P. P. Bliss

P. P. Bliss
Philip Paul Bliss
Short Name: P. P. Bliss
Full Name: Bliss, P. P. (Philip Paul), 1838-1876
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1876

Philip P. Bliss (b. Clearfield County, PA, 1838; d. Ashtabula, OH, 1876) left home as a young boy to make a living by working on farms and in lumber camps, all while trying to continue his schooling. He was converted at a revival meeting at age twelve. Bliss became an itinerant music teacher, making house calls on horseback during the winter, and during the summer attending the Normal Academy of Music in Genesco, New York. His first song was published in 1864, and in 1868 Dwight L. Moody advised him to become a singing evangelist. For the last two years of his life Bliss traveled with Major D. W. Whittle and led the music at revival meetings in the Midwest and Southern United States. Bliss and Ira D. Sankey published a popular series of hymn collections entitled Gospel Hymns. The first book of the series, Gospel Songs, was published in 1874. Bliss's tragic death at the age of thirty-eight happened near the end of 1876. Philip P. Bliss and his wife were traveling to Chicago to sing for the evangelistic services led by Daniel W. Whittle at Dwight L. Moody's Tabernacle. But a train wreck and fire en route claimed their lives.

Bert Polman
Bliss, Philip, b. at Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, July 9, 1838. In 1864 he went to Chicago in the employ of Dr. George F. Root, the musician, where he was engaged in conducting musical Institutes, and in composing Sunday School melodies. Originally a Methodist, he became, about 1871, a choirman of the First Congregational Church, Chicago, and the Superintendent of its Sunday Schools. In 1874 he joined D. W. Whittle in evangelical work. To this cause he gave (although a poor man) the royalty of his Gospel Songs, which was worth some thirty thousand dollars. His death was sudden. It occurred in the railway disaster at Ashtabula, Ohio, Dec. 30, 1876. ... Some of his verses have obtained wide popularity in most English-speaking countries. The more widely known, and specially those which are found in collections in use in G. Britain, are in the following American works:—

      i. The Prize, 1870.

    1. I should like to die. Death anticipated. This is one of his earliest compositions, and is unworthy of the position it holds.
    2. Through the valley of the shadow I must go. Death anticipated.
    3. Whosoever heareth, shout, shout the sound. Jesus the Way. Written during the winter of 1869-70 after hearing Mr. H. Moorhouse (from England) preach on St. John iii. 16.

      ii. The Charm, 1871.

    4. Almost persuaded now to believe. Procrastination. This was suggested by the following passage in a sermon by the Rev. Mr. Brundnge, Bliss being present at its delivery:—" He who is almost persuaded is almost saved, but to be almost saved is to be entirely lost."
    5. Ho! my comrades! see the signal. Faithfulness.
    6. O! Jerusalem, the golden city, bright, &c. Heaven.
    7. On what Foundation do [did] you build? Christ the Foundation.

      iii. The Song Tree, 1872.

    8. Light in the darkness, sailor, day is at hand. Safety. This hymn, “The Life-Boat," has attained to great popularity. The incident upon which it is based, that of the rescue of a ship's crew by a life-boat, is given in detail by Mr. Sankey in his Sacred Songs, &c, No. 99 (large ed.). It is sometimes known by its refrain, "Pull for the shore," &c.

      iv. The Joy, 1873.

    9. In me ye may have peace. Peace.
    10. To die is gain. Death anticipated.

      v. Sunshine, 1873.

    11. Down life's dark vale we wander. Death anticipated.
    12. More holiness give me. For Holiness.
    13. Only an armour-bearer. Soldiers of the Cross.
    14. Standing by a purpose true. Faithfulness.
    15. This loving Saviour stands patiently. Invitation.

      vi. Gospel Songs, 1874.

    16. A long time I wandered. Peace and Joy.
    17. Brightly beams our Father's mercy. Mercy.
    18. Come, brethren, as we march along. Praise.
    19. Free from the law, O happy condition. Redemption.
    20. Have you on the Lord believed? Fullness of Grace. This hymn arose out of the following circumstances :—" A vast fortune was left in the hands of a minister for one of his poor parishioners. Fearing that it might be sqmandered if suddenly bestowed upon him, the wise minister sent him a little at a time, with a note saying, “This is thine; use it wisely; there is more to follow.” Hence also the refrain ‘More to follow,’ by which the hymn is known."
    21. How much owest thou? Divine Claims.

