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John Brownlie

John Brownlie
John Browlie
Short Name: John Brownlie
Full Name: Brownlie, John, 1857-1925
Birth Year: 1857
Death Year: 1925

Brownlie, John, was born at Glasgow, Aug. 6, 1857, and was educated at Glasgow University, and at the Free Church College in the same city. In 1884 he was licensed by the Presbytery of Glasgow; in 1885 he became Assistant Minister of the Free Church, Portpatrick, and on the death of the Senior Minister in 1890 he entered upon the full charge of the Church there. He has interested himself in educational matters, became a Member of the local School Board in 1888, a governor of Stranraer High School in 1897, and Chairman of the governors in 1901. His hymnological works are:—
1. The Hymns and Hymnwriters of the [Scottish] Church Hymnary, 1899. This is a biographical, historical, and critical companion to that hymnal, and is well done and accurate.
2. Hymns of Our Pilgrimage, 1889; Zionward; Hymns of the Pilgrim Life, 1890; and Pilgrim Songs, 1892. These are original hymns. The Rest of God, 1894, a poem in three parts.
3. Hymns of the Early Church, Being Translations from the Poetry of the Latin Church, arranged in the Order of the Christian Year . . . 1896.
4. Hymns from East and West, Being Translations from the Poetry of the Latin and Greek Churches . . . 1898.
5. Hymns of the Greek Church, Translated with Introduction and Notes, 1900. Second Series: Hymns of the Holy Eastern Church, Translated from the Service Books, with Introductory Chapters on the History, Doctrine and Worship of the Church, 1902. Third Series: Hymns from the Greek Office Books, Together with Centos and Suggestions, 1904. Fourth Series: Hymns from the East, Being Centos and Suggestions from the Office Books of the Holy Eastern Church, 1906.
Of Mr. Brownlie's original hymns the following have come into common use:—
1. Ever onward, ever upward. Aspiration. From Pilgrim Songs, 3rd Series, 1892, p. 11.
2. Girt with heavenly armour. The Armour of God. Pilgrim Songs, 3rd Series, 1892, p. 49.
3. Hark! the voice of angels. Praise. Pilgrim Songs, 3rd Series, 1892, p. 57.
4. O bind me with Thy bonds, my Lord. The Divine Yoke. From Hymns of our Pilgrimage, 1889, p. 27.
5. O God, Thy glory gilds the sun. Adoration. From Zionward, &c, 1890, p. 33.
6. Spake my heart by sorrow smitten. Seeking God. From Pilgrim Songs, 3rd series, 1892, p. 25.
7. The flowers have closed their eyes. Evening Pilgrim Songs, 3rd series, 1892, p. 6tf.
8. There is a song which the angels sing. The Angels' Song. A cento from the poem The Best of God, 1894, p. 36.
9. Thou art my Portion, saith my soul. God, the Portion of His People. From Pilgrim Songs, 1892, p. 45.
10. Close beside the heart that loves me. Resting in God. This is one of the author's "Suggestions " based upon the spirit rather than the words of portions of the Greek Offices. It was given in Hymns of the Holy Eastern Church, 1902, p. 128.
