Cecil Frances Alexander

Cecil Frances Alexander
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Short Name: Cecil Frances Alexander
Full Name: Alexander, Cecil Frances, 1818-1895
Birth Year: 1818
Death Year: 1895

As a small girl, Cecil Frances Humphries (b. Redcross, County Wicklow, Ireland, 1818; Londonderry, Ireland, 1895) wrote poetry in her school's journal. In 1850 she married Rev. William Alexander, who later became the Anglican primate (chief bishop) of Ireland. She showed her concern for disadvantaged people by traveling many miles each day to visit the sick and the poor, providing food, warm clothes, and medical supplies. She and her sister also founded a school for the deaf. Alexander was strongly influenced by the Oxford Movement and by John Keble's Christian Year. Her first book of poetry, Verses for Seasons, was a "Christian Year" for children. She wrote hymns based on the Apostles' Creed, baptism, the Lord's Supper, the Ten Commandments, and prayer, writing in simple language for children. Her more than four hundred hymn texts were published in Verses from the Holy Scripture (1846), Hymns for Little Children (1848), and Hymns Descriptive and Devotional ( 1858).

Bert Polman
Alexander, Cecil Frances, née Humphreys, second daughter of the late Major John Humphreys, Miltown House, co. Tyrone, Ireland, b. 1823, and married in 1850 to the Rt. Rev. W. Alexander, D.D., Bishop of Derry and Raphoe. Mrs. Alexander's hymns and poems number nearly 400. They are mostly for children, and were published in her Verses for Holy Seasons, with Preface by Dr. Hook, 1846; Poems on Subjects in the Old Testament, pt. i. 1854, pt. ii. 1857; Narrative Hymns for Village Schools, 1853; Hymns for Little Children, 1848; Hymns Descriptive and Devotional, 1858; The Legend of the Golden Prayers 1859; Moral Songs, N.B.; The Lord of the Forest and his Vassals, an Allegory, &c.; or contributed to the Lyra Anglicana, the S.P.C.K. Psalms and Hymns, Hymns Ancient & Modern, and other collections. Some of the narrative hymns are rather heavy, and not a few of the descriptive are dull, but a large number remain which have won their way to the hearts of the young, and found a home there. Such hymns as "In Nazareth in olden time," "All things bright and beautiful," "Once in Royal David's city," "There is a green hill far away," "Jesus calls us o'er the tumult," "The roseate hues of early dawn," and others that might be named, are deservedly popular and are in most extensive use. Mrs. Alexander has also written hymns of a more elaborate character; but it is as a writer for children that she has excelled.

- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Alexander, Cecil F., née Humphreys, p. 38, ii. Additional hymns to those already noted in this Dictionary are in common use:—
1. Christ has ascended up again. (1853.) Ascension.
2. His are the thousand sparkling rills. (1875.) Seven Words on the Cross (Fifth Word).
3. How good is the Almighty God. (1S48.) God, the Father.
4. In [a] the rich man's garden. (1853.) Easter Eve.
5. It was early in the morning. (1853.) Easter Day.
6. So be it, Lord; the prayers are prayed. (1848.) Trust in God.
7. Saw you never in the twilight? (1853.) Epiphany.
8. Still bright and blue doth Jordan flow. (1853.) Baptism of Our Lord.
9. The angels stand around Thy throne. (1848.) Submission to the Will of God.
10. The saints of God are holy men. (1848.) Communion of Saints.
11. There is one Way and only one. (1875.) SS. Philip and James.
12. Up in heaven, up in heaven. (1848.) Ascension.
13. We are little Christian children. (1848.) Holy Trinity.
14. We were washed in holy water. (1848.) Holy Baptism.
15. When of old the Jewish mothers. (1853.) Christ's Invitation to Children.
16. Within the Churchyard side by side. (1848.) Burial.
Of the above hymns those dated 1848 are from Mrs. Alexander's Hymns for Little Children; those dated 1853, from Narrative Hymns, and those dated 1875 from the 1875 edition of Hymns Ancient & Modern.
Several new hymns by Mrs. Alexander are included in the 1891 Draft Appendix to the Irish Church Hymnal.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Alexander, Cecil F. , p. 38, ii. Mrs. Alexander died at Londonderry, Oct. 12, 1895. A number of her later hymns are in her Poems, 1896, which were edited by Archbishop Alexander.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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Cecil Frances Alexander (April 1818 – 12 October 1895), was a hymn-writer and poet.
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Texts by Cecil Frances Alexander (106)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
لا تفعل الإثم ولا تنطق بقول غضبCecil F. Alexander (Author)Arabic1
قد بدا في بيت لحمCecil F. Alexander (Author)Arabic1
يسوع نادى حينماCecil F. Alexander (Author)Arabic1
A gentle and a holy childCecil F. Alexander (Author)4
Adda napintas a turodCecil F. Alexander (Author)Tagalog2
All creatures bright and beautifulCecil Frances Alexander (Author)2
All things beautiful and fairCecil Frances Alexander, 1823-1895 (Author)2
All things so bright and beautifulCecil F. Alexander (Author)4
At Nazareth in olden timeCecil F. Alexander (Author)4
Auferstanden, auferstanden, Sagt es allenCecil Frances Alexander (Author)2
Beyond the wicked city wallCecil Frances Alexander (Author)8
Blessed are the pure in heart, They have loved the better partMrs. Cecil F. Alexander (Author)3
Christ be with me, Christ within meMrs. C. F. Alexander, 1818-95 (Translator)English10
Christ is kind and gentleCecil F. Alexander (Author)5
Christian children must be holyCecil F. Alexander (Author)13
Cristo chama nos tumultosCecil Frances Alexander (Author)Portuguese2
Cristo llama del tumultoCecil Frances Alexander, 1818-1895 (Author)Spanish2
Day by day the little daisyCecil Frances Alexander (Author)2
Dear Lord, on this Thy servant's dayCecil F. Alexander (Author)2
Desde el cielo Cristo llamaCecil Frances Alexander, 1823-1895 (Author)Spanish4
Do no sinful actionCecil F. Alexander (Author)53
Each day we live the Christian lifeCecil Frances Alexander (Author)English2
Each little flower that opensCecil F. Alexander (Author)English250
En el Calvario, con dolorCecil Alexander (Author)Spanish2
En la reĝa BetlehemoCecil Frances Alexander (Author)1
EN lando malproksime forCecil Frances Alexander (Author)6
Every morning the red sunCecil F. Alexander (Author)46
For all Thy saints, a noble throngC. F. Alexander (Author)English8
Forgive them, O my FatherCecil F. Alexander (Author)English24
Forsaken once, and thrice deniedCecil Frances Alexander (Author)English7
From out the cloud of amber lightCecil Frances Alexander (Author)2
He cometh, on your hallowed boardCecil F. Alexander (Author)2
He is coming, He is coming, Not as once He came beforeCecil Frances Alexander (Author)36
He is risen, He is risen; Tell it out with joyful voiceCecil Frances Alexander (Author)English92
He pu'u omao aia ma oCecil F. Alexander (Author)Hawaiian3
Hea Iesu ia kakou laCecil F. Alexander (Author)Hawaiian3
Here, Savior, we would comeCecil F. Alexander (Author)English1
His are the thousand sparkling rillsCecil F. Alexander (Author)English20
Ho, Wicoḣaŋ ṡicaMrs. C. F. Alexander, 1823-95 (Author)Dakota2
