J. Hart

Short Name: J. Hart
Full Name: Hart, J. (Joseph), 1712-1768
Birth Year: 1712
Death Year: 1768

Hart, Joseph, was born in London in 1712. His early life is involved in obscurity. His education was fairly good; and from the testimony of his brother-in-law, and successor in the ministry in Jewin Street, the Rev. John Hughes, "his civil calling was" for some time "that of a teacher of the learned languages." His early life, according to his own Experience which he prefaced to his Hymns, was a curious mixture of loose conduct, serious conviction of sin, and endeavours after amendment of life, and not until Whitsuntide, 1757, did he realize a permanent change, which was brought about mainly through his attending divine service at the Moravian Chapel, in Fetter Lane, London, and hearing a sermon on Rev. iii. 10. During the next two years many of his most earnest and impassioned hymns were written. These appeared as:—

Hymns composed on Various Subjects, with the Author's Experience, London, 1759. During this year he became the Minister of the Independent Chapel, Jewin Street, London. In 1762 he added a Supplement to his Hymns; and in 1765 an Appendix. In modern editions of his Hymns these three are embodied in one volume as:— Hymns composed on Various Subjects: With the Author's Experience, The Supplement and Appendix. By the Rev. Joseph Hart, late Minister of the Gospel in Jewin Street, London. Allott & Co. [no date].

Hart died on May 24, 1768. At one time his hymns were widely used, especially by Calvinistic Nonconformists. Many of them are of merit, and are marked by great earnestness, and passionate love of the Redeemer. The best known are: “Come, Holy Spirit, come"; “Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched"; "This God is the God we adore"; and "Lord, look on all assembled here." Those which are more limited in their use include:—
i. From his Hymns, &c, 1759.
1. Descend from heaven, celestial Dove. Whitsuntide. No. 6, in 6 stanzas of 6 lines. In Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory., 1872, No. 374, st. iv., v. are omitted. It is in extensive use in America.
2. Great High Priest, we view Thee stooping. High Priesthood of Christ. No. 56, pt. ii., in 3 stanzas of 8 lines. In Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory, 1872, No. 236; Hatfield's Church Hymn Book, N. Y., 1872, No. 435, &c.
8. How wondrous are the works of God. Redeeming Love. No. 21, in 9 stanzas of 4 lines. In the Scottish Evangelical Union Hymnal, 1878, st. i.-iv. are given as No. 11.
4. If ever it could come to pass. Final Perseverance. No. 58, in 3 stanzas of 6 lines. Repeated in Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory, 1872, No. 729.
6. Jesus is our God and Saviour . Faith and Repentance. No. 54, in 7 stanzas of 8 lines. In Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory, 1872, No. 146, st. iv. is omitted. In the London Hymn Book (enlarged), 1879, st. iii. and v. are given as "Nothing but Thy blood, 0 Jesus."
6. Jesus, while He dwelt below. Gethsemane. No. 75, in 23 stanzas of 6 lines. In Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory, 1872, No. 230, sixteen stanzas are broken up into three parts: (i.) "Jesus, while He dwelt below"; (ii.) "Full of love to man's lost race"; (iii.) "There my God bore all my guilt." A cento is also given in Hatfield's Church Hymn Book, N. Y., 1872, No. 441, as "Many woes had Christ [He] endured." It is composed of st. viii., ix., xiii., xx., xxiii., slightly altered. In the Scottish Evangelical Union Hymnal, 1878, No. 34, 8 stanzas are given in two parts: pt. i. as, "Jesus, while He dwelt below"; pt. ii. "Eden from each flowery bed."
7. Lamb of God, we fall before Thee. Christ All in All. No. 17 in 4 stanzas of 8 lines. It is in various collections, and as altered in Kennedy , 1863, No. 1171, is much improved.
8. Let us all with grateful praises. Christmas. No. 14 in 7 stanzas of 8 lines. In Spurgeon's 0ur Own Hymn Book, 1866, it is reduced to 4 stanzas of 4 lines.
9. Lord, look on all assembled here. For a Public Fast. No. 96, in 8 stanzas of 4 lines. It is in several of the older hymnbooks.
