John J. Overholt

Short Name: John J. Overholt
Full Name: Overholt, John J., 1918-2000
Birth Year: 1918
Death Year: 2000

John J. Overholt was born to an Amish family of limited means in the state of Ohio in 1918. As a child he was soon introduced to his father's personal collection of gospel songs and hymns, which was to have a marked influence on his later life. With his twin brother Joe, he early was exposed to the Amish-Mennonite tradition of hymn singing and praising worship.

An early career in Christian service led to a two-year period of relief work in the country of Poland following World War II. During that interim he began to gather many European songs and hymns as a personal hobby, not realizing that these selections would become invaluable to The Christian Hymnary which was begun in 1960 and completed twelve years later in 1972, with a compilation of 1000 songs, hymns and chorales. (The largest Menn. Hymnal)

A second hymnal was begun simultaneously in the German language entitled Erweckungs Lieder Nr.1 which was brought to completion in 1986. This hymnal has a total of 200 selections with a small addendum of English hymns.

Mr. Overholt married in 1965 to an accomplished soprano Vera Marie Sommers, who was not to be outdone by her husband's creativity, and compiled a hymnal of 156 selections entitled Be Glad and Sing, directed to children and youth and first printed in 1986.

During this later career of hymn publishing, Mr. Overholt also found time for Gospel team work thruout Europe. At this writing he is preparing for a 5th consecutive tour which he arranges and guides. The countries visited will be Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, USSR and Romania.

Mr. Overholt was called to the Christian ministry in 1957 and resides at Sarasota, Florida where he is co-minister of a Beachy Amish-Mennonite Church.

Five children were born to this family and all enjoy worship in song.

--Letter from Hannah Joanna Overholt to Mary Louise VanDyke, 10 October 1990, DNAH Archives. Photo enclosed.

