Mrs. C. H. Morris

Mrs. C. H. Morris
Short Name: Mrs. C. H. Morris
Full Name: Morris, C. H., Mrs. 1862-1929
Birth Year: 1862
Death Year: 1929

Lelia (Mrs. C.H.) Morris (1862-1929) was born in Pennsville, Morgan County, Ohio. When her family moved to Malta on the Muskingum River she and her sister and mother had a millinery shop in McConnelsville. She and her husband Charles H. Morris were active in the Methodist Episcopal Church and at the camp meetings in Sebring and Mt. Vernon. She wrote hymns as she did her housework. Although she became blind at age 52 she continued to write hymns on a 28-foot long blackboard that her family had built for her. She is said to have written 1000 texts and many tunes including "Sweeter as the years go by."

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Lelia Naylor Morris (April 15, 1862 – July 23, 1929) was an American Methodist hymnwriter. Some sources give her first name as Leila, but her obituary, grave marker, and other sources give her name as Lelia. She is sometimes known as Mrs. Charles H. Morris, as (Mrs.) C. H. Morris, or as (Mrs.) C. H. M., having adopted her husband's forenames upon marriage after the custom of the time.

Texts by Mrs. C. H. Morris (611)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
أروم قربا منك يسوعMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Arabic1
هل أتعبتك أثقال الآثامMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Arabic1
حب يسوع الفادي رد أثيما تاهMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Arabic1
ما أعظم الحب الذيMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Arabic1
你是否已長久渴慕得著主豐滿福分 (Nǐ shìfǒu yǐ chángjiǔ kěmù dézháo zhǔ fēngmǎn fú fen)Lelia N. Morris (Author)Chinese2
頑梗我心已終於屈服 (Wángěng wǒ xīn yǐ zhōngyú qūfú)Lelia N. Morris (Author)Chinese2
我主因愛尋找我,當我罪中迷困 (Wǒ zhǔyīn ài xúnzhǎo wǒ, dāng wǒ zuì zhōng mí kùn)Lelia N. Morris (Author)Chinese2
¡A combatir! resuena la guerrera vozLelia N. Morris (Author)Spanish2
A hymn of humble, heartfelt thanksMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
A leper, I knelt at the feet of my LordMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
A miracle of saving graceMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English10
A present and perfect salvation I haveLelia N. Morris (Author)English13
A tidal wave is drawing nearMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
A vessel was out on life's pitilessLelia N. Morris (Author)2
A weary footsore prodigalLelia N. Morris (Author)2
A wonderful change has come into my lifeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
A wonderful treasure of value untoldMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
A wondrous mine of hidden wealthMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Ah who knows but the seed you are sowingC. H. M. (Author)2
All glory to Jesus the Crucified OneMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
All I have is on the altarLelia N. Morris (Author)2
All my life by sin was blighted, peace and harmony had fledMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
All the world for Jesus, this our battle cryC. H. M. (Author)English3
All things whatsoever your heart shall desireMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Am I a soldier of the crossMrs. C. H. M. (Author, 2nd verse and chorus)English9
Ambassadors for Christ the Lord are weLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Ambassadors for Jesus here, and ransomed by His bloodMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Ambassadors today are we, for Christ, our LordLelia N. Morris (Author)3
Another Sabbath day is givenMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Are you bowed beneath a weight of condemnationMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Are you longing for the fullness of the blessing of the LordLelia N. Morris (Author)English26
Are you longing for the Pentecostal blessingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Are you looking for the fulness of the blessing of the LordMrs C. H. Morris (Author)English1
Are you weary, heavy laden, as you wander on in sin?Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English6
Arouse, ye Christian soldiers, equip ye for the fightLelia N. Morris (Author)English5
As a sheltering rock in a desert landMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
As days and years are flying pastMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
As the brazen serpent in the wildernessMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
As the first disciples waitedMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
"As thy day thy strength shall be" Promise sweet for you and meMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
"At an hour that ye think not" the Master will comeLelia Naylor Morris (Author)English3
At any cost to selfMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Be filled with the Spirit, O have ye not heard itMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English4
Be not dismayed, keep on prayingLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Be ye not discouraged, children of the KingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Behold one day a wondrous sceneLelia N. Morris (Author)English13
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be savedLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Bethlehem, Calvary, Olivet, tellLelia N. Morris (Author)1
Bless the Lord! bless the Lord! all his children belowMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Blest are the hungry, for they shall be filledLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Blest book of books, holy word of our GodMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Blest book of truth, we thy beauties beholdLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Blest revelation, wondrous salvationC. H. Morris (Author)English4
Bliżej, o bliżej wznieṡ mnie i tulMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Polish2
Bread of life for sinners brokenLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Bring to Jesus allLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Brother have you freedom in the Holy GhostMrs. C. H. M. (Author)1
Brother, keep straight on in the Christian's raceMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English4
By grace alone, by grace aloneMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
By sin's condemnation my heart was oppressedLelia N. Morris (Author)English6
By the cross of our blessed Lord JesusMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
"Called in to holiness," Church of our GodMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English34
Can I forget, can I forgetMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)7