10. Lord, we lie before Thy feet. Lent. No. 74, in 6 stanzas of 6 lines, and based on 2 Chron. xx. 20. In Spurgeon's 0ur Own Hymn Book, 1866, stanza i., iii., vi. are given as No. 585.
11. Mercy is welcome news indeed. God's Mercy in pardoning Sin. No. 51, in 6 stanzas of 4 lines, on St. Luke vii. 42. In Spurgeon, 1866, No. 544.
12. Much we talk of Jesu's blood. Passiontide. No. 41, in 4 st. of 8 lines, on Lam. i. 12. In Spurgeon, 1866, it is abridged to 4 stanzas of 4 lines.
13. Bow from the garden to the cross. Good Friday. No. 63, in 9 stanzas of 4 lines, and entitled, "The Crucifixion." In Spurgeon, 1866, No. 274, st. ii.-v., vi.-ix. are given as "See how the patient Jesus stands."
14. The Fountain of Christ Assist me to sing. The Fountain. No. 86, in 8 stanzas of 8 lines on Zech. xiii. 1. In Spurgeon, 1866, st. i., v., vii., viii., are given as No. 375.
15. The moon and stars shall lose their light. Advent. No. 48, in 4 stanzas of 4 lines, on St. Matt. xxiv. 35. In Spurgeon, 1866.
16. The sinner that truly believes. Saving Faith. No. 88, in 5 stanzas of 4 lines, and entitled, "Saving Faith" In Spurgeon, 1866, No. 533, st. ii. is omitted, and the opening line is altered to "The moment a sinner believes."
ii. From his Supplement, 1762.
17. Behold what awful pomp. Advent. No. 52, in 8 stanzas of 4 lines. It is usually abridged as in the American Methodist Episcopal Hymns, 1849, No. 1107.
18. Christ is the Eternal Rock. The Offices of Christ. No. 27, in 6 stanzas of 8 lines. In Windle's Metrical Psalter & Hymnal, 1862, stanzas i., ii., v. are given as No. 53.
19. Christians, dismiss your fear. Easter. No. 33, in 4 stanzas of 8 lines into Dr. Alexander's Augustine Hymn Book, 1849, No. 79, in 7 stanzas of 4 lines.
20. Dismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord. Close of Service. No. 78, in 2 stanzas of 4 lines. In a few collections.
21. Gird thy loins up, Christian soldier. The Christian Armour . No. 29, in 5 stanzas of 8 lines, on Eph. vi. 11. Found in several of the older, and a few of the modern collections.
22. Glory to God on high, Our peace, &c. Holy Communion. No. 3, in 6 stanzas of 4 lines. In Hatfield's Church Hymn Book, 1872, No. 704, st. v., vi. are omitted.
23. Holy Ghost, inspire our praises. On behalf of Ministers. No. 77, in 5 stanzas of 8 lines. In the Scottish Evangelical Union Hymnal, 1878, No. 412, st. iii.-v. are given as, "Happy soul that hears and follows."
24. Jesus once for sinners slain. Holy Communion. No. 18, in 6 stanzas of 4 lines. In American use.
25. Lord, help us on Thy word to feed. Close of Service. No. 80, in 2 stanzas of 4 lines. In several modern hymnbooks.
26. O for a glance of heavenly day. Lent. No. 64, in 5 stanzas of 4 lines. In Hatfield's Church Hymn Book, 1872, and other American collections it is usually repeated in full. In Bickersteth's Christian Psalmody, 1833, it was given as, "Lord, shed a beam of heavenly day," and this is repeated in modern hymnbooks.
27. Once more before we part. Close of Service. No. 79, in 2 stanzas of 4 lines. Popular in Great Britain and America.
28. Once more we come before our God. Before a Sermon. No. 21, in 6 stanzas of 4 lines, into Hatfield, 1872, No. 111, and others.
29. Sons of God by bless'd adoption. Burial. No. 45, in 3 stanzas of 8 lines, into Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory, 1872, No. 981, as "Sons of God by blest adoption."
30. Suffering Saviour, Lamb of God . Holy Communion. No. 14, in 8 stanzas of 4 lines. In W. F. Stevenson's Hymns for Church & Home, 1873, st. iii., vii. are omitted.
