Jennie Wilson

Short Name: Jennie Wilson
Full Name: Wilson, Jennie, 1857-1913
Birth Year: 1857
Death Year: 1913

Wilson, Jennie Bain. (d. 3 September 1913). Obituaries available in the DNAH Archives.


Jennie Bain Wilson, 1857-1913

Born: 1857, on a Farm Near South Whitley, Indiana.
Died: Cir­ca 1913.

Afflicted with a spin­al con­di­tion at age four, Wil­son spent her life in a wheel chair. She ne­ver at­tend­ed school, but was ed­u­cat­ed at home. She is said to have writ­ten over 2,200 texts.

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A beautiful story in God's book is toldJennie Wilson (Author)English2
A blessed day will surelyJennie Wilson (Author)2
A glorious home is over thereJennie Wilson (Author)English2
A happy sound is floating through the airJennie Wilson (Author)6
A homeland of beauty lies over the tideJennie Wilson (Author)2
A solemn time is coming by and byJennie Wilson (Author)English2
A youthful, happy hearted throngJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Across the plains of time we hearJennie Wilson (Author)2
Afar from earth is a summer-landJennie Wilson (Author)3
After the conflict is overJennie Wilson (Author)2
After the life paths we're treadingJennie Wilson (Author)English28
After the toiling of timeJennie Wilson (Author)3
After the toils of lifeJennie Wilson (Author)English2
After while, all the sorowsJennie Wilson (Author)2
All along the way to happy lands aboveJennie Wilson (Author)English4
All glory to the VictorJennie Wilson (Author)English2
All hail the mighty Conqueror, Who died and rose againJennie Wilison (Author)3
All the shadows of timeJennie Wilson (Author)2
All the way through this lifeJennie Wilson (Author)2
Always abounding in work for the LordJennie Wilson (Author)English4
Are you a soldier of the crossJennie Wilson (Author)2
Are you acquainted with Jesus, the friendJennie Wilson (Author)2
Are you enrolled in the army of rightMiss Jennie Wilson (Author)English2
Are you looking forward gladlyJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Are you sailing on the good ship prohibitionJennie Wilson (Author)3
Are you seeking the beautiful countryMiss Jennie Wilson (Author)English2
Are you striving to be faithfulJennie Wilson (Author)2
Are you traveling home in the only true wayJennie Wilson (Author)2
Are you weary of bearing the burdensJennie Wilson (Author)2
Are you weary of your wanderingJennie Wilson (Author)3
Are you working in the vineyard (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)2
As a pilgrim band bound for Canaan's landJennie Wilson (Author)English4
As along the rugged path of lifeJennie Wilson (Author)2
As evening shadows softly fallJennie Wilson (Author)2
As I journey daily 'mid these scenes belowJennie Wilson (Author)2
As on life's troubled ocean my bark swiftly glidesJennie Wilson (Author)English2
As once he stilled the angry wavesJennie Wilson (Author)2
As the changing seasons come and goJennie Wilson (Author)2
As the days come and goJennie Wilson (Author)2
As the days of this earth life are hastening onJennie Wilson (Author)2
As the mountains surround Jerusalem, So the Lord's care surrounds his own (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)English2
As we sow we must reap, in the world's harvest fieldJennie Wilson (Author)English3
As we warfare wage in our Christian lifeJennie Wilson (Author)2
As you journey o'er life's highwayJennie Wilson (Author)2
As you journey on through lifeJennie Wilson (Author)2
As you onward glide over time's swift tideJennie Wilson (Author)2
As you pass along your wayJennie Wilson (Author)3
As you seek the city that is builtJennie Wilson (Author)2
At the coming of the BridegroomJennie Wilson (Author)English4
Auf dem Lebensweg zu seligen HimmelshöhnJennie Wilson (Author)German1
Awaken from thy slumberJennie Wilson (Author)2
Away, away where the golden grainJennie Wilson (Author)2
Awhile I must labor of Jesus belowJennie Wilson (Author)2
Be a loyal soldier in the army of the KingJennie Wilson (Author)2
Be a messenger for JesusJennie Wilson (Author)3
Be a reaper for the MasterJennie Wilson (Author)3
Be a volunteer for JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
Be faithful, Christian soldiersJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Be thou with us, loving SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Be ye ready to answer the Master's callJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Bear the glad messageJennie Wilson (Author)2
Bear ye one another's burdens As along life's path you goJennie Wilson (Author)2
Beautiful city beyond the tideJennie Wilson (Author)English4
Beautiful land of the glorifiedJennie Wilson (Author)2
Beautiful night of the long agoJennie Wilson (Author)2
Believing on the SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)2
Beneath the banner of JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
Beyond the clouds a golden lightJennie Wilson (Author)2
Beyond the dusky oceanJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Beyond the gloom and sorrowJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Beyond the valley of the shadowJennie Wilson (Author)2
Blessed Sabbath home, within thy wallsJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Bravely wage the temperance battleJennie Wilson (Author)2
Bring in the lambsJennie Wilson (Author)2
Brother, are you now retreatingJennie Wilson (Author)2
Brother battling with the world's temptationJennie Wilson (Author)3
Brother bravely do your part with a true and trusting heartJennie Wilson (Author)2
Brother, go where the grainJennie Wilson (Author)2
Brother standing on the shoreJennie Wilson (Author)2
Brother struggling bravelyJennie Wilson (Author)2
Built on shining heightsJennie Wilson (Author)2
Burdened with my guilt and shameJennie Wilson (Author)English2
But a little while, O ye Christian toilerJennie Wilson (Author)3
By and by, in realms eternalJennie Wilson (Author)2
By and by, the hour will comeJennie Wilson (Author)2
By and by, we'll walk in light supernalJennie Wilson (Author)2
By and by will end on the silent strandJennie Wilson (Author)8
By faith I see thy happy shoreJennie Wilson (Author)4
By the river pure as crystalJennie Wilson (Author)2
Call the roll for JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
Called home from service to rewardJennie Wilson (Author)4
Can we count on you on our side to standJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Can you sing, gladly singJennie Wilson (Author)2
