Charles Price Jones

Charles Price Jones
Short Name: Charles Price Jones
Full Name: Jones, Charles Price, 1865-1949
Birth Year: 1865
Death Year: 1949

Charles Price Jones born December 9, 1865, near Rome, Georgia. He grew up in Kingston, Georgia, and attended the Baptist church. He was converted in 1884 while living in Cat Island, Arkansas. In 1885 he was called to the ministry and began preaching. In 1888 he attended Arkansas Baptist College and taught school in Grant County, Arkansas. He preached and pastored several Baptist churches. After asking God for a deeper experience of grace and fasting and praying for three days, Jones experienced a closeness with God, and in 1895, along with other Baptist holiness adherents, who taught that a second work of grace can cleanse the Christian of original sin. They started a holiness movement in the Baptist church, and he began teaching holiness in his congregation, Mount Helm Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi. He faced much opposition from some members of his congregation and other Baptist churches. Eventually the church voted to remove "Baptist" and change it to "Church of Christ." For several years, Jones led a non-denominational holiness movement. In 1899 he began to write songs for his church. Most of his hymns were inspired by a scripture passage. The congregation built the Christ Temple campus which included a 1000 seat sanctuary, a printing press, a school building, and a girl's dormitory. In 1917, Jones organized Christ Temple Church in Los Angeles and moved the printing press there. He died January 19, 1949 in Los Angeles

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Wikipedia Biography

Charles Price Jones Sr. (December 9, 1865 – January 19, 1949) was an American religious leader and hymnist. He was the founder of the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A..

Texts by Charles Price Jones (303)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
إذهب بي — في بحور الحبCharles Price Jones (Author)Arabic1
إذ كنت في أسر الردىCharles Price Jones (Author)Arabic1
我已得佳美信息 (Wǒ yǐ dé jiāměi xìnxī)Charles P. Jones (Author)Chinese2
يسوع ربي المجيدCharles Price Jones (Author)Arabic1
يا أربع الرياح يا عواصف الخطرCharles Price Jones (Author)Arabic1
Abide in me, the Savior criesCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Abound in hope, in hope, the guiding starCharles P. Jones (Author)3
After thy grace, O Lord, I pressCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Alas, and did my Savior bleedCharles P. Jones (Author (refrain))English1
Amazing love, that God should seeCharles Price Jones (Author)2
And did my Savior die for meCharles Price Jones (Author)English3
Another day of holy serviceCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Are we waiting for the coming of the LordCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
Are you a Christian, little friendCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Arrayed in white garments all shining with goldCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
As I am running this race of lifeCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Ashamed to sing of Jesus' nameCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Atonement is made, the debt has been paidCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Awake, my soul, in tuneful laysCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Be glad, ye children of the LordCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Be of good cheer, the Lord of hostsCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Be perfect, O believing oneCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Be thou faithful until death (Jones)Charles Price Jones (Author)2
Beautiful story of Jesus who diedCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock, At the door, and knockCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Beloved of all the saints most dearCharles Price Jones (Author)English3
Bless the day, bless the dayCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Bless the Lord! Bless the Lord! Bless the Lord, O my soul (Jones)Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
Bless the Lord, O soul of mineCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Blessed are they His commandments who keepCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Blow! blow! blow!Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
Blow, ye winds of chill NovemberCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Built on the rock, not on the sandCharles Price Jones (Author)5
By this shall all men know that yeCharles Price Jones (Author)English3
Calling us deeper still into His perfect willCharles P. Jones (Author)3
Can you stand unmoved, my brother, in the holiness of Christ?Charles P. Jones (Author)3
Cerca, cerca, del Señor más cercaCharles Jones (Author)Spanish2
Children of sin no more are weCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Come, come to JesusCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Come, let us walk the narrow wayCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Come, mortal man, whate'er your lotCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Come to the Savior, ye children of menCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
Consecrate me, Lord, to theeCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Could I but find from day to dayCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Dark the days and long the journeyCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Dear Lord, we join with thee in prayerCharles Price Jones (Author)English3
Death hath no terrors for the blood bought oneCharles P. Jones (Author)English12
Deeper, deeper in the love of JesusCharles Price Jones (Author)English74
Do you know why I love JesusCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Do you know why I love the Lord so wellCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Drink, O drink, the fount is flowingCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Ever, ever onward, banners flyingC. P. J. (Author)4
Farewell! farewell! farewell! O loved one, long farewell!Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
Farewell! goodbye! 'tis sad from friends to partCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Fear not! fear not! For behold I bring you glad tidings of great joyCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Few are the days of man on earthCharles P. Jones (Author)3