31. That doleful night before His death. Holy Communion. No. 17, in 2 stanzas of 8 lines. In the Scottish Evangelical Union Hymnal, 1878, st. i. 11. 4-8, and st. ii., are given as, "To keep Thy Feast, Lord, we are met."
iii. From his Appendix, 1765.
32. Christians, in your several stations. Christian Duty. No. 7, in 5 stanzas of 6 lines. It is slightly altered in Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory, 1872, No. 742, and dated 1759 in error.
33. Prayer was [is] appointed to convey. Prayer. No. 12 in 6 stanzas of 4 lines into Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory, 1872, No. 542, with alterations and the omission of st. ii., v. In some American collections it begins, "Prayer is to God, the soul's sure way."

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Hart, Joseph, p. 492, ii. Other hymns in common use are—
1. The blest memorials of Thy grief (1762). Holy Communion.
2. To comprehend the great Three-One (1759). Holy Trinity.
3. Vain man, thy fond pursuits forbear (1759). Death.
4. When the blest day of Pentecost (1759). Whitsuntide.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Joseph Hart (1712 – 24 May 1768) was an 18th-century Calvinist minister in London. His works include "Hart's Hymns", a much-loved hymn book amongst evangelical Christians throughout its lifetime of over 200 years, which includes the well-known hymn, "Come ye sinners, poor and needy". Joseph Hart preached at Jewin Street chapel in London, a building with multiple galleries, to a congregation of significant size. Only one of Hart's sermons remains discovered to us: that of Christmas 1767. Several of his hymns appear in the Sacred Harp.

Texts by J. Hart (229)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
أيها الخطاة توبواJoseph Hart (Author)Arabic1
ها يسوع اليوم يدعوJoseph Hart (Author)Arabic1
貧窮、軟弱、悲傷、憂愁 (Pínqióng, ruǎnruò, bēishāng, yōuchóu)Joseph Hart (Author)Chinese2
A form of words, though e'er so soundJoseph Hart (Author)English4
A man there is, a real ManJoseph Hart (Author)2
A saint there was in days of oldJ. Hart (Author)1
Almighty Father, bless the WordJ. Hart (Author)English2
And must it Lord be soJoseph Hart (Author)4
And now the work is doneJ. Hart (Author)English1
And why, dear Savior, tell me whyJ. Hart (Author)English1
As when a child secure of harmsJoseph Hart (Author)8
Awake, ye sleeping souls, awakeJoseph Hart (Author)9
Backsliding souls, return to GodJoseph Hart (Author)6
Behold a stranger at the door!Joseph (Author)English1
Behold! the bright morning appearsJoseph Hart (Author)19
Behold with awful pompJoseph Hart (Author)English33
Believers own they are but blind Hart (Author)English10
Blessed Lord, be thou our teacherHart (Author)3
Blest God, that once in fiery tonguesJoseph Hart (Author)2
Blest spirit of truth, eternal GodJoseph Hart (Author)4
Brethren let us praise our LordJ. Hart (Author)English1
Brethren, why toil ye thus for toysJ. Hart (Author)1
Brethren, would you know your stayJoseph Hart (Author)3
Bright beams ariseJoseph Hart (Author)2
Buried in baptism with our LordJoseph Hart (Author)English1
By what amazing waysJoseph Hart (Author)English4
Christ is the eternal RockJoseph Hart (Author)4
Christians, dismiss your fearJoseph Hart (Author)22
Christians in your several stationsJ. Hart (Author)English3
Come, all ye chosen saints of God Joseph Hart (Author)English18
Come, children ere we partJoseph Hart (Author)14
Come gracious Spirit, comeJoseph Hart (Author)4
Come, gracious Spirit, now let thy bright beamsJoseph Hart (Author)7
Come, Holy Spirit, come (Hart)Joseph Hart (Author)5
Come, Holy Spirit, come; Let thy bright beams ariseHart (Author)English352
