Richard Massie

Short Name: Richard Massie
Full Name: Massie, Richard, 1800-1887
Birth Year: 1800
Death Year: 1887

Massie, Richard, eldest son of the Rev. R. Massie, of Goddington, Cheshire, and Rector of Eccleston, was born at Chester, June 18, 1800, and resides at Pulford Hall, Coddington. Mr. Massie published a translation of Martin Luther’s Spiritual Songs, London, 1854. His Lyra Domestica, 1st series, London, 1860, contains translations of the 1st Series of Spitta's Psalter und Harfe. In 1864 he published vol. ii., containing translations of Spitta's 2nd Series, together with an Appendix of translations of German hymns by various authors. He also contributed many translations of German hymns to Mercer's Church Psalter & Hymn Book; to Reid's British Herald; to the Day of Rest, &c. He died Mar. 11,1887.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Richard Massie (91)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All is dying, hearts are breakingRichard Massie (Author)7
All praise to Jesus' hallowed nameRichard Massie (Author)9
As a traveler returningRichard Massie (Author)1
By the holy hills surroundedRichard Massie, 1800-87 (Translator)1
Be with us this day to bless usR. Massie, 1800-1887 (Translator)2
Christ Jesus lay in death's strong bandsRichard Massie (Translator)English45
Christ, whose first appearance lightedRichard Massie (Translator)2
Come Holy Ghost, Lord God, and fillRichard Massie (Author)2
Come, Thou bright and Morning StarRichard Massie (Translator)English10
Creator Spirit, heavenly DoveRichard Massie (Translator (into English))English6
Dear Christians, one and all, rejoice, With exultation springingRichard Massie, 1800-87 (Translator)English11
Dyma Feibil annwyl IesuR. Massie (Translator)Welsh1
Eternal peace and glorious victory rareRichard Massie (Author)1
Evening and morning, sunset and dawningRichard Massie, 1800 - 87 (Translator)English19
Father, whose hand hath led me so securelyRichard Massie (Author)4
From highest Heaven, on joyous wingRichard Massie (Translator (from German))English2
From the depths of woe I raise to theeR. Massie (Translator)1
God the Father, be our StayRichard Massie, 1800-1887 (Translator)English12
God, Who madest earth and heaven, Father, Son and Holy GhostRichard Massie (Translator)English1
Golden and glorious, Strong and victoriousRichard Massie (Author)2
Had God not come, may Israel sayRichard Massie (Author)English6
Happy the man who feareth GodRichard Massie (Translator (from German))English2
His Holy Spirit dwellethRichard Massie (Author)1
How blest are we, that God of usRichard Massie (Author)1
How mean ye thus by weepingRichard Massie (Author)1
I and my house are ready, LordRichard Massie (Translator)English2
I believe, and so have spokenRichard Massie (Author)1
I build on this foundationRichard Massie (Author)7
I know no life dividedRichard Massie (Translator)English60
I place myself in Jesus' handsRichard Massie (Author)2
I will sing my Maker's praisesRichard Massie (Author)English5
If God Himself be for meRichard Massie (Author)English30
In peace and joy I now depart According to God's willRichard Massie (Author)English1
In these our days so perilousRichard Massie (Author)1
In thy service will I everRichard Massie (Translator)7
Jesus Christ, our blessed SaviorRichard Massie (Author)English1
Jesus Christ today is risenRichard Massie (Translator)English2
Let thy light on me be shiningRichard Massie (Author)1
Lord, by thy word deliverance workRichard Massie (Translator)1
Lord God, Thy praise we sing, Lord God, our thanks we bring (Massie)Richard Massie (Translator (into English))2
Lord, keep us in thy word and workRichard Massie (Author)English1
Lord, thou hast joined my soul to thineR. Massie (Translator)2
May God be praised henceforthRichard Massie (Author)9
May God bestow on us His graceRichard Massie (Author)English10
Mine hour appointed is at handR. Massie, b. 1800 (Translator)3
Now crave we of the Holy GhostRichard Massie (Author)1
Now do we pray God, the Holy GhostR. Massie (Translator)1
Now praise we Christ the holy oneRichard Massie (Translator (into English))6
O abide, abide in JesusRichard Massie (Author)1
O blessed Sun whose splendorRichard Massie (Author)English14
O God, look down from heaven and seeR. Massie (Translator)1
O how blest the hour Lord JesusRichard Massie (Author)4
O Lord, of goodness so amazingRichard Massie, b. 1800 (Translator)2
O Lord, who by thy presence hast made lightRichard Massie (Translator)11
O Lord, who teachest [taught to] us on earthRichard Massie (Author)3
Jesus, grant that balm and healingR. Massie (Translator)English6
Of my life the life, O JesusRichard Massie (Author)English3
Our Father dear, who art in heavenRichard Massie (Translator)1
Our Father, thou in heaven aboveRichard Massie (Author)English1
Our lot is fallen in pleasant placesRichard Massie (Author)4
From depths of woe I raise to TheeR. Massie (Translator (mostly))English5
Savior of the heathen, comeRichard Massie (Translator (from German to English))English, German2
Say, my soul, what preparationRichard Massie (Translator)1
See, O see what love the FatherRichard Massie (Author)6
So rest, my RestRichard Massie (Translator)English14
Source of good, whose power controlsRichard Massie (Author)4
Spirit, by whose operationRichard Massie (Author)3
Still on thy loving heart let me reposeRichard Massie (Author)3
Sun, shine forth in all thy splendorRichard Massie (Translator)English4
Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutesR. Massie, 1800-1887 (Translator)1
That man a godly life might liveRichard Massie (Translator (from German))5
That men a godly life might liveRichard Massie (Author)2
The badge the Christian wear on earthRichard Massie (Author)1
The mouth of fools doth God confessRichard Massie (Author)6
The myst'ry hidden from the eyesRichard Massie (Author)English1
The purple morning gilds the eastern skiesR. Massie (Translator)1
The royal banner floats on highRichard Massie (Translator)1
There is a song so thrilling, So far all songs excellingRichard Massie (Author)1
These things the seer Isaiah did befallRichard Massie (Author)2
Thou who art Three in UnityRichard Massie (Author)English8
Thou, whose coming seers and sagesRichard Massie (Translator)English2
Though in midst of life we beRichard Massie (Translator)English3
To Jordan came our Lord, the ChristRichard Massie (Author)English5
To shepherds as they watched by nightRichard Massie (Author)English11
Upward and onwardRichard Massie (Author)3
We are called by one vocationR. Massie, 1800-87 (Translator)English2
We pray thee, Lord God, Holy GhostRichard Massie (Author)2
Wherefore weep we over JesusRichard Massie (Author)English2
Why, Herod, unrelenting foeRichard Massie (Translator (from German))2
Wilt thou, O man, live happilyRichard Massie (Translator)2
Word of life, eternal fountainRichard Massie (Author)2

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