From every toil, from every snareCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Glorious gath'ring of the ransomedCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Glory, glory, my dear Savior has shown mercyCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Go forth, ye called of GodCharles Price Jones (Author)2
God calls for volunteers to fightCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
God forbid that I should glory only in the cross of ChristCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
God is my portion, saith my soulCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
God is our refuge and our strength, He standeth ever nighCharles Price Jones (Author)2
God moves in a mysterious wayCharles P. Jones (Author)English1
God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, Three, yet one (Jones)Charles Price Jones (Author)2
God's blessing makes his people richCharles Price Jones (Author)2
God's ways are ever rightCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
Hail, hail, ye sons of men!Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
Hail, hail, ye sons of menCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! (Jones)Charles Price Jones (Author)English2
Hark, 'tis the voice of love I hearCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Have faith in God, my brother, Have dauntless faith in GodCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Have you come to know the SaviorCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Have you learned the precious secret of the Holy Spirit's poerCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
He that observeth the winds shall not sowCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Hear, O hear the Holy Spirit, as He tells the Savior's meritC. P. J. (Author)2
Hear, O hear the joyful bells a-ringingCharles P. Jones (Author)English3
Hear, O ye children of the LordCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Hear the blessed Savior calling the oppressedCharles Price Jones (Author)English43
Hear the call, O sons of menCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Hear the Savior calls thee nowCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Hear you not the Saviour calling, pleading, pleading?Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
Hearts of clay awake, awakeCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Hide me, O Savior, holy and trueCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Hold us, Savior, to Thy willCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Holiness thy house becomesCharles P. Jones (Author)3
Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy is the Lord; Holy are His peopleCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
Holy, holy, holy, Sabbath day of worshipCharles P. Jones (Author)1
Holy Saviour, day by dayCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Holy Spirit, dwell within, Cleanse my heart from every sinCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
How great the mercy of our King!Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
How long, O Lord, how long? How long, O Lord, how long?Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
How long outside wilt thou have Me stand?Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
I am on my way to glory, to the mansions brightCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I am resting, Lord, Thy promised grace uponCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I am so glad I've believed on the SaviorCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I am walking in the highway, In the highway of the LordCharles Price Jones (Author)3
I am wholly sanctifiedCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
I believe it, yes, I'll trust himCharles P. Jones (Author)English3
I care not for riches, I care not for fameCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I do not plead my righteousnessCharles Price Jones (Author)2
I have surrender'd to Jesus, Conquered by weapons of loveCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I have surrendered to Jesus, Seeking His fulness to knowCharles Price Jones (Author)English1
I have tarried for the power of the Holy GhostCharles Price Jones (Author)8
I have the Witness burning in my soulCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I have turned away from my life of shameCharles Price Jones (Author)2
I love the Lord, he heard my prayerCharles Price Jones (Author)2
I love Thy kingdom, Lord, I love Thy kingdom, LordCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I never shall forget that day, Thank God Almighty I'm free at lastCharles P. Jones, 1865-1949 (Author)4
I once was a self-banished soul from the LordCharles P. Jones (Author)3
I want to be filled with the Spirit of gloryCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
I was as glad as I could beCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go to the house of the Lord (Anthem)Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
I will lift the cloud of night before youCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I will make the darkness light before theeCharles Price Jones (Author)English24
I will not yield to the tempterCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
If the Lord has justified youCharles Price Jones (Author)3
I'll go all the way with my SaviorCharles Price Jones (Author)7
I'm pressing on my way to gloryC. P. Jones (Author)4
I'm trusting Jesus, yes, I amCharles P. Jones (Author)3
In all my Lord's appointed waysCharles P. Jones (Author)1
In the carnal state of sin and fearCharles P. Jones (Author)3
In the meekness of the SpiritCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
In the secret of thy presence I will hideCharles P. Jones (Author)English3
In the upper room they tarriedCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
In the valley of decision, are you standing there today?Charles Price Jones (Author)3
In thee, hallelujah, in thee, O GodCharles Price Jones (Author)3
In these days of sin and peril as the end of time draws nearCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
In those regions of bright gloryCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Is thy life too good for Jesus?Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
It is all on Jesus, yes indeedCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
It was early Sunday morningCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
It was not I that chose the LordCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
It was not that I chose the LordCharles Price Jones (Author)2
I've believed the true reportCharles Price Jones (Author)25