Can you slight the loving JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
Children are praising the Savior todayJennie Wilson (Author)3
Choose the upward roadJennie Wilson (Author)2
Choose ye the heavenward way in youthJennie Wilson (Author)6
Christ is saying, Follow meJennie Wilson (Author)2
Christian hosts afar and nearJennie Wilson (Author)3
Christ's messengers are going forthJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Come and rest at the feet of the SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)5
Come close to the fountainJennie Wilson (Author)2
Come to Jesus, erring one, through His grace be pure and wholeJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Come to Jesus, guilt confessingJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Come to Jesus today, whileJennie Wilson (Author)2
Come to the homefold, prodigal childJennie Wilson (Author)2
Come unto me, are the words that JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
Comrades in the Christian conflictJennie Wilson (Author)2
Count it all joy while working for JesusJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Daily be my guide, O SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Daily marching onwardJennie Wilson (Author)2
Dearest friendships here are brokenJennie Wilson (Author)3
Do you, day by day, life's path pursueJennie Wilson (Author)2
Do you seek the golden cityJennie Wilson (Author)2
Down in the dusky valleyJennie Wilson (Author)2
Each soul must stand at the bar of GodJennie Wilson (Author)2
Early in the morning of lifeJennie Wilson (Author)2
Enlist in the army of JesusJennie Wilson (Author)3
Enlist in the White Ribbon armyJennie Wilson (Author)2
Enlisted in the Christian ranksJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Enrolled in the Sunday SchoolJennie Wilson (Author)2
Erring one afar from homeJennie Wilson (Author)3
Erring one, Jesus is calling to theeJennie Wilson (Author)2
Exalt the name of Jesus, All other names aboveJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Face to face in gloryJennie Wilson (Author)2
Faith discerns a country brighter than dayJennie Wilson (Author)3
Far above the swelling tideJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Far away from the shadowy low-lands of timeJennie Wilson (Author)2
Far away on shores supernalJennie Wilson (Author)2
Far away the bright towers of God's city shineJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Far beyond all earthly splendorJennie Wilson (Author)2
Far beyond the dusky sea, where the "many mansions" beJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Father, I'm coming home to theeJennie Wilson (Author)2
Fear not as you fightJennie Wilson (Author)2
Find safety on the Rock of AgesJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Float, proudly, float on land and seaJennie Wilson (Author)English4
Follow on where the Savior is guidingJennie Wilson (Author)2
Forward to Canaan's fair country we goJennie Wilson (Author)English8
From afar through ages beamingJennie Wilson (Author)3
From day to day, I need the tenderJennie Wilson (Author)3
From the city built up yonderJennie Wilson (Author)English2
From the place where we gatherJennie Wilson (Author)2
From the whelming tideJennie Wilson (Author)3
From the wounded side of Jesus gushed a pure, soul-cleansing streamJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Fully surrendered, my Savior, to TheeJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Fully trust the loving SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)6
Fully trusting Jesus and his boundless loveJennie Wilson (Author)3
Gather the children in for the LordJennie Wilson (Author)3
Gathering home to a beautiful countryJennie Wilson (Author)2
Gathering jewels pureJennie Wilson (Author)2
Giding swiftly onJennie Wilson (Author)2
Gird on the armor of the LordJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Give your heart in youth to JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
Gladly singing of my SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)2
Gladly will we sing of thee, beautiful summerJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Go forth, go forth to the whitened fieldsJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Go forth to the battlefield, brotherJennie Wilson (Author)2
Go forth to the conflict, O soldierJennie Wilson (Author)3
Go forth with the joyous newsJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Go forward in the name of JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
Go through the gates, O Church of ChristJennie Wilson (Author)3
Go with a message of pardon and graceJennie Wilson (Author)English4
Hallelujah! rejoice, for the Savior is risenJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Hark, the Savior speaks with gentle voiceJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Hark, the Spirit's voice is sayingJennie Wilson (Author)English5
Hark to the children's praiseJennie Wilson (Author)2
Hark to the cry from over the seaJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Hark to the tread of the children's armyJennie Wilson (Author)English4
Hark, wherever you wanderJennie Wilson (Author)5
Hasten away to the harvest fieldJennie Wilson (Author)3
Hasten thy coming, O SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)2
Hastening forward to battle with sinJennie Wilson (Author)2
Have you enlisted for JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
Have you passed, O my brother From death unto lifeJennie Wilson (Author)2
Have you turned from the bondage and darkness of sinJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Hear the blessed Master speakingJennie Wilson (Author)2
Hear the call for your helpJennie Wilson (Author)2
Hear the call to battle, sounding loud and clearJennie Wilson (Author)2
Hear the Master's call todayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Hear us gracious Father, while on thee we callJennie Wilson (Author)2
Hearken now to the voice of the SpiritJennie Wilson (Author)English10
Hearken one and all to the earnest callJennie Wilson (Author)2
Heed, O heed the voice divineJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Hold high the gospel bannerJennie Wilson (Author)2
Hold up God's true and saving lightMiss Jennie Wilson (Author)English6
Holding up the banner of our SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)3
