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Daniel Hughes

Short Name: Daniel Hughes
Full Name: Hughes, Daniel
Hymnary.org does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Daniel Hughes (191)sort descendingAsInstances
And art thou come with us to dwellD. H. (Translator)1
He who would valiant beD. H. (Translator)1
These things shall be, a loftier raceD. H. (Translator)1
O Worship the King all glorious aboveD. H. (Translator)1
Agorwyd teml yr Arglwydd yn y nefD. H. (Translator)1
Alleluia! Alleluia! See our Guide and Saviour goD. H. (Author)2
Am fod fy Iesu'n fyw (Because my Jesus reigns)D. H. (Translator)2
For all the Saints, who from their labor restD. H. (Translator)1
Â'n ddi-ddim holl bwerau'r byd (All realms of earth and time go by)D. H. (Translator)2
Immortal Love, for ever fullD. H. (Translator)1
Ar ddiwedd llafur blwyddyn gron (Another year of labor gone, And now, O Lord, we meet)Daniel Hughes (Translator)2
Mine eyes have seen the gloryD. H. (Translator)1
Arglwydd arwain trwy'r anialwchD. H. (Translator (stanza 3))1
Arglwydd, danfon dy leferyddD. H. (Translator)1
Arglwydd, gad im' dawal orphwysD. H. (Translator)1
Arglwydd Iesu, arwain f'enaidD. H. (Author (stanza 3))2
Lord of all being; throned afarD. H. (Translator)1
Arise, ye sons of laborD. H. (Author)2
Arnat, Iesu, boed fy meddwlD. H. (Translator)1
We come unto our fathers' God:D. H. (Translator)1
At the cross her vigil keeping, Where the Lord and Saviour diedD. H. (Author)2
Behold the NazareneD. H. (Author)2
God bless our native land, May heaven's protecting handD. H. (Translator)1
Beth yw'r udgorn glywai'n seinio?D. H. (Translator)1
Bless our homeland, Lord of nationsD. H. (Author)2
Blest are the pure in heart, For they shall see our GodD. H. (Translator (stanza 5))1
Boed fy nghalon iti'n demel (Make my heart thy holy temple)Daniel Hughes (English Words translated by)3
Praise to the Holiest in the heightD. H. (Translator)1
Blest be the tie that bindsD. H. (Translator)1
Braint, braint Yw cael cymdeithas gyda'r saintD. H. (Translator (stanzas 2, 3))1
Bugail Israel sydd ofalusD. H. (Author (stanzas 4, 5))1
Bydd mrydd o ryfeddodauD. H. (Translator)1
Caed trefn i faddau pechodD. H. (Translator (stanzas 2, 3))1
Cân sêr y wawr yn bêr y sydd (The stars of dawn,--what sweet accord!)D. H. (Translator)2
Canaf am yr addewidion (Songs of hope while onward pressing)D. H. (Translator)2
Caned nef a daear lawrD. H. (Translator)1
Canwn am ieuenctid tynerD. H. (Author)2
Come, ye thankful people, comeD. H. (Translator (stanza 3))1
Come sacred lance that heals the wound it makesD. H. (Author)2
Christ, Whose glory fills the skiesD. H. (Translator)1
Cyfammod hedd, cyfammod cadarn DuwD. H. (Author (stanza 3))2
Cyfodwch, feibion llafurD. H. (Author)2
Cyhoeddir Mab y SaerD. H. (Author)2
Cymer, Iesu, fi fel 'r ydwyf Daniel Hughes (English words, tr. (stanza 4))2
Cyn llunio'r byd, cyn, lledu'r nefoedd wen (Before the world was formed, or heav'n outspread)Daniel Hughes (Translator)2
The summer days are come againD. H. (Translator)1
Daeth ffrydiau melus iawnD. H. (Translator)1
Daeth Gwaredwr gwiw i ddynion (Praise, O Zion's captive daughter)Daniel Hughes (Translator (stanzas 1, 3))2
Daeth hydref eto yn ei dro (The autumn day, his journey done)D. H. (Translator)2
Daeth trwy Yr Iesu glân a'i ddwyfol glwy (More, more Of myriad blessings shall outpour)D. H. (Translator)2
Dal fi'n agos at yr IesuDaniel Hughes (Translator (stanza 2))2
Daw eto ddengmil miloeddD. H. (Author)2
Daw plant y gaethglud adre (The captives' brighter morrow)Daniel Hughes (Translator)2
We bear the strain of earthly careD. H. (Translator (stanza 4))1
Silent night, holy night, All is calm, all is brightD. H. (Translator)1
Great God, what do I see and hear!D. H. (Translator of English text (stanza 3))2
Dechreu canu, dechreu canmolD. H. (Translator)2
Deffro, f'enaid, deffro'n ufuddD. H. (Translator)1
Diolch i Ti yr Hollalluog DduwD. H. (Translator)4
Dowch, dowch, o fawr i fânD. H. (Translator)1
Dragwyddol Dad, anfeidrol IôrD. H. (Author (stanzas 2, 3))2
Dragwyddol, Hollalluog Iôr (Eternal God of heav'n and earth)D. H. (Translator)2
