Johnson Oatman, Jr.

Johnson Oatman, Jr.
Short Name: Johnson Oatman, Jr.
Full Name: Oatman, Johnson Jr., 1856-1922
Birth Year: 1856
Death Year: 1922

Johnson Oatman, Jr., son of Johnson and Rachel Ann Oatman, was born near Medford, N. J., April 21, 1856. His father was an excellent singer, and it always delighted the son to sit by his side and hear him sing the songs of the church.

Outside of the usual time spent in the public schools, Mr. Oatman received his education at Herbert's Academy, Princetown, N. J., and the New Jersey Collegiate Institute, Bordentown, N. J. At the age of nineteen he joined the M.E. Church, and a few years later he was granted a license to preach the Gospel, and still later he was regularly ordained by Bishop Merrill. However, Mr. Oatman only serves as a local preacher.

For many years he was engaged with his father in the mercantile business at Lumberton, N. J., under the firm name of Johnson Oatman & Son. Since the death of his father, he has for the past fifteen years been in the life insurance business, having charge of the business of one of the great companies in Mt. Holly, N. J., where he resides.

He has written over three thousand hymns, and no gospel song book is considered as being complete unless it contains some of his hymns.

In 1878 he married Wilhelmina Reid, of Lumberton, N.J. and had three children, Rachel, Miriam, and Percy.

Excerpted from Biography of Gospel Song and Hymn Writers by Jacob Henry Hall; Fleming H. Revell, Co. 1914

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曾是罪人遠離耶穌,正陷悲慘滅亡中 (Céng shì zuìrén yuǎnlí yēsū, zhèng xiàn bēicǎn mièwáng zhōng)Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Chinese2
هل يوجد خل كفاديناJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Arabic1
إن جود الله يدعو للسرورJ. Oatman, Jr. (Author)Arabic2
A bright constellation illumines the skyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
A dismal spectre, dark and tallRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
A few more days, a few more tearsJohnson Oatman (Author)3
A few more days for you and meJohnson Oatman (Author)8
A few more days on earth to roamRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
A few more steps upon the roadJohnson Oatman (Author)4
A few more tears of grief may fallRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
A full surrender I have madeJohnson Oatman (Author)17
A hand all bruised and bleeding is knocking at the doorRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English14
A hand that is mighty e'er leads me alongJohnson Oatman (Author)2
A message comes to you, my friendRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
A message down the ages ringsRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
A pilgrim I'm walking life's pathwayJohnson Oatman (Author)4
A prodigal, lone, sick and poorRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
A question comes to me todayJohnson Oatman (Author)4
A royal guest stands at the doorRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
A sinner, lonely, sick and poorJohnson Oatman (Author)2
A soldier for Jesus I knowJohnson Oatman (Author)2
A storm one time was raging wildRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
A trumpeter for JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)2
A wonderful promise God's givenJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
A wonderful volume in heaven is keptJohnson Oatman (Author)1
A word to you, my brotherJohnson Oatman (Author)2
According to the Bible plansRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
All around this very hourJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English12
All night long the fishers soughtRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
All the mysteries of earth that I do not undestandOatman (Author)3
All the way my loving Savior leads meJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
All the way my Savior leadeth me, like a shepherdJohnson Oatman (Author)4
All the way that I must goJohnson Oatman (Author)2
All who would win the crown of lifeJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Along the way of life I findJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
Although this world is fair to seeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Although back into his heaven Jesus passedJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Although by sin I was defiledJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
Although I'm very weak and smallJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Although to my heart I hold many things dearJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Angels' harps are ringing in the glory landJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Angels in glory stand before the heavenly KingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Angels now your vigils keepingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
Are we bowed today in sorrow as we see a vacant chair?Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
Are we walking under clouds and shadows here?Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Are you covered over with leprosy of sinJohnson Oatman (Author)6
Are you for the Pentecost prayingJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Are you like the troubled seaJohnson Oatman (Author)5
As an army we're marching toward heavenRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
As down the stream of time I glideJohnson Oatman (Author)8
As I have been helped by the SaviorJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
As I journey down life's wayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
As I press my way to gloryJohnson Oatman (Author)5
As I'm walking every dayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
As, in weakness, you are pressing on toward the better landJohnson Oatman (Author)3
As Jehovah led the HebrewsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
As oft before in days of yoreJohnson Oatman (Author)2
As often by some shore we standJohnson Oatman (Author)10
As once to earth the Savior cameJohnson Oatman (Author)7
As out in the highways and byways I goJohnson Oatman (Author)2
As the life boat may go to the sinking barkRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
As the sunlight breaks through the clouds over headJohnson Oatman (Author)English14
As thou once the host precededRev. Johnson Oatman Jr. (Author)4
As upon some great river oft we see vessels steamJohnson Oatman (Author)2
As we journey down life's pathway there is comfortJohnson Oatman (Author)2
As we meet together on the Sabbath dayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
As we part today in sadnessJohnson Oatman (Author)2
As you onward go along earth's roadRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
As you travel down life's wayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
As you walk in the highway of Jesus your KingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
At evening time I often gazeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
At the bar of God you will have to standRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
At the door of your heart tonight I standJohnson Oatman (Author)4
At the great resurrection, when the dead in Christ shall riseRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
At the sunset I am standingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
At your feet every moment, my brotherJohnson Oatman (Author)5
Awake, awake a joyful strainJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
Awake the cry of battleJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Away beyond the shadows of this vale of nightRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Away, far away past the shadows of nightJohnson Oatman (Author)English6
Banners waving o'er usJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Because of his goodness I say over and overJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Because we did God's will defyJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Before I came to Jesus My heart was full of sinJohnson Oatman (Author)English9
Behold the Lord hath proclaimed itJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Better far than any pleasureRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Beyond the stars our loved ones waitRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English7
Beyond the tide dear friends have goneJohnson Oatman (Author)6
Beyond us lies a fairer shoreRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Blessed Savior, ever guide meRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Break forth into song, all ye sons of lightRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
Bright angels, tell my motherJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Brother, as we see thee sleepingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Brother, sister, be not sadJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Christ Jesus is the Life, the WayJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Christ Jesus who died my poor soul to redeemJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Christ lived and suffered here belowRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Christ loved me so I know not whyJohnson Oatman (Author)10
Christ, the Lord hath need of workJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Christ will come from heaven to earth againJohnson Oatman (Author)9
Christ will me His aid affordRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English74
Christian soul, be not afraidRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
Clearly the light is dawningRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Close to the unseen world we standJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Closer, dear Jesus, to theeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Come all ye sons and daughters, and sing a happy songRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
Come and see the blessed JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Come, brother, let us hear you tellRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Come, sinner, to Jesus, O do not refuseJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Come sinner to the savior, now seek His face and favorJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
Come soul and find thy rest, no longer be distressedRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English66
Come to Jesus, sin sick soulJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Come to the Savior, Seek now His favorRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
Como Jesús no hay otro amigoJ. Oatman (Author)Spanish3
Cuando combatido por la adversidadJohnson Oatman (Author)Spanish10
Cuando estés cruzando un mar de adversidadJohnson Oatman, Jr., 1856-1926 (Author)Spanish4
Cuando te abrumen penas y dolorJohnson Oatman Jr. (Author)Spanish2
當你經過試煉,茫然無所從 (Dāng nǐ jīngguò shì liàn, mángrán wú suǒ cóng)Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Chinese2
Dear brother if you would reach heavenJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Dear friends, when I am called to goJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Dear lord I come to thee this dayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Dear Lord, while on Thy footstool I shall roamJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
Dear Savior, whole I'm pleadingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Dear Savior, I'm walking too far from thy side, Let me draw nearer to TheeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Dear Savior, my soul is panting for TheeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
Dear Savior, the children are coming to theeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English7
Dear Sinner, draw near to the Savior tonightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Dear soul away from home and GodJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Digno es el Cordero que inmolado fueRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Spanish6