    22. I know not the hour when my Lord will come. Death anticipated. Suggested by reading the book, The Gates Ajar.
    23. See the gentle Shepherd standing. The Good Shepherd.
    24. Though the way be sometimes dreary. Divine Leading.
    25. Will you meet me at the fountain? Fountain of Living Water. The incident out of which this hymn arose is thus stated in The Christian, No. 365, "At the Industrial Exposition at Chicago it was an everyday appointment to meet at the Central Fountain. Mr. P. P. Bliss, whose mind seemed always set on things above, caught up the words, and wrote this hymn, 'Meet me at the Fountain.'"

      vii. Gospel Hymns, No. 1, 1875.

    26. One offer of salvation. The Name of Jesus.
    27. Wandering afar from the dwellings of men. The Lepers.

      viii. The International Lesson Monthly, 1875.

    28. Weary gleaner, whence comest thou? Duty.
    29. The whole world was lost in the darkness of Sin. Light of the world.
    30. Man of sorrows! what a name. Redemption.
    31. The Spirit, O sinner, in mercy doth move. Holy Spirit.

      ix. Gospel Hymns, No. 2, 1876.

    32. At the feet of Jesus. The good choice.
    33. Come, sing the Gospel's joyful sound. Salvation.
    34. Cut it down, cut it down. Justice and Mercy.
    35. Do you see the Hebrew captive? Prayer.
    36. Hallelujah, He is risen. Easier. Written in the spring of 1876 and first sung by Bliss on Easter afternoon, 1876, in the Court House Square, Augusta, Georgia, to 5900 people.
    37. In Zion's rock abiding. Safety.
    38. Repeat the story o'er and o'er. Grace and Peace.
    39. Tenderly the Shepherd. The Good Shepherd.

      x. Gospel Hymns, No. 3, 1878.

    40. Hear ye the glad good news from heaven. Faith and Salvation.
    41. I will sing of my Redeemer. Praise.

      xi. Gospel Hymns, No. 4, 1881.

    42. 'Tis known on earth and heaven too. More about Jesus.

      xii. Various.

    43. Sing over again to me. Words of Life. This appeared in a paper entitled Words of Life, 1874, The following are undated:—
    44. March to the battle-field. Duty and Victory.
    45. There is sin in the camp. Hinderances.
    46. 'Tis the promise of God. Praise.
    47. While the silvery moon-beams, fall, New Birth.
    48. God is always near me. Omnipresence.

Two hymns," I am so glad that our Father in heaven," and " Sowing the seed by the daylight [dawnlight] fair," (sometimes given as " Sowing our seed in the morning fair ") are usually attributed to Mr. Bliss. In his Gospel Songs, Cincinnati, 1874, however, he lays claim to the music only. Mr. Sankey attributes this last to "E. A. Oakey." With the exception of No. 48, these hymns are given in Mr. Sankey's Sacred Songs & Solos, Pts. i. and ii. Their popularity is far beyond their literary merits, and is mainly due to the simple melodies to which they are wedded. As a writer of hymns of this class Mr. Bliss is second only to Mrs. Van Alstyne. Many anecdotes concerning hymns of this class are given in American Evangelists; an Account of their work in England and America, by the Rev. Elias Nason, Boston, U.S., Lathrop & Co., 1877.
Mr. Bliss is usually known as "P. P. Bliss." This is found on the title-pages of his collections. On his own authority, however, we are enabled to say that his name originally stood thus : “Philipp Bliss.” Early in life he separated the final p from his Christian name, constituted it a capital P, and thus produced "P. P. Bliss." (For this article we are mainly indebted to Professor F. M. Bird, and Mr. H. P. Main.)

-John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Bliss, Philip , p. 151, i. "Sowing the seed by the daylight fair" is in the Family Treasury , Edinburgh, 1861, pt. i., p. 84. It is said to be by Miss Emily Sullivan Oakey; born at Albany, N. York, Oct. 8, 1829, died May 11, 1883. Note also that Bliss's hymn, No. 43. on p. 150, ii., should read, "Sing them over again to me."

