George Paul Simmonds

Short Name: George Paul Simmonds
Full Name: Simmonds, George Paul, 1890-1991
Birth Year: 1890
Death Year: 1991

At four years, George sang hymns with great devotion and enthusiasm. When he was ten he felt called to be a missionary. He retained his love for the Lord and for music throughout his life. So much so, that after the age of one hundred years old even sang solos in large meetings and on television. He began his work as a missionary, along with his wife, Nessie, in Ecuador. Then explored the Amazon area and across the continent. Collaborated in the compilation of "Hymns of the Christian Life." He also worked with the Bible Societies in several South American countries. He then served as pastor of a Hispanic church in the United States of America. He was a prolific translator of 800 hymns and choral songs. He used some pseudonyms as G. Paul S. and J. Paul Simon.


In 1964 he edited El Himnario which was to become the most widely used Protestant Hispanic hymnbook of this century. Throughout his ministry and particularly in his later years, Simmonds dedicated himself to bring Hispanic hymnody into the Anglo church through his publishing company, Cánticos Escogidos, first based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and later in Duarte, California.

The Presbyerian Hymnal Companion, 1993

Texts by George Paul Simmonds (104)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A media noche en BethlehemG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Años mi alma en vanidad vivióG.P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish6
A tu puerta Cristo estáG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Al Cristo vivo sirvoGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish10
¡Al Dios de Abraham, loor!George P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish7
Allá en el pesebre, do nace JesúsGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish5
Amigo fiel en Cristo hallé, él tiernamente me amaGeorge P. Simmonds (1890-1991) (Translator (v.1-3))Spanish2
Ángeles cantando están Tan dulcísima canciónGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator (estrs. 1,2,4))Spanish8
Angeles de alta gloriaGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish5
Angels from the realms of glory, Wing your flight o'er all the earthGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator (vs. 1, 3))English1
Angels we have heard on highGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English1
Ante tu presencia, DiosGeorge Paul Simmonds (estr. #3)Spanish2
Aramos nuestros camposG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish1
Away in a manger, no crib for a bedGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English2
Bendito Salvador, mi guía séG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Beneath the cross of Jesus I fain would take my standGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English1
Cabeza ensangrentada, Herida por mi bienGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish5
Cantaré a Jesucristo, De su grande y fiel amorGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Con las nubes viene CristoGeorge Paul Simmonds (Author)Spanish2
¿Con qué pagaremos (O what shall I render)George P. Simmonds (Translator)English, Spanish2
Contigo, Cristo, quiero andarGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish4
Corona a nuestro SalvadorGeorge Paul Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Cristianos, la canción Alegres entonadG. Paúl S. (Translator)Spanish3
Cristo, al morir, tu amorGeorge Paul Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Cristo, al ser tentadoGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Cristo, cual pastor, oh guíaGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish4
Cristo es guía de mi vidaGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)Spanish3
Cuando al fin se termine aquí mi vida terrenalG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Cuando al fin se termine nuestra vida terrenalGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Cuando vienen nieblas y oscuridadGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Cuando yo llegue a la vida mejorG. P. Simmonds (Author)Spanish2
Da vida a mi alma oh DiosGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)Spanish2
De más allá del Jordán yo víGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Dime la historia de CristoG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish4
Dios de amor, humildementeGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Diré a Cristo todas mis pruebasG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Dulce y precioso me esG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
El mundo es de DiosGeorge P. Simmonds (trad., 1 y 2 estrs.)Spanish2
El mundo es de mi DiosGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890- (Translator)Spanish1
El oro y la plata no me han redimidoG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
En Tí, Jesús, dulce es pensarGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890- (Translator)Spanish3
En tu templo, Padre DiosGeorge P. Simmonds (Author)Spanish3
En una cruz a Cristo viGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Es Cristo de su IglesiaGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Faith of our fathers, living stillGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English1
Fe santa que nos dio JesúsGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Gracia admirable del Dios de amorG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Hogar feliz, donde el Señor resideGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Hoy canto el gran poder de DiosGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Huye cual ave tu monteGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
I serve a risen SaviorGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English1
I sing th' almighty power of GodGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English2
Jehová mi pastor es, no me faltaráGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Jehová te bendiga, te guarde y brille sobre ti su fazGeo. P. Simmonds (Arranger and adapter)Spanish1
Jesús es mi Rey soberano (O Jesus, my king and my sovereign)George P. Simmonds (Translator)English, Spanish1
Jubilosos, te adoramosGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890- (Translator)Spanish5
Junto a la cruz de CristoGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
La tumba le encerróGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)Spanish10
Lamente, santo Dios, damos a tiGeorge Paul Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Loor Te ofrecemos, Creador y Dios nuestroGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Los hijos, Dios, te damos hoyGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Los que somos bautizadosGeorge P. Simmonds (Author)Spanish3
Low in the grave he lay, Jesus, my SaviorGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English1
Lugar hay donde descansarGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Luz de vida alúmbrameG. P. Simmonds (Tr. y adapt. cast.)Spanish2
Mientras que Cristo te hableGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Mis ojos a los montes al redorGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mineGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English1
O Master, let me walk with TheeGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English1
O what shall I render? For love so unboundedGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English2
Oh amor, divino e inmortalG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
¡Oh Cristo! Nuestra roca aquíGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Oh Cristo, nuestro gozo y bienGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890- (Translator)Spanish2
Oh Cristo, tu obra continuar queremosGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Oh, Cristo, yo te amo, que mío eres, séG.P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish4
Oh, Dios, por nuestros padresGeorge P. Simmonds (Author)Spanish2
Oh Dios, si he ofendido un corazónGeo. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish1
Oh Salvador, que el Fuego SantoGeorge P. Simmonds (Tr. al castellano)Spanish2
Oh, Verbo encarnadoG.P. Simmonds (trad. estr. #1, 3)Spanish2
Oyenos, oh DiosGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890- (Author)Spanish5
Palmas y flores que se ven brotarG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Pastores cerca de Belén Miraban con temorG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Perfecto Amor, que al hombre es transcedenteG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Por lo hermoso que hay, SeñorGeorge Paul Simmonds, n.1890 (Translator)Spanish2
Pudiera bien ser cuando el día amanezcaG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Redentor, te adoramos, Grande es tu merced y amorGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Rey de mi vida tú eres hoyG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Rey soberano y Dios, Te ensalza nuestra vozG. Paúl S. (Author)Spanish3
Sale a la lucha el salvadorGeorge Paul Simmonds, n. 1890 (Translator)Spanish5
¡Salve, Jesús mi eterno Redentor!George Paul Simmonds (tr. al castellano)Spanish2
Santo Espíritu de Dios, Guía fiel de mi alma séG. P. Simmonds (Arr.)Spanish2
Señor, por tu clemencia (Take pity, Lord, I pray)George P. Simmonds (Translator)English, Spanish2
Si rugen fieras tempestadesGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Son tu sangre carmesíGeorge P. Simmonds (Tr. al castellano)Spanish2
Suena en mi ser dulce cantoGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Te necesito yaGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish3
Tell me the story of Jesus, Write on my heart every wordGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English1
Ten fe en Dios, cuando estás abatidoGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
The God of Abraham praise, Who reigns enthroned aboveGeorge P. Simmonds, 1890-1991 (Translator)English1
Tu pueblo jubilosoGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish7
Un día que el cielo sus glorias cantabaGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish4
Venid a Belén, oh venid sin tardarGeorge P. Simmonds (Tr. al castellano)Spanish2
Vienen a mí alertas y buscandoGeorge P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish2
Vivo pro Cristo, confiando en su amorG. P. Simmonds (Translator)Spanish5
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