Do you feel the need, my brotherRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Do your best while Life's pilgrim way you treadRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
Does the way seem weary as you travel onRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Don't go half-way with Jesus if you follow him at allRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Down through the valley, over the mountainJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Each day and hour I'll have to fightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Each day I follow Christ my LordRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Each hour I tread the pilgrim's wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Each time I read the BibleRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Earth has her ties, but soon, alasJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Elijah once stood prayingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)6
En la ascendente vía de luzJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Spanish2
En la mansión do Cristo estáJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Spanish5
Ere Jesus had departedJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Es gibt keinen freund wie der treue JesusRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)German1
Es kann kein Freund so wie Jesus liebenJohnson Oatman (Author)German1
Every dark cloud has its liningJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Every day, every day, JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Every step of the way from the earth to the skyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Fair as the sunlightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Far away in the heavens above meJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Far beyond all the reaches of our vision hereJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Far beyond God's beacons as they shine at nightRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Far, far above the skyRev. Johnson Oatman (Author)8
Far, far above these scenes of nightJohnson Oatman (Author)English6
Father, at Thy feet I'm fallingJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
Fear not, little flock, said the MasterRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Fiercely the storm on life's ocean is ragingJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Filled with love from aboveJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Findes en ven, lig den milde Jesus?Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Norwegian2
For a hundred years or more, good old Noah gave the warningJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
For a long time I waited on the Lord in prayerJohnson Oatman (Author)3
For many years the aged saintsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
For my dear boy, I am prayingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
For perfect heart cleansingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
From grace I shall sweep on to gloryJohnson Oatman (Author)7
From my Lord I'll wander neverJohnson Oatman (Author)2
From us thou hast been called awayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Gathering in the grain in the morning sunJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Gently lead me, lest I strayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Go tell the news that Jesus diedJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Go work for Jesus day by dayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Go work today in my vineyard, The Master is sayingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
God gave his own Son to redeem a lost raceJohnson Oatman (Author)2
God has honey in the rock for his childrenJohnson Oatman (Author)3
God has lifted the curtain from that landJohnson Oatman (Author)3
God, in His grace, showed me a placeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
God sends his holy angelsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
God so loved the world that his own Son he gaveJohnson Oatman (Author)2
God wants you to herald the storyJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
God's angels encampeth Around them that fear himJohnson Oatman (Author)4
God's children have the best of careJohnson Oatman (Author)2
God's great love so deep and boundlessJohnson Oatman (Author)5
God's storehouse in heaven is filled to the brimRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
God's vessels from the other sideJohnson Oatman (Author)2
God's word commands that we go forwardJohnson Oatman (Author)2
God's word has a great declarationJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Goodbye, pastor, goodbyeRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Goodbye son, said a darling old motherJohnson Oatman (Author)2
¡Gozándome yo voy para aquel hogar!Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Spanish2
Guide me, Savior, with thine eyeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Gyorsvonat indul ingyen és bérmentvJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Hungarian2
Ha te azt kérdeznéd tőlemJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Hungarian2
Happy in Jesus everywhere I goJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Happy in the love of JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Hark, the sound of battle ragingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Have you been converted? do you follow himJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Have you heard the story of the Lamb once slaidJohnson Oatman (Author)5
Having found thy rest in JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)3
He hath set His love upon me, O how precious is the sealRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
He is with me, O, how preciousJohnson Oatman (Author)4
He sought me on the mountainRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Hear ye the message Jesus sends todayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Hearken all ye faithful fewJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Here the road is often rockyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Here we have our sorrowsJohnson Oatman (Author)9
Holiness unto the Lord, shout it over hill and plainJohnson Oatman (Author)English7
Holy Spirit from above, fill each bosom with Thy loveJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
How happy we'd be could we but understandJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
How many dear friends have passed on from my sightRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
How many sad partings we have on earth's shoreRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English9
How oft as you journey, some brother you meetJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
How often I cry when I think of his graceJohnson Oatman (Author)2
How often we turn from earth's pleasuresJohnson Oatman (Author)2
How sweet the blessed Sabbath dayJohnson Oatman (Author)3
How sweet to look back on the yearsJohnson Oatman (Author)3
How sweet 'twill be to meet our friendsJohnson Oatman (Author)3
How to reach the masses, men of every birth?Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English62
How we love to sing of heaven and its wealthJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I am a cup-bearer for Jesus my KingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
I am a pilgrim to a land, that's on the other sideRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
I am bound for that city that is far aboveJohnson Oatman (Author)4
I am crucified with Christ (Oatman)Johnson Oatman (Author)2
I am happy now as the days go byJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I am happy on the way, that I travel day by dayJohnson Oatman (Author)3
I am not worthy of the loveJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I am on my way to a home on highRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English6
I am on my way to glory, where the wallsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I am on my way to heaven, to those mansions of the soulRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
I am on the gospel highway, pressing forwardJohnson Oatman (Author)37
I am on the race course running toward the goalJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
I am pressing toward a cityRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
I am satisfied, whatever may comeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I am singing and I'm shouting all along the pilgrim wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
I am so happy in Christ todayRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)English89
I am the Lord's in love he has sought meJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I am the Way, the Savior hath spokenJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I am thinking of my dear old motherJohnson Oatman (Author)3
I am thinking of the rapture in our blessed home on highJohnson Oatman (Author)English27
I am trying every momentJohnson Oatman (Author)3
I am walking with my LordRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
I am walking with my Savior, I am walkingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
I ask not for the highest place, But find a spot more sweetJohnson Oatman (Author)English7
I came to Jesus sick and poorRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
I came to Jesus with my sin, His arms of mercy took me inJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
I can see life's sun decliningJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I come to thee Lord, all covered with sinJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
I did not believe the story of a resurrection dayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
I do not ask thee, Lord, for powerRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
I fear no foe as on my path I goJohnson Oatman (Author)English5
I had wandered far away from the foldJohnson Oatman (Author)15
I have a friend, a precious friend, O how He loves meRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English13
I have a friend in courts aboveJohnson Oatman (Author)6
I have a song I love to sing (Cummings)Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)1
I have a song that is full of cheerJohnson Oatman (Author)11
I have found a Friend in JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I have found a Friend indeed, who supplies my every needJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English6
I have found a Friend who has saved my soulJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
I have found precious restJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I have found sweet peace for my storm tossed soulRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
I have great joy within my soulJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I have heard of a land called the homeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I have joined the blood washed armyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
I have joys in my soulJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I have left all to follow my SaviorJohnson Oatman (Author)6
I have left old Egypt, its toiling and its tearsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I have left the world behind meJohnson Oatman (Author)11
I have made a resolution with the help of GodRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
I have perfect restJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
I have reached the land where living waters flowJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
I have read of a beautiful city, whose portals areJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I have set my face toward the land of CanaanJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I have something to impart, Savior dearJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I have sought for satisfactionJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I know he's mine, this friend so dearJohnson Oatman (Author)English1