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Bliss, P., p. 150, i. Two works have been brought to our notice, since the issue of our first edition of this Dictionary, which concern this author, viz.:—
1. Memoirs of Philip P. Bliss. Edited by D. W. Whittle. Contributions by Rev. E. P. Goodwin, Ira D. Sankey, and Geo. F. Root. Introduction by D. L. Moody. New York, &c.: A. S. Barnes & Co., 1877.
2. My Life and Sacred Songs. By Ira D. Sankey. With an Introduction by Theodore L. Cuyler, D.D). London: Hodder & Stoughton, and Morgan & Scott, 1906.
These works have a special interest for those who use I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs & Solos, and all of P. Bliss's publications. To Mr. Sankey's My Life, &c, we direct special attention for P. Bliss's hymns:—
“Do you see the Hebrew captive kneeling?" p. 294.
"Down life's dark vale we wander." p. 285.
"Ho! my comrades, see the signal." p. 105.
"'Tis the promise of God full salvation to give." p. 99.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by P. P. Bliss (321)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
ضل الورى في ظلمات الخطاP. P. Bliss (Author)Arabic1
هلا أتيت إلى المسيحP. P. Bliss (Author)Arabic1
إنهضوا يا مؤمنوناP. P. Bliss (Author)Arabic1
إن خصم النفس يشهرP. P. Bliss (Author)Arabic1
إن رب المجد راعي الكريمP. P. Bliss (Author)Arabic1
لاسم فادي أغنيP. P. Bliss (Author)Arabic1
你曾覺得父愛心 ? (Nǐ céng juédé fù àixīn?)Philip P. Bliss (Author)Chinese2
شخص أوجاع حقيرP. P. Bliss (Author)Arabic1
神的兒子從天至,(Shén de érzi cóng tiān zhì,)Philip P. Bliss (Author)Chinese2
主!使我更愛你 (Zhǔ! Shǐ wǒ gèng ài nǐ)Philip P. Bliss (Author)Chinese2
A long time I wandered in darkness and sinP. P. Bliss (Author)6
A song bursts from the starryPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Ah! donne à notre âmeP. P. Bliss (Author)French2
Al verden fortabt var i moerke og moedPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
"Almost persuaded" now to believe; "Almost persuaded" Christ to receiveP. P. B. (Author)English659
Almost persuaded now to believe, Christ receiveP. P. Bliss (Author)1
"Ane e huli" a lele pauPhilip P. Bliss, 1838-1876 (Author)Hawaiian3
Another week is past, anotherPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Arise, go over Jordan, the voice of grace obeyPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Arise, go over Jordayn the voice of grace obeyPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Ask, and it shall be given theePhilip P. Bliss (Author)4
Ask, and it shall be given youPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
At the feet of Jesus, Listening to his wordPhilip P. Bliss, 1838-1877 (Author)11
Be near, O God, to meP. P. Bliss (Author)4
Behold the love of God, wondrousPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
Beinah' entschlossen, Jesu zu trau'nP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Between me and my SaviorP. P. Bliss (Author)3
Bin nur ein Waffenträger für meinen HerrnP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Blessed words of Jesus we havePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Brüder, seht die BundesfahneP. P. Bliss (Author)German2
Brightly beams our Father's mercyP. P. B. (Author)English489
By the wayside, near the cityPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
By their fruits ye shall knowPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
¡Camaradas! en los cielosP. P. Bliss (Author)Spanish1
Cantaré a Jesucristo, De su grande y fiel amorPhilip P. Bliss (Author)Spanish2
Charms in choral numbersPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Come brethren, as we march alongPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
Come sing the gospel's joyful soundPhilip P. Bliss (Author)12
Constrained by love of Christ, I singP. P. Bliss (Author)3
¡Cuánto me alegra que nuestro SeñorPhilip P. Bliss. 1838-1876 (Author)Spanish4
Cut it down, cut it downP. P. B. (Author)English4
Dare to be a Daniel, Dare to stand aloneP. P. B. (Author)2
Dare to be a MosesPhilip P. Bliss (Author (st. 3))2
Day by day we saw her fallingPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Daytoy lubong nacudrepan ti basolP. P. B. (Author)Tagalog2
¡De la Ley libre! ¡Dicha indecible!Philip P. Bliss (Author)Spanish1
Dem heiligen Geiste, der gnädig dich straftPhilip P. Bliss (Author)German3
Den kj're Frelser, Paa Taalmod rigPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Do you see the Hebrew captive kneelingP. P. B. (Author)English10
Down life's dark vale we wanderPhilip P. Bliss (Author)40
Earnestly the ruler on the Lord did callPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Een Frelse blot, som bydesPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Efa akaiky Jeso TompoP. P. Bliss (Author)Malagasy2
Efa tonga aty izaoP. P. Bliss (Author)Malagasy2
Einst lagen die Menschen in Dunkel gehülltPhilip P. Bliss (Author)German6