Holy Father, bless our spiritsJennie Wilson (Author)2
Holy one, thy loving kindnessJennie Wilson (Author)2
Home to Zion we are boundJennie Wilson (Author)English18
Horch, o horch auf die Stimme des GeistesJennie Wilson (Author)German2
Hosanna to Jesus, the loving friend of childrenJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Hosanna to the King, Let happyJennie Wilson (Author)3
How are you building, my brotherJennie Wilson (Author)3
How are you dealing with JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
I am a happy ChristianJennie Wilson (Author)English2
I am fully trusting Jesus, as I journey over life's wayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
I am fully trusting Jesus, who has rescued me from sinJennie Wilson (Author)English4
I am going, gladly goingJennie Wilson (Author)2
I am happy in the love of my SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)2
I am looking away to that cloudless shoreJennie Wilson (Author)5
I am looking beyond the darkness Gathering so oft around meJennie Wilson (Author)3
I am now on the way to my homelandJennie Wilson (Author)2
I am resting at the crossJennie Wilson (Author)2
I am saved through Jesus' powerJennie Wilson (Author)2
I am told of a love that is pure and divineJennie Wilson (Author)4
I am trusting in the promise of the holy Son of GodJennie Wilson (Author)English2
I am walking in the light, and my path is shining brighJennie Wilson (Author)English4
I belong to the army of JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
I cannot see what in the futureJennie Wilson (Author)1
I have a friend who will e'er beJennie Wilson (Author)2
I have a hope divine, salvation's joy is mineJennie Wilson (Author)6
I have been redeemed from the power of sinJennie Wilson (Author)2
I have found a joy earth can never giveJennie Wilson (Author)3
I have found release from the bonds of sinJennie Wilson (Author)3
I have heard a blessed storyJennie Wilson (Author)2
I hear thee speak of a better creedJennie Wilson (Author)2
I know not what is before meJennie Wilson (Author)3
I long to learn more of the blessed SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)2
I love my Savior and singJennie Wilson (Author)2
I love to hear the Sabbath bellsJennie Wilson (Author)English2
I need not ask what time will bringJennie Wilson (Author)English11
I never tread life's path aloneJennie Wilson (Author)English3
I want to win the crown of lifeJennie Wilson (Author)2
I will extol himJennie Wilson (Author)2
I will kneel at the crossJennie Wilson (Author)2
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)4
I will walk day by day where my Savior leads the wayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
I would be a constant lightJennie Wilson (Author)English3
I would tread that pathway onlyJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Ich frag' nicht, was die Zukunft bringtJennie Wilson (Author)German1
If the clouds are driftingJennie Wilson (Author)2
If to Christ thou art a strangerJennie Wilson (Author)3
If true happiness here you would knowJennie Wilson (Author)3
If we fear and trust the LordJennie Wilson (Author)2
If you have not strengthJennie Wilson (Author)2
If you seek that blissful homeJennie Wilson (Author)2
If your own heart you would gladdenJennie Wilson (Author)English2
I'm coming to my SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)2
I'm weary of treading the dark way of sinJennie Wilson (Author)English2
In dem Weinberg unsres MeistersJennie Wilson (Author)German1
In my heart is a blest assuranceJennie Wilson (Author)3
In our march to Zion's cityJennie Wilson (Author)English4
In that glorious heavenly cityJennie Wilson (Author)English3
In the beautiful days of childhoodJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the city built on highJennie Wilson (Author)English2
In the days of youth when the morning sunlightJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the daytime's golden lightJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the drunkard's home is sorrowJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the fair wicked city of CorinthJennie Wilson (Author)3
In the far away landJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the field of lifeJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the glow of some glad morningJennie Wilson (Author)English2
In the happy by and by where our joyJennie Wilson (Author)3
In the harvest field where the faithful toilJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the heavenly clime we shall meet some timeJennie Wilson (Author)3
In the holy Christian warfareJennie Wilson (Author)English3
In the land of joy supernalJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the Lord's wide harvest fieldJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the mighty conflict being waged with powers of sinJennie Wilson (Author)English2
In the morning of life Learn to love the LordJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the name of our God we will set up our bannersJennie Wilson (Author)English2
In the service of the Lord There is joy, sweet joyJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the shadow of His hand He hides meJennie Wilson (Author)English2
In the shadow of the rock I am sweetly resting nowJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the shady woodlands sweet it is to roamJennie Wilson (Author)3
In the shelter of the rock, Jesus, hide me (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)English2
In the sin clouded valley of earth lifeJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the sunbright clime where redeemed ones dwellJennie Wilson (Author)2
In the vineyard of the Master There's a place for youJennie Wilson (Author)1
In the vineyard of the Master There are tasks for all to doJennie Wilson (Author)English5
In this world of care encumberedJennie Wilson (Author)English4
In this world, so full of sadnessJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Is there anyone here who is wayworn and wearyJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Is your lamp burning low, my brotherJennie Wilson (Author)2
It is a royal bannerJennie Wilson (Author)English2
It is sweet to look beyond the cloudsJennie Wilson (Author)3
Jesus alone can save youJennie Wilson (Author)3
Jesus called the children to him long agoJennie Wilson (Author)4
Jesus came to bring us light and joyJennie Wilson (Author)2