Texts by John J. Overholt (199)sort descendingAsInstances
A is for anyone who's not afraid to dieCompiler (Alterer)1
Alas, and did my Savior bleedJohn J. Overholt (Author (response))1
All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)2
Amidst us our Beloved standsJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)1
And must I be to judgment broughtCompiler (Alterer)1
Angel hosts were heard on highJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)2
Another week with all its cares hath flownCompiler (Alterer)1
Awake, thou Spirit of the martyrsJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
Baptized into our Savior's deathJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)1
Behold, the great creator makesCompiler (Alterer)1
Behold, the Master passeth by!Compiler (Alterer)1
Behold the Savior of mankindJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)1
Blessing to God, the Father ever blestJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)2
Blest feast of love divineJohn J. Overholt (Author (refrain))1
Blow ye the trumpet, blowCompiler (Alterer)1
Church of God, thou spotless virginCompiler (Alterer)1
Climb up your golden heightJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)2
Come, great God, thy people hearJohn J. Overholt (Recaster and Author (stanza 1))2
Come, let our souls adore the LordJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
Come, newborn souls, love's grace displayJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
Come, and let us sweetly joinJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)1
Come, Savior, Jesus, from aboveCompiler (Alterer)1
Come, Thou Almighty King, Help us Thy name to singCompiler (Alterer (stanza 3))1
Come, thy presence manifestingJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
Come unto me, saith God's own SonJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
Come, ye that love the Savior's nameJohn J. Overholt (Arranger)1
Come, your hearts and voices raising (Overholt)John J. Overholt (Recaster)2
Come, Zion's daughters, come, rejoiceJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
Creator of the universe, We lift our mindsCompiler (Alterer)1
Dear Lord, amid the throng that pressedCompiler (Alterer)1
Did Christ o'er sinners weep?John J. Overholt (Alterer)1
Dona nobis pacem (Canon)John J. Overholt (English text)1
Draw nigh, O Lord, and on us shineCompiler (Alterer)1
He's the Lily of the valleyJohn J. Overholt (Arranger)1
Everything's alright in my Father's houseCompiler (Arranger)1
Father, bless our school todayCompiler (Alterer)1
Father eternal, great God of creationJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
Father, in high heaven dwellingCompiler (Alterer)1
Father, in whom we liveCompiler (Alterer)1
Father of spirits, whose divine controlCompiler (Alterer)1
Father, we thank TheeJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
For a blest todayJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
For the bread and for the wineCompiler (Alterer)1
Forward, flock of JesusJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)2
Foundation true, art Thou, O LordJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
Fountain of knowledge, living breathJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)2
From east to west, from shore to shoreCompiler (Alterer)1
Glorious kingdom of our GodJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
God, of truth and light CreatorJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
God, our Father, send revivalCompiler (Alterer)1
God the All-terrible! King, who ordainestCompiler (Alterer)1
God will His righteous judgment meteJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
Gracious Lord, we wait on theeJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
Great God of nations, now to TheeCompiler (Alterer)1
Great Ruler of the earth and skiesCompiler (Alterer)1
Great Shepherd of the church on earthJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)2
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah … He is coming soonJohn J. Overholt (Arranger)2
Hallelujah, Lo, he wakesCompiler (Alterer)1
Hark! the voice of love and mercyCompiler (Alterer)1
Have you counted the costJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
Have you found the great Physician, Jesus Christ of GalileeJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)1
Have you heard about the stoneCompiler (Arranger)2
He that believes and is baptizedJohn J. Overholt (Compositer)2
Help us, O Lord, thy yoke to wearCompiler (Alterer)1
Here in the Name of Christ our LordCompiler (Alterer)1
Holy and reverend is the nameJohn J. Overholt (Adapter)1
Holy as thou, O Lord, is none!Compiler (Alterer)1
I am unworthy to suffer with theeJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
I had so many sins and he took them all awayCompiler (Arranger)1
I opened my heart to the Word divineCompiler (Alterer)1
I will abide in thy dwelling place foreverJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
I will delight in singingJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
I will press on to perfectionJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
In all thy glorious ways, O GodJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)2
In Christ is brotherhood aloneJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
In Christ my Saviour's wounds secureJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)2
In memory of the Savior's loveJohn J. Overholt (Author (stanza 2))2
In Thee is gladness in every sadnessJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
Into thy gracious hands I fallCompiler (Alterer)1
It is finished--all the painJohn J. Overholt (Author (stanza 4))1
Jesus can never fail, never failCompiler (Arranger)1
Jesus, for thy mercy's sakeCompiler (Alterer)1
Jesus, Jesus, Life, the fountainJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
Jesus, joy of livingJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
Jesus, Lord from heavenJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
To the name that brings salvationJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
Jesus, the Christ, the Son of GodJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
Jesus, thou soul of all our joysCompiler (Alterer)1
Leader of faithful souls, and GuideCompiler (Alterer)1
Let the saints new anthems raiseCompiler (Alterer (stanza 1))1
Let the people praise thee, O God, O let them praise thee!John J. Overholt (Author)2
Light of life, seraphic Fire! Compiler (Alterer)1
Live in me Lord JesusJohn J. Overholt (Author (stanza 3))1
Lo! God is here: let us adoreCompiler (Alterer)1
Lo! golden light rekindles dayCompiler (Alterer)1
Lo, wisdom crieth in the streetsCompiler (Alterer)1
Look to the God of heav'n above for guidelines ev'ry dayCompiler (Alterer)1
God give us Christian homesCompiler (Alterer)1
Lord God! to Thee be blessingJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
Lord, in the fullness of my might I would for thee be strongCompiler (Alterer)1
Lord Jesus, I love theeJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
Lord of our life, and God of our salvationJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