El mundo perdido en pecado se vioPhilip P. Bliss (Author)Spanish6
El varón de gran dolorP. P. Bliss (Author)Spanish6
Es promesa de Dios a los fieles salvarP. P. Bliss (Author)Spanish3
Eternity, where, it floats in the airP. P. B. (Alterer)1
Evigt strålar faderns kärlekP. P. B. (Author)Swedish2
Up and away, like the dew of the morningPhilip P. Bliss (Author)10
Fad'rens Naade herligt straalerPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Far, far away from my loving FatherPhilip P. Bliss (Author)English14
Fast überredet, Christo zu nah'nP. P. Bliss (Author)German7
Fast ueberredet, kr'ftiges WortPhilip P. Bliss (Author)6
Fel, barátim, drága Jézus Zászlaja alatt!Philip P. Bliss (Author)Hungarian2
Fortæl den sandhed om igjenP. P. Bliss (Author)Norwegian2
Free from the law, O happy conditionPhilip P. Bliss (Author)English93
Frei vom Gesetz, o glückliches LebenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)German5
Frei vom Gesetz, O seliges LebenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
Frei vom Gesetz, o teuere GnadeP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Frei von dem Fluch spricht Jesus mich ArmenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Frigjort fra Loven, Frelse er fundenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
From the Mount of Olives descendingPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
Gar lange Zeit ging ich verblendet einherPhilip P. Bliss (Author)German1
Gjennem Dalen, fuld af SkyggerPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Gjentag det Budskab ofte retPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Glaubest du an Gott den Herrn?Philip P. Bliss (Author)German2
God is always near me, Hearing what I sayPhilip P. Bliss (Author)English34
God of wisdom, hear my cryPhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
Good cheer, good cheer, For a happy New YearPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
Gott verheisst dir im Worte ein völliges HeilP. P. Bliss (Author)German4
Gottessohn, der SchmerzensmannPhilip P. Bliss (Author)4
Gozo la santa Palabra al leerP. P. B. (Author)Spanish5
Gozo me da la Palabra leerPhilip P. Bliss (Author)Spanish2
Gud har lovet at givePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Guds Aand vil nu, SynderPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
哈利路亞,“祂已復活!”基督已經高天升 (Hā lì lù yà,“tā yǐ fùhuó!” Jīdū yǐjīng gāotiānshēng)Philip P. Bliss (Author)Chinese2
Håll dig fast vid ordets grundPhilip P. Bliss (Author)Swedish2
Hail, happy morning, hail holy dayPhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
Hallelujah, he is risen. Jesus is gone up on highP. P. B. (Author)5
Hand and foot are wearyP. P. Bliss (Author)2
Hark, I hear the captain callingPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Hark, on the shore of Immanuel's landPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Hark, the alarm, the clang of the bellsPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
Hast du dich dem Herrn geweihtP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Hat dir Gott die Schuld verzieh'n?P. P. Bliss (Author)German2
Have you on the Lord believed?Philipp Bliss (Author)English20
He was there alone, when even had round the earthP.P. Bliss (Author)1
Hear the blessed Savior say, Follow mePhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
Hear the gospel invitation, Come, come and seePhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
Hear the music of the rain falling downPhilip P. Bliss (Author)6
Hear the words our Savior hath spokenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)14
Hear ye the glad good news from heavenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)English6
Help me to sing, Savior and kingPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Herrlich strahlt des Vaters GnadeP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Ho, come, welcome yePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Ho, my comrades! see the signal, Waving in the sky!Philip P. Bliss (Author)English122
Homem de tristeza e dorPhilip P. Bliss (Composer)Portuguese2
Honra al hombre de valor, Pronto a obedecerPhilip P. Bliss (Author)Spanish2
How much owest thou? How much owest thou?P. P. Bliss (Author)4
Hvar och en som hor [vill], o ljufliga ordPhilip P. Bliss (Author)6
Hvo, som teerster, raabe, Vand er nu herPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
I am so glad that Jesus loves meP. P. B. (Author)2
I am so glad that our Father in HeavenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)English340
I do believe that Jesus diedPhilip P. Bliss (Author)4
I know not the hour when my Lord will comePhilip P. Bliss (Author)26
I know not what awaits me, God kindly veils mine eyesP. P. B. (Arranger)English4
I may not know all the melodiesPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
I should like to die, said WilliePhilip P. Bliss (Author)English11