I know my life will happy beJohnson Oatman (Author)8
I longed to reach heavenJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I love to read of Christ my LordJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
I love to think of other daysRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
I may have all my share of the burdensJohnson Oatman (Author)4
I may not know the reason whyJohnson Oatman (Author)English13
I may not know where Thou art leadingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
I never can forget the timeJohnson Oatman (Author)4
I once was bound with fettersJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
I once was poor and lost in sinJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I pray for temperance all the yearJohnson Oatman (Author)5
I read that whosoever may from wrath fleeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English9
I see my Savior hanging on the bloody treeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English9
I see no person sitting thereRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
I shall not bear the cross through yon cityRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)30
I shall reach my home in gloryJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I shall see my Savior's face, sometime, sometimeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I shall wear a golden crownRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)9
I thank the Lord for earthly friendsRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
I think when I'm gazing at eveningJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I want to be faithful to JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I want to go home when I dieJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I was far away in the paths of sinRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
I will do my best for Jesus while I liveJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I will sing redemptions's storyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I wonder if some mother's boyJohnson Oatman (Author)3
If by some tempest your sail has been drivenJohnson Oatman (Author)2
If Christ should come to our town tonightRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
If Christ the Redeemer has pardoned your sinRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English33
If days are full of troubleJohnson Oatman (Author)5
If earthly friends should fail youJohnson Oatman (Author)2
If for help some one is cryingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
If heavy the load, and lonely the wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
If I walk in the pathway of dutyJohnson Oatman (Author)English69
If now in sorrow weeping, Your eyes with tearsJohnson Oatman (Author)3
If over thy way dark clouds are castRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English7
If on his promise thy hopes dependJohnson Oatman (Author)2
If our singing is so sweetJohnson Oatman (Author)2
If our spirits, meeknessJohnson Oatman (Author)2
If some night God shall send his death angelJohnson Oatman (Author)10
If soon upon time's rolling foamJohnson Oatman (Author)9
If the ship be lost When by billows tossedJohnson Oatman (Author)11
If thou wouldst have the dear Savior from heavenJohnson Oatman (Author)English16
If to work someone is neededJohnson Oatman (Author)16
If waves of affliction should over thee rollRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
If we follow Christ to the promised landJohnson Oatman (Author)7
If weary with toilingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
If you ask me where I abideJohnson Oatman (Author)3
If you ask me why I'm happy as I journey down life's wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English6
If you expect to reach that homeJohnson Oatman (Author)4
If you have been praying for blessingsRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
If you have started for yonder bright cityJohnson Oatman (Author)1
If you need a friend to help you every moment of the dayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
If you profess the Master's nameJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
If you reach the gates before me to that land of endless dayJohnson Oatman (Author)20
If you would be a blessing as you're passing down life's wayJohnson Oatman (Author)9
If you would have him in your heartJohnson Oatman (Author)2
If you would walk the streetsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
If you're counting those who are saved and sealedRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
If you've enlisted in the warJohnson Oatman (Author)3
I'll hear the songs the angels singJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
I'll trust in my Savior forever, No friend is so precious to meRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
I'll walk with thee adown life's weary roadJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I'm as happy as can be, for I'm going homeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I'm but a traveler this wayJohnson Oatman (Author)6
I'm glad I ever started in this blessed Christian wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
I'm going home, how sweet the thoughtJohnson Oatman (Author)4
I'm going home to glory-landRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
I'm happy now from day to dayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I'm happy since I found the LordRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
Im Himmel wohnt ein treuer FreundJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)German2
I'm on my way to heaven (Oatman)Johnson Oatman (Author)7
I'm praising my Savior with raptureJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I'm pressing on the upward wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English304
I'm safe if the angel of death comes tonightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I'm saved by the blood of the Crucified One, And kept by the power of God’s blessed SonJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I'm saved by the blood of the Crucified One, That flowed from His sideRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
In all this wide, wide world aroundJohnson Oatman (Author)6
In God's holy Word 'tis writtenRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
In God's home is a book called "The Lambs book of life"Johnson Oatman (Author)3
In heaven the skies are always brightJohnson Oatman (Author)English12
In heaven there's rejoicing as angels fairJohnson Oatman (Author)2
In my dreams an angel from gloryJohnson Oatman (Author)2
In my heart the bells are ringing, I rejoice the whole day longJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
In my heart there's a song like the riverJohnson Oatman (Author)2
In my soul the joybells ringJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
In service I find rich rewardRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
In that fair city, over life's seaRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
In that fair kingdom out of sightJohnson Oatman (Author)4
In the blood from the cross I have been washed from sinJohnson Oatman (Author)English75
In the Christian path of dutyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
In the dreary pathway that I oft must treadJohnson Oatman (Author)3
In the fight against sinJohnson Oatman (Author)English7
In the gospel war we'll never fearJohnson Oatman (Author)3
In the name of the Lord I have wielded my penJohnson Oatman (Author)2
In the path I travel Golden sunbeams round me playJohnson Oatman (Author)2
In the royal house of DavidJohnson Oatman (Author)2
In the shadow of the cross The heavenly breezes blowJohnson Oatman (Author)2
In the soul's eternal kingdomJohnson Oatman (Author)5
In the spacious halls of heaven, there is room for every oneRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
In this world I've had my troublesRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
In this world of sin and careJohnson Oatman (Author)4
In this world of sin and woe (Oatman)Johnson Oatman (Author)3
In times when tried and sorely prestJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
In yonder city, cloudless and fairJohnson Oatman (Author)11
In yonder city of life and of loveJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Ingen lik Jesus i lust och smärtaJ. Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
Is your cup of blessing now filled to the brimRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Ist auch ein Freund wie der liebe Heiland?Johnston Oatman, Jr. (Author)German2
It is enough for me to knowRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
It was love that brought my Savior to the manger at his birthJohnson Oatman (Author)3
I've a Guide and a CompanionRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)7
I've a mansion all readyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
I've a special invitation from the New JerusalemJohnson Oatman (Author)2
I've been on Mount Pisgah's lofty heightRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English37
I've something that I love to tellJohnson Oatman (Author)3
I've started on my journeyJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Jeg skynder frem og opad gladJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Norwegian2
Jesus allein, ist ein Freund der SeeleRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)German1
Jesus died for you and meJohnson Oatman (Author)1
Jesus died on Calvary, Bless his nameJohnson Oatman (Author)12
Jesus has prepared a homeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Jesus His loved one will never forsakeJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Jesus knows all about our strugglesJ. Oatman, Jur. (Author)English2
Jesus, my Savior, O, how dear thou art to meRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)6
John said of Christ, to the surpriseJohnson Oatman (Author)5
Joy is beaming in my soul, i'm happy all the dayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Joy to me this thought has givenJohnson Oatman (Author)English8
Joyfully, joyfully praise the name of the Lord our GodJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
Just a little while to tarry in this vale of grief and tearsJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Just as God who reigns on highRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Just as the sculptor, from his block of stoneJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Just over the ocean is our home on highJohnson Oatman (Author)English9
Just over the river there lies a fair landRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Just what may come to me while hereJohnson Oatman (Author)7
Just why The Lord hath led so strangelyJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Kann wohl ein Freund so wie JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Keinen so treu hab ich je gefundenRev. J. Oatman, jr. (Author)German2
King of kings and Lord of lords is HeJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Learning every day, words of truth and graceJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Let not your heart be troubled (Oatman)Johnson Oatman (Author)2
Let others choose pleasures of sin if they mayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Let sin and Satan trembleJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Let the way be dark, let the way be lightJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
Lift your eyes, the day is breakingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Lift your eyes, ye pilgrims Toward the promised landRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English7
Like as a bird at eveningRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
Like the sunshine breaking through the clouds overheadJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
List to the message from heaven aboveJohnson Oatman (Author)2