Jesus dig kallar till ljus och fridJennie Wilson (Author)3
Jesus has prepared a mansion where my spirit shall abideJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Jesus is calling the children (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)2
Jesus is calling the lambs to his foldJennie Wilson (Author)2
Jesus is calling you to the lightJennie Wilson (Author)English11
Jesus is our Friend foreverJennie Wilson (Author)3
Jesus loves little children They are precious in his sightJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Jesus offers me life's bright diademJennie Wilson (Author)3
Jesus only can go with meJennie Wilson (Author)2
Jesus saves, O guilty soul, come in faith and be made wholeJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Jewels for Jesus, let us shineJennie Wilson (Author)2
Joy cometh in the morningJennie Wilson (Author)2
Just beyond the dark stream by the border of timeJennie Wilson (Author)3
Just beyond the rolling tide (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)2
Just now is the time to comeJennie Wilson (Author)2
Keep close to the side of JesusJennie Wilson (Author)5
Keep marching on to life'sJennie Wilson (Author)2
Keep the danger signal flyingJennie Wilson (Author)English1
Kissed by the white pinioned Angel of PeaceJennie Wilson (Author)English5
Laat allt orent doe, goer mig hvit som snoeJennie Wilson (Author)2
Labor for Jesus each passing dayJennie Wilson (Author)3
Labor on, and murmur notJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Labor while life's sun is shiningJennie Wilson (Author)2
Lead the little ones in the wayJennie Wilson (Author)2
Learn to scatter sunshineJennie Wilson (Author)2
Let heaven be your goal, my brotherJennie Wilson (Author)2
Let me be a light for JesusJennie Wilson (Author)English4
Let my soul be white in thy holy sightJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Let your light shine out, with a constant glowJennie Wilson (Author)English5
Life is like a mighty river flowing onward to the seaJennie Wilson (Author)2
Life may bring you burdensJennie Wilson (Author)2
Lift your eyes and behold yonder white harvest fieldJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Like a fountain in the desertJennie Wilson (Author)2
Like a good shepherd in accentJennie Wilson (Author)2
Like a harp our lives send forth musicJennie Wilson (Author)2
Like a low and somber valleyJennie Wilson (Author)3
Like a steadfast rock Was the faith of DanielJennie Wilson (Author)3
Like an echo of holy angelic strainsJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Linger not, the Lord is callingJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Look beyond the shadowy vale of timeJennie Wilson (Author)2
Look forward to victory, soldiers of JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
Look in faith beyond the shadowsJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Look on the fields where the harvest is waitingJennie Wilson (Author)4
Lord, into some dreary spotJennie Wilson (Author)2
Make brighter the lives that lie near to your ownJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Make me a gleaner for thee, O LordJennie Wilson (Author)2
Make the world a little brighterJennie Wilson (Author)2
Mansions of glory are waiting for meJennie Wilson (Author)English2
March on where King Jesus commands you to goJennie Wilson (Author)2
March onward, gladly onwardJennie Wilson (Author)2
Marching along, soldiers, hasten awayJennie Wilson (Author)4
Marching forth to conquer in the highest nameJennie Wilson (Author)2
Marching on day by dayJennie Wilson (Author)2
May the love of God be with youJennie Wilson (Author)English7
Mid all the varied soundJennie Wilson (Author)2
Mid earth's conflicts and caresJennie Wilson (Author)2
Mid the beating storms of this mortal lifeJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Mid time's changing scenesJennie Wilson (Author)3
Mingling with sad, sad weepingJennie Wilson (Author)English3
More precious than silverJennie Wilson (Author)2
My brother, stand firm for the truth and the rightJennie Wilson (Author)English3
My frail bark is tossing where dark billows rollJennie Wilson (Author)2
My Redeemer is so preciousJennie Wilson (Author)2
My Savior will not leave meJennie Wilson (Author)2
My soul grows weary of doubtJennie Wilson (Author)2
Neath the sacred gospel banner with the Savior for our guideJennie Wilson (Author)5
No other friend is like JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
None but Jesus' troubled heartJennie Wilson (Author)2
Not as the world givethJennie Wilson (Author)3
Now is the time to serve the LordJennie Wilson (Author)2
Now, just now, while the LordJennie Wilson (Author)2
O be glad in the glorious workJennie Wilson (Author)2
O be of good cheer ye whoJennie Wilson (Author)2
O beautiful city aboveJennie Wilson (Author)3
O blessed Friend, abide with meJennie Wilson (Author)English4
O, Calvary, thy sacred nameJennie Wilson (Author)2
O come and let Jesus save youJennie Wilson (Author)2
O come and lose the stain of sinJennie Wilson (Author)2
O come, let happy voicesJennie Wilson (Author)2
O, come unto Calvary's fountainJennie Wilson (Author)English2
O Galilee, fair Galilee Our belssed MasterJennie Wilson (Author)2
O guilty one, with evil deeply dyedJennie Wilson (Author)2
O home sweet home, my thoughts fondly turn to theeJennie Wilson (Author)English4
O how sweet to labor, sowing for the MasterJennie Wilson (Author)2
O I love the sweet promiseJennie Wilson (Author)2
O Jesus, blessed Savior, thouJennie Wilson (Author)3
O Lamb of God, I come to theeJennie Wilson (Author)1
O, love and grace divineJennie Wilson (Author)2
O lovely Easter lilies, your petals fair unfoldJennie Wilson (Author)2
O mother, thou art safe aboveJennie Wilson (Author)2
O mourning hearts, be comfortedJennie Wilson (Author)2
O my heart is full of gladness (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)3
O my soul, ne'er grow despondentJennie Wilson (Author)2
O precious thought thatJennie Wilson (Author)2
O seek for pardon, no longer wait Jennie Wilson (Author)3
O shipwrecked soul, upon the billowsJennie Wilson (Author)2
O sinner, hear the Savior callingJennie Wilson (Author)2
O sinner, seeking rest and peaceJennie Wilson (Author)2
O sinner, the Savior is callingJennie Wilson (Author)2
O sinner, turn from worldly strifeJennie Wilson (Author)2
O soul, salvation waits for theeJennie Wilson (Author)2
O souls that are sad, have faith and be gladJennie Wilson (Author)2