I ungdomsaar, i sorgloes dagPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
I walked through the woodland meadowsP. B. (Author)1
I will sing of my Redeemer And his wondrous love for mePhilip P. Bliss (Author)English273
Ĉiam obeantaj al la Di-komand'P. P. Bliss (Author)Esperanto2
Ich bin so froh, dass der Herr, der mich liebtPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Ich bin so froh, dass der Vater im LichtP. P. Bliss (Author)German4
Ich bin so froh für den Trost, den Gott giebtPhilip P. Bliss (Author)German6
Ich weiss nicht die Stunde, wenn Jesus erscheintPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Ich weiß nicht, wann Christus, mein König, erscheintPhilip P. Bliss (Author)German1
Ich will von meinem Jesus singenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)German6
I'm a little soldier boyPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Im Dunkel der Sünde lag einstens die WeltP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Im Erdenthal wir wandern, Bis Jesus kommtPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
I'm thinking what a pleasant thingPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
In me ye may have peacePhilip P. Bliss (Author)4
In Tausend von Herzen ist List und BetrugP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
In the garden boldlyP. P. Bliss (Author)English3
In Zion's rock abidingPhilip P. Bliss (Author)8
Is it safePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
It was midnight in the valleyPhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
Ĉiu ajn bonvenaPhilip Paul Bliss (Author)Esperanto2
I've heard the good news in the gospelPhilip P. Bliss (Author)4
“幾乎要聽勸,”棄絕罪途 (“Jīhū yào tīng quàn,” qì jué zuì tú)P. P. Bliss (Author)Chinese2
Jag är så glad, att mig Gud håller kärP. P. B. (Author)Swedish3
Jesus liebt mich und ich weiß, ich lieb' IhnP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Jesus loves me, I'm his childP. P. Bliss (Author)5
Jesus, Savior, to thy sidePhilip P. Bliss (Author)English7
Justice. Cut it down, cut it downPhilip P. Bliss, 1838-1876 (Author)English2
Kampfgenossen, seht das ZeichenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Kom syng det glade Budeskabs LydPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Kommt, singt des Evangeliums SchallPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Ku'u pule no keiaPhilip P. Bliss, 1838-1876 (Author)Hawaiian3
La merced de nuestro PadreP. P. B. (Author)Spanish3
La nuit aura bient(t disparuPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Lang' irrt' ich im Dunkel der Sünder umherP. P. Bliss (Author)German2
Lasset uns, wie Daniel in der FremdeP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Lavt ved Jesu FoedderPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Leuchtend strahlt des Vaters GnadePhilipp Bliss, 1838-1876 (Author)German2
Levantado fue JesúsPhilip P. Bliss (Author)Spanish3
Libres estamos, Dios nos absuelvePhillip P. Bliss, 1838-1876 (Author)Spanish4
Licht strahlt durch's Dunkel, SchifferPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Lichthell strahlt des ew'gen GnadePhilip P. Bliss (Author)German4
Lichthell strahlt des Meister's GnadeP. P. Bliss (Author)German2
Light in the darkness sailor, day is at hand!P. P. Bliss (Author)English22
Little eyes, looking wisePhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
Little red bird in the treePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Lobe, Seele, den ErlöserP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Look not thou upon the winePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Look to Jesus weary one, Look and live, look and livePhilip P. Bliss (Author)English7
Look unto me and be ye saved, I heard the Just One sayP. P. Bliss (Author)4
Lysglimt i moerket, brodre, frygt nu ej merPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Más santidad damePhilip P. Bliss, 1838-1876 (Author)Spanish7
"Man of sorrows," what a nameP. P. B. (Author)English283
March to the battlefieldP. P. Bliss (Author)English9
Massa Jesus, in the valleyPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Mba omeo ahyP. P. Bliss (Author)Malagasy2
Mehr Frömmigkeit gieb mirP. P. Bliss (Author)German5
Mehr Heiligung gieb mirP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Mele au no ku'u HoolaPhilip P. Bliss (Author)Hawaiian3
"Mensch der Schmerzen," welch ein Nam'P. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Mer Helighed giv migPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Mer helighet gif migPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Merry, merry Christmas, Merry, merry ChristmasPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
More holiness give meP. P. Bliss (Author)English123
Mourn, yes mourn, But not for her at restPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Mut, ihr Brueder, Schaut die Zelchen auf der BergePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