List, ye weary pilgrimsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Listen to the Savior while he calls to youJohnson Oatman (Author)11
Lonely at evening a mother is sitting waitingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Long I have wandered afar from my LordRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English21
Look up, brother, lift up your head!Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
Look up look up my brotherOatman (Author)2
Looking back through the years I can see my dear LordJohnson Oatman (Author)7
Looking past the stars at nightJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Lord, hear us today, O turn not awayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
Lord, help us now to fightJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
Lord, lift me up and let me standJohnson Oatman (Author)English1
Loudly, loudly, Easter bells are ringingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Love of Jesus, so full and freeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Love that passeth understandingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Loved one, farewell, we look once moreJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Make a full, complete confessionJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)25
Make me, Savior, O, I pray, more like theeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Make melody for Jesus wherever you may beRev. Johnson Oatman Jr. (Author)English2
Make the Lord a full confessionRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Many friends who once walked by my sideRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
Many long years I sailed over life's oceanJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
Many long years I wanderedRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Many times for rest we sighJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
Many weary miles I've wanderedJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
Methinks that at the eveningJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Mighty Healer, come to meRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Millions now living are blinded by sinJohnson Oatman (Author)2
More oldtime salvationJohnson Oatman (Author)3
My boat had once floated away from the shoreJohnson Oatman (Author)17
My heart goes bounding on aheadJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
My heart is still singing the praises of GodRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
My Jesus leads me in the wayJohnson Oatman (Author)4
My life is full of sunshine, My heart is full of songJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
My Savior bought my pardon upon the cruel treeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
My Savior has a home prepared beyond the skiesJohnson Oatman (Author)4
My Savior has gone to prepare me a home, A beautiful mansion beyond yon blue domeJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
My Savior has promised to give me a homeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
My Savior is with me each step of life's wayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
My Savior, when I think of TheeJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
My soul keeps singing all day longRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
My soul was once condemned to dieJohnson Oatman (Author)2
My work on earth will all be doneRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)8
നാള്‍ തോറും ഞാന്‍ തേടുന്നിതാ (Nāḷ tēāṟuṁ ñān tēṭunnitā)Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Malayalam2
Naar paa livets bølger du har stormveilRev. I. Oatman, Jr. (Author)Norwegian2
Never lose sight of JesusJ. Oatman, Jur. (Author)English1
No hay cual Jesús otro fiel amigoJohnson Oatman (Author)Spanish3
No matter how far from the fold you have wanderedJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
No matter where I may be called of the LordJohnson Oatman (Author)6
No more like some poor prodigalJohnson Oatman (Author)2
No scenes of mirth upon the earthRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
No ti panagbiagmo madanagancaRev. J. Oatman Jr. (Author)Tagalog2
Not all earth's gold and silver Can make a sinner wholeJohnson Oatman (Author)English15
Now is the autumn comingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)7
Now the time has come to part, Father, come to every heartJohnson Oatman (Author)English5
N'r din f'rd paa lifvets haf bland stormar b'rJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O behold this valiant army marching byRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)1
O blessed Savior, be my guideJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
O brother, have you heard the storyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
O brother, I beseech youJohnson Oatman (Author)1
O brother, if the Lord has forgiv'n your sinJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
O brother, though you have for yearsRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
O great Physician, come to meRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
O heart that bleeds from sorrow deepJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O how many years upon the tide I driftedJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O how often I think as I walk down the valleyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
O I have some letters from heavenJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O I love to tell the blessed storyJohnson Oatman (Author)20
O Jesus, light of lightsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O listen to this storyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
O Lord, revive the old time powerRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)7
O, Lord, when alone and dreary is the nightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O love that passeth knowledge, that doth to God belongRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
O my brother and my sister in the LordJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
O my brother, have you started for the heavenly land? (Oatman)Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
O Pilgrim bound for the heavenly landRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)English27
O pilgrim on life's pathway hereJohnson Oatman (Author)3
O praise the Lord! my soul is filledJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
O prodigal, wandering afar todayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O saint of God, though weak and poorJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O sinner, are you seeking that country in the skyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
O sinner, come list to this wonderful storyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
O sinner, on the downward wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
O soldier today in life's battleJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O soul, have you heardJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O soul in the struggle and trials of lifeJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
O soul, so far away from GodJohnson Oatman (Author)English13
O the best songs of all are the songs about JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
O the gospel light is spreading over all the earth todayJohnson Oatman (Author)3
O the joy of heaven rings within my soulJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O the world has sung of JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)3
O there is great joy in heaven when a sinner starts for homeJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
O what are they doingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
O what blessed words of comfortJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O what can a little child doRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
O what do ye more than othersJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O what is the song that the blood washed singJohnson Oatman (Author)3
O what joy we all shall seeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O where is my father who used to love me soJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
O why should you worry dearJohnson Oatman (Author)2
O Word of God, O word of truthRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Ob mich brausende Wogen umtobenJohnson Oatman (Author)German1
Over the ocean's foam is a land aheadRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
O'er the sunlight falls a shadowJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Of all the friends that we may knowJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Oft war mir das Leben so trübeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)German2
Often after a day of toilingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Often my soul seems to catch a sweet strainRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Often when death and danger seem near meRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Often when stars shining o'er usJohnson Oatman (Author)10
Often when the stars are shining overheadJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
O help your brother day by dayRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
O the love of God constrains me in the wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
O what a sinner once was IRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
On Calvary's cross Jesus died for meJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
On earth I have doubts and fearsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
On my way to yonder city, as I travel toward the skyJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
On the cross Christ bought my pardonRev. Johnson Oatman (Author)3
On the floods of despair I was driftingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
On the golden streets of heaven all men hope to walk some dayJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
On the mountain of Zion beyond the blue skyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
On the mountains of folly I roamed many yearsJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
On the top of Mount Zion is a cityJohnson Oatman (Author)20
On the way from earth to gloryJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Once a little cloud was sighted, not much larger than a handJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Once a sinner far from Jesus, I was perishing with coldRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English58
Once deep conviction the Lord on me did rollRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)6
Once far from my Jesus, and blinded by sinJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
Once from my poor sin-sick soul Christ did every burden rollJohnson Oatman (Author)English41
Once Gideon at God's commandRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
Once I came a poor, penitent sinnerRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Once I found a balm for my wounded soulJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Once I heard my Savior callingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Once I heard my Savior speakRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Once I sought the Friend of sinnersJohnson Oatman (Author)6
Once I stood by the poolJohnson Oatman (Author)English5
Once I wandered in the valley, far below the mountain's crestJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Once I was far from the haven of restRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Once I was heavy ladenRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
Once I was sunk in miry clayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Once king Belchazzar gave a feastJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
Once more we assembleJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Once more we give the parting handJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Once my poor heart found that a sinner's prayerJohnson Oatman (Author)9