O tell abroad the blessed storyJennie Wilson (Author)2
O tempest tossed sailor on time's mighty seaJennie Wilson (Author)2
O the glory songJennie Wilson (Author)2
O the happy Sabbath daysJennie Wilson (Author)2
O the joy of full salvationJennie Wilson (Author)2
O the living water is free for allJennie Wilson (Author)2
O there is a happy countryJennie Wilson (Author)3
O there will be joyJennie Wilson (Author)2
O thou who art living a life of sinJennie Wilson (Author)3
O thou whose power doth endureJennie Wilson (Author)2
O wanderer from God, come homeJennie Wilson (Author)2
O wandering one, come to the fountainJennie Wilson (Author)3
O what wonderful messageJennie Wilson (Author)2
O who are the faithful ones serving the LordJennie Wilson (Author)2
O wondrous cross of CalvaryJennie Wilson (Author)2
O ye sad hearted ones, press onJennie Wilson (Author)2
O'er the billows light is streamingJennie Wilson (Author)2
Offering tributes of praiseJennie Wilson (Author)2
Oft I fondly dream of a summer landJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Oft our voices mingleJennie Wilson (Author)2
Often this thought sweetly comes to meJennie Wilson (Author)2
O be true to God in your service hereJennie Wilson (Author)English2
O heaven is not far awayJennie Wilson (Author)English3
O, rally at the bugle callJennie Wilson (Author)English3
On the ocean of life I can fearlessly sailJennie Wilson (Author)2
On the paths of life my master'sJennie Wilson (Author)3
On the solid Rock or the shifting sandJennie Wilson (Author)2
On the wings of faith my spiritJennie Wilson (Author)2
On the world's great battle fieldJennie Wilson (Author)3
On to victory shall our motto beJennie Wilson (Author)English6
On with the battleJennie Wilson (Author)2
One by one, our friends are calledJennie Wilson (Author)2
One by one, the faithfulJennie Wilson (Author)2
One day I chanced to pass alongJennie Wilson (Author)3
One more little lamb is with JesusJennie Wilson (Author)3
Only a little while longerJennie Wilson (Author)3
Our Lord is coming to earth againJennie Wilson (Author)2
Our Savior is waitingJennie Wilson (Author)2
Out in the harvest field of GodJennie Wilson (Author)2
Out on the mountains bare and coldJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Over sins mountains like sheep astrayJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Over the stars is a morning lit landJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Over the tide by faithJennie Wilson (Author)2
Overhead dark clouds had gatheredJennie Wilson (Author)7
Portals of the Savior's kingdomJennie Wilson (Author)2
Proudly wave, O Flag of FreedomJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Put on the glorious armor of lightJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Put your trust in Jesus, leave with him your careJennie Wilson (Author)6
Rally now as Christian soldiersJennie Wilson (Author)2
Redeemed ones are singing a glorious songJennie Wilson (Author)2
Rejoice, rejoice with angels brightJennie Wilson (Author)English6
Remembering the crownJennie Wilson (Author)2
Resting in the LordJennie Wilson (Author)2
Safe in the beautiful mansionsJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Safe upon the shining strandJennie Wilson (Author)3
Sailor, on life’s surging seaJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Salvation is found through no other nameJennie Wilson (Author)3
Saved by the blood of Jesus I am from sin set freeJennie Wilson (Author)3
Savior, as my footsteps goWilson (Author)2
Savior, help me be true, as a follower of TheeJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Savior, in my want and weaknessWilson (Author)6
Savior, Thou hast died for meWilson (Author)2
Savior, Thy voice to my soul doth sayJennie Wilson (Author)3
Scatter love's bright sunbeamsJennie Wilson (Author)2
Seek the blessings of a heart made pureJennie Wilson (Author)English6
Seek the city aboveJennie Wilson (Author)2
Seek to scatter golden sunbeamsJennie Wilson (Author)2
Seeking in faithJennie Wilson (Author)2
Seele, o Seele vernimmst du's nichtJennie Wilson (Author)German1
Send the Christmas tidingsJennie Wilson (Author)2
Send the message back to gloryJennie Wilson (Author)2
Serve the Lord in life's glad morningJennie Wilson (Author)2
Serving the Lord we are never aloneJennie Wilson (Author)2
She hath done what she could, said the kind, loving SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)English4
Shelter me, O Rock of agesJennie Wilson (Author)English4
Shine thou through my life, O SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Show us, O Lord, the path of lifeJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Since I can tellJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sinful one, and all defiledJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sinful one, straying where deep shadows lieJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Sinful one, the Savior calls youJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Sinful one, wherever thou artJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Sing for joy, the weary nations now beholdJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sing praises to the Savior, KingJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Singing of Jesus, our SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Sinner, hear the Savior calling (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)2
Sinner, heed the message sent to theeJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sinner, Jesus is calling with his gentle voiceJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sinner, step across the lineJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sinner, though you turn from JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
Softly come the blessed sunbeamsJennie Wilson (Author)2
Soldiers, hear the bugle callingJennie Wilson (Author)2
Soldiers of the Lord, hear the bugle callJennie Wilson (Author)2
Some day beyond the silent valleyJennie Wilson (Author)4
Some day I shall drift from the margin of timeJennie Wilson (Author)4
Some day after these earthlyJennie Wilson (Author)7
Sometime the dusk will softly fallJennie Wilson (Author)3
Sow in faith beside all watersJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sow the good seed for the MasterJennie Wilson (Author)2
