Hymns of the Spirit for Use in the Free Churches of America

Publisher: Beacon Press, Boston, Mass., 1937
Denomination: American Unitarian Association, Universalist Church of America
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1Praise to the living God! All praiséd be his NameYIGDAL (LEONI)
2Praise the Lord; ye heav'ns adore himMENDELSSOHNTune Info
3Holy Spirit, source of gladness, Come with all thy radiance brightALLA TRINITÀ BEATA
4Praise the Lord of heaven, praise him in the heightWARUM SIND DIE THRÄNEN
5Ye holy angels brightDARWALL
6O worship the King, all glorious aboveLYONS
7Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creationLOBE DEN HERREN
8Bring, O morn, thy musicNICAEA
9Our God, our God, thou shinest hereCORONATION
10Come, thou almighty King, Help us thy name to singITALIAN HYMN
11Our Father, unto thee, We now on bended kneeOLIVET
12We lift our hearts in thanks todayPRAETORIUS
13Rejoice, ye pure in heartMARION
14Unto thy temple, Lord, we comeDUKE STREET
15O thou to whom in ancient timeLUTON
16Lord of all being, throned afarTRANSYLVANIA
17Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, EarlyNICAEA
18Father, thou art callingBROMLEY COMMON
19How lovely are thy dwelling fairs, O Lord of hosts, how dearCAITHNESS
20As pants the hart for cooling streamsMARTYRDOM
21Great God, the followers of thy SonHEBRON
22In this peaceful house of prayerSONG 13
23aGod is in his holy temple, earthly thoughtsSTUTTGART
23bGod is in his holy temple, earthly thoughtsAUTUMN
24Peace be to this congregationLOBT DEN HERRN, DIE MORGENSTERN
25aSov'reign and transforming GraceORIENTIS PARTIBUS
25b(Sov'reign and transforming Grace)GOTTSCHALK
26O Source divine, and Life of allSONG 34
27Where ancient forests widely spreadWAINWRIGHT
28God of the earth, the sky, the seaWINCHESTER NEW
29He hides within the lilyMUNICH
30Immortal, invisible, God only wiseST. DENIO
31Thou art, O God, the life and lightMACH'S MIT MIR, GOTT
32For the beauty of the earthDIX
33The spacious firmament on highCREATION
34Heaven and earth, and sea, and airPOSEN
35Let the whole creation cryVIENNA
36O God, whose smile is in the skyMARTYRDOM
37Thou rulest, Lord, the lights on highMELCOMBE
38The harp at nature's advent strungEVAN
39There is a book who runs may readDEDHAM
40Seek not afar for beautyLANGRAN
41Father, thy wonders do not singly standOLD FIRST
42Joyful, joyful, we adore theeJOY
43O God, our dwelling placeST. EDMUND
44Thou, earth, art ours, and ours to keepGASTORIUS
45Morning, so fair to seeST. ELIZABETH (CRUSADER'S HYMN)
46Lord of all majesty and mightVATER UNSER
47Come, thou almighty willITALIAN HYMN
48aSpirit of God descend upon my heartSONG 22
48bSpirit of God descend upon my heartMORECAMBE
49Come, mighty Spirit, penetrate This heart and soul of mineTALLIS' ORDINAL
50aLove divine, all loves excellingHYFRYDOL
50bLove divine, all loves excellingBEECHER
51O love divine, of all that isBANGOR
52O Thou whose Spirit witness bearsSTRACATHRO
53Life of all that lives below Let thy spirit in us flowPLEYEL
54aFrom heart to heart, from creed to creedST. FLAVIAN
54bFrom heart to heart, from creed to creedARLINGTON
55aSpirit divine, attend our prayerPRESERVATION
55bSpirit divine, attend our prayerARLINGTON
56aO love divine, whose constant beamPUER NOBIS NASCITUR
56bO love divine, whose constant beamRIVAULX
57Spirit of truth, who makest brightWARRINGTON
58aGo not, my soul, in search of himOLD 137th
58bGo not, my soul, in search of himSTRACATHRO
59Breathe on me breath of GodST. BRIDE
60O God, whose presence glows in all Within, around us, and aboveO SALUTARIS
61Creator Spirit, by whose aidLUCIS CREATOR
62Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wingsAMSTERDAM
63Mysterious presence, source of alllWAREHAM
64Thou One in all, thou All in oneGRACE CHURCH
65Thou whose spirit dwells in allUNIVERSITY COLLEGE
66Day by day the manna fellCHATHAM
67O thou whose power o'er moving worlds presidesOLD 124TH
68Holy Spirit, light divine, Shine upon this heart of mineLYNE
69O God, O Spirit, Light of all that liveBETHSAIDA (LONGWOOD)
70Lead us, O Father, in the paths of peaceSONG 24
71Where is your God they sayO GOTT, DU FROMMER GOTT
72I cannot find thee, still on restless pinionLOMBARD STREET
73The Lord is in his holy place, in all things near and farST. BERNARD
74Behold a sower from afar, He goeth forth with mightELLACOMBE
75Light of ages and of nationsAUSTRIA
76It sounds along the agesCRÜGER
77aOne thought I have, my ample creedPRAETORIUS
77bOne thought I have, my ample creedST. AGNES
78Who fathoms the eternal thoughtST. BERNARD
79aFather and Friend, thy light, thy loveSOLOTHURN
79bFather and Friend, thy light, thy loveILLA
80Immortal Love, forever fullDUNDEE
81Thou Life within my life, than self more nearELLERS
82Thou hidden love of God, whose heightGOTTLOB, ES GEHT
83aGod is love; his mercy brightensMARCHING
83bGod is love; his mercy brightensSTOCKWELL
84O love of God, how strong and trueHERR JESU CHRIST, WAHR'R MENSCH
85Father, hear the prayer we offerRINGE RECHT
86In thee, our Father, are we all at homeLEE
87aThe King of love my shepherd isST. COLUMBA
87bThe King of love my shepherd isDOMINUS REGIT ME
88aCome, my soul, thou must be wakingMATINS

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