Draw mi welaf ryfeddodau (Far I see the respendent wonders)D. H. (Translator (stanza 1))2
Drwy'r Ysbryd heddiw awnDaniel Hughes (Author (stanza 3))2
The God of Abraham praise, Who reigns enthroned aboveD. H. (Translator)1
God of the changing year, whose arm of powerD. H. (Translator)1
God be with you till we meet again;D. H. (Translator)1
God of grace and God of gloryD. H. (Translator)1
Duw yw fy nerth a'm noddfa lawn (God is my strength in all my woe)D. H. (Translator)2
Dy eiddo, 'r Iôr, yw'r ddaear honD. H. (Author)2
Dy fawr drugaredd, Arglwydd Iôn (Our Lord, how great thy mercies are)D. H. (Translator)2
Tis good, Lord, to be hereD. H. (Translator)1
Dyma Babell y cyfarfodD. H. (Translator)1
Dyma Feibil annwyl IesuD. H. (Translator)1
Dyma Geidwad i'r colledigD. H. (Translator)1
A mighty Fortress is our God, A trusty Shield and WeaponD. H. (Translator)1
Ein Harglwydd da, â'r flwyddyn drawD. H. (Author)2
Ein hoffter a'n rhyfeddod yw (Our pleasure and our wonder are)D. H. (Translator)2
Ein llygaid agor, Dduw (Open our eyes, O Lord, Who wander in the night)Daniel Hughes (Translator)2
Though fatherland be vast and fairD. H. (Translator)1
Dear Lord and Father of mankindD. H. (Translator)1
Er chwilio'r holl fyd (I sought through the earth)D. H. (Translator)2
Fierce raged the tempest over the deepD. H. (Translator)1
Esgynnodd Crist i'r nefol wlad (The Christ ascended through the sky)D. H. (Translator)2
Eternal Father, strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the restless waveD. H. (Author (stanzas 2, 3))1
Eternity makes toll and callD. H. (Author)2
Judge eternal, throned in splendorD. H. (Translator)1
I learned it in the meadow pathD. H. (Translator)1
Faith of our fathers, living stillD. H. (Translator)1
Fy Iesu, 'r wy'n gweled dy lun (My Jesus, portrayed I see here)D. H. (Translator)2
My God, I thank Thee who hast madeD. H. (Translator)1
Jesus calls us, o'er the tumultD. H. (Translator)1
Gerllaw y ffynnon greigiog (Beside a rocky fountain)D. H. (Translator)2
Give me, O Lord, thy heavenly loveD. H. (Author)2
Glân Ysbryd Duw ollyngir (God gives his Holy Spirit)Daniel Hughes (Translator)2
Crown Him with many crownsD. H. (Translator)1
Look, ye saints; the sight is gloriousD. H. (Translator)1
Make me a captive, LordD. H. (Translator)1
Haleliwia! Haleliwia! Wele'r Ceidwad yn ddi-frawD. H. (Author)2
Haleliwia! mawl i Dduw (Alleluia to our God)Daniel Hughes (Translator)2
Summer suns are glowingD. H. (Translator)1
Hen afon yr IorddonenD. H. (Translator (stanza 1))1
Henffych ddydd, esgynnodd CristD. H. (Author)2
Henffych ddydd Nadolig llon!D. H. (Author (stanza 4))4
Joy to the world! the Lord is come!D. H. (Translator)1
Holy Source of consolationD. H. (Translator (stanza 3))1
I Galfaria tro'f fy wynebDaniel Hughes (English Words translated by)2
Jesu, still lead onD. H. (Translator)1
The day thou gavest, Lord, is endedD. H. (Translator)1
Jesus comes when hopes are slenderD. H. (Author (stanza 1))2
Jesus wept! his pity flowingD. H. (Author)2
Let us sing the tender childhoodD. H. (Author)2
Llawenhewch, fynyddoedd uchel (Come, rejoice, ye highest mountains)D. H. (Translator)2
Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing, Fill our hearts with joy and peaceDaniel Hughes (Trans. (verse 4))2
Mae llais efengyl fwyn (I hear the gentle voice)D. H. (Translator)2
There's a wideness in God's mercyD. H. (Translator)1
Mae'n hyfryd meddwl ambell droD. H. (Translator)1
Mae'r gwaed a redodd ar y groesD. H. (Translator (stanza 1))1
The strife is o'er, the battle doneD. H. (Translator)1
Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, Bow down before Him, His glory proclaimD. H. (Translator)1
Melys cofio y cyfamod (Sweet the covenant to ponder)D. H. (Translator)2
Mi dafla' maich oddi ar fy ngwàrD. H. (Translator (stanza 5))1
Mi wn fod fy Mhrynwr yn fywD. H. (Author (English, stanza 3))1
Mor ddedwydd yw y rhai trwy ffyddD. H. (Author (stanzas 4, 5))2
Sweet was the hour, O Lord, to theeD. H. (Translator)1
Standing at the portalD. H. (Translator)1
Stand up, stand up, for Jesus, Ye soldiers of the cross (Duffield)D. H. (Translator)1
Na foed im feddwl, ddydd na nos (By day or night my thought is loss)D. H. (Translator)2