Stand like a hero, be faithful and trueJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Steep and toilsome is the road I treadJennie Wilson (Author)3
Step out, my brother, on the Lord's side tonight!Jennie Wilson (Author)English2
Still they resound as in days of oldJennie Wilson (Author)4
Sweet be thy rest, with the toil of life overJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sweet is the story never grown oldJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sweet is the story of Christ and his loveJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sweet is the story of mercy and love divineJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sweet is this blessed assuranceJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sweet voices float from Eden's landJennie Wilson (Author)4
Sweetly rest in dreamlessJennie Wilson (Author)2
Sweetly resting after laborJennie Wilson (Author)2
Swift the billows of life's stormy seaJennie Wilson (Author)3
Swiftly flowing like a riverJennie Wilson (Author)3
Swiftly the night approachesJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Tell abroad the gospel storyJennie Wilson (Author)2
Tell the story of the crossJennie Wilson (Author)2
Tell the sweet story of Christ and His loveJennie Wilson (Author)2
Tell to all the wondrous storyJennie Wilson (Author)English2
The busy years of timeJennie Wilson (Author)2
The day is ending, faster, fasterJennie Wilson (Author)4
The dearest story of all to meJennie Wilson (Author)2
The door of the heavenly kingdomJennie Wilson (Author)2
The door of the kingdom is open for theeJennie Wilson (Author)3
The face of earth is smilingJennie Wilson (Author)2
The harvester's joy, O how sweetJennie Wilson (Author)2
The joy of salvation is now in my soulJennie Wilson (Author)2
The judgment is coming, when every soul mustJennie Wilson (Author)2
The light of God is falling upon death'sJennie Wilson (Author)3
The light of God shines clearJennie Wilson (Author)2
The Lord will dwell on earthJennie Wilson (Author)2
The loving Savior calls you homeJennie Wilson (Author)2
The Master is sowing the good seed of truthJennie Wilson (Author)4
The Master's voice is calling, callingJennie Wilson (Author)English2
The path is rugged which my feetJennie Wilson (Author)2
The promise has been given that our Lord will come againJennie Wilson (Author)English4
The Savior hath spoken with earnest voiceJennie Wilson (Author)2
The Savior invites to the heavenly homeJennie Wilson (Author)2
The Savior tenderly calleth theeJennie Wilson (Author)2
The Spirit is pleadingJennie Wilson (Author)2
The temperance tide is rolling onJennie Wilson (Author)2
The voice of faith to my spiritJennie Wilson (Author)English2
The voice of God is calling O why do you longerJennie Wilson (Author)2
The voice of the Savior has called me from sinJennie Wilson (Author)2
There are beautiful mansionsJennie Wilson (Author)2
There are beautiful visions our eyes shall beholdJennie Wilson (Author)2
There are fair eternal mansionsJennie Wilson (Author)2
There are frail barks afloatJennie Wilson (Author)2
There are golden sheavesJennie Wilson (Author)2
There are happy voices singingJennie Wilson (Author)English2
There are hours of joyJennie Wilson (Author)2
There are joys and blessings here, but if grief to you draw nearJennie Wilson (Author)English3
There are millions who have never Heard the sound of Jesus nameJennie Wilson (Author)English2
There are scenes whose beautyJennie Wilson (Author)3
There is a diadem unfadingJennie Wilson (Author)2
There is a fold of safetyJennie Willson (Author)English2
There is a home that waits for meJennie Wilson (Author)2
There is a promise sweetJennie Wilson (Author)2
There is a rest for the peopleJennie Wilson (Author)2
There is golden grain that your hands should gatherJennie Wilson (Author)English2
There is joy among the angels and their praise more sweetly ringsJennie Wilson (Author)English3
There is joy for theeJennie Wilson (Author)2
There is joy, holy joy, that endureth for ayeJennie Wilson (Author)3
There is joy unknownJennie Wilson (Author)3
There is light among shadows and peace amid strifeJennie Wilson (Author)English3
There is much to be done in the fields of the LordJennie Wilson (Author)English3
There is one safe roadJennie Wilson (Author)2
There is only one anchor that holds secureJennie Wilson (Author)2
There is only one road that will lead to restJennie Wilson (Author)English2
There is rest for your soulJennie Wilson (Author)3
There is ripened grain for us all to reapJennie Wilson (Author)English2
There is work for me to doJennie Wilson (Author)1
There remaineth a rest for the peopleJennie Wilson (Author)2
There will be a blessed morning by and byJennie Wilson (Author)3
There will be a blissful morning when the earthly night has flownJennie Wilson (Author)English2
There will be gain for each bitter lossJennie Wilson (Author)2
There will be light for the spiritsJennie Wilson (Author)2
There will be no cold riverJennie Wilson (Author)2
There will come a day of abounding joyJennie Wilson (Author)3
There’s a beautiful home for the children of GodJennie Wilson (Author)English2
There's a beautiful land (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a blessed pathJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a diadem unfadingJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a Friend of allJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a glorious cityJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a glorious place I shall reachJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a glorious victory for youJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a happy golden shoreJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a happy land over the river of deathJennie Wilson (Author)English3
There's a happy, sinless climeJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a haven of safety beyond the deep seaJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a holy brightnessJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a holy well where the fainting soul may drinkJennie Wilson (Author)3
There's a home for meJennie Wilson (Author)3
There's a home over Jordan, where wayfarers restJennie Wilson (Author)English2
There's a lovely summerlandJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a message from Jesus to theeJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a never ending dayJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a pathway that leads through the valley of lifeJennie Wilson (Author)English2