How good is the Almighty GodCecil F. Alexander (Author)2
I bind myself to God todayCecil F. Alexander (1818-1895) (Alterer)5
I bind this day to me for everHo, Wicoḣaŋ ṡica (Translator and Paraphraser)2
I Bind unto myself todayCecil Frances Alexander, 1818-1895 (Translator)English45
Ich kenne einen stillen OrtCecil F. Alexander (Author)2
In the rich man's garden groundCecil Frances Alexander (Author)3
It was early in the morningCecil Frances Alexander (Author)2
Jesu, holy, undefiled (Alexander)Cecil F. Alexander (Author)3
Jesus calls us from the worshipCecil F. Alexander (Author)2
Jesus calls us, Jesus calls usCecil F. Alexander (Author)3
Jesus calls us, o'er the tumultC. F. Alexander (Author)English767
Jesus came to earth from heaven, Who is GodCecil Frances Alexander (Author)2
Maranatha, He is coming, Not as once He came beforeCecil F. Alexander, 1858, abr. (Author)3
Najiŋ! najiŋ ce! Iye ḥcaCecil Frances Alexander (Author)Dakota2
Ni Jesus ayabannatayCecil Frances Alexander (Author)Tagalog2
Numa estrebaria rudeCecil Frances Humphreys Alexander (Author)Portuguese2
O come, dear child, along with meCecil F. Alexander (Author)8
O, ever on our earthly pathC. F. Alexander (Author)3
O for the pearly gates of heavenCecil F. Alexander (Author)8
O happy home where thou art loved the dearestCecil F. Alexander (Author)English7
O Jesus, bruised and wounded moreMrs. Cecil Frances Alexander (Author)20
O Lord, the Holy InnocentsCecil F. Alexander (Author)English15
O monte verde ali estáCecil Frances Alexander (Author)2
O Son of God, in glory crownedMrs. Cecil F. Alexander (Author)9
On the dark hill's western sideCecil Frances Alexander (Author)2
Once in Bethlehem of JudahCecil Frances Alexander (Author)15
Once in royal David's city Stood a lowly cattle-shedCecil Frances Alexander (Author)English301
Pain and toil are over nowMrs. Cecil F. Alexander, 1818- (Author)English8
Savior, to Thy cottage homeMrs. C. F. Alexander (Author)2
Saw ye never in the meadowsAlexander (Author)5
Saw you never, in the twilightCecil F. Alexander (Author)English70
So be it, Lord, the prayers are prayedCecil F. Alexander (Author)3
Souls in heathen darkness lyingCecil Frances Alexander, b. 1823 (Author)English47
Spirit of God, that moved of oldCecil Frances Alexander (Author)English18
Still bright and blue doth Jordan flowCecil F. Alexander (Author)4
The angels stand round thy throneCecil Frances Alexander (Author)5
The blind man, in his darknessCecil F. Alexander (Author)6
The board is spread with meats divineCecil F. Alexander (Author)2
The faithful men of every landCecil F. Alexander (Author)4
The heavenly Father loves the birdsCecil F. Alexander (Author)3
The roseate hues of early dawnC. F. Alexander (Author)English92
The saints of God are holy menCecil F. Alexander (Author)2
The sick man in his chamberCecil Frances Alexander (Author)2
The Son of God, so high, so greatCecil F. Alexander (Author)English9
The wildflowers in their beautyCecil Frances Alexander, 1818-95 (Author (vv. 2 alt., 5, and refrain))English2
The wise men to thy cradle throneCecil F. Alexander (Author)7
There is a green hill far awayCecil F. Alexander (Author)English541
There is one way, and only oneC. F. Alexander (Author)English9
There was a little lowly upper roomCecil F. Alexander (Author)2
The eternal gates lift up their headsMrs. C. F. Alexander (Author)English117
Thou Power and Peace, in whom we findCecil F. Alexander (Author)11
Thy Temple is not made with handsMrs. C. F. Alexander (Author)English9
Unnipi taja s'a etanCecil Frances Alexander (Author)Dakota2
Up in heaven, up in heavenCecil F. Alexander (Author)English12
We are but little children weakC. F. Alexander (Author)46
We are little Christian childrenCecil F. Alexander (Author)20
We may not know, we cannot tellCecil Frances Alexander (Author (attributed to))1
We need thee, Savior, when dear eyes are closingCecil Frances Alexander (Author)3
We were washed in holy waterCecil Frances Alexander (Author)4
When Christ came down on earth of oldCecil F. Alexander (Author)5
When Jesus came to earth of oldMrs. Cecil F. Alexander, 1818- (Author)5
When of old the Jewish mothersCecil F. Alexander (Author)15
When wounded sore the stricken soulCecil Frances Alexander (Author)English72
Why do we say, Thy kingdom comeCecil Frances Alexander (Author)4
Within the churchyard, side by sideCecil F. Alexander (Author)3
Within the temple's hallowed wallsCecil F. Alexander (Author)5
遠山迢迢,其色青青,(Yuǎnshān tiáotiáo, qí sè qīngqīng,)Cecil F. H. Alexander (Author)Chinese2

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