Na lwfwrha, mae bysedd (Despair not! God's own finger)D. H. (Translator)2
Ni allodd angau duD. H. (Translator)1
We love the place, O GodD. H. (Translator)1
O agor fy llygaid I weledD. H. (Translator)1
O for a thousand tongues to sing My dear Redeemer's praiseD. H. (Translator)1
O little town of BethlehemD. H. (Translator)1
O, come to the waters o'erflowingD. H. (Translator (stanza 3))1
O God, whose smile is in the skyD. H. (Translator)1
O God, whose voice the angels hearD. H. (Translator)1
O Dduw, O Dduw, O Dduw, rho im dy hedd (O God, O God, O God, Thy peace by mine)D. H. (Translator)1
O, deffro, deffro, gwisg dy nerth (Awake, awake, arm of the Lord)D. H. (Translator)2
O come and mourn with me awhileD. H. (Translator)1
The glory of the spring, how sweetD. H. (Translator)1
O! ganu bendigedig (O! wonderful the music)Daniel Hughes (English Words, Translated by)3
O gariad, O gariad mor rhâd! O! foroedd o gariad mor fawrD. H. (Translator)1
O happy band of pilgrimsD. H. (Translator)1
O, have you seen Him?D. H. (Translator (stanza 4))2
O, pryn y gwir, fy enaid, pryn (O, buy the truth, my soul, buy well)D. H. (Translator)2
O tyn Y gorchudd yn y myn'ydd hynD. H. (Translator (stanza 3))1
Once to every man and nationD. H. (Translator (stanzas 1, 2))1
One there is, above all others, Well deserves the name of FriendD. H. (Translator (stanzas 2, 3))1
Our blessed Redeemer we'll followD. H. (Translator (stanza 3))2
Pan fwy'n nyffryn cysgod angau (Though in death's dark vale repining)D. H. (Translator)2
Pechadur wyf, O Arglwydd!D. H. (Translator)1
Pwy a'm dwg i'r Ddinas gadarnD. H. (Translator)1
Pwy welaf o Edom yn d'odD. H. (Translator)1
Pwy yw Hwn sy'n rhodio'r tonnauDaniel Hughes (Author (stanza 5))2
'R wyf innau'n filwr bychan (I am a little soldier)Daniel Hughes (Translator)3
Rho im', fy Nuw, dy gariad drudD. H. (Author)2
Now thank we all our God With heart and hands and voicesD. H. (Translator)1
I love to tell the story Of unseen things aboveD. H. (Translator)1
Sain clychau ffydd! o gopa mynydd draw (Ring bells of faith! from mountain summit bright)Daniel Hughes (Translator)2
Savior, Who Thy flock art feedingD. H. (Author (stanza 4))1
See the twelve with anxious facesD. H. (Author)2
Sound the battle cry! See, the foe is nighD. H. (Translator)1
Spirit divine, attend our prayersD. H. (Author (stanza 3))1
Sweet the moments, rich in blessingD. H. (Author (stanzas 2-5))1
Ten thousand times ten thousand, From every clime and clanD. H. (Author)2
The earth is thine from pole to poleD. H. (Author)2
This is the dearest heav'nliest placeDaniel Hughes (Translator (stanza 1))2
Thy terror, O death, now is vanquishedD. H. (Translator (stanza 1))2
Dear Friend, whose presence in the houseD. H. (Translator)1
Transgression is forgivenDaniel Hughes (English (stanzas 2 and 3))2
O thou eternal One, whose presence brightD. H. (Translator)1
Tyrd bicell bur sy'n gwella'r briw a roiD. H. (Author)2
Come, thou Fount of every blessingD. H. (Translator)1
Tyred, Iesu, i'r anialwch At bechadr gwael ei lunD. H. (Translator)1
We believe in births of BeautyDaniel Hughes (Author)2
Wele'r deuddeg yn eu pryderD. H. (Author)2
When I survey the wondrous cross (Watts)Daniel Hughes (Translator)2
Who, living, leave the world behind (Y sawl sy'n gadael esmwyth rawd)Daniel Hughes (Translator)2
Man of Sorrows, wrapt in griefD. H. (Translator (into Welsh))1
Wrth y groes a'i gwae yn gwylioD. H. (Author)2
Wylodd Iesu! Dagrau'n ffrydioD. H. (Author)2
Men whose boast it is, that yeD. H. (Translator)1
Y nefoedd uwch fy mhen (The heav'ns above my head)D. H. (Translator)2
Within the Father's houseD. H. (Translator)1
I bow my forehead to the dustD. H. (Translator)1
Yn y dyfroedd mawr a'r tonnauD. H. (Translator)1
In the cross of Christ I glory, Towering o'er the wrecks of timeD. H. (Translator)1
Yr Arglwydd a feddwl amdanaf (O grant Lord, the vision resplendent)Daniel Hughes (English Words translated by)2
Yr wyffyn ffrind i'r Iesu (I am a friend to Jesus)D. H. (Translator)2
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Taught by Thee we covet mostD. H. (Translator)1
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