Cerca, más cerca, Cristo, de tiMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Spanish2
Cerca, más cerca, oh Díos, de TiMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Spanish13
Children, seek the Savior earlyLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Christ called to the fishermen down by the seaMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Christ the great and loving ShepherdMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Christ the King commands and we must obeyMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Christ within, the hope of gloryMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Christian soldiers, go proclaimMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
Christian, tell the gosel storyMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Christian warrior, sing the victory songMrs. C. H. M. (Author)7
Christless millions, catch the visionMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Clouds of mercy hanging o'er usMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Come back to Jesus, all ye who have wanderedLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Come, brother, come away, why will you longer strayLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Come, burdened one, to Jesus Christ with all your guiltLelia N. Morris (Author)English6
Come, humbly to the Father's throneMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Come just as you are to the Savior of menLelia N. Morris (Author)3
Come, sinners, to the gospel feast, Let every soul be Jesus' guestL. N. M. (Author (Chorus))English1
Come to the feast which the King hath spreadLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Come to the Savior, come to the Savior, Ye who are weary, sin sick and loneMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English4
Come, ye burdened sons and daughtersMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
Come, ye that labor and are heavy ladenMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Commissioned by the Lord are weLelia N. Morris (Author)English18
Communing with Jesus, O fellowship sweetMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Conquerors and overcomers now are weC. H. Morris (Author)English23
Cristo busca limpios corazonesMrs. C. H. M. (Author)Spanish1
Crowned and crowded with God's blessings has my pathway beenMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Dare to trust in your Savior, LordMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
Дэлхийн бүх үндэстэн нэг цуст Бурханы бүтээл (Delkhiin bükh ündesten neg tsust Burkhany büteel)Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Mongolian2
Del santo amor de Cristo que no tendrá igualLelia N. Morris (Author)Spanish9
Dios de tal manera al mundo amóMrs. C. H. M. (Author)Spanish2
Dios no nos deja huérfanosMrs. C. H. Morris, Siglo 20 (Author)Spanish1
Do burdens oppress youMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Do the clouds of doubt hang lowMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Do the threatening shadows cross your pathway fall?Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English4
Do we live so close to Lord todayLelia N. Morris (Author)English17
Do you often weary and discouraged grow?Mrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
Do you see the Savior standingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
Do you seek a land where there comes no nightMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English16
Draw me, O Lord, to that great heart of ThineC. H. M. (Author)English3
Earth is awaking, morning is breakingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Earth's teeming millions wait todayMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Ein Gnadenwunder seiner Huld hatC. H. M. (Author)German2
En consagración sinceraMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Spanish2
Enviados somos del SeñorMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Spanish2
Everything under the bloodMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
彷彿當年在加利利海濱,眼望面前波光鱗鱗;(Fǎngfú dāngnián zài jiā lì lì hǎibīn, yǎn wàng miànqián bōguāng lín lín;)Lelia N. Morris (Author)Chinese2
Far in forbidden paths of sinLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Father, I am weary and sick with sinC. R. Morris (Author)6
Father, I belong to theeMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Father, Thou art willing to bestowLelia N. Morris (Author)English4
Fields with harvest bending wait our hands todayLelia N. Morris (Author)9
Fill up the ranks for JesusMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Find something to do for the SaviorMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Fitted for service, I would ever beLelia N. Morris (Author)English3
For a fresh anointing, Lord, for serviceMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English8
For a fruitful life in the field so wideLelia N. Morris (Author)2
For a Holy Ghost revival, blessed Lord, we prayMrs. C. H. M. (Author)11
For a world wide revivalLelia N. Morris (Author)English13
For an uttermost salvationMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
For God so loved this sinful world, His Son He freely gaveC.H.M. (Author)English53
For Jesus' glory, I'll tell the storyMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
For power to save the lost in sinMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
For sinners lost and doomed to dieMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
From perishing souls in the darkness of nightMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
From wandering in the wildernessMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English6
Fully surrendered, Lord divineMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English15
Fully surrendered to Jesus the LordMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
Gathered here with one accordMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Give all you have to JesusMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Give your heart to Jesus (Morris)Mrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Go and labor today, 'tis the Master's commandMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)4
Go forth to the conflict, O ChristianMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
Go in the strength of the Master, Go, 'twas his parting commandMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English5
Go, look away to CalvaryC. H. M. (Author)English5
Go up to the mountainMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
God has a plan for every lifeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
God will take care of me, this promise trueMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
