Social Hymns of Brotherhood and Aspiration

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d1A brother of all the world am I
d2A noble life, a simple faith An open heart and
d3Almighty God, beneath whose eye
d4America triumphant, Brave land of pioneers
d5And is the time approaching
d6Approach ye, approach ye, sons of men
d7At length there dawns the glorious day
d8Be strong! We are not here to play
d9Behold a sower from afar, He goeth forth with might
d10Behold us, Lord, a little space
d11Bright ray whose welcome, vernal beam
d12Brother man, awake
d13Brothers, be ye who ye may
d14Comrade, join the ranks we gather
d15Creation's Lord, we give Thee thanks, That this Thy world is incomplete
d16Dear Lord, who dwellest with us now
d17Earth is waking, day is breaking
d18Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless round
d19Father, hear the prayer we offer
d20Father in heaven, who lovest all
d21From street and square, from hill and glen
d22From thee all skill and science flow
d23God of our fathers, known of old
d24God of our fathers, Whose almighty hand
d25God of the nations, hear our call
d26God of the nations, near and far
d27God of the Nations, who from dawn of days
d28God of the strong, God of the weak
d29God save America, New world of glory
d30God send us men whose aim will [shall] ['twill] be
d31God, the all merciful, Earth has [hath] forsaken
d32God's trumpet wakes the slumbering world
d33Hail the glorious golden city
d34Hail the hero workers of the mighty past
d35Hast thou heard it, O my brother
d36Haste, O haste, delightful morning
d37Hear, hear, O ye nations, and hearing obey
d38How happy is he born and [or] taught
d39I do not ask, O God, to be a saint
d40I thank thee, Lord, for strength of arm
d41It came upon the [a] midnight clear
d42Joyful, joyful, we adore thee
d43Judge eternal, throned in splendor
d44Kingdom of God, the day how blest
d45Let there be light, Lord God of Hosts
d46Lord God of time, look down and bless
d47Lord of all being, throned afar
d48Make haste, O man, to live
d49Man's comradeship is very wide
d50Men of thought, be up, and stirring
d51Men whose boast it is, that ye
d52My Master was a worker
d53Not alone for mighty empire Stretching far o'er land and sea
d54Not in dumb resignation We lift our hands on high
d55Now let our voices gaily [gladly] ring, Liberty, O Liberty
d56Now let us all arise and sing
d57Now sound ye forth with trumpet tone
d58O beautiful for spacious skies
d59O blessed Son of God [man]
d60O God, beneath thy [your] guiding hand
d61O God, hear thou the nation's prayer
d62O God of earth and altar
d63O God of love, O King [God] of peace
d64O holy city seen of John
d65O Jesus, Master, when today I meet
d66O King of kings, O Lord of hosts
d67O life that maketh all things new
d68O Lord, our God, thy mighty hand Hath made our country free
d69O Master, let me walk with thee [you]
d70O Master of the callous hand
d71O sometimes gleams upon our [my] sight
d72O thou great Friend to all the sons of men
d73O ye who dare go forth with God
d74Once to every man and nation
d75Our Father, thy dear name doth show
d76Our thought of thee is glad with hope
d77Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky
d78Rise, God, judge thou the earth in might
d79Rise up, O men [man] [youth] of God
d80Send down thy [your] truth, O God
d81Soul, look forth where shines the future
d82Spirit of God, in thunder speak
d83Splendor of the thoughts of God
d84Teach us, O Lord, true brotherhood
d85The crest and crowning of all good
d86The day of the Lord is at hand
d87The fathers built this city
d88The past is dark with sin and shame
d89The ploughing of the Lord is deep
d90The spacious firmament on high
d91The voice of God is calling its summons unto men
d92There is no grief nor care of men
d93There's a light upon the mountains
d94These things shall be, a loftier race
d95Thou mighty God, who didst of old
d96Through centuries of sin and woe
d97Thy kingdom come, O Lord, we daily cry
d98Thy kingdom come, O Lord, wide circling as the sun
d99Thy kingdom come, on bended knee
d100Thy kingdom, Lord, we long for

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