Mr. Brownlie's translations from the Latin have been adopted in the hymnals to a limited extent only, mainly because the ground had been so extensively and successfully covered by former translators. With the translations from the Greek the case was different, as for popular use few translations were available in addition to the well known and widely used renderings by Dr. Neale. Mr. Brownlie's translations have all the beauty, simplicity, earnestness, and elevation of thought and feeling which characterise the originals. Their suitability for general use is evidenced in the fact that the number found in the most recently published hymn-books, including Church Hymns, 1903, The New Office Hymn Book, 1905, and The English Hymnal, 1906, almost equal in number those by Dr. Neale.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by John Brownlie (399)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A band of herdsmen tarried lateJohn Brownlie (Translator)English1
A crown of gold surpassing rareJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
A halo rests upon Thy browJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
A stream of mercy springsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Ah, the trembling of that dayJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Ah! woe is me because of sinJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
All glorious, see, the morning breaksJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
All that I am, A worhtless child of sinJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Another day is endedJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Arise, my soul, and gaily singJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Arise, O King of Zion!Rev. John Brownlie (Author)English2
As angel hosts with heavenly songsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Ask, and thy prayer with arrow's speedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
At early dawn, with pious thoughtJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Awake, arise, and greet the dawning dayJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Awake, my soul, bestir thee, for the hour is drawing nighJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Awake! the morn is hereJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Because I was brought lowJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Because Thy mercy is so greatJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Before Thy Cross we take our placeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Behold the Bridegroom cometh At the hour of midnight drearJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Behold the Bridegroom! Hark the cryJohn Brownlie (Translator)English4
Behold, the King of Zion ridesJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Behold the Lord to Zion ridesJohn Brownlie (Translator)English1
Bethlehem rejoices, Hark the voices clearJohn Brownlie (Paraphraser)English5
Beyond the clouds of HeavenJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Blest Jesus, we Thy people comeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Blest Redeemer, O what painJohn Brownlie (Author)3
Borne on the clouds the Christ aroseJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Borne on the wings of lightJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Brightest hours of childhood's dayJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Brightly from the gold-tipped hillsJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Bring to the Christ your fearsJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
Burdened with a heavy load, Lord, we come, for Thou art callingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
By Thine own hand the gift was givenJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Christ, for Thee a wreath adorningJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Christ hath left the dismal tombJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Christ is born, go forth to meet HimJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Christ the Word! Thine incarnationJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Christian soldiers in the conflict!John Brownlie (Author)English2
Close beside the heart that loves meJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Come friends behold me hereJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Come, Holy Ghost, in mightJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Come join the choir of those who singJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Come, keep this Feast, who holy things revereJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Come, let us drink the water newJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Come, let us sing with joyful mirthJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Come, praise with gladness the Lord of all creationJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Come rest awhile, 'tis eventideRev. John Brownlie (Author)English2
Come to the Christ in tearsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Come with your praises, a sacrifice meetJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Come, ye people, come, adore HimJohn Brownlie, 1859-1925 (Translator)English5
Crown the Lord of gloryJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Dark billows bound across the deepJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Ere the morn in beauty wakeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Eternal Ruler, Thou didst willJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Even as Thou saidst, the Spirit cameJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Far from Thy heavenly careJohn Brownlie (Translator)English4
Far let me flee from worldly sinJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Firm through the endless yearsJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
For all the good performed by TheeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Forgive me, Lord, my wayward willJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Forgive my heart its vain regretsJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
Fret not, my soul; when trouble sore assailsJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
From the calm of sleep awakingJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
From the hills the light is streamingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Gladness fills the world this mornJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Glorious to our watching eyesJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Glory in the highest! Hark, what angels singJohn Brownlie (Translator)English1
Glory shone within the gloomJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Glory to God! the Christ hath left the tombJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
Glory to God! The morn appointed breaksJohn Brownlie (Translator)English4
Go, ye saints, to BethlehemJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
God of all grace, Thy mercy sendJ. B. (Translator)English7
God of love, when tears are fallingJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
God sent me to the desert wildJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
God who leads us every dayJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
God, Thou art clothed with lightJohn Brownlie, 1857-1925 (Translator)English4
Hail, joyous morn! thy new-born lightJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Hail, rising morn! for He hath risenJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Hail the morn! Let praises cheerfulJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Hail the morn! that bids us gladlyJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Hail! the morn with gladness crownedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Hail the Resurrection day! Let the people shout for gladnessJohn Brownlie (Translator)3
Hail to the King, who comes in weakness nowJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Hail to the morn that dawns on eastern hillsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Hark! a voice is loudly ringingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Hark! hark! 'tis music sweetRev. John Brownlie (Author)English2
Hark! upon the morning breezesJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Have faith in God, the Master saidJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Have pity, Lord, for Thou art greatJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