My fears arise, and clouds obscure my wayPhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
My Refuge strong when threatenedPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
My Savior, how I long to be at home with theeP. P. Bliss (Author)1
Næsten bevægetP. P. Bliss (Author)Norwegian2
Naught to charges falsePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Near the healing pool, BethesdaPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
Night had fallen on the cityP. P. Bliss (Author)9
Nästan en kristenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)Swedish3
N'sten en Kristen, godt er Guds ordPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Nu er min trældom endt, Jesus er min!P. P. Bliss (Author)Norwegian2
O nur als Wassentr'ger stehe ich hier, WartendPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
O the day of life is closing and its sun is sinking lowPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Oemt den gode HyrdePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
¡Oh, cantádmelas otra vez!Philip P. Bliss (Author)Spanish14
O how happy are we who in Jesus agreeP. P. B. (Author)2
O Jerusalem the golden, city bright and fairP. P. Bliss (Author)4
O render thanks to God aboveP. P. B. (Author)English1
¡Oh soldados! en los cielosP. P. Bliss (Author)Spanish3
O the best friend to have is JesusP. P. B. (Author)1
Oli no au i ka Haku IesuP. P. Bliss (Author)Hawaiian2
Oli no au i ka Haku IesuPhilip P. Bliss, 1838-1876 (Author)Hawaiian2
On what foundation do you buildPhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
Once more with mournful stepPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
One offer of salvationPhilip P. Bliss (Author)English9
Only a few more yearsP. P. B. (Author)10
Only a little child, Pause notPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Only an armor-bearer, proudly I standP. P. Bliss (Author)16
Op nu Stridsm'nd, se SignaletPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Over the river of death, into the silent landPhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
Over yonder, over yonderPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Pagayayatco mañgeganP. P. B. (Author)Tagalog2
Prächtig strahlt des Meisters GnadeP. P. Bliss (Author)German9
Press forward, press forward, Press forward to the prizeP. P. Bliss (Author)English4
Repeat the story o'er and o'erP. P. Bliss (Author)50
Right welcome, friends, and herePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
RTpTtez-les moi tous les joursPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Saa tryg paa Zions KlippePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
¿Sabes dónde hay una fuenteP. P. Bliss (Author)Spanish2
Sailor though the darkness gathersPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
Schalle wieder im höhern ChorP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
See the gentle Shepherd standingPhilip P. Bliss (Author)14
Seht ihr nicht die Banner glänzenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)German3
Seht, wie Jesu GnadenfeuerPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
Ser du Daniel, som faller nederPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Ser du hast hin Hebr''r Fange kn'lePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Sieh' wie einst im fremden LandPhilip P. Bliss (Author)German6
Siehst du den Gesang'nen betend knieenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Sing, my soul, from bondage freePhilip P. Bliss (Author)6
Sing them over again to me, Wonderful words of lifePhilip P. Bliss (Author)English516
Singe mir es noch einmal vorP. P. Bliss (Author)German4
Singe sie wiederholend mirPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Sinoman a macañgeg timecnaP. P. B. (Author)Tagalog2
Sjung, o sjung dem igen foer migPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Skulden 'r g'ldad, segren 'r vunnenPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Smertens Mand, Hvad Navn at naaPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Sometimes our work seems wastedPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Somewhere, says a mother, my darling is dwellingP. P. Bliss (Author)2
Sowing the seed by the daylight fairP. P. Bliss (Author)English3
Spirit divine, Spirit divine, Be thou the day starP. P. Bliss (Author)4
Stand still, and trust his mightP. P. Bliss (Author)1
Standing by a purpose trueP. P. B. (Author)English117
Store løfter Gud har givetP. P. Bliss (Author)Norwegian2
Streiter, schart euch um das BannerP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Syng dem atter igjen for migPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
¿Te sientes casi resuelto ya?Philip Paul Bliss, 1838-1876 (Author)Spanish7
Tenderly the Shepherd, o'er the mountains coldP. P. B. (Author)21