God's great invitation, His blest "whosoever"Mrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
God's wonderful grace is the theme of my songMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
God's wonderful love is the theme of my songMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Great is my need of TheeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English4
Hallelujah for the blood, for the sin-cleansing fountainLelia N. Morris (Author)English21
Hallelujah, I'm saved, all my sins blotted outLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Hark! the glad song rings, for the King of kingsMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Hark to the promise, "ye shall be conquerors"Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Has a voice in thy heart often whisperedMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Has the time been long since in agonyC. H. M. (Author)5
Hasten to tell the blessed gospel storyMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Have thy way in me, O MasterMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Have you been alone with Jesus In the secret placeLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Have you given your heart to JesusMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Have you heard the joyful news from across the rolling sea?Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
Have you heard the marching ordersMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)8
Have you heard the old, old storyC. H. M. (Author)2
Have you heard the wondrous story ringing down along the yearsMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Have you learned the blessed secretLelia N. Morris (Author)7
Have you not heard the onward marching of the mighty King of kingsMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
Have you, O friend, this secret learnedMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
Have you the Pentecost fully receivedMrs. C. H. M. (Author)5
Have you told anyone about Jesus The Redeemer and SaviorLelia N. Morris (Author)2
He came to save sinners, the dear Son of GodMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
He comes, he comes, lo, Jesus comes, the promised King of gloryLelia N. Morris (Author)13
He feedeth His flock like a shepherd, And gathers the young lambs with careMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English1
He has gone to prepare us a placeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
He is mine, O, blessed portionMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
He that, weeping, goeth forth to sowLelia N. Morris (Author)5
He was not willing that any should perish; Jesus enthroned in the glory aboveLelia N. Morris (Author)English1
He was not willing that any should perish, And in His heart of loveMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
Hear it, brother, and believe itMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Hear mercy's call todayMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Hear the call for reapers, ringing far and nearMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English5
Hear the gospel invitation, All ye weary, tempest tossedMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English5
Hear the stirring call as it rings todayLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Hear the voice of wisdom from the heavensLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Hear ye the promise from God's Holy wordMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
Hearken today to the blest invitationMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English20
Heaven was robbed of its choicest and bestMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Heed thou the voice of wisdomMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
He's won my heart foreverMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Holy Ghost, we bid thee welcomeLelia N. Morris (Author)English9
How hopeless was the sinner's lotC. H. M. (Author)English4
How precious God's word to the children of menMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
How precious the gift which our Father has givenMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
How the church of God shall arise and shineLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Humbly we come in thy presenceLelia N. Morris (Author)2
I am standing now on the promises of GodLelia N. Morris (Author)English21
I am thinking of the gathering of the faithfulMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
I am thinking today of that glorious time When my soul shall have entered that Heaven-blest clime (Morris)Lelia N. Morris (Author)English4
I came to the Savior all covered with sinMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English5
I can never forget the day, when the Lord did me baptizeLelia N. Morris (Author)English4
I can never forget the day when Jesus saved meLelia N. Morris (Author)English9
I cannot tell you how my Savior savesMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
I could never be saved from the guilt of my sinMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
I had heard the gospel call, offering pardon free for allMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English12
I have a great Savior who saves every day (Morris)Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English6
I have chosen to walk in the narrow wayC. H. Morris (Author)5
I have found a Friend, such a loving FriendMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
I have found a great salvation which supplies my every needMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
I have found sweet rest for my weary soulC. H. Morris (Author)English15
I have heard a voice that called meMrs. C.H. M. (Author)4
I have heard of a beautiful city, A city where cometh no nightC. H. M. (Author)English4
I have Jesus dwelling with meLelia N. Morris (Author)7
I have memories sweet of a happy dayMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
I have never found another friend like JesusMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)4
I heard God's voice commanding, "Go up, the land possess"Mrs. C. H. M. (Author)English12
I heard the Lord Jehovah sayingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
I long to be holy, all spotless withinLelia N. Morris (Author)4
I love the Lord, for He hath heardMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English5
I love the story sweet and oldMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
I remember a promise I made years agoMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
I shall not want while Jesus leadsMrs. C. H. Morris, 1862-1929 (Author)5
I was once a wretched outcast lost in sinMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