There’s a place in the kingdom of Jesus for youJennie Wilson (Author)3
There's a place where many mansionsJennie Wilson (Author)3
There's a precious gift for you, my brotherJennie Wilson (Author)3
There's a question you must answerJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a royal highway, leading to the King's sublime abodeJennie Wilson (Author)4
There's a royal one who waitethJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's a soul cheering radiance streamingJennie Wilson (Author)English3
There's a wonderful book where the angels' recordJennie Wilson (Author)3
There's a wondrous day approaching very nearJennie Bain Wilson (Author)English4
There's an Eden land over the swelling tideJennie Wilson (Author)English2
There's an everlasting light shiningJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's no music so sweetJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's no other FriendJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's no refuge but the Rock of AgesJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's only one FriendJennie Wilson (Author)2
There's something that even such children as we can doJennie Wilson (Author)2
They are gathering over the silent streamJennie Wilson (Author)5
They are passing away to the beautiful landJennie Wilson (Author)2
They are waiting for me over the shadowy seaJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Think when you see the poor drunkardJennie Wilson (Author)3
This earthly house is not enduringMiss Jennie Wilson (Reviser)3
This thought, with thrilling powerJennie Wilson (Author)English3
This world is more than a battlefieldJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Though we're tenting awhile in the valley of timeJennie Wilson (Author)4
Those who are washed in the cleansing tideJennie Wilson (Author)3
Thou hast gone from usJennie Wilson (Author)3
Though far thou hast wandered in sin's gloomy nightJennie Wilson (Author)3
Though in some desolate valleyJennie Wilson (Author)6
Though our way may seem dreary before usJennie Wilson (Author)2
Though the soul grows faint and wearyJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Though we tread the way to heaven now by faith and not by sightJennie Wilson (Author)3
Though worldly voices to you callJennie Wilson (Author)3
Thousands of drunkards are going each yearJennie Wilson (Author)3
Thro' the blood once shed for meJennie Wilson (Author)3
Through eternity's night rings a mournful refrainJennie Wilson (Author)3
Throughout our broad, beloved landJennie Wilson (Author)2
Thy tender voice I hearJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Thy voice has called me day by dayJennie Wilson (Author)2
Time is filled with swift transitionJennie Wilson (Author)English97
'Tis a blessed assurance that brings holyJennie Wilson (Author)2
'Tis sweet to know that every hourJennie Wilson (Author)4
To sustain me as I journey to the country far awayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
To the emblematic tombJennie Wilson (Author)2
To the shadow of the cross, O Saviour, now I fleeJennie Wilson (Author)English4
To the sheltering Rock that is higher than IJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Toil for God without repiningJennie Wilson (Author)2
Toiler for Jesus, be thou faithfulJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Truly witnessing for JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
Trust in the Savior and give him thy heartJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Trusting in Jesus through life I goJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Trusting in the SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)2
Two roads lie before you, my brotherJennie Wilson (Author)3
Under Emmanuel's banner gladly we fall in lineJennie Wilson (Author)5
Under the banner of Jesus, my KingJennie Wilson (Author)English1
Under the banner of light and of loveJennie Wilson (Author)3
Unto thee I come, O SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)2
Unto Zion's lovely cityJennie Wilson (Author)English5
Upon the road to JerichoJennie Wilson (Author)4
Vile and sinful though I beJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Voices for Jesus are all the sweet songsJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Voices of gladness are singingJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Wafted through the heavenly portalsJennie Wilson (Author)2
Waiting for us at the beautiful gatesJennie Wilson (Author)2
Waking with Jesus, O preciousJennie Wilson (Author)2
Walk in His way in the days of youthJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Walking in the path of lightJennie Wilson (Author)2
Walking in white on the heavenly shoreJennie Wilson (Author)3
Walking with Jesus in newness of lifeJennie Wilson (Author)English3
Wandering one, hear the Savior sayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Wandering prodigal, wherever thou artJennie Wilson (Author)English2
We all must stand in the judgment dayJennie Wilson (Author)English6
We are building on the Rock, the Rock of agesJennie Wilson (Author)English6
We are daily marching onwardJennie Wilson (Author)2
We are exiles now from homeJennie Wilson (Author)English2
We are happy as we laborJennie Wilson (Author)English2
We are in the gospel armyJennie Wilson (Author)2
We are little sailorsJennie Wilson (Author)3
We are little soldiers, though we are but smallJennie Wilson (Author)English2
We are now in life's fair summerJennie Wilson (Author)2
We are on our journey home, for we seek the rest to comeJennie Wilson (Author)English3
We are on the winning side while in JesusJennie Wilson (Author)2
We are only little childrenJennie Wilson (Author)1
We are only pilgrims hereJennie Wilson (Author)2
We are pilgrims on the roadJennie Wilson (Author)2
We are pressing onward day by day, To a country lying far awayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
We are sailing on a deepJennie Wilson (Author)2
We are sailing on an oceanJennie Wilson (Author)1
We are soldiers of right on the world's battlefieldJennie Wilson (Author)English2
We are told of a city beyond the dark riverJennie Wilson (Author)2
We are told of a glorious cityJennie Wilson (Author)English2
We are traveling to our home up the beautiful shining wayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
We are walking in the wayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