He came because the Father willedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
He climbed the slopes of OlivetJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
He who in the fiery furnaceJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
He Who made the earth His homeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Heavy laden with thy griefJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Herdsmen keeping lonely vigilJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Here at the cross I lay my burden downJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Home at last, thy journey endedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
How can I serve the LordJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
How wonderful Thy majestyJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
I am alone, yet not alone, For Thou art nearJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
I am weary, let me rest, Close my drooping eyesJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
I brought my darkest sin to mindJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
I brought my merits to the throneJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
I cannot lift mine eyesJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
I come from heaven above, And bear good tidings newJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
I do not fear to die, For death is only gainJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
I had a glimpse of the Rest of GodJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
I have a thought that fills my mindJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
I have no tears to shedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
I lift my hands, and with my heartJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
I lift my heart to Thee, And with my heart, my loveJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
I mused within my heartJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
I see a cross, 'tis one of threeJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
I sought the Lord at early mornJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
I wandered sore distressedJohn Brownlie (Author)English3
I will arise and seek Thy faceJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
I will not yield my swordJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
I would not have a hand to guideJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
If I only have the SaviorJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
If in the cause of right I mustJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
In mine affliction, LordJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
In the bliss of old predictedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
In the dark of early mornJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
In the early morning, Ere the darkness clearsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English1
In the Father's glory shiningJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
It is a comely thingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
It is not lost what I have givenJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Jerusalem, rejoice!John Brownlie (Translator)English2
Jesus, I will follow closelyJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Jesus, who for sinful manJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Late at eve I sang the praisesJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Let all human flesh be silentJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Let all the world abroadJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Let Thy Blood in mercy pouredJohn Brownlie (Translator)English24
Lift up the gates, The Lord of heaven appearsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Light, ere the dawn in beauty brokeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Light is dawning 'mong the hillsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Light more glorious than the sunJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Light of my life, O Lord, Thou artJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Light serene of holy gloryJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Light upon our gloom arisingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Like music at the stilly hourJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
Like the beams that from the sunJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Lo, He is dead! The suffering Christ is deadJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lo, in its brightness the morning arisingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lo, the clouds of night are rendingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lord, a band of foes increasingJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
Lord, I am Thine, for Thou hast died for meJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Lord, I have strayed afarJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lord, let our evening prayer ascendJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lord, let our eyes the things unseen beholdJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
Lord, let us feel that Thou art nearJohn Brownlie (Translator)English4
Lord, may Thy Holy Spirit calmJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lord of a countless throngJ. Brownlie (Translator)English4
Lord of mercy, at Thy gateJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lord of the brave and strongJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lord of the hills, where earliest dawn appearsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lord, rest the child, cut off at morning hourJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lord, soothe my anxious, troubled soulJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lord, Thou art good and kindJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lord, Thou art lifted very highJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Lord, to our humble prayers attendJohn Brownlie (Translator)English5
Love is no attribute of ThineJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Low at Thy feet I bowJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Morn awakes, behold the gloryJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Morn of beauty, joyous mornJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Mourn, O my soul, thy primal sinJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
My God, shall sin its power maintainJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
My harp upon the willows, graveJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
My heart was sad because of sinJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
My hope is firmly setJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
My life is not an aimless thingJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
My sin was very greatJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Nailed to the cross, the Savior diesJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Night, and a storm, and hearts with sore affrightJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
No longer now at Eden's gateJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Now at this evening hourJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Now glows the morn in beauty rareJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Now, God of Light, the morn appearsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Now let our souls ascendJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
Now the King immortalJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Now the Lord from earth ascendingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Now the sun at noon of dayJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Now with my weeping would I cleanse my soulJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
O 'bide with us, Lord Jesus ChristJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O bind me with Thy bands, my LordJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O bleeding heart, look up, beholdJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Christ, Thou art my KingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Christ, Thy love is wonderfulJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O Christ, when on the shameful treeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O come and let us worship ChristJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O come and listen while I tellJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O come let us adoreJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O darkest night that ever fell!John Brownlie (Translator)English3
