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Psalter Hymnal (Gray)



Including the psalms, Bible songs,
hymns, ecumenical creeds,
doctrinal standards, and
liturgical forms of the
Christian Reformed Church in
North America


Grand Rapids, MI

Featured Article:
"A History of Worship in the Christian Reformed Church" by Bert Polman (from The Psalter Hymnal Handbook, 1998, ed. by Emily Brink and Bert Polman)
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1How blest are they who, fearing GodEPWORTHText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
2Wherefore do the nations rageMONSEY CHAPELText InfoTune InfoTextScoreAudio
3O LORD, my enemiesGENEVAN 3Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
4Lord, hear me when I call to youPHILIPText InfoTune InfoAudio
5 Hear, O LORD, my urgent prayerTEBBENText InfoTune InfoAudio
6LORD, chasten not in angerGENEVAN 6Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
7O LORD my God, from you alone comes aidSO GIEBST DUText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
8LORD, our LORD, your glorious nameEVENING PRAISEText InfoTune InfoTextScoreAudio
9Wholehearted thanksgiving to you I will bringWALTHERText InfoTune InfoTextPage ScanAudio
10Why do you stand so far away, O LORD?FLENTGEText InfoTune InfoTextAudio
11The LORD is my strength and my refugeHILLCRESTText InfoTune InfoAudio
12Help, LORD, for those who love your truth have vanishedGENEVAN 12Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
13How long will you forget me, LORDTHE CHURCH'S DESOLATIONText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
14The foolish in their hearts denyMAPLE AVENUEText InfoTune InfoAudio
15LORD, who are they that may dwellSTELLA CARMELText InfoTune InfoTextPage ScanAudio
16Protect me, God: I trust in youMEPHIBOSHETHText InfoTune InfoTextPage ScanAudio
17LORD, listen to my righteous pleaBERNARDText InfoTune InfoAudio
18How I love you, LORD, my GodABERYSTWYTHText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
19The spacious heavens tellGENEVAN 19Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
20In the day of need may your answer be the LORDSAMSON (Warren)Text InfoTune InfoTextPage ScanAudio
21The king rejoices in your strengthST. MATTHEWText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
22My God! O my God! Have you left me alone?MALDWYNText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
23The LORD my shepherd rules my lifeCRIMONDText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
24The earth and the riches with which is it storedLANSINGText InfoTune InfoAudio
25LORD, to you my soul is liftedGENEVAN 25Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
26LORD, speak for me, for I am yoursPERRYText InfoTune InfoAudio
27The LORD God is my light and my salvationGENEVAN 27Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
28O LORD my rock, in desperationSPIRITUS VITAEText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
29Give glory to God, all you heavenly creaturesARLESText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
30I worship you, O LORDBISHOP TUCKERText InfoTune InfoTextAudio
31I seek my refuge in you, LORDCOLERAINEText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
32How blest are they whose trespassRUTHERFORDText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
33Rejoice! Sing praise to your CreatorGENEVAN 33Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
34LORD, I bring my songs to youRATISBONText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
35O LORD, arise, come help me nowGOTTLOBText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
36My heart speaks out on those who sinPALMARUMText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
37When evil people sinDINBYCHText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
38Rebuke me not in anger, LORDBOURBONText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
39Once I said, "I must keep quiet"TYDDYN LLWYNText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
40I waited patiently for GodMERTHYR TYDFILText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
41How blest are those who thoughtfullyGREELEYText InfoTune InfoAudio
42As a deer in want of waterGENEVAN 42Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
43Defend me, LORD, from those who charge meGENEVAN 43Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
44O God, we have heard what our parents have toldSTAR IN THE EASTText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
45I praise the king with all my versesO DASS ICH TAUSENDText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
46God is our refuge and our strengthNOELText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
47Nations, clap your handsGENEVAN 47Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
48Great is the LORD our GodDIADEMATAText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
49Listen, all people who live in this worldJULIUSText InfoTune InfoAudio
50The mighty God and sovereign LordST. PETERSBURGText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
51Be merciful, be merciful, O GodGENEVAN 51Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
52Mighty mortal, boasting evilMADILLText InfoTune InfoAudio
53The foolish in their hearts exclaimBRISTOLText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
54By your name, O God, now save meENGADINEText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
55I need your help, O LORD, my GodRELEASEText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
56O God, be merciful to meROSALIE MCMILLANText InfoTune InfoAudio
57Be merciful to me, O GodMASSACHUSETTSText InfoTune InfoAudio
58O mighty rulers, can you claimSHEPHERDS' PIPESText InfoTune InfoAudio
59Protect and save me, O my GodMANCHESTERText InfoTune InfoTextScoreAudio
60O God, you have rejected usXAVIERText InfoTune InfoAudio
61Listen to my cry, LORDLISTENINGText InfoTune InfoAudio
62My soul finds rest in God aloneTHIRD MODE MELODYText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
63O LORD, my God, most earnestlyTHE GREEN HILLText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
64Hear my voice, O God, in my complaintWINDHAMText InfoTune InfoTextPage ScanAudio
65Praise is your right, O God, in ZionGENEVAN 65Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
66Come, everyone, and join with usELEANORText InfoTune InfoAudio
67O God, to us show mercyOFFERTORIUMText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
68Let God arise and by his mightGENEVAN 68Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
69Save me, O God; I sink in floodsST. FLAVIANText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
70Come quickly, LORD, to rescue meDISTRESSText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
71In you, O LORD, I put my trustJUDSON (Wischmeier)Text InfoTune InfoAudio
72Hail to the LORD's anointedES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVOGELEINText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
73God loves all the righteous, his goodness is sureHIDING IN THEEText InfoTune InfoTextPage ScanAudio
74O God, why have you cast us all away?LANGRANText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
75We give our thanks to you, O GodWEYMOUTHText InfoTune InfoAudio
76God is known among his peopleTEMPLE BOROText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
77I cried out to God to help meGENEVAN 77Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
78The mighty deeds the LORD has doneST. JAMES THE APOSTLEText InfoTune InfoAudio
79In your heritage the nationsO MEIN JESUText InfoTune InfoTextScoreAudio
80Hear us, O Shepherd of your chosen raceYORKSHIREText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
81Sing a psalm of joyGENEVAN 81Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
82There where the judges gatherMEIRIONYDDText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
83O God, do not in silence standDETROITText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
84How lovely is your house, O LORDGENEVAN 84Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
85LORD, you have lavished on your landNEW 113THText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
86LORD, my petition heedMASONText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
87Our gracious God has laid his firm foundationsGENEVAN 87Text InfoTune InfoAudio
88O LORD, I call for help by dayVERGEEF, O HEERText InfoTune InfoAudio
89Forever I will sing of your great love, O LORDGENEVAN 89Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
90Lord, you have been our dwelling placeSTELLAText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
91Whoever shelters with the LORDDEUS TUORUM MILITUMText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
92How good it is to thank the LORDMADRID (Matthews)Text InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
93The LORD is king, enthronedRIALTOText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
94Almighty LORD God, who judges the earthASPINWALLText InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
95Now with joyful exultationBEECHERText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
96Sing to the LORD, sing his praise all you peoplesWESLEYText InfoTune InfoTextPage ScanAudio
97God reigns: let earth rejoice!GENEVAN 97Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
98Sing, sing a new song to the LORD GodGENEVAN 98/118Text InfoTune InfoScoreAudio
99The LORD God reigns in majestyNONE BUT CHRISTText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
100All people that on earth do dwell (Vous tous qui la terre habitez)GENEVAN 100Text InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio

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