Frances Bevan

Short Name: Frances Bevan
Full Name: Bevan, Frances, 1827-1909
Birth Year: 1827
Death Year: 1909

Bevan, Emma Frances, née Shuttleworth, daughter of the Rev. Philip Nicholas Shuttleworth, Warden of New Coll., Oxford, afterwards Bishop of Chichester, was born at Oxford, Sept. 25, 1827, and was married to Mr. R. C. L. Bevan, of the Lombard Street banking firm, in 1856.

Mrs. Bevan published in 1858 a series of translations from the German as Songs of Eternal Life (Lond., Hamilton, Adams, & Co.), in a volume which, from its unusual size and comparative costliness, has received less attention than it deserves, for the trs. are decidedly above the average in merit. A number have come into common use, but almost always without her name, the best known being those noted under “O Gott, O Geist, O Licht dea Lebens," and "Jedes Herz will etwas li ben." Most of these are annotated throughout this Dictionary under their authors' names, or German first lines. That at p. 630, "O past are the fast-days,—the Feast-day, the Feast-day is come," is a translation through the German from the Persian of Dschellaleddin Rumi 1207-1273. Mrs. Bevan also published Songs of Praise for Christian Pilgrims (London, Hamilton, Adams, 1859), the translations in which are also annotated throughout this Dictionary as far as possible.

[Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Emma Frances Bevan (1827–1909) was a British translator and poet. She was the daughter of Philip Nicholas Shuttleworth, Bishop of Chichester. She was the second wife of the banker, Robert Cooper Lee Bevan, with whom she had nine children:

Texts by Frances Bevan (112)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Al que en busca de la luzEmma F. Bevan (Tr. al inglés)Spanish5
All alone in the evening greyFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
All fair within those Children of the lightFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
All hail! O glorious Son of GodFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
All the world lay still and silent in the morning greyFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
All within are love and gladnessFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
അറിയാത്ത സമാധാനം- കുറയാത്ത മോദംFrances Bevan (Author)Malayalam2
As the bridegroom to his chosenEmma Frances Bevan (Author)English7
Behold, My bride, how fair My mouth, Mine eyesFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Come, brothers, on and forward!Frances Bevan (Translator)English3
Come forth in the fields and the gardensFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Dark lay the plain, a tangled wildernessFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Dew abundant from the depths divineFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Everywhere, everywhere, A tale is told to meFrances Bevan (Author)English1
For God so loved the world that scorned HimFrances Bevan (Author)English2
From the brightness of the gloryFrances Bevan (Translator)English3
From the glory and the gladnessFrances Bevan (Translator)English2
God in heaven hath a treasureEmma F. Bevan (Translator)English6
God made birds that flyFrances Bevan (Author)2
God made the sun to give me lightFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
God makes the sun to shineFrances Bevan (Author)2
He laid him down upon the breast of GodFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Here on earth a temple standsFrances Bevan (Translator)English2
How pure the lily's petalsFrances Bevan (Author)2
I bring unto Thy grace a seven-fold praiseFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
I go from grief and sighingFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
I have seen the face of JesusFrances Bevan (Author)English6
I know not the song of Thy praisesFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
I rejoice that I cannot but love HimFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
I was journeying in the noontideFrances Bevan (Translator)English2
I woke, and the night was passingFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
If I had the eyes of HeavenFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
If the world were mine and all its storeFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
In faith we sing this song of thankfulnessFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
In the bosom of the FatherFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
In the distant land of famineFrances Bevan (Author)English3
In the early, early morning, beyond the islands greenFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
In Thy tabernacle, Lord, I offerFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Is God for me? I fear not, though all against me riseFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
It is a wondrous and a lofty roadFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
It is summer all over the meadowsFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
It thus befell me on a dayFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
It was as if upon His breastFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Jerusalem! thou glorious City-heightFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Jesus is our Savior, He isFrances Bevan (Author)2
Jesus, Lord, in Whom the FatherFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Jesus sinners will receive; May they all the saying ponderF. C. Bevan (Author)English2
Jesus undfår syndareEmma Frances Bevan (Author)Swedish3
Lamb, Thy white-robed people feedingFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Like a little wandering lambFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Lo! a Hand amidst the darknessFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Lo, we can tread rejoicingFrances Bevan (Translator)English2
Long ago, in springs of oldFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Long ago, within a castleFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Lord Jesus, all my sin and guiltFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Many sorrows hard and bitterFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Midst the darkness, storm, and sorrowFrances Bevan (Author)English4
'Midst the light, and peace, and gloryFrances Bevan (Translator)English2
My fingers ten will helpEmma Frances Bevan (Author)2
My soul hath found the steadfast groundFrances Bevan (Translator)English2
Name of Jesus, highest nameMrs. Frances Bevan (Translator)English5
No more veil! God bids me enterEmma Frances Bevan (Author)English3
Not built with hands is that fair radiant chamberFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Now borne upon the still, the boundless deepFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
O Christ, in Thee my soul hath foundB.E. (Author)English3
O, Felsenkluft, in Dir alleinFrances Bevan (Author)German1
O glad the wilderness for meFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
O God, through Christ the living wayFrances Bevan (Translator)English2
O Holy and mighty and marvellous WordFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
O Jesus Lord, most fair, most passing sweetFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
O Lord, I have loved the fair beautyFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
O Lord Jesus, high in HeavenFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
O what can I do for my Lord? I am foolish, and small, and weakFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
O what will be the day when won at lastFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
哦,在榮耀裏的基督 (Ó, zài róngyào lǐ de jīdū)Emma F. Bevan (Author)Chinese2
On the Lamb my soul is restingMrs. Bevan (Translator)English3
One place have I in heaven aboveFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Rest from longing and desireFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Rich, our God, art Thou in mercyFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Rise, ye children of salvationEmma Frances Bevan (b. 1827) (Translator)English13
Saints amid this world are livingFrances Bevan (Author)English2
神在天上有一寶貝 (Shén zài tiānshàng yǒuyī bǎobèi)Frances Bevan (Author)Chinese2
Sing it over and over againFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Sinners Jesus will receiveEmma Frances Bevan (Author)English118
Something every heart is lovingEmma Frances Bevan (Author)English10
Spirit of grace, thou Light of lifeEmma Frances Bevan (Author)2
Tale of tenderness unfathomedFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
The day is gone—my soul looks onFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
The mind saith to the soulFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
The mouth of the Lord hath spokenFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
The race of God’s anointed priestsFrances Bevan (Translator)English2
The sky is dreary and rainyFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
There is a Day of rest before theeFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Thou Breath from still eternityFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Thou glorious Lord! mine eyes at last unsealedFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Thou hast shone within this soul of mineFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Thou Life of my life, blessed JesusMrs. Bevan (Transaltor)English3
Thou sweet, beloved will of GodFrances Bevan (Translator)English7
Thus speaks the Bride whose feet have trodFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Twixt God and thee but love shall beFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Up the chalky path we wanderFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
We are come unto Mount ZionFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Wearily my spirit sinkethFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
What dost thou bring me, O my Queen?Frances Bevan (Translator)English1
When flowers are red and gold and whiteFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
When mine eyes are dim with weepingFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Who are like the lilies whiteFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Why dost Thou pass unheededFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Wilt Thou be the sinner’s servantFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
Wilt thou, sinner, be converted?Frances Bevan (Translator)English1
Wondrous joy, Thy joy, Lord JesusFrances Bevan (Translator)English1
يا جنود الحق ذودواFrances Bevan (Author)Arabic1

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