Once Peter took a step or two upon the rolling seaJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
Once shepherds in the fields their flocks were tendingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Once the angels sang from heavenJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Once the voice of Christ the SaviorJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
Once they crucified the Lord of gloryJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Once upon the shifting tides of timeJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Once upon the tide I driftedRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)10
Once with my soul 'twas dark as nightRev. Johnson Oatman (Author)2
One night my bark by the tempest was drivenJohnson Oatman (Author)2
One time the billows fierce did rollRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Only a little Longer to roamJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Our friends are crossing over, we miss them from our sideJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
Our friends are gathering one by one Upon the hills of gloryJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Our Lord can hold the ocean in the hollow of His handRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Our Savior always goes aheadJohnson Oatman (Author)15
Our Savior is coming from heavenJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Our Savior's word says God on highRev. Johnson Oatman (Author)5
Out in life's desertJohnson Oatman (Author)9
Out of the darkness advancingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Out on the mountain, dark and wildJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Out on the mountains far awayJohnson Oatman (Author)English10
Out upon the mountains far from homeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Outside your door the Savior standsJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Over all the mighty deepJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Over our pathway, enshroudedJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Over yonder stands the mansion Christ prepared for meRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)8
Padre, a tus pies me postroJohnson Oatman (1856-1922) (Author)Spanish3
Past the sun and the moonJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Peter asked the Savior, What shall this man doRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
Praise be to our God, let us sing and extol HimRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Praise God for the gospel that came from aboveRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
Praise God, I live in Beulah landRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English9
Praise God, I've found a safe retreatJohnson Oatman (Author)5
Praise God who saves us by His graceJohnson Oatman (Author)English7
Praise the Lord, for his salvationJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Praise the Lord in holy songJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Praise the Lord that I am a ChristianJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Praise the Lord, there is mercy in heavenJohnson Oatman (Author)5
Put your hand to the plow and go straight aheadRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
Quando all’orizzonte un nembo scuro apparJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Italian2
Örömmel éneklek minden napJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Hungarian2
Rejoice, for since Jesus hath found youJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Rejoice with great joy each hour of the dayJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Rejoicing on my way to the home aboveJohnson Oatman (Author)12
Resting today are our loved onesJohnson Oatman (Author)5
Ring out the glad bells, the sweet Christmas bellsRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Ring out the news that Christ is bornJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Sailors bound for yonder shoreJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Salvo y feliz por Jesús ya soyJohnson Oatman (Author)Spanish3
Samuel though that Eli called himRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Savior, at Thy blessed feetOatman (Author)3
Savior, blessed Shepherd, lead meJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Savior, guide me down life's riverJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
Savior, guide me with Thine eyeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Savior, I will follow Thee, Thou art all the world to meJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English9
Savior, take my hand and lead meJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Savior, we come to Thee this hourJohnson Oatman (Author)English5
Se da vida as ondas agitadas sãoJohnson Oatman (Author)Portuguese2
See our mighty army, as we march alongRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
Shall we meet at home in the morningJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Shall we meet beyond the river, on that happy golden shoreJohnson Oatman (Author)English12
Shall we walk the streetsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Shining for Jesus everywhere I goRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
Si con Jesús, quien está en el cieloJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Spanish2
Si rugen fieras tempestadesJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Spanish2
Since all my sins thou didst forgiveRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Since at a throne of mercyJohnson Oatman, Jr (Author)1
Since God bestowed His blessingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Since I first started for heaven and rightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Since I found him at the crossJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Since I found Jesus, his love growsJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Since I found that faith in JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
Since I found the Savior, I'm happy alwayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Since I gave to Jesus my poor broken heartJohnson Oatman (Author)19
Since I have been convertedJohnson Oatman (Author)5
Since I have found Jesus, life is not the sameJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Since I have received of his graceJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Since I have received salvation, Savior, wheresoever I beJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
Since I heard my blessed Savior call meJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
Since I learned to follow JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Since I made the Lord my choiceRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
Since I read that my friend gave his life on theJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Since I received his holy nameJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Since I started for the city over in the promised landRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)20
Since I started out for the promised landJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Since I started out to find theeJohnson Oatman (Author)English19
Since I've been on the highway to heavenJohnson Oatman (Author)5
Since Jesus washed my sins away, 'tis glory allJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Since stormy winds and cloudy skies his blessedJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Since the light of God shone inJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Sinner, on life's stormy oceanJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Sinner, out upon life's highwaysJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Soldiers of Christ, do not forgetRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
Soldiers of Christ, listJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Soldiers, see that banner over youRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Soldiers who are fighting on the fields of sinJohnson Oatman (Author)9
Some day adown the valley drearJohnson Oatman (Author)13
Some day I'll see my Savior, I know not when 'twill beRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Some day the Lord will come againJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Some day when evening shadows blendJohnson Oatman (Author)12
Some one is knocking on the door of your heartJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Sometime our Christ is comingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Sometimes the clouds hang over my wayJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Somewhere it is planting seasonJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Soon I will hear my Lord say, ComeJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Soon I'll reach yon heavenly cityJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Soon the curtain will be liftedRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Soul, art thou seeking that heavenly landRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Soul, now in sin, so far awayJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Soul on your journey from earth to heavenRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)8
Souls in sin and darkness straying, Come and life, come and liveRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Souls who are out on mountains of follyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Souls who now are starving on the husks of sinRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Standing like a lighthouse on the shores of timeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English42
Star of the east, Bethlehem's starRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Strive to make the day seem lighterJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
Strive to make yourself a blessingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Suppose the Lord should come tonightRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Sweetest song that earth can sing, Jesus savesOatman (Author)3
Sweetly chime, loudly chimeJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
Sweetly the Savior leads me eachJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Tell it over mountain, and tell it over plainRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)6
Tell me once more that beautiful storyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Tell me the story of wonderful loveJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Temptations are always aboundingJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
The bloodstained banner of the crossJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The buds and flowers to life are wakingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
The chariot wheels of God drive hardJohnson Oatman (Author)5
The darkened sun was sinking lowJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The earth shall pass away somedayRev. Johnson Oatman (Author)6
The Father on his hrone aboveJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The father spoke to the eldest sonJohnson Oatman (Author)11
The feast is prepared, you're urged to come inRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)9
The great Physicians came to meRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
The great Teacher of men knowsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The home of my childhood was cheerful and brightRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
The judgment day will soon be hereJohnson Oatman (Author)3
The Lord came down to die for meJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
The Lord came down to the garden of EdenJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The Lord hath called unto thy soulJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The Lord sends me blessings again and againJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The pearly gates of gloryJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
