Federico Fliedner

Federico Fliedner
Short Name: Federico Fliedner
Full Name: Fliedner, Federico, 1845-1901
Birth Year: 1845
Death Year: 1901

[Friedrich Ludwig Fliedner, Fritz Fliedner]

Born: June 10, 1845, Kaiserswerth, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Died: April 25, 1901, Madrid, Spain, of typhus.
Buried: Civil cemetery, Madrid, Spain.

Son of Theodor Fliedner, founder of the Kaiserswerth Deaconess Institute, Federico was educated at the Gymnasium in Gütersloh, studied theology at Halle (1864-46) and earned his PhD at Tübingen (1867). He served as a nurse in the Austro-Prussian war of 1866, and taught school for a year in rural Hilden. After ordination in 1870, he left Germany to be a missionary to Spain, settling in Madrid and becoming a chaplain at the German embassy. He learned Spanish, attended a Spanish high school, and studied medicine at the Universidad Central.

Fliedner was instrumental in creating what is now known as the Iglesia Evangélica Española. In 1873, Fliedner founded the Librería Nacional y Extranjera, an extensive collection of text books and periodicals. Among these was The Children’s Friend, published from 1874 to 1939.

Fliedner wrote biographies of John Howard, Elizabeth Fry, missionary-explorer David Livingstone, Martin Luther (1878), and his own parents, Theodore Fliedner of Kaiserswerth (1883) and Caroline Fliedner of Kaiserswerth (1883). He also wrote an autobiography, published first in German in two volumes (Aus meinem Leben, 1901-03), then translated into Spanish and published posthumously in the Christian Magazine (Nos. 513 to 553). He started a Spanish translation of the New Testament with notes from Frenchman Edouard Faivre.


Texts by Federico Fliedner (45)sort descendingAsInstances
A Dios dad gracias, dad honorFederico Fliedner (Author)6
¡A la luz! ¡A la luz!Federico Fliedner (Author)3
A Ti, que por tu muerteFederico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)2
¡Aleluya! A Jehová Cantad en este díaFederico Fliedner (Author)6
Alma, bendice al Señor, Rey potente de gloriaFederico Fliedner (Author)8
Aquel rosal lejanoFederico Fliedner (Author)4
Aunque soy pequeñueloFederico Fliedner (Author)5
Bendita casa do te han recibidoFederico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)2
Brillante en celestial fulgorFederico Fliedner (Author)4
Buen Jesús, henos aquíFederico Fliedner (Author)4
Cabeza ensangrentada, Cubierta de sudorFederico Fliedner (Author)5
¡Canta, alegre grey! Federico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)2
Cantad con júbiloFederico Fliedner (Author)4
Cristo, en nosotros quedaFederico Fliedner (Author)5
Cristo SalvadorFederico Fliedner (Author)4
De boca y corazón Federico Fliedner (Author)6
De Jesús cordero soyFederico Fliedner (Author)5
Del alto cielo bajo yoFederico Fliedner (Author)5
Despertad! A todos llamaFederico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)2
Dios hasta aquí me acompaño Federico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)2
Dios hasta aqui me acompano Con su gracia y carinoFederico Fliedner (Author)1
Fiesta de la primaveraFederico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)2
Gloria, canto, honor, Al ConsoladorFederico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)2
Guíenos Dios al salirFederico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)2
Hark! the herald angels sing Glory to the new-born KingFedericl Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)1
¡Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna, Hosanna al Hijo de David!Federico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Author)2
Jerusalén, altísima ciudadFederico Fliedner (Author)4
La causa es tuya, ¡oh Salvador!Federico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)2
Lindos ángeles cantoresFederico Fliedner (Author)3
Mi Jesús, mi SalvadorFederico Fliedner (Author)4
No me aparto, no, de tiFederico Fliedner (Author)4
Noche de paz, noche de amorFederico Fliedner (Author)9
Now thank we all our God With heart and hands and voicesFederico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator (Spanish))1
O sacred head surrounded By crown of piercing thornFederico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator (into Spanish))3
Oh, santísimo, FelicísimoFederico Fliedner (Author)8
O Thou joyful, O Thou wonderful Federico Fliedner (Translator (Spanish))1
Oid un son en alta esferaFederico Fliedner (Author)8
Oye un son en alta esferaFederico Fliedner (Translator)2
Praise to the Lord! the Almighty, the King of creation!Federico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator (Spanish))1
Proseguid vuestro caminoFederico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)2
Sabes cuánta clara estrellaFederico Fliedner (Author)4
Siente el alma puros gocesFederico Fliedner (Author)5
Silent night, holy night, All is calm, all is brightFederico Fliedner (Translator (into Spanish))5
Te alabamos, O gran DiosFederico Fliedner, 1845-1901 (Translator)2
Venid, pequeñuelos, venid sin tardarFederico Fliedner (Author)6
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