I will not leave you comfortless, But if I go awayMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English16
I will pray the Father, Jesus saidMrs. C. H. M. (Author)10
I would tell to all the world the wondrous storyMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
If ever we enter the glory aboveMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
If I reach that land of light, where the saints are robed in whiteMrs. C. H. M. (Author)7
If thou wouldst my disciple beLelia N. Morris (Author)English4
If through the day you've wanderedC. E. Morris (Author)2
If we would be efficient in winning sinners lostMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
If you are tired of the load of your sinLelia N. Morris (Author)English267
If you would be efficient in the service of the LordMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
I'll sing the praise of Jesus' bloodLelia N. Morris (Author)2
I'm happy, so happy in Jesus, my blessed Redeemer and KingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
I'm only here a pilgrim and a strengerMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
I'm out on God's promise, and under the bloodMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English4
I'm over in Canaan where riches aboundLelia Naylor Morris, 1862-1929 (Author)English4
I'm over in the goodly landLelia N. Morris (Author)English8
I'm satisfied with Jesus ChristMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
I'm saved and kept, is the song I singMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
I'm standing on God's promisesMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
I'm walking now with Christ, the LordC. H. M. (Author)English5
In fancy I stood by the shore, one dayMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)14
In that place of many mansionsLelia N. Morris (Author)English3
In the army of the King of kingsMrs. C. H. M. (Author)7
In the bondage of sin and of SatanMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
In the direful conflict ragingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
In the misty days of yore Jesus' precious blood had powerLelia N. Morris (Author)15
In this old world of sin, I seeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
In this place of prayer, O Lord, we gatherMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
In thy name, O blessed Savior Gathered in this sacred placeMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)4
Is Christ crowded out of your busy lifeLelia N. Morris (Author)English4
It was because He loved me soMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
It was the Savior's precious blood That cleansed my soulMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English8
I've anchored my soul in the haven of restMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English9
I've been reading a message so sweet and so wonderfulMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English8
I've enlisted for life in the army of the LordMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English45
I've found a great Savior who came long agoMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
I've found the "Canaan land" of promiseC. H. M. (Author)English2
I've heard of a beautiful city, Prepared in God's kingdom on highMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English4
I've received an invitation from the glorious King of kingsMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English27
Jehovah is my keeperMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Jesus called the rugged fishersMrs. C. H. M. (Author)6
Jesus Christ, the world's RedeemerMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Jesus is calling in accents so tenderMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Jesus is coming to earth again, What if it were today?Mrs. C. H. M. (Author)English92
Jesus knows when your heart achesMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Jesus, the Savior, like as a shepherdMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Jesus, the tender shepherdLelia N. Morris (Author)7
Jesus will help you to bear itMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Just a little longer to work for JesusLelia N. Morris (Author)English4
Just a word with JesusMrs. C. H. M. (Author)8
Just as I am, I come to TheeC. H. M. (Author)English6
Just close at your hand there is work to be doneLelia N. Morris (Author)English4
Just now is God's accepted timeLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Just now, while the Father is callingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
Just one tender lamb was missingC. H. M. (Author)4
Just pa fr'lsaren troLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Just to trust in the Lord, just to lean on His wordC. H. M. (Author)English50
Just two pathways lie before us as we onward goMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English1
Leave it with Jesus, the trial that vexesLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Less than all I dare not offerC. H. M. (Author)4
Let old time heart religionMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
Let those who've never known our Lord and KingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English13
Let us be triumphant Christians, while we sojourn here belowMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Let us tarry for the power as Christ commandedMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English4
Like oil upon the troubled sea To lull its waves to restMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English5
Like oil upon the troubled waters cast Like sunshine after rain when storm is pastLelia N. Morris (Author)English4
Lo he comes the king of glory (Morris)Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Lo, the conflict of the ages is upon us todayLelia N. Morris (Author)English11
Long by sin my eyes were blindedMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English6
Long by sin my eyes were holdenMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English10
Long has seemed the time of waitingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)6
Long my wilful heart said noMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English13
Look up, behold the harvest fields all ready for reaping standMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Lord, for a full salvationMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Lord, in humble consecration I have given all to TheeMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English6