I've determined to obey my LordCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I've received a mighty blessing from aboveCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I've surely found the Prince of PeaceCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
I've tasted the sweets of forgiveness and peaceCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
進深,進深,進入耶穌大愛,每日更進深 (Jìnshēn, jìnshēn, jìnrù yēsū dà ài, měi rì gèng jìnshēn)Charles Price Jones (Author)Chinese2
Jesus came from heav'n, and for our sins He diedCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Jesus Christ is made to meCharles Price Jones (Author)English35
Jesus has told us to proclaimCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Jesus, I love thee, O how I love theeCharles Price Jones (Author)4
Jesus is calling, sinner, to youCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Jesus is calling you, sinner, Patiently calling todayCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Jesus is the only wayCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Jesus, Jesus, I would beCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Jesus, Jesus, wonderful name of salvation and holinessCharles Price Jones (Author)English6
Jesus loves us like a friendCharles P. Jones (Author)English3
Jesus, my Savior, I love and adore TheeCharles P. Jones (Author)English4
Jesus, my Savior, I love theeCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, I love TheeCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Jesus only is my mottoCharles Price Jones (Author)English4
Jesus Savior, I have turned to TheeCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Jesus the strong man has bound for us allCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Judgment is coming, sinnerCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Just look over yonder what I seeCharles Price Jones (Author)4
Just suppose that death should comeCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Kings and priests with God are weCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Lead us, O Lord, nor let us strayCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Let us press a little farther on the wayCharles P. Jones (Author)2
Like Mary we today would sitCharles Price Jones (Author)2
List to the sound of the trumpetC. P. J. (Author)7
Lo tis a heavenly sightCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Looking to Jesus for my salvationCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Lord, I believe, yes, I believeCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Lord, rebuke Thy servant notCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Lost in the wildernessCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye landsCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Marching on with armor brightCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Mind, brother, mind you how you speak!Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
Mine eyes are on the mountain topCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Mourn on, ye strangers long oppress'dCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
My eyes are on the mountain topCharles Price Jones (Author)14
My God, the spring of all my joysCharles P. Jones (Author (refrain))English1
My heart indites a matter goodCharles Price Jones (Author)2
My soul, O Lord, doth thirst for TheeCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
My soul, O Lord, is much distressedCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
My soul, O Lord, may be distressedCharles Price Jones (Author)2
"None but Christ," my soul is cryingCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Not on the works of man I trustCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
Nothing doth so rejoice the heartCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O behold the harvest field! what a rich and golden yieldCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O brethren, heed what Christ has saidCharles Price Jones (Author)2
O brethren, sons of God are weCharles Price Jones (Author)2
O brother, is thy pathway drear?Charles Price Jones (Author)English2
O come, come, comeCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O come, let us walk in the Light of GodCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O deeper yet, I prayCharles Price Jones (Author)2
O do not falter, sinful oneCharles Price Jones (Author)3
O do not let the word depart, And turn salvation's light awayCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Upon this sacred service shineCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O go and fall to Jesus, go call upon his nameCharles Price Jones (Author)3
O God, command Thy people's strengthCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O God, who knows full well Charles Price Jones (Author)2
O helpless sinner born to dieCharles P. Jones (Author)2
O Holy Spirit sent to dwellCharles Price Jones (Author)2
O how I love my Savior KingCharles Price Jones (Author)2
O how sad to have lievd as did Israel of oldCharles Price Jones (Author)3
O Israel, return unto the Lord thy GodCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O Jerusalem, get you out of the dustCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O Jesus, Jesus, glorious nameCharles P. Jones (Author)3
O Jesus, the Savior, I plead unto theeCharles P. Jones (Author)English3
O man and woman, maid and youthCharles P. Jones (Author)3
O my gentle, loving SaviorCharles Price Jones (Author)4
O Savior, hear a sinner's cryCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O sinner, hear the clarion cryCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O soul beset with sorrows deepCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O tell me, tell me, do you know the Lord?Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
O the night is past and the morn doth shineCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O the wretched, wretched stateCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
O watch and pray, ye saints of GodCharles Price Jones (Author)2
O what can little children doCharles Price Jones (Author)English4
O what happy ones are weCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
Once a leper came to JesusCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
One sweetly solemn thoughtCharles P. Jones (Author (vs. 4-5))English1
Our little band is weak and fewCharles P. Jones (Author)2