We are working for the MasterJennie Wilson (Author)1
We journey to a city where all is glad and fairJennie Wilson (Author)3
We know not fully what we doJennie Wilson (Author)5
We look to Thee, O SaviorJennie Wilson (Author)4
We love the Holy BibleJennie Wilson (Author)2
We seek the fair country beyond the dark tideJennie Wilson (Author)English2
We shall meet beyond the skies (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)2
We sometimes speak of a sad, still hourJennie Wilson (Author)4
We speak of the realms of the blestWilson (Author)English1
We will march alongJennie Wilson (Author)2
We will serve the blessed MasterJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Wenn der Bräutigam erscheinetJennie Wilson (Author)German1
Wenn die Rosen blühenJennie Wilson (Author)German2
We're soldiers in the temperance armyJennie Wilson (Author)2
What kind of seed are we sowingJennie Wilson (Author)2
What will you do in the solemn dayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Whatever thy grief or thy burdenJennie Wilson (Author)2
When all is dark around meJennie Wilson (Author)3
When all the griefs of timeJennie Wilson (Author)3
When, before God's throneJennie Wilson (Author)2
When celestial light is beamingJennie Wilson (Author)2
When duty's path your feet should treadJennie Wilson (Author)2
When falleth the shades of eveningJennie Wilson (Author)3
When former things have passed awayJennie Wilson (Author)English5
When I have reached the palaceJennie Wilson (Author)3
When I heard my Savior's voiceJennie Wilson (Author)2
When I'm resting by the river, in the beautiful foreverJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When in days long passed awayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When Jesus dwelt upon our earthJennie Wilson (Author)2
When life's billows beat and the tempest ragesJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When life's pilgrimage is endedJennie Wilson (Author)2
When life's sun for aye shall have sunk awayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When meeting with the many cares and trialsJennie Wilson (Author)2
When memory with magicJennie Wilson (Author)2
When ’mid sounds of earthly voices none your accents ever hearJennie Wilson (Author)4
When my day of life is endedJennie Wilson (Author)2
When on thy spirit joy ceases to shineJennie Wilson (Author)2
When passed are tears and laughterJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When the call comes for helpJennie Wilson (Author)2
When the crowns of lifeJennie Wilson (Author)2
When the darkness gathers at close of dayJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When the day of life is done, at the setting of the sunJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When the days are longJennie Wilson (Author)2
When the days of time are numberedJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When the days of your earth-life are overJennie Wilson (Author)2
When the gloom of night surrounds youJennie Wilson (Author)10
When the harvest time is overJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When the judgment bookJennie Wilson (Author)2
When the lavish hand of summerJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When the morn is breakingJennie Wilson (Author)3
When the pearly gates swing (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)2
When the ransomed gather homeJennie Wilson (Author)English3
When the saints have gathered homeJennie Wilson (Author)3
When the Savior comes with power in that solemn day of daysJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When the shadows of night shallJennie Wilson (Author)4
When this earthly life is ended and its toil is passed for ayeJennie Wilson (Author)English3
When this life is over and you hear no moreJennie Wilson (Author)English2
When we come to Jordan's riverJennie Wilson (Author)2
When we trust in the Lord and obey his commandJennie Wilson (Author)2
When you pass from this worldJennie Wilson (Author)2
When your day of life is o'erJennie Wilson (Author)2
Where beams the light of heaven's dayJennie Wilson (Author)2
Where is your treasure laid up, brotherJennie Wilson (Author)2
Where the golden grain coversJennie Wilson (Author)2
Where the harvest fields are gleamingJennie Wilson (Author)2
Where the open gates of pearlJennie Wilson (Author)3
Where the pearly gates are gleamingJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Where the stream of life is flowingJennie Wilson (Author)2
While mid the scenes of timeJennie Wilson (Author)2
While pressing onward in the wayJennie Wilson (Author)2
While the blessed songs of ZionJennie Wilson (Author)2
While the days are going for the Lord be sowingJennie Wilson (Author)English8
While we linger at the crossJennie Wilson (Author)2
Who can take your guilt awayJennie Wilson (Author)2
Who will volunteer to speak for Jesus, Make his message known from day to day? (Wilson)Jennie Wilson (Author)English2
Why are you waiting out of the kingdomJennie Wilson (Author)English4
Wild roll the bollows on sin's mighty deepJennie Wilson (Author)2
Will joy or grief be our rewardJennie Wilson (Author)2
Will my name be found on the roll of the faithfulJennie Wilson (Author)English5
Will you come to Jesus with your guilt and sadnessJennie Wilson (Author)2
Will you labor for Jesus in life's wide fieldJennie Wilson (Author)2
With a sweeter music golden harps are ringingJennie Wilson (Author)English2
With joy I'll tread the narrowJennie Wilson (Author)2
With no merit of my ownJennie Wilson (Author)2
With our earthly toiling endedJennie Wilson (Author)2
With our hearts filled with praiseJennie Wilson (Author)2
With the door of mercy openJennie Wilson (Author)English3
With the temperance workers we will rejoiceJennie Wilson (Author)3
Witness for Jesus, the heavenlyJennie Wilson (Author)2
Wonderful joy waiteth for meJennie Wilson (Author)2
Work for the Lord in his harvest wideJennie Wilson (Author)9
Work for the master with pleasureJennie Wilson (Author)2
Work in the harvest that for you callsJennie Wilson (Author)English4
Workers together for Jesus are weJennie Wilson (Author)4
Would you lighten the burdens the innocent hearJennie Wilson (Author)English2
Wouldst thou be secureJennie Wilson (Author)2
Ye faithful friends of our noble causeJennie Wilson (Author)3
Years of time are swiftly passingJennie Wilson (Author)17
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