The pearly gates stand openJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The pilgrim way is one of careJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The question comes to you todayJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
The Savior has left upon record for meJohnson Oatman (Author)4
The Savior is everything precious to meJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The Savior lives within my heartRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
The Savior now is calling, O don't you hearRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
The sheep were sleeping within the foldRev. Johnson Oatman (Author)3
The sinner's Friend is our Savior dearRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
The children are gathering from near and from farRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
The soldiers are gathering from near and from far (Oatman)Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
The stars now shining over me are calling me awayJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
The stars reflect him from aboveJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The story that came from the heavens aboveJohnson Oatman (Author)3
The sweetest story that e'er was heardJohnson Oatman (Author)10
The things now veiled in mysteryJohnson Oatman (Author)8
The things of earth will soon decayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
The time for the zephyrs of springtime is hereJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The way our fathers traveled is good enough for meJohnson Oatman (Author)English14
The way to be Christlike, my brotherJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
The whole world will be drawn to the SaviorJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The winds across the plains will sweepJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The wise men beheld a bright star in the skyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The wondrous love of my SaviorJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The word of God tells meJohnson Oatman (Author)3
The words of the Savior, so boundlessJohnson Oatman (Author)2
The world is full of constant friends who bless me with their loveRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
The world is full of sorrow and it's full of careJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
There are roads that lead to the hills of peaceRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
There are those, blessed Lord, who are dear to our heartsJohnson Oatman (Author)3
There is a blessed land so highJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There is a face at heaven's gate, The face of one I loveJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
There is a Friend who died for youRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
There is a home prepared for meJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There is a hope fills our soulsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There is a land by faith I seeJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
There is a picture comes to meJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There is a place of perfect rest, Under the bloodRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
There is a place where you may restRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
There is a promise that Jesus has givenRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
There is help for your soul, O poor sinnerJohnson Oatman (Author)4
There is hope for you, weary sin sick soulJohnson Oatman (Author)4
There is in the house of DavidRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English7
There is life in the name of JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)5
There is mercy at the cross todayJohnson Oatman (Author)English6
There is music in my soul, While from my lips hallelujahs rollRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
There is one of whom my praises ne'er shall endJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There is one who is calling in mercyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There is one who walksJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There is rest over thereJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There is singing up in heaven such as we have never knownJohnson Oatman (Author)English23
There is sunshine for the pilgrimJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
There is work to do for Jesus, Work for everyone to doJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
There will be music throughout the whole dayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There will be no burdens yonderJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There will be no darkened glass to look through yonderJohnson Oatman (Author)6
There's a beautiful land by the brightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a beautiful land that awaits the justRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
There's a blessed spot where I love to beJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
There's a blessing Jesus has for youJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a bright and blessed landJohnson Oatman (Author)3
There's a charm and a blessingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a city bright and fair, In that country over there (Oatman)Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)6
There's a city foursquare in the heavensRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
There's a country far over the riverJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a day now fast approaching, the most wonderful day of allRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
There's a great and mighty Captain who has never lost a fightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a home beyond the stars in the palace of the KingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
There's a home of the soulJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a home past the starsJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
There's a home that is waiting for meJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a home where no shadowJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a knock long and loudJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a land beyon the shadowJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a land of fadeless beauty in the skyJohnson Oatman (Author)3
There's a land of joy and beauty just across the surging tideJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a land of joy and blissJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a land, we are toldJohnson Oatman (Author)3
There's a land where the storms on life's ocean never breakJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a place for every oneJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a place where the angels of God love to meetRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
There's a place where weary mortalsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a precious, precious promiseJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a promise I would ask of youJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a promise older than Bethlehem's mangerRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
There's a question that I o'er and o'er have ponderedJohnson Oatman (Author)8
There's a record that is being kept up yonderRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
There's a rest that remainsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a song that I am singing as I journey on my roadJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
There's a song that I keep singing as I journey on my wayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a still small voice now speaking to youRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)1
There's a thought that ought to make us happyRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
There's a train that runs from the earth to the skyJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
There's a vessel near the landingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's a voice that calls for reapersRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)9
There's a way of peaceJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's joy in my soul as I labor each dayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
There's music ringing in the airRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
There's no cloud can cast a shadowJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's no night can cause its shadowJohnson Oatman (Author)2
There's not a friend like the lowly JesusRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English373
There's One above all earthly friendsRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English56
There's One who left glory to die for my soulJohnson Oatman (Author)5
These are the words of our Savior one dayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
These scenes, so bright, now take their flightJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English9
They crucified my Savior (Oatman)Johnson Oatman (Author)4
They tell me of a countryJohnson Oatman (Author)2
They tried my Lord and MasterJohnson Oatman (Author)English52
This is all that I desireJohnson Oatman (Author)2
This is my mission wherever I go, Spreading the heavenly sunshineRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
This is our prohibition cryJohnson Oatman (Author)3
This is the prayer that I offer each dayJohnson Oatman (Author)15
This life is filled with hardshipsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
This life will soon be endedJohnson Oatman (Author)English10
This promise stands forth in the word of GodJohnson Oatman (Author)2
This the prayer I'm ever prayingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Though all around on every handRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Though days may be serene and brightRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
Though death's shadows round me creepRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Though friends may gather round thee, their last respects to payRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Though in this world of sin and woeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
Though over my lifeless form you may be bendingRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
Though other themes some hearts rejoiceRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Though stormy gales sweep over life's seaJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
Though the storm beaten waves may dash over meRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
Though thy path may lead through the world's great deepRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
"Though your sins be as scarlet" there is hope for youRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Thou hast gone to yonder cityJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Though at times we may be wearyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though but a pilgrim on earthJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though darkness once hung o'er my wayJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Though early things may not endureJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though earthly things may not endureJohnson Oatman (Author)5
Though friends are kind, though friends are trueJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though I may not for the nightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though I may wander this world far and wideJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though I my Savior may not seeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though I was once condemned to dieJohnson Oatman (Author)10