Come, Holy Spirit, come, With energy divineJoseph Hart (Author)English2
Come, my soul, and let us tryJoseph Hart (Author)28
Come, raise your thankful voiceHart (Author)3
Come, thou long expected Jesus! Born to set thy people freeHart (Author)English21
Come to Jesus, O my brothersJoseph Hart (Author)1
Come, ye backsliding sons of GodJ. Hart (Author)1
Come, ye Christians, sing the praisesJoseph Hart (Author)9
Come, ye humble sinner trainHart (Author)4
Come ye redeemed of the LordJoseph Hart (Author)English1
Come, ye sinners, drifting downwardsJoseph Hart (Author)1
Come, ye weary, heavy laden, Lost and ruined by the fallJoseph Hart (Author)32
Come, ye sinners, poor and needyJoseph Hart (Author)English977
Dark is he whose eye's not singleJoseph Hart (Author)English1
Dearest Savior, help thy servantJoseph Hart (Author)English2
Deep in a cold, a joyless cellJoseph Hart (Author)3
Descend from heaven, celestial dove, With flames of pure seraphic loveJoseph Hart (Author)3
Desciende, Espíritu de amorJoseph Hart, 1712-1768 (Author)Spanish2
Deserters, to the Camp returnHart (Author)English1
Deuwch, bechaduriaid tlodion (Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched)J. Hart (Author)Welsh1
Dismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord, Help us to feed upon Thy wordJoseph Hart (Author)English286
Do not I love thee, O my Lord?Joseph Hart (Author)English1
Eternal Spirit, Source of truthRev. Joseph Hart, 1712-1768 (Author)3
Faith in Jesus can repelJ. Hart (Author)1
Faith's a convincing proofJoseph Hart (Author)3
Father, before we hence departJoseph Hart (Author)1
Father of Heav'n, we thee addressHart (Author)English1
Father of Spir'ts in heav'n and earthJ. Hart (Author)English1
From pois'nous errors, pleasing cheatsJ. Hart (Author)1
Gird thy loins up, Christian soldierJoseph Hart (Author)9
Glory to God on high, Our peace is made with heavenJoseph Hart (Author)English31
Glory to the Eternal beHart (Author)2
God is a high and holy GodJ. Hart (Author)1
Gold in the furnace triedJ. Hart (Author)English1
Great High Priest, we view thee stoopingJoseph Hart (Author)English37
Guardian of the helpless sheepJ. Hart (Author)1
Hail, thou Bridegroom bruis'd to death!J. Hart (Author)1
Happy the man that bears the strokeJ. Hart (Author)English1
Happy the men who fear the LordHart (Author)2
Hear the terms that never varyJoseph Hart (Author)English1
Ho ye needy come and welcomeJoseph Hart (Author)3
How blest is the season At which we appear!J. Hart (Author)2
How can ye hope, deluded soulsJoseph Hart (Author)English4
This God is the God we adoreJoseph Hart (Author)English168
How high a privilege 'tis to knowJoseph Hart (Author)4
How sore a plague is sinJoseph Hart (Author)4
How strange is the course that a Christian must steerJoseph Hart (Author)English6
How time in its flight causes changesJoseph Hart (Author)2
How wondrous are the works of GodJoseph Hart (Author)English7
I am, saith Christ, the WayJoseph Hart (Author)English39
If dust and ashes might presumeJoseph Hart (Author)4
If this be, Lord, thy way, Then who can hope to gainJoseph Hart (Author)2
In all our worst afflictionsJoseph Hart (Author)3
In vain men talk of living faith Hart (Author)19
Innumerable foes Attack the child of GodJoseph Hart (Author)English25
Is then the law of God untrueJ. Hart (Author)1
Jehovah is my righteousnessJoseph Hart (Author)English3
Jesus Christ, God's holy LambJoseph Hart (Author)1
Jesus is our God and SaviorJoseph Hart (Author)3
Jesus is the chiefest goodJoseph Hart (Author)2
Jesus, once for sinners slainJoseph Hart (Author)English11
Jesus, our triumphant HeadJoseph Hart (Author)English13
Jesus spreads his banner over usHart (Author)English1
Jesus, to thee I make my moanJ. Hart (Author)English1