Lord, my heart is fully yieldedLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Lord, we're enlisted to fight aginst sinMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Love ye one another, 'tis the Lord's commandMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Love's redeeming work is done: Christ, the well-beloved SonMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Loving Savior, when the shadows gatherMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Loyal to Jesus foreverMrs. C. H. M. (Author)1
Make me a blessing, dear Savior, I prayMrs. C. H. M. (Author)5
Make me a winner of souls, dearest LordMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Make your life a tuneful songMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Many souls are sinking in the sea of sinMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
Marvelous grace in my Savior I findLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Mein gläubig Herz spricht Ja und AmenMrs. C. H. M. (Author)German2
Mi voluntad la he rendidoSra. C. H. M. (Author)Spanish1
Mine eyes of faith have sightedMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
More reapers are needed in life's harvest fieldMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
My boast is in JesusMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
My Father holds my hand, My Lord who loves me soMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)4
My heart is enraptured with JesusMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
My hope of heaven on Christ is stayedMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English10
My life, my love, my all, O blessed SaviorMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
My life on the altar for JesusMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
My longing soul cries out for GodMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
My love has been won from this vain worldLelia N. Morris (Author)4
My song shall be of Jesus, The friend to sinners dearMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
My stubborn will at last hath yieldedLelia N. Morris (Author)English63
My yielded heart says yes to JesusLelia N. Morris (Author)English13
Näher, noch näher, fest an dein HerzLelia Morris, 1862-1929 (Author)German1
Näher, stets näher, nur zu dir hinMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)German2
你若願意脫離罪的苦情 (Nǐ ruò yuànyì tuōlí zuì de kǔqíng)Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Chinese2
Nearer, still nearer, close to Thy heartC. H. M. (Author)English190
None is excludedLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Not alone in this world Christ has left usMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English6
Not now, not now, and can it beMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Not to be of the wise or the rich or the greatMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Not with a heart dividedMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
Not with divided heartMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English4
Nothing but the blood of Jesus in my soulC. H. M. (Author)English9
Nothing satisfies but Jesus, Bread of life to mortals givenMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English23
Nothing satisfies like JesusC. H. Morris (Author)2
N'rmare st'ndigt, t'tt intill digMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Nur auf Jesum zu schau'nC. H. M. (Author)German2
O brother adrift upon life's troubled seaLelia N. Morris (Author)2
O church of God, awake, ariseLelia N. Morris (Author)2
O, come to the Savior, from evil departLelia N. Morris (Author)2
O give me the BibleLelia N. Morris (Author)2
O glorious Sun of Righteousness, arise with healingLelia N. Morris (Author)3
O hallowed cross of Calvary, the hope of every sinner lostLelia N. Morris (Author)2
O how much of good we through grace might beLelia N. Morris (Author)3
O I can't tell it all, of the wonderful loveMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English6
O I want to be a witness to the powerLelia N. Morris (Author)2
O let nothing hinder your coming to JesusMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
O magnify the Lord with me, ye people of his choiceLelia N. Morris (Author)English24
O matchless love, how could it be?Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)16
O my brother, are you trustingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
O my heart is full of gladness (Morris)Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
O so long was my bark tossed about on life's seaMrs. C. H. M. (Author)12
O soul, and shall it be for naughtMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
O stubborn will of mineC. H. M. (Author)3
O tell me once again the story trueMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
O the spirit filled life! Is it thine?Mrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
O the triumph day is coming by and byMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English4
O thou poor, weary child, from Father's house astrayMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
O what must I do to be savedLelia N. Morris (Author)2
O where, where today are the sheep of the foldMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
O who does not wishLelia N. Morris (Author)2
O ye whose eyes have blinded beenMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
O ye who've watched and waited long for Jesus' blest appearingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Of Jesus' love that sought meMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English107
Of Jesus, my Savior and Brother, To you of His love I would singLelia N. Morris (Author)English1
Of one blood God hath made all the nations of the earthMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English6
Oft, the path is dark and drearyMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
O Jesus Christ, thou dying LambMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
O, Lord, as Thine own childrenMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
O who has not felt that the cares of the earthMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English4
O ye dwellers in the lowlands drearyMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English5
On every page of sacred writ I findMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
On promise ground I have planted my feetMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English6
On the ocean of life we are sailingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)7
Once my weary heart peace and comfort soughtMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
One day in Bethlehem's mangerLelia N. Morris (Author)2
One day, years ago, neath a fair eastern skyMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English6
Only a pilgrim here and a strangerMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English7
Onward, forward, soldiers of King JesusLelia N. Morris (Author)3