O glorious Sun! than nature's sun more brightJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O God, how kind thou art!John Brownlie (Author)English2
O God, in mercy hear, I lift my cry to TheeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
O God of life, in whom we liveJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O God of Light and Life and JoyJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O God of light, when morn awakesJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O God of love, on bended kneeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O God of love, whose mercy cameJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O God of our salvation, Who in Thy glorious mightJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O God, the Holy GhostJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
O God, Thy glory gilds the sunJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O happy day for sinnersJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O heavenly land beyond the sun!John Brownlie (Author)English2
O Holy Ghost, Thou Lord of LightJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Holy Spirit, one in powerJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O, I have wandered farJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Jesus Christ, my soul containsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Jesus Christ, when Thou didst dwellJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Jesus, let me hear Thy voiceJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O Jesus, Lord of mercy greatJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Jesus, Lover of our raceJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Jesus, to Thy servants giveJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Jesus, Trust of needy soulsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Jesus, when my guilty fearsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Jesus, when our spirits mournJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
O Judge of all, when sinful menJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O King enthroned on highJohn Brownlie, 1857-1925 (Author)English15
O let our hearts be joyfulJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O Light of lights! when other light is fadingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Light, resplendent of the mornJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Light serene of heavenly birthJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Light that knew no dawnJ. Brownlie (Translator)English8
O Lord of bounty, let this breadJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Lord of life, when mortals callJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
O Lord of peace, in mercy hearJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Lord, Thou in the hour of needJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
O Love divine, my spirit sighsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O love of God so boundless, Broad as the surging seaJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O Love of God, surpassing farJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O love that lingerest by my sideJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O may I live as I would dieJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O may my soul, uncrushed by careJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O may the Spirit of all graceJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Paradise above!John Brownlie (Translator)English2
O paradise most fairJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O Son of God, afflictedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Summer leaves decayJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O Thou who cloth'st Thyself completeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O, touch my heart, and bring to mindJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
O troubled soul, it is not nightJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O was there ever love so greatJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O wherefore bore my Lord the crossJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
O woeful hour! when from the nightJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Word of Truth! in devious pathsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
O Wounded hands and feet!John Brownlie (Translator)English3
On the Cross, the Savior dyingRev. John Brownlie (Author)English2
Open wide the gate of heavenJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Our evening prayers attendJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Our hearts to heaven upraisingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Out from the rising of the sunJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Over trackless regionsJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Pilgrims to the Better LandJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Prophet of the Lord, beside usJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Rest in the Lord, O servant by His graceJohn Brownlie (Translator)English4
Rest to the weary heartRev. John Brownlie (Author)English3
Rise, O glorious orb of dayJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Rosy dawn, with locks of goldJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
See, in the darkness, the dawn is awakingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
See! the Man of sorrows diesJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
See where the orb of dayJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Shine forth, O new JerusalemJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Sleepers awake! the night's long reign is pastJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Son tu sangre carmesíJohn Brownlie (Tr. al inglés)Spanish3
Songs of Zion sweetly singingJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Spirit of God, in love descendJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Strew palms, strew palms upon the wayJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Surely comes the dreadful dayJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Surpassing great the gift of GodJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
Teach me Thy gracious willJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The best that heaven could bringJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
The Bridegroom comes! My soul, awakeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The chariots of the Lord are strongJohn Brownlie (Author)English4
The Christ on Olive's mount in prayerJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The darkest night gives place to dawnJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
The day declines to nightJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
The day of resurrection! Let gladness light each faceJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The gate of life stands wideJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The King is on His journeyJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The King shall come when morning dawnsJohn Brownlie, 1859-1925 (Author)English93
The linnet on the boughJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
The Lord is light about my pathJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
The Lord of Life to earth came downJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The man who erring counsel shunsJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
The morn in beauty breaksJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The morning breaks, I place my hand in ThineJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
The Morning dawns; on gilded heightJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The promise which the Saviour madeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The rosy-fingered dawn appearsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The saffron tints appearJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The seasons come and goRev. John Brownlie (Author)English2
The solemn feast was spentJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The summer leaves decay when autumn winds are chillJohn Brownlie (Author)2