Jesus, when on the bloody treeJ. Hart (Author)1
Jesus, while he dwelt belowJoseph Hart (Author)18
King Hezekiah lay diseasedJoseph Hart (Author)1
Kom, I Syndre, arme, sygeJoseph Hart (Author)2
Kom, o syndare, du armeJoseph Hart (Author)Swedish2
Kommt, ihr Sünder, arm und elend Jos. Hart (Author)German5
Kommt, ihr Sünder, schwer beladenJoseph Hart (Author)German2
Kommt, ihr Suender, arm und duerftigJoseph Hart (Author)German17
Lamb of God, we fall before theeJoseph Hart (Author)28
Lamb of God, who once was slainJoseph Hart (Author)2
Let not conscience make you lingerJoseph Hart (Author)1
Let us all with grateful praisesJoseph Hart (Author)English3
Let us ask the important questionJoseph Hart (Author)16
Lo the Redeemer leaves the tombJoseph Hart (Author)3
Lord bless Thy saints assembled hereJoseph Hart (Author)14
Lord, hear a restless wretch's groansJ. Hart (Author)1
Lord, help us on thy word [love] to feedJoseph Hart (Author)5
Lord, if with thee part I bearJ. Hart (Author)English1
Lord, look on all assembled hereJoseph Hart (Author)English24
Lord, pity outcasts vile and baseJ. Hart (Author)1
Lord, send thy Spirit down On babes that long to learnJ. Hart (Author)1
Lord, shed a beam of heavenly dayJoseph Hart (Author)14
Lord, we come before thee nowHart (Author)English1
Lord, we lie before thy feetJoseph Hart (Author)3
Lord, what a riddle is my soulJoseph Hart (Author)3
Lord, when I hear thy children talkJoseph Hart (Author)English1
Lord, who can hear of all thy woeJ. Hart (Author)1
Luke warm souls, the foe grows strongerJoseph Hart (Author)13
Man, bewail thy situationJ. Hart (Author)1
Many woes had Christ enduredJoseph Hart (Author)30
Mercy is welcome news indeedJoseph Hart (Author)English13
Much we talk of Jesu's bloodJoseph Hart (Author)5
My brethren, why these anxious fearsJ. Hart (Author)1
My God, my Creator, the heavens did bowJoseph Hart (Author)2
My God, when I reflectJoseph Hart (Author)5
No prophet, nor dreamer of dreamsJoseph Hart (Author)5
Nothing but thy blood, O Jesus Joseph Hart (Author)10
Now for a theme of thankful praiseJoseph Hart (Author)4
Now from the garden to the crossJoseph Hart (Author)English11
Now ye needy, come and welcomeJoseph Hart (Author)2
O, for a glance of heavenly dayJoseph Hart (Author)English215
O how strange is the courseJoseph Hart (Author)3
O pride, accursed prideJoseph Hart (Author)1
O what a narrow, narrow pathJ. Hart (Author)5
O! what a sad and doleful nightJoseph Hart (Author)6
Of all our sins is prideJoseph Hart (Author)3
Once more before we part, O bless the Savior's nameJoseph Hart (1712-1768) (Author)English211
Once more we come before our GodJoseph Hart (Author)English139
Our baptism first declaresJoseph Hart (Author)5
Perfect holiness of spirit, Saints aboveJoseph Hart (Author)2
Pity a helpless sinner, LordJoseph Hart (Author)English27
Poor sinner, come, cast off thy fearJoseph Hart (Author)2
Pray says the word and never cease Hart (Author)3
Prayer is to God the soul's sure wayJoseph Hart (Author)6
Prayer is appointed to conveyJoseph Hart (Author)English205
Remember, man, thy birthJ. Hart (Author)English1
Repent and be baptizedHart (Author)4
Repent, ye sons of men, repentJoseph Hart (Author)English6
Repentance is a gift bestowedJoseph Hart (Author)5
Revive thy work, O Lord (Hart)Joseph Hart (Author)English2
Righteous are the works of GodJoseph Hart (Author)5
Say, Christian; wouldst thou thriveJ. Hart (Author)English1
See from the dungeon of the deadJoseph Hart (Author)3
See how the patient Jesus StandsJoseph Hart (Author)English3
See the Lord of glory dyingJ. Hart (Author)English1
Shepherd of souls, refresh and blessJoseph Hart (Author)English3
Sinner, that slumberest on the brinkJoseph Hart (Author)5