Lord of the harvest, meet this hourJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
Lord of the living harvest Compiler (Alterer)1
By thy blessed word obeyingCompiler (Alterer)1
Lord, we would not dishonor TheeJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
Lord, while for all mankind we prayCompiler (Alterer)1
My faith has found a resting placeCompiler (Alterer)1
My God, how wonderful Thou artCompiler (Alterer)1
My God, where shall I wend my flight?Compiler (Alterer (stanzas 8 & 11))1
My Savior and my Lord, let our lips now acclaim TheeJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)2
My soul complete in Jesus standsCompiler (Alterer)1
Now be praise unto our GodJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
Now the busy week is doneCompiler (Alterer)1
O come, all ye children, O come, one and all (Overholt)John Overhold (Alterer)2
O come, let us worship before our great LordJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
O come, O come, Emmanuel, And ransom captive IsraelCompiler (Alterer)1
O come, thou wounded Lamb of GodCompiler (Alterer)1
O come to Mount Zion, the mount of the LordJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)2
O, come today to the fountain, Drawn from Immanuel's veinsJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
O come ye children of men mortalJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
O God, do thou sustain meJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
O God and Father, thee we blessJohn J. Overholt (Translator)8
O God of wondrous grace and gloryJohn J. Overholt (Compositer, Arranger)2
O God, to thee I lift my joyful voiceJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
O God, what offering shall I giveCompiler (Alterer)1
O holy, holy, holy LordJohn J. Overholt (Compositer, Arranger)2
O lift thy hands on high!John J. Overholt (Alterer)2
O Lord of life, where'er they beJohn J. Overholt (Alterer (stanzas 1-3))1
O Lord of hosts, all heaven possessingCompiler (Alterer)1
O love divine, O matchless graceCompiler (Alterer)1
O love that casts out fearJohn J. Overholt (Composite, Arranger)3
O brother man, fold to thy heart thy brotherJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
O nation, O our nationCompiler (Alterer)1
O our God, to Thee we render Thanks for bounties Thou hast giv'nJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
O praise our great and glorious LordJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
O sinners, what will you doCompiler (Alterer)1
O Son of God, all loves excellingJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)2
O Son of God, we wait for Thee, We long for Thine appearingJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)1
O soul, do not delayJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
O that a thousand tongues I'd treasureJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
O Thou Almighty Lord and GodJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
O Thou, from Whom all goodness flowsCompiler (Alterer)1
Of the Father's heart begottenJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
¡Oh Dios, a ti te elevo mi canción!John Overholt (Author)2
On our way rejoicingCompiler (Alterer)1
Once in a lonely manger [manger lowly], hundreds of years agoJohn J. Overholt (Arranged by)2
Pardon me, O my GodJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)2
Pilgrim, awake! to newborn lifeJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
Pilgrim, seek not yet reposeCompiler (Alterer)2
Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore himJohn J. Overholt (Compositer, Arranger)1
Rejoice! be glad exceedingly (Verheucht nu en weest verblijt)John J. Overholt (Versifier)2
Rise, my soul, to watch and pray, From thy sleep awake thee (Winkworth)Compiler (Alterer)1
Savior, again to Thy dear Name we raiseJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)1
Savior to Thee I come, burdened with sinCompiler (Alterer)1
Say now, ye lovely social bandJohn J. Overholt (Author (stanza 3))1
Shepherd of souls, refresh and blessJohn J. Overholt (Author (stanza 5))1
Stand up, and bless the Lord, your GodJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)2
Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fearsJohn J. Overholt (Author (stanza 5))2
Standing forth on life's rough wayCompiler (Alterer)1
Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stayCompiler (Alterer)1
Sun of Righteousness, arise! Dispel darkness from our eyesJohn J. Overholt (Compositer)4
Teach me to do the thing that pleaseth theeCompiler (Alterer)1
The church of God a kingdom isJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
The duteous day now closethCompiler (Alterer)1
The Father we will ever praiseJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (Overholt)John J. Overholt (Translator)2
The heavens are lowering overcastJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
"The Lord is risen indeed;" And are the tidings true?John J. Overholt (Author (stanza 5))1
The Lord, our God, alone is strongJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want; He makes me down to lie (Rous)Compiler (Alterer)1
The Savior, what a noble flameCompiler (Alterer)1
The church of God believes it rightCompiler (Alterer)1
Thee will I love, my Lord, my GodJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
There are two ways in this, our dayJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
They come from the east and west, they come from the lands afarJohn J. Overholt (Alterer)1
Thou to Whom the sick and dyingCompiler (Alterer)1
Throned upon the awful treeCompiler (Alterer (stanzas 1, 2 & 4))1
Through night and day Thy gloryJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, aloneCompiler (Alterer)1
To our Father, true and kindCompiler (Alterer)1
'Twas on that night, when doomed to knowCompiler (Alterer)1
Unto Thy church, Thy body, LordCompiler (Alterer)2
Wake, awake, for night is flying, The watchmen on the heights are crying (Winkworth)compiler (Alterer)1
We are pilgrims on the earthJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
We now show forth the dying of our LordJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)2
We'll walk in the light, beautiful light, Dwelling in heaven in pure rainment whiteJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
When Christ beheld, in sinful [sin's dark] nightJohn J. Overholt (Author (stanza 3))1
When Christ with His true teaching cameJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
When I behold the risen LordCompiler (Alterer)1
When saints of God in danger stoodCompiler (Alterer (chorus))1
Who Christ will follow now, newbornJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
Who shall the Lord's elect condemn?Compiler (Alterer)1
Wonderful redemption full and freeJohn J. Overholt (Translator)2
Would you win men's souls to GodJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)2
Rise again, ye lion heartedJohn J. Overholt (Recaster)1
Ye must be born againJohn J. Overholt (Author)2
You Christian brothers, together (Ghy Christen broeders te samen)John J. Overholt (Versifier)2
You weary pilgrims roaming hereCompiler (Alterer)1
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