The sun has reached his western goalJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The time is drawing near, It may not tarry longJohn Brownlie (Translator)English5
The time is drawing nigh, Even now the day is nearJohn Brownlie (Translator)3
The time shall surely come, The hour is drawing nearJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The wealth of high estateJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
The wily Judas watches nearJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Thee, as the evening light declinesJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Then the earth in terror shookJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
There is a land, a happy land, Where tears are wiped awayJohn Brownlie (Author)English3
There is no friend like Jesus, so constant and so kindJohn Brownlie (Author)English4
There is no sorrow in my soulJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
These are the jewels all glorious that shineJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
They brought Him to the hill of deathJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
They cried, "Let Him be crucified!"John Brownlie (Translator)English2
Think on me, Lord, for Thou art kindJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
This be our prayer, O Savior of our soulsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
This is the chosen day of GodJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
This is the time of songJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Thou art my Hope, O Christ my LordJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Thou art my strength, O God my LordJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Thou Christ alone art greatJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Thou dost not pass a lonesome wayJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Thou hast gone beforeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Thou, Lord, hast power to healJohn Brownlie (Translator (from Greek))English3
Thou Morning Star of promise brightJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Thou One-begotten SonJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Thou Savior of our sinful raceJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Thou Spirit of Almighty GodJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Thou wilt not scorn me, LordJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Thy Birth upon our world hath givenJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
Thy glorious rising on the first of daysJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Thy mercy, Lord, is like the sunRev. John Brownlie (Author)English2
'Tis not the sparkling joy of lifeRev. John Brownlie (Author)English2
To depths of earth Thou didst descendJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
To Thee my soul enraptured singsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
To Thee, O Christ, our GodJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
To Thy blest Cross, O Christ, we comeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
To Thy Cross and ResurrectionJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Today a wonder we beholdJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
To-day the groans of Hades riseJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Treasures more than tongue can nameJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Triple Beam of gloryJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Up rose the morn behind the hillsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Up, up, my soul, on wings of praiseJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Up, up, my soul! with gladness riseJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Vain the bliss from earth that springsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
വാനോർ വാ-ഴ്ത്തും ക്രിസ്തു യേശു (Vānēār vā-ḻttuṁ kristu yēśu)John Brownlie (Translator (English))Malayalam2
Wake, my soul! In careless slumberJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
Wake to the songs that lips unsullied singJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Watch with Me, the Master saidJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Watchers, let your lights be burningJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Watchman from the height beholdingJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Wave, wave your banners highJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Waving in the autumn breezeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
We bless Thee, Lord, that Thou hast spreadJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
We have heard the wondrous story Of the resurrection mornJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
We praise Thee, Lord, for every joy of lifeRev. John Brownlie (Author)English2
We worship, Lord, before Thee nowJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
What joy of life abidethJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
What Saviour comes from EdomJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
What shall we bring to Thee?John Brownlie (Translator)English3
When Adam heard the voice of sinJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When at Thy feet, oppressedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When came the call to meJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
When Christ the Lord shall come, Who unashamed shall greet Him?John Brownlie (Translator)English2
When darkness falls, and night is hereJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
When darkness round my pillow creepsJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
When glory crowned the mountain topJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
When Hades held the Lord of LifeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When I heard the Savior callingJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
When in the clouds of heavenJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
When in the clouds the Lord appearsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When Jesus to the Jordan cameJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When Jesus to the judgment hallJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
When Lazarus rose at Christ's commandJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When night her sable curtain spreadsJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When, O King ImmortalJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When on the cruel CrossJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When on the mount the Lord appearedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When over the world Augustus reignedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When the Christ, His mission endedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When the dawn with gentle rayJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
When the morning from the skiesJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When the toil is ended, And the battle wonRev. John Brownlie (Author)English2
When the trumpet's sound shall wakeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When Thou, O Christ, upon the treeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When Thou shalt come, O LordJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When Thou wert crucified by menJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
When wicked hands had firmly sealedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
When with Powers of heaven attendingJohn Brownlie (Translator)2
Where the Lord reveals His presenceJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Wherever I go my God hath beenJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Wherefore on the Cross upliftedJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Who toiled for Christ through suffering soreJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Who would not weep my childJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Within the garden's sombre shadeJohn Brownlie (Translator)English3
Word of God, Who by Thy willJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Worship God, O earth adore HimJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Ye golden tints at eve of dayJohn Brownlie (Author)English2
Ye saints exult with cheerful songJohn Brownlie (Translator)English2
Zion is glad this glorious morn:John Brownlie (Translator)English2

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