The fields are white, 'tis harvest timePhilip P. Bliss (Author)7
The loving Savior stands patientlyPhilip P. Bliss (Author)1
The Sabbath day--sweet day of rest--Philip P. Bliss, 1838-1876 (Author)English2
The Spirit O sinner in mercy doth movePhilip P. Bliss (Author)10
The temperance ship is sailingPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
The whole world was lost in the darkness of sinPhilip P. Bliss (Author)English162
There are angels hovering roundPhilip P. Bliss (Author)1
There comes to my heart one sweet strainP. P. B. (Author)English1
There is a love, true lovePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
There is love, true love, and heartsPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
There is love, true love, and the heart growsPhilip P. Bliss (Author)6
There is sin in the camp, there is treason todayPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
There's sin in the camp, there is treason todayP. P. Bliss (Author)4
Thine, Jesus, thine, No more this heart of minePhilip Paul Bliss (Author)1
This loving Savior Stands patientlyPhilip P. Bliss (Author)17
Though the way be sometimes drearyP. P. Bliss (Author)4
Though the way seems lonePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Through the crowded streets of JerichoPhilip P. Bliss (Author)9
Through the valley of the shadow I must goP. P. B. (Author)13
Ti ayat ti Dios agraniagP. P. B. (Author)Tagalog2
Ti meand, spedalske, langt borte staa derPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
'Tis a rule in the landPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
'Tis known on earth and heaven tooP. P. Bliss (Author)English16
'Tis the promise of God, full salvation to giveP. P. Bliss (Author)English121
'Tis winter, and ye by your firePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
"To die is gain"P. P. B. (Author)English2
Todo aquel que oye vaya a proclamarPhilip P. Bliss (Author)Spanish3
Treff' ich dich wohl bei der QuelleP. P. Bliss (Author)German1
Ua puni ke ao i ka pouli eP. P. Bliss (Author)Hawaiian3
Ueber Felsenpfade eitl der guter HirtP. P. Bliss (Author)German3
Ven, alma que llorasP. P. Bliss (Author)Spanish1
Ved et godt Forf't fast staaPhilip P. Bliss (Author)1
Vi gaa i Oerknens TaagePhilip P. Bliss (Author)1
Vi stemmer i en frydesangP. P. B. (Author)Norwegian2
Victory, victory, hear the angelPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Vil du møde mig hos JesusP. P. Bliss (Author)Norwegian1
Vill du möta mig hos JesusP. P. Bliss (Author)Swedish1
Von meinem Jesu will ich singenP. P. Bliss (Author)German3
Voyez l'Ttendard cTlestePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Wait in Jerusalem togetherPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Wandering afar from the dwellings of menPhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
We are marching onward, In our calling highPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
We are marching to Canaan (Bliss)Philip P. Bliss (Author)2
We love him though his friendly handPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Weary gleaner, whence comest thouP. P. Bliss (Author)13
Welcome, sweet sunshine, thy brightPhilip Paul Bliss (Author)3
Welcome, welcome, welcome, Messengers of loveP. P. Bliss (Author)2
Wer da will, der kommeP. P. Bliss (Author)German3
Wer nur immer hoert den Ruf unsers HerrnPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
We're going home, no more to roamP. P. Bliss (Author)1
What did the angel to the shepherdsPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
What do the beautiful roses sayPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
What sound is this? a song to heaven resoundingP. P. Bliss (Author)1
What wilt thou have me to do, dear LordPhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
When my weary hands are foldedPhilip P. Bliss, 1838-1876 (Author)4
When on the cross the Savior died, Then He remembered meP. P. Bliss (Author)2
When peace, like a river, attendeth my wayPhilip Paul Bliss (Author)English2
When the chosen race forsookPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Where is now our loved onePhilip P. Bliss (Author)4
While the silvery moonbeams fallPhilip P. Bliss (Author)3
"Whosoever heareth" shout, shout the sound!Philip P. Bliss, 1838-1876 (Author)English265
Why should I wait, I cannot fleePhilip P. Bliss (Author)6
Will you meet me at the fountain When I reach the glory-landPhilip Paul Bliss (Author)English4
Work for the master workPhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
Work for your Master, work while you mayPhilip P. Bliss (Author)5
Yes, Jesus loves mePhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Yo cantaré de mi JesucristoPhilip P. Bliss (Author)Spanish2
Zu den Füssen Jesu, sass Maria gernPhilip P. Bliss (Author)2
Zu des Heilands Füßen, horchend auf sein WortPhilip P. Bliss (Author)German1

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