Though o'er the earth you may wander afarJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though on the sea of life my little bark is tossedJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Though once in Joseph's tombJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though our on life's ocean the storm may be wildJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though some build their hopes on earth'sJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though sometimes the storms sweep around meJohnson Oatman (Author)9
Though the clouds hang over my wayJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
Though the mystic veil of darkness throws her mantle over allJohnson Oatman (Author)7
Though the shadows gather over our pathway hereJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Though the storms may sweep madlyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though the waves of life may dash around usJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though the years of your life shall be manyJohnson Oatman (Author)4
Though through this vale of mysteryJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Though upon my pilgrim journeyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Though when walking down life's valleyJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Though you wandered afarJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Through a glass we now see darklyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Through narrows some vessels are passing each dayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Through this world of sin and woeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Time is gliding like the shuttle of the weaverRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English7
'Tis but a little longer to travel down life’s roadJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
'Tis sad to think, that though some hearRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English4
'Tis written in God's book of lifeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
To my blessed Lord and Savior as He walks before me hereJohnson Oatman (Author)English5
To my Savior now I goRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
To pay the debt for Adam's raceRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
To tell the world about the Savior's birthJohnson Oatman (Author)2
To the cross of CalvaryJohnson Oatman (Author)7
To wash away the stains of sinJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Toben um dich Stürme auf der LebensflutRev. J. Oatman, jun. (Author)German2
Today all over the world one seesRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
Today our eyes with tears are wetJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Toiling for the Master in the fields around meRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
Toiling on life's pilgrim pathwayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English6
Traveling down life's pilgrim wayJohnson Oatman (Author)English16
Treffen wir uns einmal wiederJohnson Oatman (Author)German1
Under the shadow of thy wingsJohnson Oatman (Author)English1
Until my sun sinks in the westRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Upon His poor wandering childrenJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
Upon the clouds of heaven our Savior went awayJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Upon the cross our Savior died, on Calvary's browRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
Upon the walls of memoryJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Uray pay no napigsa ti bagioJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Tagalog2
我今面向高處直登 (Wǒ jīn miànxiàng gāo chù zhídēng)Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Chinese2
Würdig ist das Lamm, so singt das HimmelsheerJohnson Oatman (Author)German3
無一朋友能像謙卑耶穌 (Wú yī péngyǒu néng xiàng qiānbēi yēsū)Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)Chinese2
Waiting soul, salvation needingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Washed in the blood of the wonderful SaviorRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Way back on memory's wallRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
We are free from the chains that bound us hereJohnson Oatman (Author)2
We are going home to restJohnson Oatman (Author)16
We are marching forth to a home on highJohnson Oatman (Author)English5
We are on our journeyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
We are on our pilgrim roadJohnson Oatman (Author)2
We are on our way to CanaanJohnson Oatman (Author)2
We are on the Lord's side in the gospel fightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
We are pressing toward a country where the surges never rollRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
We are told of a brightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
We are told of a city eternalJohnson Oatman (Author)3
We are told that a great day is comingJohnson Oatman (Author)11
We are told that up in heaven in the birthplace of the soulJohnson Oatman (Author)3
We are waiting and watching dear SaviorJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
We can be of use to JesusJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
We have a friend in JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)2
We have sweet consolation while on our pilgrim wayJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
We know not why dark clouds overcastRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
We look around on every sideJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
We may tell Jesus when we are burdenedJohnson Oatman (Author)2
We meet once more with hearts aflameRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)1
We see our Savior on aheadJohnson Oatman (Author)2
We shall cross the mystic river, one by oneRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English11
We shall see our Savior's faceRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
We will crown our Savior KingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
Weary and laden with sinRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Weary, sinsick soul if you want to restJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Weary soul, why art thou so distressedRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
Weary with toiling and worn out with careJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
We'll sing the praise of Jesus, the whole day longRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Wenn du in des Lebens Stürmen bist verzagtJohnson Oatman (Author)German2
We're children of the heavenly KingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
We're crossing life's sea with JesusRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
We're marching to a countryJohnson Oatman (Author)2
We're marching to a land aboveJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
We're told of a land beyond the blue skyJohnson Oatman (Author)6
We're watching and praying all along life's wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English7
We've joined the glorious armyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
What a great fire kindledJohnson Oatman (Author)2
What a transformationJohnson Oatman (Author)3
What brought a curse upon our raceJohnson Oatman (Author)2
What care I for storms of lifeJohnson Oatman (Author)1
What kind of seed are you sowing todayJohnson Oatman (Author)13
What sweet comfort here is givenJohnson Oatman (Author)2
What though my sins rise like a floodRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
What though our backs are bending at timesJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
What though dark may be the nightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
What though God's servants travel as heraldsJohnson Oatman (Author)8
What though our parents have left us todayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
What though our pathway be shrouded in darknessJohnson Oatman (Author)3
What though storms may sweep over life's oceanJohnson Oatman (Author)2
What though the shadow of nightJohnson Oatman (Author)2
What will be my state of mindJohnson Oatman (Author)2
What will you say on that great dayJohnston Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
What wilt thou have me to do, dear LordJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When afflicted and distressedJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When all around the shadows are deepJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When by worldly caresJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When Christ was born, the hosts on highJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When clouds, dark and heavy, hang over my wayJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When clouds, dark as midnight, hang over my headJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When dark and dreary is my roadJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When darkness gathers o'er meJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When darkness is hedging my wayJohnson Oatman (Author)English10
When darkness once her wings had spread over slumbering GalileeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
When darkness over all the earth its sable wing has spreadJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
When days are gloomy, my heart still singsJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When days become dreary and we become wearyJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When earth's ties are rivenJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When first I sought the sinner's friendJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When from every land and nationn all the saints are gathered homeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When, his star of glory shoneJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When I, a poor, lost sinner, Before the Lord did fallRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)31
When I am through with toil and careJohnson Oatman (Author)English15
When I am weary with toilingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When I came to the Lord with a burden of sinRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
When I have reached the soul's bright landRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)11
When I have set sailJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When I heard that blest invitationJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When I joined the Christian armyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When I reach my home eternalJohnson Oatman (Author)English31
When I reach the golden city, in the glorious summer landRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
When I see life's golden sunset lighting up the rosy westRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English11
When I see life's sun go downJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When I sought the Lord I foundRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When I was lost on the sea of sinJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When I'm faint from home and kindredJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When I'm through my pilgrim journeyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When I'm weary with my walk down life's roadJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
When in life's battle my weary soul would restJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When in prayer you call on JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When Israel's hosts were marching across the burning sandRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
When I've sailed the last league on life's oceanJohnson Oatman (Author)9
When Jesus died on Calvary's treeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
When Jesus died on [upon] the cross (Oatman)Johnson Oatman (Author)5
When life's breakers dash around youJohnson Oatman (Author)5
When like Peter, I've denied theeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When man by sin was condemned to dieRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