Onward to victory, soldiers true and loyalMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Open your heart to the SaviorMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)6
Opened in the house of David, for uncleanness and for sinMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English6
Others may choose this vain world if they willLelia N. Morris (Author)English9
Our hearts today are filled with praiseMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Out in the conflict with Satan todayMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English6
Out on life's ocean with perils ever nighMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English12
Out on the cold barren mountains of sinLelia N. Morris (Author)4
Out on the mountainway steepMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
Outside of the fold of the Shepherd so trueMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Over the waters gallantly sailingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English10
Për një zgjim në tër’ botën ne të lutemi, ZotLelia N. Morris (Author)Albanian2
Perfect salvation in Jesus I seeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Perto, mais perto, ó Deus, de tiMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Portuguese2
Praise Him! praise Him! Jesus our blessed RedeemerMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Praise Him! praise Him! Jesus, our blessed Redeemer!Lelia N. Morris (Author)English1
Praises, sing praises to Jesus, our blessed RedeemerMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English11
Prayer is the key God's storehouse unlockingLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Prayer is the strong but secret chainMrs. C. H. M. (Author)5
Press the battle Christian soldierW. H. M. (Author)4
Press your way to JesusMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
Pure in heart I long to beMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English4
Purer and brighter dear SaviorMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
親近,更親近,近主懷 (Qīnjìn, gèng qīnjìn, jìn zhǔ huái)Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Chinese2
Read the times with keen discerningMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
Receive from God your great commissionMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Redemption is offered by Jesus the LordMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
Rejoice! rejoice! O Church of GodMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Rejoice, rejoice, O soul of mineMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Remember your promise to JesusLelia N. Morris (Author)English2
Revive thy work, almighty GodMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Ring, O ring, ye gospel bellsMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Rings erschallt ein Jubelwort durch alle WeltMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)German1
See the ark of God, on the waters launchedC. H. M. (Author)English4
See the fight is on in its power todayMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
See, the hosts of sin are marching onMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
Seigneur, attire mon coeur à toiLeila Morris (Author)French2
Send salvation, Lord, send thy full salvation, LordMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English14
Send the gospel of a full and free salvationLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Shout aloud, ye children of the kingdomMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Si tú cansado ya estás de pecarMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Spanish3
Siehst du die Scharen der ArmenC. H. M. (Author)German2
Since I've started out to travel in the straight and narrow wayMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
Since my eyes have caught a visionLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Since the happy day when I first beheld himLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Sing a song of triumph, as we onward goLelia N. Morris (Author)English5
Sing we the praises of Jesus, the wonderful Savior of menLelia N. Morris (Author)English18
Sinonto ti agtulnog ken JesusMrs. C. H. Martin (Author)Tagalog2
So close to the shore, brotherLelia N. Morris (Author)2
So long in Egypt stayingLelia N. Morris (Author)4
So many years I longed to findLelia N. Morris (Author)English3
So wonderful it seems, beyond all human dreamsMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Sojourner, here upon life's pilgrim wayC. H. M. (Author)2
Some blissful day, I know not when 'twill beLelia N. Morris (Author)3
Someone for years at your heart has been knockingC. H. M. (Author)English8
Someone is turning his back on the SaviorMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
Soon the days of pain and partingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)1
Soon the trumpet sound appallingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
Souls for Jesus, souls for Jesus, be ye fishers of menC. H. M. (Author)English2
Sow the seed, the precious seed, Over valleyMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
Spirit filled, O can it beMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
Step out on the promise of Jesus, All ye who believe on His nameMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
Still halting between two opinionsLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Storm tossed upon the sea of lifeLelia N. Morris (Author)English3
Surrender your life to the SaviorMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Sweet songs of salvationLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Tarry ye, was the Master's commandmentLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Templos de Dios soisMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Spanish2
The Altar sanctifies the giftMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
The call "to arms" is sounding, Throughout the world todayMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
The Christian's hope, O how it cheersMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
The clarion call is ringingLelia N. Morris (Author)2
The clarion call to serviceMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
The fight is on, the trumpet sound is ringing outMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English162
The fountain for sin and uncleannessLelia N. Morris (Author)2
The gift is small I bring to TheeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
The Lord of the harvest is calling today, Arouse yeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
The love of Christ my heart has wonMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
The power that fell at PentecostMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English18