Praise waiteth for thee, praise waiteth for theeCharles P. Jones (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord, praise ye the Lord, praise ye the Lord all ye peopleCharles P. Jones (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord in faith and hope foreverCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Preach the word, the holy wordCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Precious Saviour, I implore TheeCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Reap what we sow! O solemn thought!Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
Rivers of living water flow daily in my soulCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Roll on, ye speeding wheels of timeCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holyCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Scattered and lost have My people long beenCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Shall we who died to sin and shameCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Shepherds of the flocks of GodCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Sing, sing, sing, Loud let the praises ringCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Sing, sing the new songCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Sinner, look to JesusCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Soldiers of Christ, arise, make ready for the frayCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Sweet sounds of glory great mine earsCharles P. Jones (Author)English3
Tell me pray tell me, what profit 'twill beCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Tell the Savior all about itCharles P. Jones (Author)3
The judgment day is now at handCharles Price Jones (Author)2
The Lord has slain our souls to sinCharles Price Jones (Author)2
The Lord in perfect peace will keepCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
The Word of God is holy, And every sentence trueCharles P. Jones (Alterer)2
There is a land of peace and joyCharles Price Jones (Author)English3
There is a river, there is a riverCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
There is no peace to the conscience defiledCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
There is nothing in the world like JesusCharles Price Jones (Author)9
There is sunshine beaming in my soul todayCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
There shall be showers of blessing, Such is Thy promise, O LordCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
There's a happy day at hand, HallelujahCharles Price Jones (Author)English6
There's a happy time a-coming, there's a happy time a-comingCharles Price Jones (Author)English3
There's liberty in Christ for theeCharles P. Jones (Author)English3
There's an humble blood washed bandCharles P. Jones (Author)2
There's coming a time when all who have journeyedCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
There's glory in my soul so sweetCharles Price Jones (Author)2
There's nothing so precious as Jesus to meC. P. J. (Author)English54
They crucified my Savior, And nailed Him to the crossCharles P. Jones (Author)English1
Thou camest once nor had a homeCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Though the billows dash and sprayCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Thy temper, gracious Lord, impartCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Trust in Jesus, never, never fearCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Trusting the merits of Thy bloodCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Trusting thee, whatever betideCharles Price Jones (Author)10
Unworthy creatures, we confessCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Upon thine arm, almighty GodCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Washed in the blood, by the spirit sealedCharles Price Jones (Author)English27
Watch, O my soul, be on thy guardCharles Price Jones (Author)English3
We are pilgrims on our journey, we are pilgrims on our journeyCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
We have come into the presenceCharles Price Jones (Author)English2
We praise Thee and Thy name adoreCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
We're walking the way of salvation todayCharles Price Jones (Author)2
What are you going to do about JesusCharles Price Jones (Author)2
When all life's trials and conflicts are doneCharles Price Jones (Author)3
When crowned with roses is my headCharles Price Jones (Author)2
When I was a sinner just like youCharles P. Jones (Author)Latin2
When judgment day is drawing nighCharles Price Jones (Author)English38
When near to the grave draws the soul of manCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
When pangs of death seized on my soulCharles Price Jones (Author)English76
When the Christmas chimes are ringingCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
When the Lord to heaven ascended His disciples he did tellCharles Price Jones (Author)3
When the overflowing scourge is passing swiftly o'er the landCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
When the toils of life are doneCharles Price Jones (Author)3
When we all were weak and wand'ring, last in darkest nightCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Who believes upon the SaviorCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Who has borne my sin and shameCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Who in the secret place doth abideCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Who is on the Lord's side, Who had died to sinCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Who is there here in love with the SaviorCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Who was it found me when I was lost?Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
Who would not sing of such a KingCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Why do you stand, dear brotherCharles Price Jones (Author)English3
Why not today, the Savior calls thee nowCharles P. Jones (Author)3
Why sadly weep, ye saints of GodCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Why should I live, O LordCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Why should I shrink from coming deathCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Win the precious souls to JesusCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Woe to the gamblersCharles Price Jones (Author)3
Woe to the prophetsCharles Price Jones (Author)5
Woe, woe, woe to the rebellious children!Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
Wonderful cleansing in Jesus' blood!Charles P. Jones (Author)English2
Ye blind that sit beside the wayCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Yes, I hear my Savior callingCharles P. Jones (Author)English2
Yield it up to the SaviorCharles Price Jones (Author)2
Yonder are the golden gatesCharles P. Jones (Author)English2

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