Some Christians to the Lord regard a dayJ. Hart (Alterer)English1
Sons of God by blest adoptionJoseph Hart (Author)4
Suffering Savior, Lamb of GodJoseph Hart (Author)10
Take heed, ye Christians, how ye hearJ. Hart (Author)English1
That day when Christ was crucifiedJ. Hart (Author)1
That doleful night before his deathJoseph Hart (Author)English126
That solemn night before his deathJoseph Hart (Author)3
The blest memorials of thy griefJoseph Hart (Author)English20
The blest memorials of thy loveJoseph Hart (Author)2
The devil can self-denial useJoseph Hart (Author)3
The fear of the Lord Our days will prolongJoseph Hart (Author)1
The fountain of Christ, Assist me to singHart (Author)English28
The fountain of Christ with pleasure we singJoseph Hart (Author)3
The God I trust is true and justJoseph Hart (Author)2
The God, that first us choseJ. Hart (Author)1
The gospel brings tidings to each wounded soulJoseph Hart (Author)4
The king of heaven a feast has madeJ. Hart (Author)English1
The law still curses those who break Hart (Author)3
The Lord ascendeth up on highJoseph Hart, 1712-68 (Author)English6
The Lord assur'd the chosen raceJ. Hart (Author)English1
The Master hath come, and He calls us to followJoseph Hart (Author)2
The sinner that truly believesJoseph Hart (Author)English60
The moon and stars shall lose their lightJoseph Hart (Author)English6
The rocks can rend the earth can quakeJoseph Hart (Author)2
The sinner that by precious faithHart (Author)English10
The sinner who by precious faithHart (Author)5
The souls that would to Jesus pressHart (Author)English32
The spirits of the justJoseph Hart (Author)8
The things on earth which men esteemJ. Hart (Author)1
The world opposes from withoutJoseph Hart (Author)2
Though strait be the wayJ. Hart (Author)1
To comprehend the Three in OneJ. Hart (Author)English1
To Thee, my God, I make my plaintJ. Hart (Author)English1
To you who stand in Christ so fastJ. Hart (Author)1
Uprising from the darksome tombJoseph Hart (Author)English9
Vain man thy fond pursuits forbearJoseph Hart (Author)English166
Vain man, to boast forbearJoseph Hart (Author)4
Vinde, aflitos pecadores, cheios de tristeza e dorJoseph Hart (Author)Portuguese2
We have come to the land where all sighingJoseph Hart (Author)2
What creatures beside, are favored like usJoseph Hart (Author)1
What makes mistaken men afraidJoseph Hart (Author)4
What slavish fears molest my mindJ. Hart (Author)English1
What tongue can fully tellJoseph Hart (Author)3
What various ways do men inventJoseph Hart (Author)2
Whatever prompts the soul to prideHart (Author)5
When filthy passions or unjustJ. Hart (Author)1
When is it Christians all agreeJ. Hart (Author)1
When Jesus undertookJ. Hart (Author)1
When Jesus with his mighty [matchless] loveJoseph Hart (Author)5
When the blest day of PentecostJoseph Hart (Author)English5
When the chosen tribes debatedJ. Hart (Author)1
When through the desert vast The chosen tribes were ledJoseph Hart (Author)2
When we pray, or when we singJ. Hart (Author)1
Whene'er I make some sudden stopJoseph Hart (Author)3
Whoever believes arightJ. Hart (Author)1
Wide is the gate of deathJoseph Hart (Author)3
With afflictions great and soreEnoch Edwin Byrum (Author)English1
With all the heavenly hostHart (Author)2
Ye bold blaspheming soulsJoseph Hart (Author)3
Ye children of God, in Jesus, his SonJoseph Hart (Author)2
Ye Christians, hear the joyful newsJoseph Hart (Author)2
Ye saints of God, your voices raiseHart (Author)English3
Ye souls that are weak, and helpless, and poorJoseph Hart (Author)3
Ye tempted souls reflect Whose name 'tis you professJoseph Hart (Author)2

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