The Savior has come in His mighty powerLelia N. Morris (Author)English10
The Savior of sinners is passing this wayMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
The story of salvation so dearLelia N. Morris (Author)2
The voice of the Shepherd is callingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
The White Ribbon Army with banner and songLelia N. Morris (Author)2
The wonderful story that Jesus can saveLelia N. Morris (Author)2
The world knew not Jesus when down to earth He cameMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
There are heights and depths of mercyMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English1
There are so many hearts that are broken andMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
There is a city fair we're toldMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
There is a land beyond our earthly visionLelia N. Morris (Author)2
There is for toil a recompenseLelia N. Morris (Author)2
There is one name all names aboveMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English9
There is room in the loveMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
There is sanctifying power like a sweet refreshing showerLelia N. Morris (Author)English18
There was just one sheep which had strayed awayMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
There'll be showers of blessing from our Father's handMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English14
There's a beautiful city of palaces brightMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
There's a beautiful land where there cometh no nightLelia N. Morris (Author)2
There's a blessed invitation to the worldLelia N. Morris (Author)2
There's a call for those who will dare be trueMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
There's a call for valiant soldiersMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
There's a conflict on with the hosts of sinC. H. M. (Author)6
There's a fight to be fought and a victory wonMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
There's a gathering of the faithful in our Father's house on highMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
There's a glad hallelujah in my heart todayMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
There's a glad song rings throughout the world todayMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English15
There's a message sweet for the burdenedMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
There's a song I love to sing, even praises to our KingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English8
There's a song I love to sing, To the praises of our KingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
There's a sound of martial musicLelia N. Morris (Author)3
There's a way cast up for the ransomed of the LordLelia N. Morris (Author)2
There's One I love better, far better than allLelia N. Morris (Author)2
There's only one way that this lost world may knowMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)8
There's plenty in our Father's houseMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
There's soon to be a meeting in the airMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
There's sorrow and sadness on every sideC. H. M. (Author)4
There's time enough yet; there's time enough yetMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English6
They tarried in an upper roomLelia N. Morris (Author)2
They were gathered as the Lord commandedLelia N. Morris (Author)2
They who know the Savior shall in Him be strongLelia N. Morris (Author)English16
Think what it costs, O soul of mineLelia N. Morris (Author)2
This earth has been a hallowed placeLelia N. Morris (Author)2
This earth is not my abiding place, this world is not my homeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
This old world is lying in darkness and sinMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
This stubborn will of mine Almighty Lord subdueMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
This wonderful question of questionsMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Thou my ransom price hast paidMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English6
Though we've no abiding city hereMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)6
Thy kingdom come, thy children prayMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Till strid det b'r. Trumpeten skallar vida kringLelia N. Morris (Author)2
'Tis bliss within my soul to knowMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
'Tis not enough that we should feelMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
'Tis ours, O children of the KingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
To help to win this world for ChristMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
To Himself God this lost world is winningC. H. Morris (Author)4
To the cross of Jesus loyal evermoreLelia N. Morris (Author)2
To the front away, in the gospel warMrs. C. H. M. (Author)11
To the rescue, to the rescue, Souls are drifting with the tideLelia N. Morris (Author)English5
'Twas down at the cross where my Lord was crucifiedMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
'Twas not in vain the Savior diedMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
'Twas not to condemn us the dear Savior cameMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
'Twas the blood upon the door-postsLelia N. Morris (Author)2
'Twas when to Christ I fully gaveLelia N. Morris (Author)English10
'Twill be glory for me when the King I shall seeMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
Two altars on a hillside madeLelia N. Morris (Author)3
Umasidegac Kenca, JesusMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Tagalog2
Un grande avivamiento te pedimosMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)Spanish2
Unto the feast that the king hath spreadLelia N. Morris (Author)4
Unto the footstool of mercy I comeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
Up the mountain steep and ruggedMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)3
Upon any errand of love todayLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Veio a este mundo o Senhor JesusLelia Naylor Morris (Author)Portuguese2
Viene otra vez nuestro SalvadorLelia N. Morris (1862-1929) (Author)Spanish5
Vivo hoy tan cerca de mi JesúsLelia N. Morris (1862-1929) (Author)Spanish2
Wärst du gern los von der drückenden SchuldFrau C. H. Morris (Author)German2
Wanted, wanted, loyal hearts are wantedC. H. M. (Author)English14
Watchman on the walls of Zion, From the heights, what seest thou?Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
We are full salvation soldiersMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
