Frances Elizabeth Cox

Short Name: Frances Elizabeth Cox
Full Name: Cox, Frances Elizabeth, 1812-1897
Birth Year: 1812
Death Year: 1897

Cox, Frances Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. George V. Cox, born at Oxford, is well known as a successful translator of hymns from the German. Her translations were published as Sacred Hymns from the German, London, Pickering. The 1st edition, pub. 1841, contained 49 translations printed with the original text, together with biographical notes on the German authors. In the 2nd edition, 1864, Hymns from the German, London, Rivingtons, the translations were increased to 56, those of 1841 being revised, and with additional notes. The 56 translations were composed of 27 from the 1st ed. (22 being omitted) and 29 which were new. The best known of her translations are "Jesus lives! no longer [thy terrors] now" ; and ”Who are these like stars appearing ?" A few other translations and original hymns have been contributed by Miss Cox to the magazines; but they have not been gathered together into a volume.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Frances Elizabeth Cox (61)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
لست يا قبر بشيFrances E. Cox (Author)Arabic1
സ്വർഗ്ഗ സിംഹാസന മുൻ നിൽക്കും (Svargga sinhāsana mun nilkkuṁ)Frances E. Cox (Translator (English))Malayalam2
A new heart, Lord, create in meFrances Elizabeth Cox, 1812-97 (Translator)2
A thousand years have fleetedFrances E. Cox (Author)2
All glory, worship, thanks, and praiseFrances E. Cox (Author)2
At length released from many woesFrances E. Cox (Author)English4
Blessed Lord, thy servants seeFrances E. Cox (Author)1
Cast every idol from its throneFrances Cox (Translator)English2
Come, enter thine own portalFrances Elizabeth Cox (Translator)English2
Come! tune your heart, to bear its partFrances E. Cox (Translator (from German))English2
¡Cristo vive! ya no másFrances E. Cox, 1812-1897 (Tr. ingl.)Spanish1
Earth has nothing sweet or fairF. E. Cox (Translator)English60
En animsufero, meze de dolor'Frances Elizabeth Cox (Translator (into English))Esperanto6
Eternal King! in power and love excellingF. E. Cox (Translator)2
Eternity, Eternity, How long art thou, eternity! Yet onward still we speed to theeCoxe (Author)6
God liveth still [ever]! Soul, despair not, fear no ill!Frances E. Cox (Author)English4
God liveth still, Trust my soulFrances Elizabeth Cox (Translator)English2
God will never leave theeFrances Elizabeth Cox (Author)2
Heaven and earth and sea and air, God's eternal praise declareCox (Author)English6
Heavenward our pathway tendsFrances E. Cox (Author)English1
Heavenward still our pathway tendsFrances E. Cox (Author)English15
Heaven and earth, and sea and air, All their Maker's praise declareFrances Elizabeth Cox (Translator)English2
How lovely now the morning starF. E. Cox (Translator)English9
I know that the LORD is greatFrances E. Cox (Translator (refrain))English2
I sing to thee with voice and heartF. E. Cox (Translator)English2
Jesus lives, henceforth is deathFrances Elizabeth Cox (Author)2
Jesus lives! thy terrors nowFrances E. Cox (Translator)English204
Jesus ni! Wicoŋṭe kiŋFrances E. Cox (Translator)Dakota1
Lo, God to heav'n ascendethFrances E. Cox (Author)English13
Love, who in the first beginningFrances E. Cox (Author)3
My God, I now appear before theeFrances Elizabeth Cox (Author)1
Now rest beneath night's shadow The woodland, field and meadowFrances Elizabeth Cox (Translator (stanza 1))English1
Now that the sun's last beamFrances Elizabeth Cox (Author)2
O Holy Ghost thy heavenly dewFrances E. Cox (Author)4
O let him whose sorrowFrances Elizabeth Cox, 1812-1897 (Translator)English53
One thing first and only knowingFrances E. Cox (Author)1
One thing's needful; Lord, this treasureFrances E. Cox, 1812-97 (Translator)English7
One thing's needful, then, Lord JesusFrances E. Cox (Author)English13
Our blessed Savior sev'n times spokeFrances E. Cox (Translator (from German))English4
Quiénes son los que ceñidosF. E. Cox (Tr. ingl.)Spanish4
Raise high the notes of exultationFrances Cox (Translator)English6
Sing praise to God who reigns aboveFrances E. Cox, 1812-1897 (Translator)English149
Sleepers, wake! the watch-cry pealethFrances Elizabeth Cox, 1812-1897 (Translator)English3
സ്തോത്രം പാടിൻ ദൈവത്തിനു താൻ വാഴുന്നു സൃ-ഷ്ടിമേൽ (Stēātraṁ pāṭin daivattinu tān vāḻunnu sr̥-ṣṭimēl)Frances Elizabeth Cox (Translator (English))Malayalam2
Sunk is the sun's last beam of lightFrances Elizabeth Cox (Translator)English9
The wondering sages trace from farFrances E. Cox (Author)2
Therefore, now, a last good nightFrances Elizabeth Cox (Translator)1
Wake! the welcome day appearethFrances E. Cox (Author)English12
We come, our hearts with gladness glowingFrances E. Cox (Author)4
We come unto our fathers' GodFrances E. Cox (Author)English1
We sing to Thee, ImmanuelFrances E. Cox (Translator)English2
Thee, O Immanuel, we praiseFrances E. Cox (Author)English1
What God hath done, is done arightFrances Elizabeth Cox (Translator)English2
What laws, my blessed Savior hast Thou brokenFrances E. Cox (Author)English9
When afflictions sore oppress youFrances Elizabeth Cox (Translator)English2
Where the mourner, weepingFrances E. Cox (Author)English9
Who are these in dazzling brightnessFrances E. Cox (Author)English1
Who are these like stars appearingFrances E. Cox (Author)English94
Wilt Thou not, my Shepherd trueFrances Elizabeth Cox (Translator)English3
Wisdom's highest, noblest treasureFrances Elizabeth Cox (Translator)English3
Word by God the Father sentFrances Elizabeth Cox (Translator)English1
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