George Ratcliffe Woodward

Short Name: George Ratcliffe Woodward
Full Name: Woodward, George Ratcliffe, 1848-1934
Birth Year: 1848
Death Year: 1934

Woodward, George Ratcliffe, M.A. of G. & C. College, Cambridge; B.A. in honours 1872, M.A. 1875. Has held several curacies and two benefices, and is now (1907) Curate of St. Mark's, Marylebone Road, London. He has translated a number of hymns from the German and Latin, which are included in his Songs of Syon, 1904.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

George Ratcliffe Woodward (27 December 1848 – 3 March 1934) was an English Anglican priest who wrote mostly religious verse, both original and translated from ancient authors. The best-known of these were written to fit traditional melodies, mainly of the Renaissance. He sometimes harmonised these melodies himself, but usually left this to his frequent collaborator, composer Charles Wood.

Texts by George Ratcliffe Woodward (29)sort descendingAsInstances
Ah! Lord God, the world's CreatorGeorge R. Woodward (Translator (from Latin))2
Alleluia, praise the Lord, Be his holy name adoredGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)3
An Infant lay within a shedGeorge R. Woodward (Translator (from German))2
Ave Maria, gratia plena, So spoke the archangelGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)1
Blessed Jesus, we are here, At thy call, Thy presence owningGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)8
Christ, the Lord hath risenGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)4
Come, all ye creatures of the LordGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)2
Come, listen to my story, Christus natus hodieGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)2
Ding dong! merrily on highGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)8
Ding dong! Plenas en ĉiel'George Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)2
Eastern monarchs, sages threeG. R. Woodward, 1849-1934 (Translator)2
Go, happy soul: thy days are endedGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)2
Hail, Easter bright, in glory dight!G. R. Woodward, 1848-1934 (Translator)2
Ho bela paska tag'! Nun paŝu, hom', al belo!George Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)2
Ho paŝtistoj Betlehemaj!George Ratcliffe Woodward (Translator (into English))1
Is this that body, Jesus, sayGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)2
Jesu, all holyGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward, 1848-1934 (Author)2
Jesus Christ is risen, The feast, good Christians, therefore keepG. R. Woodward, 1848-1934 (Paraphraser)2
Make thee ready, as best thou art ableGeorge R. Woodward (Translator (from Greek))2
My Jesus, pierced for Love of meRev. George R. Woodward (Translator)3
Now woods and wolds are sleepingRev. George R. Woodward (Translator)4
Nowell! Nowell! Good news I tellGeorge R. Woodward (Author)2
Praise ye the Lord, ye servants of the LordG. R. Woodward (Translator)8
Shepherds in the field abidingGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)10
The world itself is blithe and gay George R. Woodward, 1848-1934 (Translator)5
This joyful Eastertide Away with sin and sadness!George R. Woodward (Author)42
Unto us a boy is bornGeorge Ratcliff Woodward (Translator, v. 2)1
What, ye ask me, is my prizeRev. G. R. Woodward (Translator)3
Whate'er betide, God is my guideGeorge Ratcliffe Woodward (Author)2

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