When Martha met ChristJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When mid these scenes no more we roamJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When my barque I shall steer for the heavenly landJohnson Oatman (Author)4
When my boat I shall anchor over on the golden strandJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
When my Savior came to earthJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When my Savior sends his angelsJohnson Oatman (Author)7
When my ship sails away for the land over the foamJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When my sky is with clouds overspreadJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When my soul is oppressed, when my heart is distressedJohnson Oatman (Author)English7
When my work on earth is ended (Oatman)Johnson Oatman (Author)2
When night her mantle throws aroundRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When oft upon life's stormy waveJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
When on earth no more we gather, when this life is overRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
When on the ocean of life so wideJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When our days on earth are endedRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When our ships have crossed the ocean, and been all around the worldJohnson Oatman (Author)English18
When our toil below is endedJohnson Oatman (Author)12
When our warfare hereRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
When sinks the sun in yonder westRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
When storm clouds gather over the wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)5
When storms are sweeping over thy wayJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
When storms of life are round me beatingJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English42
When storms of life are 'round us sweepingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When the angel trump is soundingJohnson Oatman (Author)7
When the angel trump shall wake usJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When the battle's smoke has cleared awayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When the burden is hard to bearJohnson Oatman (Author)4
When the captive maid had told of a prophet grave and oldJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When the church enters ZionJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When the clear pearly gates ope for meJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When the clouds hang heavy over my wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
When the cross is hard to bearJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
When the darkening twilight gathers over all the leaJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When the daylight forever has fadedRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
When the fires are brightly burning on the altarsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When the gates of heaven opened years agoJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When the golden gate swings open to admit the ransomed throngJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When the harvest is past and the summer is goneJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When the heavens at last roll up like a scrollJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When the King shall come in his gloryJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When the last day shall come and the roll shall be calledJohnson Oatman (Author)4
When the light of God shone inJohnson Oatman (Author)6
When the Lord passed over EgyptRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English13
When the march of life is over (Oatman)Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
When the saints enter Zion on the resurrection dayRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When the sanctifying power of the Lord fell on my soulJohnson Oatman (Author)English7
When the Savior shall call for his saintsJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When the Savior was born on that wonderful nightJohnson Oatman (Author)6
When the shades of evening gather and the sunJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When the shadows fall around usJohnson Oatman (Author)English4
When the shadows hover nearJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When the storm clouds gather above my headJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When the storm clouds sweep around theeRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When the sun shall turn to darknessJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When the tempests of life sweep around my poor soulJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
When the tempter's coils are round theeJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When the way is rough before [for] you, don't you know that Jesus knows?Johnson Oatman (Author)English6
When the way looks drearyJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When they crown my Savior over yonderJohnson Oatman (Author)4
When time shall be over and God's children gather homeJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When to my spirit there comes a sweet strainJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When to Zion the saints shall return some dayJohnson Oatman (Author)4
When tossed upon some stormy seaJohnson Oatman (Author)8
When trouble oppress you O do not despairJohnson Oatman (Author)English5
When trouble seems to hedge my wayRev. J. Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
When upon life's billows you are tempest tossedJohnson Oatman (Author)English229
When upon life's rolling ocean fraught with danger is the tripRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
When upon the clouds of heavenRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English44
When upon the hills of glory we shall meet our friends againJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When upon the pilgrim pathwayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When we all reach our homeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When we are weary and by careJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When we are weary with weepingJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When we from yon portals look backwardJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
When we get to the end of our journeyJohnson Oatman (Author)12
When we hear the trumpet sounding On the resurrection dayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
When we leave earth's shoreRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
When we reach our fair home in that beautiful landRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
When we reach our home in heavenJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When we reach the blest harbor of heavenJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
When within those heavenly mansionsJohnson Oatman (Author)3
When you at the footstool of mercyJohnson Oatman (Author)20
When you reach that homeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
When you stand among the faithful in the army of the KingJohnson Oatman (Author)English3
When your spirit bows in sorrowRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English26
Whene'er my work on earth is doneRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
Whenever in God's word you readJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Where are the disciples who walked by Jesus' side?Johnson Oatman (Author)3
Where my Savior leads me in this changing world belowRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English5
Where the harvest waves in the ripened fieldJohnson Oatman (Author)5
Wheresoe'er I may goJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Wheresoever my lot may fallJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Whether scaling some high mountainJohnson Oatman (Author)2
While here in the valley of sinJohnson Oatman (Author)2
While here on life's journey you surely will findJohnson Oatman (Author)2
While I am crossing life's oceanJohnson Oatman (Author)3
While I am praying for grace day by dayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
While I travel here belowJohnson Oatman (Author)3
While I tread life's pilgrim wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
While I'm on the road to the promised landJohnson Oatman (Author)4
While I'm toiling now hereJohnson Oatman (Author)2
While musing on God's love one dayJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
While nature has her changing seasonsJohnson Oatman (Author)14
While on my journey to that land of endless dayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
While on the road that leads me homeJohnson Oatman (Author)2
While on thy journey, O my soulJohnson Oatman (Author)9
While passing down time's weary roadJohnson Oatman (Author)2
While pressing on my pilgrim wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
While pressing toward that cityRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
While the harvest moon is shiningJohnson Oatman (Author)2
While the zephyrs are blowingJohnson Oatman (Author)3
While toiling on life's pilgrim wayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
While tossed by the waves of life's oceanRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
While traveling through this vale of tearsJohnson Oatman (Author)English8
While upon the pilgrim's pathway moving toward the promised landRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English3
While we now dear Lord at Thy altar kneelJohnson Oatman (Author)English5
While your face is toward that cityRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English9
Who can wash a sinners guilt awayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)4
Who will answer for me, when, life's battles all pastRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English7
Will I have a guide at the eventideRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
With all the world before meJohnson Oatman (Author)4
With angels bright to yonder shoreJohnson Oatman (Author)2
With God's love, from aboveJohnson Oatman (Author)2
With hands that are bleeding because of your sinJohnson Oatman (Author)4
With hearts attuned with praise we meet againJohnson Oatman (Author)English2
With joy I press on the King's highwayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
With uncovered head wea re standing todayRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Working with Jesus I am a reaperRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Worthy is the Lamb, the hosts of heaven singJohnson Oatman (Author)English12
Would you be a sunbeam filled with heaven's lightJohnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)33
Would you help some brother over life's weary roadJohnson Oatman (Author)English5
Would you know that peace that floweth like a riverJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Would you lose your load of sin? Go and tell it to JesusJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Ye armies of the Lord of HostRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Ye doors lift up your portalsRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)English2
Ye pilgrims on a foreign strandRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)3
Ye soldiers of Jesus, keep pushing aheadJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Ye soldiers of the kingdomRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)2
Ye weary, thirsty, dying soulsJohnson Oatman (Author)2
Ye workers in God's vineyard whatever your calling beJohnson Oatman (Author)2
You are hoping, O my brother, for a better, higher life?Johnson Oatman (Author)English2
You may sing me a song every hour of the dayJohnson Oatman (Author)2
You say that you are saved, dear friendJohnson Oatman (Author)7
You will live a life of gladnessRev. Johnson Oatman, Jr. (Author)7

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