We are gathering jewels for the crown of our LordMrs. C. H. M. (Author)5
We are hastening on to the great judgment dayMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
We are nearing eternity's side of the graveMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
We are out today on the sea of lifeLelia N. Morris (Author)2
We are pilgrims on the wayMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)4
We are poor today when we might be richMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
We are traveling home to heaven by the straight and narrow wayMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English12
We believe, O God, our FatherLelia N. Morris (Author)English3
We come for grace, O Lord Thou only canst impartMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
We come, O Lord, before TheeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
We for God and homeLelia N. Morris (Author)2
We may measure the height of the mountainsMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English4
We today may have the power which they had at PentecostMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English10
Weary our hearts of fruitlessly toilingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Welcome, welcome, welcome welcome!Lelia N. Morris (Author)English2
We're a pilgrim band, and for glory boundMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English7
We're going through with JesusLelia N. Morris (Author)5
We're saved to save othersLelia N. Morris (Author)5
What about Jesus, O friend will you doMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
What are you doing to make this world betterMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
What are you doing? what are you doing?Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
What can make this sinful world to blossom as the roseMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English4
What condescension, what mercy and loveMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English4
What if in untried paths belowMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
What is the burden today on your heartLelia N. Morris (Author)5
What need this soul of mine ever to fearLelia N. Morris (Author)2
What wonderful, wonderful mercy is thisLelia N. Morris (Author)6
Whatever from God you are needing todayLelia N. Morris (Author)3
When death my soul from its prison releasesMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
When far from the fold of his loveMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
When from Olivet's heightMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
When in his beauty the King I shall seeLelia N. Morris (Author)English4
When on Calvary's cross He diedC. H. M. (Author)English3
When our hands have grown weary with toilingMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
When the early morning breaking Slumber from my eyelids shakingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English31
When the ransomed ones shall gather over in the heavenly landLelia N. Morris (Author)English9
When the tempests rage and the storms beat highC. H. M. (Author)English17
When the war is over at the close of dayLelia N. Morris (Author)3
When thorny is my pathway and steep the roadMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
When wandering far Jesus sought me and found meMrs. C. H. M. (Author)3
When we have entered that city of goldMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
When your heart cries for salvationMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Wherefore are ye doubting and fearingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English5
Who but the great eternal OneMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3
Who is this that cometh from Edom, Crimson red His garments dyedLelia N. Morris (Author)English9
Who, who will go to the fields with harvest bending?Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Who will volunteer to speak for Jesus, Make his message known from day to day? (Morris)Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Whom have I on earth beside theeLelia N. Morris (Author)5
Why are you lost and unpardonedLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Why, still undecided, why tarry in sin?Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English6
Why walk in the darkness and shadows of nightMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
Why wilt thou stay away from meLelia N. Morris (Author)3
Winning souls for JesusMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English3
With Christ on the mountain of blessing aloneMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
With marvelous patience has mercy been knockingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)4
With my whole heart, O Lord, would I seek TheeMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
With the cross of Christ going on beforeMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Without thee, my Savior I dare not to treadLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Wohlan, zum Kampf, TrompetenschallLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Wonderful grace that could change my vile heartMrs. C. H. M. (Author)2
Wonderful love is the theme of my song, Jesus is mineMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Wonderful love of Jesus, my SaviorLelia N. Morris (Author)English4
Wonderful love of my Savior and KingMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
Would you be a blessing in this world below?Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English2
Would you be saved with a perfect salvationLelia N. Morris (Author)3
Would you know that fullness of redeeming graceMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Would you know this great salvationMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Wounded and helpless, weary, sick with sinMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
耶穌要從高天再降臨,會否就在今天?(Yēsū yào cóng gāo tiān zài jiànglín, huì fǒu jiù zài jīntiān?)Lelia N. Morris (Author)Chinese2
Ye are my witnesses, thus saith the LordMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
Ye are the temples, Jesus hath spokenLelia N. Morris (Author)English43
Ye heralds of Jesus go forth with the lightLelia N. Morris (Author)6
Ye soldiers of the living GodLelia N. Morris (Author)2
Ye who are weary, broken in spiritMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English5
Ye would not come unto meLelia N. Morris (Author)4
Yielded to thee in humble consecrationLelia N. Morris (Author)2
You ask me how it is I knowMrs. C. H. M. (Author)English2
You in you small cornerMrs. C. H. Morris (Author)2
You must do something with Jesus tonight (Morris)Mrs. C. H. Morris (Author)English3

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