thy might sets fast the mountainsWEBBText
116Forth from Thy courts, Thy sacred dwellingZION'S PRAISE
117Before Thee, Lord, a people waitsMALONE
118All lands to God in joyful soundsMILES' LANE
119O all ye peoples, bless our GodANCYRA
120Come, all ye people, bless our GodADOWA
121O God, to us show mercyAURELIA
122Let God arise, and by His mightTRUROText
123God saved His people from distressVANDER WERP
124God shall arise and by His mightGREITER
125O Lord, Thou hast ascendedMISSIONARY HYMN
126Save me, O God, because the floodsGRÄFENBERG
127In full assurance of Thy graceST. FLAVIAN
128Though I am poor and sorrowfulBALERMA
129Thy lovingkindness, Lord, is good and freeEVENTIDE
130Make haste, O my God, to deliver, I prayDELPHINE
131In Thee, O Lord, I put my trustI SEE THEE STANDING, LAMB OF GOD
132From days of early youth, O GodAVON (MARTYRDOM)
133O God, to Thine anointed KingISHPEMING
134His wide dominion shall extendHOLY CROSS
135Christ shall have dominionST. GERTRUDE
136God loveth the righteous, His goodness is sureSANKEY
137In doubt and temptation I rest, Lord, in TheeCARTER
138In sweet communion, Lord, with TheePRAYER
139O Israel's God, how good Thou artNEAR UNTO GOD
140O God, how good Thou artOLIVET
141O wherfore hast Thou cast us offLEAF
142O God, Thou art our King of oldALBANO
143To Thee, O God. we render thanksFARRANT
144God is know among His peopleTEMPLE BORO
145To God will I direct my prayerFILLMORE (Ingalls)
146O God, most holy are Thy waysTHE LORD'S PRAYER (VATER UNSER)
147I thought upon the days of oldSAXONY (Kirkpatrick)
148In my grievous tribulationREMEMBRANCE
149My people, give ear, attend to my wordCHIOS
150Let children hear the mighty deedsWEYMOUTH
151In Thy heritage the heathenHYFRYDOL
152Rcmember not, O GodGORTON
153Great Shepherd who leadest Thy people in loveCARITAS
154O Thou great Shepherd of Thy chosen raceLANGRAN
155Now to God, our Strength and SaviorSTOCKWELL
156Now to God our KingTRUMPET
157There where the judges gatherMEIRONYDD
158O God, no longer hold Thy peaceFOREST GREEN
159O Lord of Hosts, how lovelyST. EDITH (ST. HILDA)
160Lord God of Hosts in mercyCRUX CHRISTI
161O Lord of Hosts, to Thee I cryAUDITE AUDIENTES ME
162O God of hosts, O God of graceTABERNACLES
163Lord, Thou hast greatly blessed our landREPENTANCE
164Lord, my petition heedMASON
165Our Gracious God has laid His frim foundationsZION'S GATES
166Zion, founded on the mountainsZION
167Zion, on the holy hillsGUERNSEY
168Lord, the God of my salvationIRVING
169My song forever shall recordMARYTON
170Almighty God, Thy lofty throneWINCHESTER NEW
171In vision to His saints God spakeJORDAN
172My mouth shall sing for aye Thy tender mercies, LordSOVEREIGN GRACE
173Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling-placeST. CHRYSOSTOM
174O teach Thou us to count our daysSANDS
175Lord, through all the generationsEMMELAR (RICHARDS)
176O God, our help in ages pastLAFAYETTE
177The man who once has found abodeZEPHYR
178Because thy trust is God aloneUXBRIDGE
179How good it is to thank the LordCHRISTINE
180It is good to sing Thy praisesELLESDIE (DISCIPLE)
181Jehovah sits enthronedRIALTO
182O Lord, Thou Judge of all the earthBELOIT
183O come before the Lord, our KingST. PETERSBURG
184Now with joyful exultationBEECHER
185O come and to Jehovah singCHOPIN
186Sing to the Lord, the rock of our salvationPEACE
187Sing to the Lord, sing His praise, all ye peoplesWESLEY
188Jehovah reigns as KingRIGHTEOUS JUDGE
189Jehovah reigns; let earth be gladGILEAD
190Sing a new song to JehovahAUSTRIAN HYMN
191Sing, sing a new song to JehovahNAVARRE (CORNERSTONE)
192Unto God our SaviorREPOSE
193God Jehovah reignsDOMINUS SANCTUS
194Jehovah reigns in majestyELLACOMBE
195All people that on earth do dwellALL LANDS
196Of mercy and of justiceFARMER
197Lord, I will sing with rapturous rejoicingRESOLUTION
198Thou, O Lord, art God aloneST. GEORGE'S WINDSOR (ELVEY)
199Lord, hear my prayer and let my cryHOLY COMMUNION
200O bless the Lord, my soul, with all thy powerBLESS JEHOVAH

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